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Post Malone - I Fall Apart

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27-Dek, 2016



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PurpleTrackz 4 oy oldin
We don't usually do this but check out dax's new song, he's going through some shit and wanted to share it with people who can relate. As always, love you guys and love you Post. uzvid.com/video/video-iz8VezV8UeE.html
DragonSlayer Kun oldin
PurpleTrackz if post is going throw some shit be their for him he needs it and support help him out dont let his thoughts get to him
Christin Riffle
Christin Riffle 11 kun oldin
Dude that song you made was amazing I love it so much I watch it every day
i Napalm
i Napalm 11 kun oldin
yaqub wilwal
yaqub wilwal 12 kun oldin
Tammy Merriman
Tammy Merriman 13 kun oldin
+thickbitch2008 and Nick n Tammy PASCO MERRIMAN
Life is rlly hard but no matter what you have to keep going there has been so many times where I did not want to be on this planet where people will treat me like shit but thing got better so just know that the people you know are not fake and a true friend to you, you will always get back on your feet😃
Cm jr
Cm jr Soat oldin
Devil in the form of a whore!!
nolan 2 soat oldin
Who's listening to this song in 2019?
Coryfan2121 cory is beast
When u have no wifi
Tyler Pindet
Tyler Pindet 10 soat oldin
Just me tht listens 2 this after a break up? Lmao
Chad brad
Chad brad 15 soat oldin
Oohhhh I farted hard
Frostysaturn49 16 soat oldin
I’m broke
Luis Pena
Luis Pena 20 soat oldin
HELP 909-587-9648 I’m already falling apart now that my dad abandoned us and now I have to take over all the bills at age 19 😔to help support my mom,sister, disabled grandma and my little bro
Moments Soat oldin
I wish you the best of luck and please don’t give up If u need someone to talk to know that I’m here
Andrew badalamenti
Andrew badalamenti 22 soat oldin
This song makes me wanna get drunk and cry
TCGal Kun oldin
Came here from James Mariott's IG story.
Kimmy Williams
Kimmy Williams Kun oldin
I love this app and this song
Angel Huerta
Angel Huerta Kun oldin
What happened to all the real men. Sack up and move on. Be strong or get eaten. I would never let no stupid relationship make me fall apart. We strong out here....
Landroval 16 soat oldin
Everyone deals differently man, yeah it's all about "moving on", but it's not as easy for someone as it may be for you. That doesn't mean people can't go through a period of sadness, loneliness, whatever it may be.
YO YAJ Kun oldin
Falling Apart 2019 Gang, Who is with me????
Official Almighty Redstar
I just lost a relationship of 5 year to the woman I love and my baby's mother if I can get some likes that would be dope
Lunar Skies
Lunar Skies Kun oldin
I named my dog stoney after his stoney album. She's pitbull and lab and my boyfriend emotionally cheated on me.
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor Kun oldin
I still like this song in 2019
Kari Acord
Kari Acord Kun oldin
Never caught a feeling this hard. :(
Ques Dia
Ques Dia Kun oldin
This song helped me through a break up.
success trending
Everyone use head phones and close your eyes and think about your last heartbreak and see the trance you'll fall in
Leslie De Vries
Leslie De Vries 2 kun oldin
anyone lissening in 2019
TrueManace 2 kun oldin
My ex is dating the guy she left me for. Ouch.
zineeddine barka
i am sorry
Jackie Fields
Jackie Fields 2 kun oldin
Indianna Saunders
Indianna Saunders 2 kun oldin
I love you
dayemi seiad
dayemi seiad 2 kun oldin
Battling depression and past couple years have been hell. But ofcoarse like so many other post fans I listen to his music and helps me get by. Bless all u beautiful ppl. ❤❤❤
Lorena Morel
Lorena Morel 2 kun oldin
Play it at ×2
chelsea guilbault
chelsea guilbault 2 kun oldin
Tattoo my cock
Jermaine Reyes
Jermaine Reyes 2 kun oldin
Your the best
Rick Extreme
Rick Extreme 2 kun oldin
algum brasileiro ?
Crazy Flash
Crazy Flash 2 kun oldin
I hope you all have a wonderful day! Dont give up
Donavan Goggleye
Donavan Goggleye 3 kun oldin
This is for me and my girlfriend chelsey I love this song because my girlfriend?
