Pour It Out with Chrissy Teigen

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Chrissy Teigen and Jimmy take turns giving answers to personal questions that only they know, forcing each other to take a mystery shot if they refuse to reveal the question.
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Loaded Questions with Chrissy Teigen




22-Sen, 2018

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Alys sa
Alys sa 14 soat oldin
This doesn't make any sense!
slushpuppie19 Kun oldin
Jello from the other siiiiiiiiideeee
Kevin Mosey
Kevin Mosey Kun oldin
I love how there is someone out there that works for The Tonight Show that knows what all of these questions are. I'm convinced it's Jimmy because, as much as I love him, he's notorious for hyping things up a little too much to try and make it sound more interesting or like he doesn't know what's coming.
Erin S.
Erin S. 3 kun oldin
She’s turning into the next Lion Lady. Any the person who made the prop and who wrote the questions knows and can get a decent bonus from jimmy.
Asia Beamon
Asia Beamon 3 kun oldin
This needs to be a game I can physically buy in the store 😭
Flora Vilen
Flora Vilen 3 kun oldin
Cartoon kids
Flora Vilen
Flora Vilen 3 kun oldin
Tattoo 2 tonne
Flora Vilen
Flora Vilen 3 kun oldin
Cartoon cartoon
Leidis De la Rosa
Leidis De la Rosa 3 kun oldin
6:20 "Who is the hottest person in the room?"
Mamalover 4 kun oldin
I have to know what these questions are: 1. 3 Times a week 2. JIMMY FALLON
Christian Velez
Christian Velez 4 kun oldin
I would do it just for the shots.
Yolanda Snicker
Yolanda Snicker 4 kun oldin
Imagine her question was: Who's the worst host? Jimmy Fallon
Alexandria Johnson
Alexandria Johnson 5 kun oldin
Anyone notice that jimmy didn’t answer the last question? Lol
July Stylez
July Stylez 5 kun oldin
Love this game!
Brandon Peterson
Brandon Peterson 9 kun oldin
Jimmy didn’t do the blue one!
roisin2510 10 kun oldin
“I’m happy with three times a week “ I’d say it’s like how often do u go to the gym or something like that
Carolina 10 kun oldin
Looks like spill your guts or fill your guts
Shirlron West
Shirlron West 11 kun oldin
This game is not new
Emily Briggs
Emily Briggs 11 kun oldin
Jimmy didn’t do the blue shot
Alexis Fuhr
Alexis Fuhr 12 kun oldin
I do not like / love / like / love this game
marcos duenas
marcos duenas 12 kun oldin
Whats wrong with her face?
Kpop plus Yaoi
Kpop plus Yaoi 13 kun oldin
Why did he skip his last question? 😂
LVDRUM M3R 14 kun oldin
She sucks ....she never red a question ..........wtf girl? Cmon !
Jasmin and Ariana K
Jasmin and Ariana K 14 kun oldin
this is the best game
Betsy trog
Betsy trog 14 kun oldin
She is so cute!
ah1308 14 kun oldin
Makenna Delle
Makenna Delle 14 kun oldin
Jimmy done missed a shot
Riley Queen
Riley Queen 15 kun oldin
Chrissy looks so weird
Nastasia Philip
Nastasia Philip 15 kun oldin
He forgot to answer the last question
Sugar butter Covered pieces
So unsatisfying tho
K E 17 kun oldin
She's annoying as hell 😒
Jasmine Sanchez
Jasmine Sanchez 17 kun oldin
He didn’t answer his last question:(
Kat Stines
Kat Stines 18 kun oldin
I bet her last question was “who in this room would you have sex with?”
Mariam Diallo
Mariam Diallo 18 kun oldin
imagine if after jimmy asked chrissy if she googled herself she said “3x a week” 😂
candyvodka 18 kun oldin
Chrissy’s last question was who has the best ass or something I know it
peter woah kavinsky
peter woah kavinsky 18 kun oldin
you should invite Grayson Dolan and Ethan dolan to play and ask if Ethan is dating emma playing this game
Maria Tomlinson
Maria Tomlinson 20 kun oldin
what is she famous for? being a wife? she doesn’t sing or act. does she have like a clothing line or something ?
Nbhjjmbhhn Sksldkemdj
Maria Tomlinson she’s a model
Lorísek 20 kun oldin
Well.. the game is not that fun for the viewer to be honest. I bet it's a load of fun playing it, exciting etc. But we hear just random names, numbers... and then they drink.. meh, ok.
Jose Alfaro
Jose Alfaro 20 kun oldin
Judging from her twitter content, I think Chrissy was the best celebrity to have played this game because she’s so brutally honest Haha i bet all the answers were true but no one will know the question. Genius
Nadine P.
Nadine P. 21 kun oldin
Can I get a recipe for those shots?
Lois Loves Cheese
Lois Loves Cheese 22 kun oldin
First celeb crush
Lois Loves Cheese
Lois Loves Cheese 22 kun oldin
Lanae tae
Lanae tae 24 kun oldin
Only Chrissy can make her boobs look like boxes
Dizzy Zahm
Dizzy Zahm 25 kun oldin
6:27 when you send a text to a friend whos sitting right next to you and youre just waiting for them to see it
GelegenheitsGirly 26 kun oldin
We need more of this !!
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks 26 kun oldin
