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Post Malone - Wow (Lyrics)

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"Wow." by Post Malone. Song available here: postmalone.lnk.to/wowYD
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24-Dek, 2018



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MithroJin 30 daqiqa oldin
Lyrics are wrong, it's clearly, "pull up to the house with some big butts" especially since the next lyric references turning a kitchen into a strip club.
Aesthetic Person
Aesthetic Person Soat oldin
lmao, in ICT (computer lessons) in ny school, I asked one of my classmates to read these lyrics out loud, and he did. But he obviously skipped the swear words, lol.
Antixanz Soat oldin
Owen Wilson would be proud
ibraell239 Soat oldin
Am I the only one who think he sounds like juice wrld in this song?
Austina Jara
Austina Jara Soat oldin
Loveee how he mentions utah❤️
danthehunter 2 soat oldin
its g mannn
danthehunter 2 soat oldin
yeaaaa lets go boys
Jissel Suazo
Jissel Suazo 4 soat oldin
WayV brought me here
Spike. 5 soat oldin
I came here for 0:40
Ilaya Minor
Ilaya Minor 6 soat oldin
David Noble
David Noble 6 soat oldin
Hope he wrote this to Charlemagne tha god for that dick head interview he gave back in the day!!
Gay Doll
Gay Doll 7 soat oldin
I'm just wanted the instrumental now ❤❤
Forever Faith
Forever Faith 7 soat oldin
post malone= your grandma probably know me grandma=dear whos past melon he has some funky tunes *twerks to the beat*
Gay Doll
Gay Doll 7 soat oldin
2019 bae played this song for me yesterday 🙄🤣🤣🤣 had me dancing and shit lol
Jesse Max
Jesse Max 8 soat oldin
I like this song! And this beat🔥🔥🔥!
Katie Coulter Wilcox
My favourite song ❤️
harun ngari
harun ngari 10 soat oldin
I put my headphones on my dog in this song,now its a giant wolf!!
Al Al
Al Al 11 soat oldin
Someone make a one hour loop of this!!
Briana A
Briana A 13 soat oldin
Bro this song is littttyy🔥🔥
Cedeslynn 14 soat oldin
posty stays SLAYIN
Junior Chamberlain
Junior Chamberlain 14 soat oldin
this song makes me just wanna get fucked up. love it
Fierce Brigs
Fierce Brigs 14 soat oldin
"Trunk in the front like this shit DUMBO yeah" DUMBO THE ELEPHANT BRO HOW DO U MISS THAT
Пато Великий
I like this shit
Rdelossa 15 soat oldin
4 down Hail Mary Prescott touchdown ay
kermit stan
kermit stan 15 soat oldin
this song is too good to the point to where its *too* good
golden boy YT
golden boy YT 16 soat oldin
My mom: we will not have this music in this house! Me: why? My mom: because we have louder speakers at grandpa Joe's house
Steven Nguyen
Steven Nguyen 18 soat oldin
tri-different-angles 18 soat oldin
Shit! starts out and Loads up like a 15
Beatrice querido
Beatrice querido 18 soat oldin
Is this me or while LISTENING to the the song you scroll down to look at the comments you agree with and then you comment something and your waiting for ANYONE to like your comment?? :)
BlingBlingBling Subscribe
All the people who disliked this meant “dis I like”
ʎpoqou 18 soat oldin
This was the video that started playing when Adam22 was almost got robbed
Stacey Boswell
Stacey Boswell 19 soat oldin
I always thought it said "cause I got fortnite" lol
DopeBoy Dee
DopeBoy Dee 19 soat oldin
This nigga can’t miss..
trav W
trav W 19 soat oldin
DopeBoy Dee I’m saying tho 🔥🔥
Madilyn Engel
Madilyn Engel 19 soat oldin
I listened to it once and know I’m obsessed. Like if u feel the same👍
Luckybulldogbuckeye 1
Luckybulldogbuckeye 1 19 soat oldin
This song ends to early....
Conscience 20 soat oldin
Uh yeah excuse me it’s Wow.
