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Post Malone, Swae Lee - Sunflower (Not Your Dope Remix)

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🔥 Post Malone, Swae Lee - Sunflower (Not Your Dope Remix)
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27-Noy, 2018

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Trap Nation
Trap Nation Oy oldin
Not Your Dope is back with a sick remix of my favorite single from Post Malone, Sunflower. What do you guys think :)?
Music House
Music House Kun oldin
Tap Nation can i upload this too??
moojmasti2010 2 kun oldin
Spider Boy
Spider Boy 4 kun oldin
It's good!
Cullen Lassiter
Cullen Lassiter 6 kun oldin
This dropped harder than my grades
Cullen Lassiter
Cullen Lassiter 6 kun oldin
I think it's dope get it not your dope sorry but I thought it was awesome
jr craft grant
jr craft grant 24 daqiqa oldin
Mom get the camra
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez 57 daqiqa oldin
me gusta esta madre :3❤🇲🇽
lil stikbot
lil stikbot Soat oldin
This remix wants me to be gangster
Jonahrenz Jacob
Jonahrenz Jacob 2 soat oldin
this is not better
xXLoovlehCuppaTeaXx 5 soat oldin
This remix makes me wanna put water in my cereal bowl instead of milk.
G***** C*****
G***** C***** 9 soat oldin
X 1.25 :v
Lanz_Shady YT
Lanz_Shady YT 10 soat oldin
This is straight 🔥🔥🔥
[ZMZ] Zam
[ZMZ] Zam 11 soat oldin
Omfg what the... Wow, this is amazing. That transition at the start omfg
julia 12 soat oldin
The Netherlands?
julia 12 soat oldin
2019? *Sunflower*
Brandow Sedano
Brandow Sedano 23 soat oldin
Algo demoradita al principio pero esta cool 😍😍
luis angel
luis angel Kun oldin
ame esta peli ....... desde venezuela la mejor q e visto este año
matwing xd
matwing xd Kun oldin
Estos vídeos son demonetisados ???
TheMangoishAnimator TMA
This remix makes me want to un-hear every other remix.🔥🔥🔥🔥
bngol Kun oldin
Thank you
Twinke CS:GO
Twinke CS:GO Kun oldin
This almost made me cry because i was played so bad by a girl
Shnobbs Studios
Shnobbs Studios Kun oldin
Sorry to hear that.☹
Wagner Elias
Wagner Elias Kun oldin
esse não é trap, é future bass!
Toxic Kun oldin
Aidan Waters
Aidan Waters Kun oldin
This is so sick
King Sol
King Sol Kun oldin
The rain drop sound LOL 💓
purple sparkle
purple sparkle Kun oldin
Shoutouts from NZ 2019 this beat is hot 💖💋
Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson Kun oldin
This Remix turns a so-so Pop Song into an Instant Classic! ...just can’t stop playing it!
Thony Jaramillo
Thony Jaramillo Kun oldin
moojmasti2010 2 kun oldin
*Someone took a big win who knows how that felt!* Winner: Trap Nation
carrie heffernan
carrie heffernan 2 kun oldin
This is sick
Cuck-yoin Reroreoreoro
Spider verse was a good movie
Jay-Mark Yadao
Jay-Mark Yadao 2 kun oldin
Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans 2 kun oldin
Grace Furbert
Grace Furbert 2 kun oldin
When trap nation makes a remix it's bound to be 🔥
Spanish Moustache
Spanish Moustache 2 kun oldin
oh look, more future bass. how good and unexpected.
FallCrammusic EDM
FallCrammusic EDM 2 kun oldin
Vαlσя YT
Vαlσя YT 2 kun oldin
Original is better 👍👍
chilman gaming
chilman gaming 2 kun oldin
I want to open a coconut with a nut full of coco
All Things Medical
All Things Medical 3 kun oldin
every base drop que :click:noice:
sohaib tahir
sohaib tahir 3 kun oldin
How you use to separate the vocals from music 😭😭😭😭..pls tell me..
Andrew Frederick
Andrew Frederick 3 kun oldin
Hansen The Best
Hansen The Best 3 kun oldin
Now thats dope!
João Pedro Araujo
João Pedro Araujo 3 kun oldin
Essa Música E Foda 👏❤️ Eu Aqui Representando O Brasil Poha 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️
Darren Dhanpat
Darren Dhanpat 4 kun oldin
Fantastic.....Thank You!!!
Cody Jones
Cody Jones 4 kun oldin
god i wish i could put this in my spotify playlist.
F.L.Y_ Mr.PumpKin
F.L.Y_ Mr.PumpKin 4 kun oldin
Spider Boy
Spider Boy 4 kun oldin
*gives thumbs up* This is sooo good!
darkvoid 8575
darkvoid 8575 4 kun oldin
Noice m8
infernocombustion 4 kun oldin
ayyyyy the little helicopter animation is lit lool
DubstepRex 4 kun oldin
This remix makes me wanna make a "How to read" book.
