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Post Malone VelociRaptor 6X6 Delivery

Hennessey Performance
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Congratulations to Post Malone, who recently took delivery of his one-of-a-kind Hennessey VelociRaptor 6X6 a few days before Christmas! Happy trails, Posty. Special thanks to Taylor Sanger for shooting video: taylorsangervideos.com Instagram: @TaylorSangerPhotography
VelociRaptor 6x6 Vehicle Page: goo.gl/WqwVPt
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979-885-1300 | www.HennesseyPerformance.com
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Facebook: goo.gl/qF1Lub
Twitter: goo.gl/Xa3Xkc
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7-Yan, 2019



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techworldz Kun oldin
Expensive truck to maintain
Joe Pangrac
Joe Pangrac 2 kun oldin
Badass rig
kyy rzkk
kyy rzkk 3 kun oldin
post can look so homeless but at the same time be so humble
मीणा साब
I just love his simplicity ! Jus look at him A cigarette not like others who took cigars! A beer glass not like others who drink wine or something else ! Wearing flip flops not like others who wear shoe ! Using truck not like others who use expensive cars !!! 😂😁😂
Hudson 3 kun oldin
Perfection at its finest
Sammy Tng
Sammy Tng 4 kun oldin
I don't want no Lambo, I want that truck hot damn!!
Lord Dracula Gaming
Should have went with a 6x6 Hell Hog
Exo tic
Exo tic 5 kun oldin
Please make this car available in India so that I could buy it easily.
Azul Sanchez
Azul Sanchez 5 kun oldin
Candy pen's haha
chill bruh
chill bruh 6 kun oldin
He is my favorite homeless rapstar...
jim gee
jim gee 6 kun oldin
wow ...enjoy that bad ass truck , have funs
Leonardo Berti
Leonardo Berti 6 kun oldin
Post Minchione!🇮🇹
Drooksy JB
Drooksy JB 8 kun oldin
Malone is the NORMAL PERSON love that.
awhllot offtshs4ya
awhllot offtshs4ya 8 kun oldin
Congrats post hope you enjoy it it's beautiful,keep up the good hits😃
TrashCanDan 8 kun oldin
*wearing flip flops*
yee haw
yee haw 8 kun oldin
Rockin' the 'Cuse hat
Hari Velmurugan
Hari Velmurugan 8 kun oldin
Post humble 🙌
de mansie
de mansie 8 kun oldin
The tires will shed like hell
Eli Susta
Eli Susta 9 kun oldin
Umarali Asrorov
Umarali Asrorov 9 kun oldin
Че за алкаш бляд как педик выглядит
Galaxy Sloth
Galaxy Sloth 9 kun oldin
Nice truck Post
Light Maestro
Light Maestro 9 kun oldin
Nobody alive would spend 350 grand on a ford f150 with 2 more wheels but just as useless.
Gorilla Baby
Gorilla Baby 9 kun oldin
I bet you think that you are better now
Seth Miller
Seth Miller 9 kun oldin
Lol that’s a cute truck. Red neck have better trucks. Like a duality ford monster truck
pulse 9 kun oldin
Had to be ford 😒
Ian Walls
Ian Walls 10 kun oldin
i dont mean to be that guy, but i bet that raptor's never gonna see the dirt in its lifespan.
Explore Something Films
Looks like Post is loving Utah :)
Alvito Pratama
Alvito Pratama 10 kun oldin
0:45 what a song
Alvito Pratama
Alvito Pratama 10 kun oldin
What a song?
Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert 10 kun oldin
I live in Reno and drive to Tahoe through snowstorms all the time and I am jealous as fuck, this truck would fucking blast through anything I want one so bad. Put some snow tires on that bad boy and do whatever you want wherever you want
tapetea 11 kun oldin
What's a Post Malone?
Gabriel D.S.M
Gabriel D.S.M 11 kun oldin
Price ?
Jorge Escarcega
Jorge Escarcega 11 kun oldin
This nigga had sandels on
Jose Molina
Jose Molina 11 kun oldin
Post Malone is one of the most genuine dudes ever
meowzerz and me
meowzerz and me 11 kun oldin
A brabus 6x6 would've been better
Don Cataldo
Don Cataldo 11 kun oldin
You know you're getting old when you see a truck like this and you're more concerned with how difficult it would be to park than how cool it is.
Daniel Cabau
Daniel Cabau 10 kun oldin
Lol fuck i m getting old too
BigFoot Gaming
BigFoot Gaming 11 kun oldin
All it needs now is Bennys wheels glitch and he is rolling
RB Productions
RB Productions 11 kun oldin
Yoo posty is soooo fuckin humble haha. Really chill
fluffeh fox
fluffeh fox 11 kun oldin
mumble rap?
Nicholas Pitts
Nicholas Pitts 11 kun oldin
Where would this guy be without auto tune? 😝
Hdhed Bbxbdbd
Hdhed Bbxbdbd 11 kun oldin
Hdhed Bbxbdbd
Hdhed Bbxbdbd 11 kun oldin
A place better then you will ever be
Konnor Dakota
Konnor Dakota 11 kun oldin
Come to Canada post Malone to Eden valley Alberta
Peter Taia
Peter Taia 11 kun oldin
Post malone getting slim
Loner Knight
Loner Knight 11 kun oldin
post is something
Hunter Maxwell
Hunter Maxwell 11 kun oldin
jacob bourg
jacob bourg 11 kun oldin
Why does he remind me.of a redneck who won the lottery?
