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Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower

Post Malone
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"Sunflower" is the #1 hit-single from the official soundtrack album Spider-Man™: Into the Spider-Verse. Get the song here: postmalone.lnk.to/sunflowerYD
Get more Spider-Verse music here, like a limited edition 7-inch vinyl, cassette or LP picture-disc: postmalone.lnk.to/sunflowerYD/artiststore
The single re-teams Post Malone & Swae Lee after the two joined forces for “Spoil My Night” from the year’s biggest multi-platinum album, beerbongs & bentleys.
For more info on Post Malone:
For more info on Swae Lee:
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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative minds behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street, bring their unique talents to a fresh vision of a different Spider-Man Universe, with a groundbreaking visual style that’s the first of its kind. Spider-Man™: Into the Spider-Verse introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the mask.
Shameik Moore
Hailee Steinfeld
Mahershala Ali
Jake Johnson
Liev Schreiber
Brian Tyree Henry
Luna Lauren Velez
Lily Tomlin
Nicolas Cage
John Mulaney
Kimiko Glenn
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10-Yan, 2019



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Barbara it is good like McNeill148
Ex will give you get up, Sw Fez served python@ t. I
ᄋ천재느창 2 soat oldin
Who else can listen to this music for 24 hours?
NeverGoHhA !
NeverGoHhA ! 4 soat oldin
Perfect song
SlayerZ SlayerZ
SlayerZ SlayerZ 6 soat oldin
If you like this song: like this comment Don't like the song: Just ignore
Philipp Glück
Philipp Glück 7 soat oldin
Now Sony is angry...
斉藤斉藤 8 soat oldin
Pacey Hatanaka
Pacey Hatanaka 8 soat oldin
Don't smoke
Ybn Duzty
Ybn Duzty 10 soat oldin
Post Malone looks high Everytime he records a song
Dayana Valenzuela
Dayana Valenzuela 12 soat oldin
Muy buena canción 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️
Egg vlogs
Egg vlogs 13 soat oldin
Not bad it is very good
Dr. Jacob Squish
Dr. Jacob Squish 16 soat oldin
This is what I sing in my head when my teachers give me consequences when people blame me for stuff that I didn’t do
Phillip Hernandez
Phillip Hernandez 17 soat oldin
No your the sunflower Spider-Man
Admiel Sebastian
Admiel Sebastian 17 soat oldin
Post is the best singer
Phillip Hernandez
Phillip Hernandez 18 soat oldin
This song is my jam bros😎
TarMisA Games
TarMisA Games 20 soat oldin
Miles and Swae Lee,brothers??
Robloxian Google
Robloxian Google 20 soat oldin
1:52 When your best friend from school is going to another school
Robloxian Google
Robloxian Google 20 soat oldin
1:52 When your best friend from school is going to another school
Mike Charde
Mike Charde 20 soat oldin
Y is da track short???!!!
Mike Charde
Mike Charde 21 soat oldin
Tuna Ozhelvaci
Tuna Ozhelvaci 22 soat oldin
This Song is very good 👍👍
Jackson Micheal
Jackson Micheal 22 soat oldin
At the end of year 6 imma sing this to my crush at the prom if ur reading this crush alisha I 💜 u 😘😘
Mr. assimow
Mr. assimow 23 soat oldin
Who thinks that swae lees part is The best
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 23 soat oldin
This video is fire 🔥
andrea lynell
andrea lynell Kun oldin
Yours sun flawed best song
Galaxy_Wolf 445
Galaxy_Wolf 445 Kun oldin
Post Malone can melt everyone into happiness just by a song. Its so amazing, you can't refuse. *insert some things you just cant refuse here*
Kriztan Gaming
Kriztan Gaming Kun oldin
I will reply to this comment after 10 years,wait for it
Roido Kun oldin
Post is unique, love his sound and style. Awesome Artist!
Jenny Flett
Jenny Flett Kun oldin
Great tunes
Ivy Bowie
Ivy Bowie Kun oldin
This is my song I didn't know he sings this 💚💛❤
BBGachawriter Kun oldin
Those dislikes ain’t true..somebody must’ve bumped them😐
emilie boudra
emilie boudra Kun oldin
this is just fantastic I have goosebumps!!
Thickness Bae
Thickness Bae Kun oldin
Swae lee ❤️😍
Debbie Burbank
Debbie Burbank Kun oldin
I love this song...sunflower🌻😍
Peachy Dream
Peachy Dream Kun oldin
Asia boy
Asia boy Kun oldin
Super video.
The Skate Crew
The Skate Crew Kun oldin
*Good Movie* *Good Singers* *Good Music*
Amanda Lobato G
Amanda Lobato G Kun oldin
Me encanta💓
It is Written
It is Written Kun oldin
My daughters really not into this song. I'm okay with that. I am an 80s man Who will be 50 in one year. I really really really love this song;!💜👍😊
Put this in fifa 20.