Dark Matter [GD & RBLX]
i ̶m̶a̶b̶y̶e̶ will put this as my wedding music
johnetha pollard
johnetha pollard 5 kun oldin
best ever wwwwwwwwwoooooow! tm spechless anone esle
Student George Mao
Student George Mao 5 kun oldin
yay! love it!!
FreshMemesDaily 5 kun oldin
fefe soso and more
fefe soso and more 5 kun oldin
Angela Flanagan
Angela Flanagan 5 kun oldin
Ooooooo this or chill nation sunflower remix comment witch 1 you prefer
Siddhant Jadhav
Siddhant Jadhav 5 kun oldin
awesome song....nice job!
Dalton Eckert
Dalton Eckert 5 kun oldin
One thing that I don’t like about trap nation is that the bass is too loud and u cant here the actual music
Scout 6 kun oldin
This remix still catches speedy spido vibes with me
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 6 kun oldin
TAGARELANDO TV 6 kun oldin
Cadê os brasileiros inscrevam-se no meu canal
Jacobcoolboy7 6 kun oldin
What do you mean not dope this is the more dope than my dad's wheelys lol
golfmaniac007 6 kun oldin
that water drop doh ......doh doh dope
Dieselllama 6 kun oldin
I feel high listening go this
It's Jadice
It's Jadice 6 kun oldin
Who had it on full volume enjoying this? Anyone? Just me? Uh ok
Unreal S0uls
Unreal S0uls 7 kun oldin
This song is great keep up!
Itz Chip
Itz Chip 7 kun oldin
More like your dope!
Naforu 7 kun oldin
this remix is 4 minutes long Uganda will already be invading rhode island by then
Aqui Hay De Todo ALV
buen remix🖒👏
EGDKEGD 7 kun oldin
I wish this was on itunes.
MrSkellyBoy 7 kun oldin
love it
Jon Higdon
Jon Higdon 7 kun oldin
As much as I love your remix’s I am sorry to say this but the Original is still better, Not saying this wasn’t good but the original is just too good!
Christian Cole
Christian Cole 7 kun oldin
love this!!
Walkerz 7 kun oldin
You are dope
JakeT2004 7 kun oldin
I love this!
Stormix Gaming
Stormix Gaming 7 kun oldin
Should ve mentioned that this song was for the Spiderman Into the Spiderverse movie, puts more context
Allan Real
Allan Real 7 kun oldin
Great remix, you keep the essence...
Aly Rey
Aly Rey 7 kun oldin
1:32 ₩
Jan Maverick
Jan Maverick 7 kun oldin
Then you left in the dust. My headphone turned fire.
RoseGold Marble
RoseGold Marble 7 kun oldin
I love this. It dropped so hard it hurt.😁🔥❤️
Beethoven Ludwig van
sunflower is great but this is just bad
Beethoven Ludwig van
this is bad
Modded_Playz 8 kun oldin
I can't find it on Spotify nor SoundCloud someone help me
Bear The Gamer
Bear The Gamer 8 kun oldin
I love it
Bear The Gamer
Bear The Gamer 8 kun oldin
I love the way you remixed it best one I herd
Arvind More
Arvind More 8 kun oldin
Its lit💥💥💥
Lisbeth Rodriguez
Lisbeth Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
Duck you
voce falhou !
voce falhou ! 8 kun oldin
i cant find this on deezer ):
Universal adventure
gitte samonte
gitte samonte 8 kun oldin
This remix makes me want to sell my house for a new sports car
Finity GamingY.T
Finity GamingY.T 8 kun oldin
Go crazyyyy
Kyle Kenol
Kyle Kenol 8 kun oldin
best one
Thị Mai Trần
Thị Mai Trần 8 kun oldin
Best Drop =))
G1ZM0 9 kun oldin
Not Your Dope comes back hard and heavy with this beast of a song
Leoni 9 kun oldin
Мулаваджілі Срікантх (BSMU - student)
Crash at mAh place baby ur a wreck 🌻🌻ayv ayy ayy
Blaine Jenrette
Blaine Jenrette 10 kun oldin
Rarely are remixes better than the original in my opinion. But this is incredible. Love this. Repeat, repeat, repeat..... And so on.
Mridul Majumder - Royal Orchard MS (1483)
It IS a dope remix, I love it!
Prime мικαєlα
Prime мικαєlα 10 kun oldin
oh man.... . . . . . . its too cool
Exonix Music
Exonix Music 10 kun oldin
Dexter Garcia
Dexter Garcia 10 kun oldin
Puggles_Rule 10 kun oldin
Nice song, i just don’t like the 40 second intro
Morganfuntimevideos watts
If you click read below, and make it all the way through, you have to like. 😊 Read More
Malachi B
Malachi B 11 kun oldin
My favorite movie song
Takin' Shots
8 oy oldin