Sadie Lamberson
Sadie Lamberson 3 kun oldin
I'm so done with the relationship that I'm in! I have never been disrespected like how he talks to me! I'm done. Just got a job in Bedford, TX. Only been their a week. So I don't get paid till next Monday! That's Is not going to be enough to get a place. Just moved here Dec. 10th 2018. I need to save up at least a couple months of work before I figure out what the Fuck I'm going to do. I'm Hateing life right now. I'm fine when I'm at work. Whatever!!!
Black Velvet
Black Velvet 3 kun oldin
Michael Czesnozki
Michael Czesnozki 3 kun oldin
I'm tryna decide which I like more. Stoney or BB&B. I'm thinking Stoney.
DimeBag Darrell
DimeBag Darrell 3 kun oldin
Family’s falling apart can do nothing about it damn posty thanks for keeping me in this mood
Brendon Kozolup
Brendon Kozolup 3 kun oldin
Why the fk do women do this shit....... 2019 Anyone falling
Andressa Marques
Andressa Marques 3 kun oldin
Cadê os Br? ❤
Cesar Pascual
Cesar Pascual 4 kun oldin
It's been 2 years and I still cant ger over her and now she in a relationship and has a baby that I was the first person know that was going to be born and i just whis she is doing fine
Ben A
Ben A 4 kun oldin
March 19 2019 love from new Zealand
yaqub wilwal
yaqub wilwal 9 soat oldin
bryan nadrowski
bryan nadrowski 4 kun oldin
I miss u miss brittney elizabeth roy soon to woukd of been miss nadrowski
Key H
Key H 4 kun oldin
Cover these scars and i can't help showin it, whipin in the foreign and the tears keep flowing!!!!
WeirdoWith A Life
WeirdoWith A Life 4 kun oldin
Im here Falling Apart in 2019 in March. Been Falling Apart since 2019 February and It isn't getting any better. This is all i listen to
Why Me
Why Me 4 kun oldin
First it was school shootings back in 2018 now it’s church shootings Jesus why do we do this ?
Justin Waggle
Justin Waggle 4 kun oldin
I miss you so much babygirl
allan gana
allan gana 4 kun oldin
yesssss thats shits my new jam
AXXY 4 kun oldin
It’s the end of world when you find out the girl that you have been in love for years to have a boyfriend just yesterday after you have been with her for years just for her to play with your heart after you thought you had a chance
ZoEly Chhakchhuak
ZoEly Chhakchhuak 4 kun oldin
BonitaYLatina SayNoMore
bryan nadrowski
bryan nadrowski 4 kun oldin
Oh i fall apart :( ;(
bryan nadrowski
bryan nadrowski 4 kun oldin
U was my shorty i thought
Nene Tanksley
Nene Tanksley 4 kun oldin
I love this song, it's so soothing
MarkailShanice MarkailLamarSmith
Got this song on repeat I feel u frl
Xyrian Musik
Xyrian Musik 5 kun oldin
"Just look up Fall Apart by Post Malone and you'll understand exactly what vibratto is." I understand now.
Suto Mystik
Suto Mystik 5 kun oldin
Oceana merrick is a spider scout!!
FaZe_ Yumi
FaZe_ Yumi 5 kun oldin
I'm not heart broken but just scared that I don't get the job that I want and dissapoint my family
Aysha Manasrah
Aysha Manasrah 2 kun oldin
Tell us if you did get the job. Wish you the best of luck!
Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans 5 kun oldin
I'm falling apart...
DAVID TROUT 5 kun oldin
Mr Rowrow500
Mr Rowrow500 5 kun oldin
This make me feel sad
Sac Kings
Sac Kings 5 kun oldin
Just here to say FUCK YELAWOLF!!