Lisa Bergstrom
Lisa Bergstrom Kun oldin
I need this song to be 2 minutes longer...❤️
Darrel Cole
Darrel Cole Kun oldin
This song stole the song happiers place in top songs
Jessica Zilliot
Jessica Zilliot Kun oldin
this is so short
Master ISLAM
Master ISLAM Kun oldin
Miles is the first to enjoy this song
Lil_klorxx 86
Lil_klorxx 86 Kun oldin
Posty like 💎🔥 Or ➖ Tekashi 69 comment ✴✔🌈
CheesyPotato *-*
My Favorite Part Is *”Fighting For My Trust,* *And You Won’t Back Down”*
Simple Melody Cover
If you have time, come check my cover of this song!! Thanks!! uzvid.com/video/video-X4zocKgw2fY.html
eugalde03 2 kun oldin
This song is only good because of swae lee
Nicole Gimlin
Nicole Gimlin 2 kun oldin
Lucas Vargas
Lucas Vargas 2 kun oldin
Que buen temaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oliver Diongzon
Oliver Diongzon 2 kun oldin
This song always give me an emotional feeling. I dont fcking know why
Akvon .L
Akvon .L 2 kun oldin
T-shirt "兄弟愛"
Akvon .L
Akvon .L 2 kun oldin
Bruno Thubas
Bruno Thubas 2 kun oldin
Quem venho aqui só por causa do vídeo da Dunk de Jones Jr da um like. #Tmj
Char Limp
Char Limp 2 kun oldin
Little Mix and Why Don't We
Luna Black
Luna Black 2 kun oldin
You are my sunflower 🖤🌻
Dalila LR
Dalila LR 2 kun oldin
lixdys ly
lixdys ly 2 kun oldin
I ♥ you
maya78 moi
maya78 moi 2 kun oldin
cool song bro😍
Lobinha -Friendely
Lobinha -Friendely 2 kun oldin
luis rojas
luis rojas 2 kun oldin
Aquí el comentario en español que buscabas :v Qué buena rola 😥
Anderson Bryan
Anderson Bryan 2 kun oldin
ApexWolf 56
ApexWolf 56 2 kun oldin
Only if post malones voice wasn't so deep
Brandon Cazares
Brandon Cazares 2 kun oldin
This song was from the spider man cartoon movie I heard
Kick & Rowdy Hancock
I got busted for humming this my teacher got mad me!
InfoCDE Proyectos
InfoCDE Proyectos 2 kun oldin
Ubaidah Hart
Ubaidah Hart 2 kun oldin
Anyone come here from Spiderman: into the spider-verse?
Nihalx 360
Nihalx 360 2 kun oldin
This makes you happy in your sad days literately
Ivet Esquivel
Ivet Esquivel 2 kun oldin
Its awesome!!!!!!!
Travis Tucker
Travis Tucker 2 kun oldin
This so breaks my heart. Lost a girl to my job. Smh
juanito xeco
juanito xeco 3 kun oldin
Pense que era español
Sinai Marín
Sinai Marín 3 kun oldin
Eres un girasol, excelente tema! 🌻❤🎶🎵
canal gohan ssj2
canal gohan ssj2 3 kun oldin
Spider verse
Brenda Rushton
Brenda Rushton 3 kun oldin
I liked 100 times
Guilty till Proven innocent
Something about this song....
Mikey Blanda
Mikey Blanda 3 kun oldin
No I do not
Mikey Blanda
Mikey Blanda 3 kun oldin
Mariana Sarati
Mariana Sarati 3 kun oldin
Domingas Fernandes
Domingas Fernandes 3 kun oldin
Stop smocking
Neo Kwelisi
Neo Kwelisi 3 kun oldin
Gina Mona
Gina Mona 3 kun oldin
Amo esa musica 😊😊❤❤❤👈
John Culff
John Culff 3 kun oldin
love the new 🕷 man
Melted Icecream
Melted Icecream 3 kun oldin
Swae and Posty seem like such nice guys! They should do more together.
Prince Bhoj
Prince Bhoj 3 kun oldin
U are the best post malone ❤❤❤
TK 18+
TK 18+ 3 kun oldin
post malone Ft. Lil Pump ? from Cambodian🌲🌲
Enola Murray
Enola Murray 3 kun oldin
I love him
Ramon Mendez
Ramon Mendez 3 kun oldin
This song changed our lives
Fatmoms hairpants 0_o
This song is so good r home work ate my dog
Trevant Hayes
Trevant Hayes 3 kun oldin
When your cool cousin give you the aux cord but your mum is in the car too
Nicholas Abbott
Nicholas Abbott 11 soat oldin
Trevant Hayes 😂
gabi fernanda
gabi fernanda 3 kun oldin
Nosso charlie brown internacional br amoo
Cuphead Dont dell with the devil
The ROBLOX id code of sunflower is 2636973686
Nato 3 kun oldin
so sad its autotune in swaes part..
Cody Wood
Cody Wood 3 kun oldin
I have this shit on repeat its played 2000 times and I'm still jammin
Samuel Perez
Samuel Perez 3 kun oldin
This is how much time u listen to posty 👇
Mr MagicMan
Mr MagicMan 3 kun oldin
Sound like the actor for miles
Dude Alias
Dude Alias 3 kun oldin
Post Malone is about the most disgusting fat bitch I’ve ever seen Like hilly billy white thrash shit
Aron 2018
Aron 2018 3 kun oldin
You're fucking retarded racist
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Yo I love his voice sooooooooooo cute but I'm a girl and I love to sing
Tenpro 10
Tenpro 10 3 kun oldin
Best song after HAPPIER but... good job!!!!!
MegaGamer br
MegaGamer br 3 kun oldin
You smoke?
Dark Slayer
Dark Slayer 3 kun oldin
Black people song
stick 4 kun oldin
No man ur the genius Malone ur da awesome one ☝️
tyler pennington
tyler pennington 4 kun oldin
How to make a music hit: random lyrics and alot of auto tune
Juhn - Recuerdos 🛌💏 (Video Oficial)