no popo's
no popo's 21 soat oldin
Holy shit 24 million views!! I wonder if he was dissing yelawolf in the beginning. Bloody Sunday got millions of views but nowhere close to this
Jojo Plays
Jojo Plays 21 soat oldin
Bang bang lit
Edmund Francis Pingol
Edmund Francis Pingol 21 soat oldin
40yr old dude dancing got me here
Ku'ulei Belveal
Ku'ulei Belveal 22 soat oldin
Imagine listening to this song at full volume going 100 mph over the speed limit
Efrayem yassa
Efrayem yassa 22 soat oldin
Showed this to my mom She said WOW
the hollyjollyunicourn
Boi I love rap songs and this is my fat it's lit
Julian Vega
Julian Vega 22 soat oldin
I can’t see why there are that many dislikes
skinny 22 soat oldin
this song got me saying 'wow'
Just Yuri
Just Yuri Kun oldin
1:27 bEsT pArT eVeR
Ethan Harmon
Ethan Harmon Kun oldin
Selling replays for 1 like 0:00
omegathebestxx xoxo
I cant stop replaying this song
omegathebestxx xoxo
I love this song
alex salazar
alex salazar Kun oldin
Trunk in the front like this shit dumbo 🐘
Atheer Kun oldin
Noneya Business
Noneya Business Kun oldin
it's "shawty mixing up the vodka with the *LaCroix* " not liqour btw haha
Lizeth Guzman
Lizeth Guzman Kun oldin
La croix
You need sum help
Deremy Araujo
Deremy Araujo Kun oldin
i am in school doing work while listening to this
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez Kun oldin
This song sounds like an cooool song
Anna Madrid
Anna Madrid Kun oldin
So good ♥️ you
Hasee Ali
Hasee Ali Kun oldin
Best song ever ❤👊
Farah Trabelsi
Farah Trabelsi Kun oldin
Carlos Torres White
Carlos Torres White
honestly i dont care if people hate me for this comment this is post worst song ever i think as a 14 year old
White Ender
White Ender Kun oldin
Cassidy Day
Cassidy Day Kun oldin
100 bands???? ITS HUNNID BANDS!!!!!!
Mendosaixx Kun oldin
DAX VEVO Kun oldin
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Moshe Elchadad
Moshe Elchadad Kun oldin
Good song
Moshe Elchadad
Moshe Elchadad Kun oldin
Wowww 😍😍💥💥💥👌👌👌
ورد جوري
ورد جوري Kun oldin
Francis Cruz
Francis Cruz Kun oldin
Liquor no... Leekoy yes
Cara Me
Cara Me Kun oldin
I love you wow
Amin Quraishi
Amin Quraishi Kun oldin
Manager: how may more hits?!?!? Post: yes
ClOaKeD ZIRE Kun oldin
Lecroix not liquor
Salmah Razali
Salmah Razali Kun oldin
Sonya Blade
Sonya Blade Kun oldin
Beat feels gooooodddd.
I Live Off Kookies
i’m so late.. this is amazing 😯
I Tenshi I
I Tenshi I Kun oldin
Lowkey super catchy-
4 cursed
ghetto bart simpson
Nothing else to say but... *WOW*
JRN JARVIS Kun oldin
Watch my videos and subscribe to my channel
Wolf Nation
Wolf Nation Kun oldin
This song is lit asf
Juan Gallarza
Juan Gallarza Kun oldin
Some of these lyrics are off
T B Kun oldin
😂😂 I didnt know what it was called so I just searched G wagon g wagon g wagon g wagon g wagon. Anyone else or just me lmao
Nitin Kun oldin
best song ever!
Dylan cox
Dylan cox Kun oldin
Shooq Diff
Shooq Diff Kun oldin
Who came here after jackson wang😂😭😭💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
Ayus 2 kun oldin
Will we ever hear some bad music from post malone? Or is it impossible
Kim Taehyung For life Sister
Ayus it’s impossible
Shawna Shiplet
Shawna Shiplet 2 kun oldin
This song has me saying........WOW
Ayus 2 kun oldin
This song got me sayin' Wow
Josh Glaze
Josh Glaze 2 kun oldin
The good parts are 0:00 to 2:29
Arthur Tuck
Arthur Tuck 2 kun oldin
It's trunk in the front like the shit dumbo. Like dumbo the elephant
Kayla Joseph
Kayla Joseph 2 kun oldin
WOW this is an amazing song to be honest not surprised 😃
Giovanni Arpini
Giovanni Arpini 2 kun oldin
March 2019?
Daphne Strati
Daphne Strati 2 kun oldin
Who is here from Jackson wang??😋🤗
Duplex Faridi
Duplex Faridi 2 kun oldin
the way i see it, theres 4.1k morons that wouldnt know a good song if it knocked on their door😂😂😂😂
punishment 06
punishment 06 2 kun oldin
*THIS SONG IS TRASH* okay now that got your attention just wanna let you know I love post Malone and his song amazingly perfect for my taste love u guys
Beatrice querido
Beatrice querido 18 soat oldin
ThatSpicyFoodMoron 2 kun oldin
Thank you, Instagram edits, for bringing me here
masachi sam
masachi sam 2 kun oldin
Knight_ Vlogs
Knight_ Vlogs 2 kun oldin
Ouma Shu
Ouma Shu 2 kun oldin
So he really did say Fall Out Boy
Riska Riska
Riska Riska 2 kun oldin
Suka bngt lagu ini... From indonesia
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