Maria Alves
Maria Alves 5 kun oldin
i falling apart in 2019
crissy jones
crissy jones 5 kun oldin
I swear he better b around the next year an all the ones to follow 1 lov
Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith 5 kun oldin
this is my dads good song he love it by dad love you
gymnastics 101
gymnastics 101 5 kun oldin
The best song
Christian Benitez
Christian Benitez 5 kun oldin
Fuckin hoe I wish I never met you fuckin bitch ! 😡😢 Whoever you with , don’t come crawlin back to me even like 5 years later . Nah fuck you ! Wish I never met you
Holli Jade
Holli Jade 6 kun oldin
Ruben this 1 for you I fall apart ,cuz we're apart But your forever in my heart ❣💔💕😍😍
FaZe_ Yumi
FaZe_ Yumi 5 kun oldin
+uk1 1 yup
FaZe_ Yumi
FaZe_ Yumi 5 kun oldin
Leave the guy alone
uk1 1
uk1 1 5 kun oldin
Devil in the form of a whore
joaquim teixeira
joaquim teixeira 6 kun oldin
Ahmed Bensa
Ahmed Bensa 6 kun oldin
Ricky The Humanoid
Ricky The Humanoid 2 kun oldin
Ahmed Bensa down to my core **
Lisa Roberta Miller
The devil in the form of a whore.
Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee 6 kun oldin
2:30 Doesn't that remind you of Shrek 🤔
FaZe_ Yumi
FaZe_ Yumi 5 kun oldin
Yeeeeess I always think of that
vaniomax 6 kun oldin
i love her, she doesnt ..
Willie Causey
Willie Causey 7 kun oldin
"D@T'$ JU$T M¥ B@B¥ MOMM@"👶,🍼,👶,🍼...2K19-0K00.
Karan Morjaria
Karan Morjaria 7 kun oldin
god bless
T.J. Murchison
T.J. Murchison 7 kun oldin
2x sounds so good to me
Martin Rubio
Martin Rubio 7 kun oldin
Free 6ix9ine 🇲🇽🇲🇽🔥🔥💯💯
Heidi Stuart
Heidi Stuart 7 kun oldin
I love all his songs
Brendan House
Brendan House 7 kun oldin
Its painful when you fall in love with someone and have a kid with them then she goes and finds someone else and I have to sit here and watch it and it kills me
Shellphish 7 kun oldin
"Taking this shot like it's novocain" Golden verse right there.
Hiam Ali
Hiam Ali 8 kun oldin
Did you die or not?
Hiam Ali
Hiam Ali 8 kun oldin
I think he did die
MARY SINGS 8 kun oldin
No YOU said it..
Kano Hunt
Kano Hunt 8 kun oldin
I was with her from school I was 26 when we ended never felt a feeling so strong... Life don't work out how we would like... Time isn't helping.
Jay Heredia
Jay Heredia 8 kun oldin
Already been 7 months since my girl left me nd been heart broken in my feelings ever since then😪
Jay Heredia don’t give up you got this!!! Maybe you’ll find out that sometimes it is for the best. I wish you peace and blessings 🙂🙂🙂
James Russell
James Russell 8 kun oldin
song fy as he11
Harve Maclean
Harve Maclean 8 kun oldin
I can’t believe this isn’t as popular if not more popular than xxxtentacion sad! R.I.P brother xx posty the shit 💯💯
Miyah Dalton
Miyah Dalton 8 kun oldin
i love this song
Grandmaster Striker
We all fall apart at times, the key is rebuilding. 🍻
Annette migale Fisher
Dan Maynard
Dan Maynard 9 kun oldin
Martha bullock i really am missing you so much ill never forget you and i o u so much olease get in touch with me im sorry for everything marti i miss you
Ronniemen1 Ronniemen1
this song is soo sad
Siah Vanvilay
Siah Vanvilay 9 kun oldin
Sad seeing people struggle threw drugs when there so much better then that! May god heals they soul!
Kirinixx 9 kun oldin
The last thing I called my ex was a whore when I found out she cheated on me
DAVID TROUT 9 kun oldin
DAVID TROUT 9 kun oldin
ambie mazzeo
ambie mazzeo 9 kun oldin
His pain is so present, every lyric, I feel for him.
Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart 9 kun oldin
Life is just falling apart day by day Edit: thank you for hilighting me !
Michael mike Segovia
Yes i am without her
Donkeykong X2
Donkeykong X2 9 kun oldin
T tctc Frjdhd
T tctc Frjdhd 9 kun oldin
This is like some xxxtentacion shit💯
Rose L.
Rose L. 9 kun oldin
FUCK this color track. Post Malone go shove this fake ass song so far up throat. IDGAF & WE AIN'T FAM. GET ON.
SteelJackAttack 9 kun oldin
I put the mayoo on the breaddd!
Clyton Papatie
Clyton Papatie 9 kun oldin
Musique triste quoi 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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