Not a fan of this game. All they do is just get drunk. Not entertaining. Makes audience feel excluded.
Elizabeth R.
Elizabeth R. 28 kun oldin
Am I the only one who notices that the Kardashian family are so loyal to each other like... how?
Whats-her name
Whats-her name 28 kun oldin
This is stupid
*Jimmy is so deep in that illumninati ish....*
Samara Rayner Johnson
She reminds me of myself crossed between Demi Lovato for some reason
I love this game omg
Chalice Curry
Chalice Curry Oy oldin
she’s not as pretty as i remember... what happened 😩
Suri iromed
Suri iromed Oy oldin
I wanna play this game so bad
Lily Gibson
Lily Gibson Oy oldin
Did anyone else notice jimmy didn't answer his 3rd question
Primrose Kutadzaushe
Jimmy should guess the question to make it fun.
abc123 Oy oldin
Her stylist just did a no no for her here
Arpita John
Arpita John Oy oldin
urm did nobody notice jimmy skip his third question?
jackielynne76 Exaxtly
I sure wish we knew what her answer Jimmy Fallon was to...lol
jeremy cohen syr
more of these
The Total Package
Crissy is all "T" and no "A"...SMH
aria & her flowers
They should sell this game
peter woah kavinsky
how lucky of the staff members there they know all the questions and the answers lOl.
Cierra Jennings
Jimmy never did the Twitter troll sweat one..
Kyle Magaro
Kyle Magaro Oy oldin
She had a tough day, she did hot ones then this.
Julian Lopez
Julian Lopez Oy oldin
This girl looks like Demi Lovato after a year of heroin and unhealthy food decisions.
chloe likes cats
she really.... ate that paper
Nick Winz
Nick Winz Oy oldin
I’ve played this game before but without beer
Save the Bees
Save the Bees Oy oldin
I’m a Chrissy fan but she looks terrible in this episode! Bad makeup, bad hair, bad outfit. Awh girl what happen?
Jemimah Ngu
Jemimah Ngu Oy oldin
Please do this with Leslie Jones 😂
moar gooder
moar gooder Oy oldin
gotta do this game more often, its hilarious
Leann Pham
Leann Pham Oy oldin
they should have a paper shredder machine there just to make sure no one will ever know the question
Daniel August
Daniel August Oy oldin
She looks like Debbie Ryan
Preston Chandler
Last question was about crush or fantasy or something
euphorickenz Oy oldin
love them together lol
Alyss Kennedy
Alyss Kennedy Oy oldin
We’re all happy with 3 times a week. More then most folks in long term relationships.
Warren Gee
Warren Gee Oy oldin
Dumb game. Bring back FLIP CUP!!!
buck78 Oy oldin
OK this is really funny. I kept trying to figure out who she looks like in this vid. Rodrigo Alvez!
Marissa Fernandez
Do this with harry styles and ask when they are comming back
Alex Kosmit
Alex Kosmit Oy oldin
I want to see Cate Blanchett in this game
Nicole Michaels
It's so obvious Jimmy's first question was asking how much his suit costs! And Chrissy's second was definitely about how often she has sex.
Oumayma Oy oldin
I dont like this game either you tell us the question or dont play
not paris hilton
we all know jimmy’s first question was “The most money you’ve spent at a strip club”
khadidiatou ndiaye
Its sex
Izzy Grace
Izzy Grace Oy oldin
He didn’t do the last shot! Lol😂
Olive_green Oy oldin
A hotel in Nashville....... Hmm doesn't Nicole Kidman live in Nashville? weirdest place woken up? what started in new york? Him being introduced to Nicole in new York maybe?
Butterek Oy oldin
1:03 xd
Haylee Mae
Haylee Mae Oy oldin
"Is John happy with three times a week?"
Freckles Oy oldin
LOVE her!!
Brooke Elisa
Brooke Elisa Oy oldin
Last question WAS TOTALLY "who would you bang on the cast of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" cause she walked around the room looking at the band and then at Jimmy. IM SURE OF THIS
Charlotte Wildblood
Loaded questions with michelle obama
Empathic Paradox
Question number 1...."were you also born with a dick and balls?"
Boom Shakalaka
how was she ever a model?
Angel Saturn
Angel Saturn Oy oldin
Love her laugh man😂
Maydaykati Oy oldin
"I am happy with three times a week" 3 times a week when all of him loves all of her I'm too proud of that joke.
He He
He He Oy oldin
number 2 was probably asking chrissy how often she masturbates lmao
Saniya H
Saniya H Oy oldin
No it was how often she has sex
Isadora Lima
Isadora Lima Oy oldin
I like the game!!
Mark Lingfa
Mark Lingfa Oy oldin
6:25 **ohhhh**
ShabazzIsLoco TV
My guy jimmy was with Nicole Kidman that night he woke up in Nashville 😂
Zach Hachey
Zach Hachey Oy oldin
There’s gotta be a rule that makes it so that she can’t just drink every single one and has to tell at least 1 of the questions.
J Frayman
J Frayman Oy oldin
Your dream came true in the second time they played this with Margot Robbie
Jj Weaks
Jj Weaks Oy oldin
Jimmy's first question was what's the most you spent on a escort