Steven colley
Steven colley 11 kun oldin
Love the new dually
Jesse 11 kun oldin
Who is this guy? Post?
killer snowman
killer snowman 11 kun oldin
Glad to see post also has a great taste in cars
Kar3n 11 kun oldin
Puchicaaaaa! Verga de troca!!
100l3 11 kun oldin
It's bright as hell 😂
duvg1 11 kun oldin
So he's gotten a scooter a p.c and now a truck off youtube this guy's using youtube like amazon
Tony92x 11 kun oldin
He's a humble person , always enjoy when he brings out new songs
doveandiamond 11 kun oldin
Might as well buy a bunch of toys if you don’t have any real goals to change the world. Have fun
Wil Fembas
Wil Fembas 11 kun oldin
Best toy...
2460joel 12 kun oldin
Beautiful Beast!
Alexander von Humboldt
Well... Who is that tattoo-guy? 🤦🏻‍♂️
Derek Ullery
Derek Ullery 12 kun oldin
That truck cost like 200,000 - 300,000 before the aftermarket parts you're probably looking at 400,000
Jose Franco
Jose Franco 12 kun oldin
FORD .....
David Kountz
David Kountz 12 kun oldin
What’s the background song?
NEJI HYUGA 12 kun oldin
What is that mount for??
what_about_the_droid_attack on the woo Kies
And in Germany the government wants to vorbit 1.6 tdis
big chew
big chew 12 kun oldin
Were Stoney? haha Tell him To sing me A Song.
nula bodova
nula bodova 12 kun oldin
''Bright as hell'' lol
Kevin Mahoney
Kevin Mahoney 12 kun oldin
My Boy Post is Looking Skinnier! I really hope he's working and or eating Healthier! FOR HIMSELF!
JSI Crew
JSI Crew 12 kun oldin
Wtf is he drinking
ColdBoltz 12 kun oldin
wow nice car
Deuces TM
Deuces TM 12 kun oldin
He look's like FaZe Banks
Callme Da goat
Callme Da goat 12 kun oldin
Even tho he wasn't born in tx you still know he's from tx😂😂
Joey T
Joey T 12 kun oldin
Post is a true Texan.
Supreme Leader
Supreme Leader 12 kun oldin
People around post Malone “Make your own luck”
KokaKolaKan 12 kun oldin
Must be fun living in notCalifornia.
Joshua Rugg
Joshua Rugg 12 kun oldin
I love how money ain't changed meh dude man, Love ya Stoney
J W 12 kun oldin
Nice truck. Go Cowboys!
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 12 kun oldin
Post Malone: the type of dude who wears sandals in the snow
J Mac
J Mac 12 kun oldin
Sick AF.
Adam Reed
Adam Reed 12 kun oldin
Another truck that will never see dirt!!
Fernando Figueira
Fernando Figueira 12 kun oldin
*Fake, Post Malone is a paid singer*
Parwinder Bhamra
Parwinder Bhamra 12 kun oldin
I want this now
polarized 12 kun oldin
a new version of trevor truck
How to and DIY channel
Nice trucj
Kev Marray
Kev Marray 12 kun oldin
200k well spent.
Erin Horton
Erin Horton 12 kun oldin
Is that a Syracuse Orangeman hat he has on? Makes me love him even more! ❤️
Eddie Sanchez
Eddie Sanchez 12 kun oldin
Bud light💀
Drax Mordante
Drax Mordante 12 kun oldin
Eddy Kazuma
Eddy Kazuma 12 kun oldin
He's so humble and one of the few new ish rappers I can stand listening too
FACED 10 kun oldin
Yea right untill u see him rage on CoD
jarsh 12 kun oldin
mouth of big cottonwood canyon wtf.
William Young
William Young 12 kun oldin
Really nice!!!
Adeel !
Adeel ! 12 kun oldin
🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 just wet my pants
andrew acosta
andrew acosta 12 kun oldin
Niggas a bum..gets rich off these dumbass teenagers lol
Adrian Hambleton
Adrian Hambleton 13 kun oldin
Damn and here I am about to end my life because I’m so broke sheit
rd95stang 13 kun oldin
Gtfoh, you can't tell me this dude knows anything about cars or trucks, he ever going to use a truck like this what it's intended for? FUCK NO!! Lmao
Trill 13 kun oldin
Humble redneck
ZR1 LT5 Chris
ZR1 LT5 Chris 13 kun oldin
Go mustangs.
Golden Ratio
Golden Ratio 13 kun oldin
LOL, what the Helll is thaaat!?
DeezNuts 13 kun oldin
Why is he wearing my wifes pants and flip flops?
Heaviside Sama
Heaviside Sama 13 kun oldin
Nice truck, had to mute the audio tho
Nicholstop :
Nicholstop : 13 kun oldin
I’m not a ford guy but ford puts atrocious headlights and wheels on their trucks and I like it
Joonpil Park
Joonpil Park 13 kun oldin
wait, does he live in Utah?
A6 Booj
A6 Booj 13 kun oldin
The truck is worth more than $350,000 goddamn 😂
RayVapeFace 13 kun oldin
Dual rear wheel! Dur rea lheele! dooreeeweel! I have a dual real wheel!
Guy Taunts "No Parking" Sign
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