Pour It Out with Chrissy Teigen

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Chrissy Teigen and Jimmy take turns giving answers to personal questions that only they know, forcing each other to take a mystery shot if they refuse to reveal the question.
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Loaded Questions with Chrissy Teigen




22-Sen, 2018



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shyeg ffr
shyeg ffr Kun oldin
i think chrissy’s questions were : 1 who’s your least favorite kardashian? 2 how many times a week do you have sex?? 3 who do you think has the biggest d*ck in this room?
Leah Hernandez
Leah Hernandez 2 kun oldin
Oooo who is the most attractive man in the room!!!
Leah Hernandez
Leah Hernandez 2 kun oldin
Chrissy - Jimmy Fallon Jimmy - whattttt?????
Natasha Tabbush
Natasha Tabbush 2 kun oldin
They should have to try to guess the question
Quantum Mystery
Quantum Mystery 2 kun oldin
She’s so fuckin ugly eh
Hanna Banana
Hanna Banana 2 kun oldin
I want to know the questions NOW!!!!!!
ConcreteAngelx3 2 kun oldin
I think Chrissy's questions were: 1. Who is your least favorite Kardashian? 2. something to do with sex but I think if it was just "How many times a week do you have sex" she would have told us so it's something less tame 3. Who do you think is the most attractive person in the room?
Salma S
Salma S 13 soat oldin
sry to say but no
Skye Dragun
Skye Dragun 3 kun oldin
When Jimmy said"6,000 dollars" I think that's how much he either gets paid every night week or month OR that's how much he got he paid if he got a private tonight show with Jimmy Fallon
Mayaba Sanoe
Mayaba Sanoe 3 kun oldin
4:00 we all knew what she was talking about
Adriana Rubi
Adriana Rubi 3 kun oldin
I hated that he didnt do the other question
Sagi 11
Sagi 11 5 kun oldin
Chrissy is a child trafficker. Nasty bihh.
rahmee. 9 kun oldin
Do you google urself? Chrissy: Only when I say something dumb to see if people are mad Jimmy: That happens every night for me so I don’t do it😂😂
loren ortiz
loren ortiz 9 kun oldin
To put it into perspective: it takes 13 HOURS to get from NY to Nashville. Must’ve been one hell of a night, lol.
loren ortiz
loren ortiz 2 kun oldin
Yes. But that wouldn’t be as entertaining, haha.
ConcreteAngelx3 2 kun oldin
He's rich.. he probably flew.. it's like a 2 hour flight
Super Andy
Super Andy 9 kun oldin
Jimmy told the story about Nashville on the game True Confessions
Darkesthour Podcast
Darkesthour Podcast 10 kun oldin
Jimmy didnt do his last one
Bethany Mann
Bethany Mann 10 kun oldin
Why is it pour it out when it’s really loaded questions
Anna Howard
Anna Howard 11 kun oldin
He never did his last shot
Ricky C
Ricky C 12 kun oldin
Who gets to make the questions 😊 and collect the coasters 😀
Solange Aguero
Solange Aguero 13 kun oldin
I love how happy jimmy Fallon looked after he said her name😂
Namfon Xaykeo
Namfon Xaykeo 13 kun oldin
man whoever has to put the questions away are so freaking lucky
Alice Sierra
Alice Sierra 13 kun oldin
.................................jimmy fallon. Me: aAAAAAAaaaaAAAHHHHhh
Tshi Blessings
Tshi Blessings 14 kun oldin
This game should be combined with James Corden’s ‘spill your guts or fill your guts’ then we’d know.😂💀
Amina Ouadah
Amina Ouadah 16 kun oldin
I really dont like the haters in this comment section
Rohit Nair
Rohit Nair 18 kun oldin
It's boring for the viewers
Imam Hocine Benali
Imam Hocine Benali 18 kun oldin
If you wanna choose one here to do it with,who's gonna be?
Imam Hocine Benali
Imam Hocine Benali 18 kun oldin
How much do you like to do it? (sex)
Imam Hocine Benali
Imam Hocine Benali 18 kun oldin
Which celebrity do you slept with recently? How Mush do you make in a week?
Kevin Ho
Kevin Ho 18 kun oldin
so many questions...
thejesster1993 18 kun oldin
Possible Questions for Chrissy: 1. Who was the first person you slept with 2. How much sex do you wish you had 3. Which talk show host do you hate the most Possible Questions for Jimmy: 1. How much do you spend on a liquor in a week 2. How often do you google yourself
Annabel 19 kun oldin
Łuna Gomez
Łuna Gomez 19 kun oldin
1st question and idek why but I always had a strong feeling it would be a Kardashian. Then I heard it...Rob Kardashian. IM A MF PSYCHIC
Annelie Andersson
Annelie Andersson 19 kun oldin
Nychelle White
Nychelle White 19 kun oldin
Well this was no fun
Lexi Day
Lexi Day 19 kun oldin
Jimmy is just gonna see the questions afterwards probably haha
Jordan M
Jordan M 19 kun oldin
2:58 well now we know how much Jimmy will sell himself for.
Haneen Sheikh
Haneen Sheikh 19 kun oldin
Chrissy Teigen looks so weird! ew
It’s Orbal Gorl
It’s Orbal Gorl 21 kun oldin
Uncle Bens Tech
Uncle Bens Tech 21 kun oldin
So rob kardashian is the rudest person she met , lol
Caro del Angel
Caro del Angel 22 kun oldin
Kaimi Ross
Kaimi Ross 23 kun oldin
Lol the roots are gonna swoop up those cards after the game is over fo shoa
m aloha
m aloha 24 kun oldin
I can figure out Chrissy’s questions lol
Giana L.
Giana L. 24 kun oldin
I thought that was Debby Ryan, oh jeez
coco bourget
coco bourget 24 kun oldin
why is the title « pour it out » if jimmy says « loaded questions? »
Alia Abu Omar
Alia Abu Omar 26 kun oldin
The game would be soooo much better if they replaced shots with pie to throw at each other if they didn’t answer their question :0
aurora felicity
aurora felicity 26 kun oldin
She's very pretty but that dress doesn't do anything for her.
PAX LOWE 27 kun oldin
Sexual tension lol
Lucky Pierce
Lucky Pierce 28 kun oldin
She got a puffy ass face.
Kristina Franco
Kristina Franco 29 kun oldin
Chrissy T is super honest ♡ it
Donesia Williams
I just found a new drinking game.
Donavan Bradley
I too like to not wear bras on live television
Clary Fairchild
I want to know the questions so bad
LA A Oy oldin
but its me.. i cant look at it?
MythicalStorm Oy oldin
This game is kinda boring then if the drinks look appealing 😂
moll dog
moll dog Oy oldin
Not fun unless they actually give us what we want lmao. Spill it.
Reauna Oy oldin
This is kinda like paranoia
Chloé Lafond
Chloé Lafond Oy oldin
Okay this is actually freaking entertaining. I could watch an entire show!😂😂😂
Sim One
Sim One Oy oldin
The perfect pair of Boneheads
Suzy E
Suzy E Oy oldin
....is no one going to talk about her face?! what IS that thing??!!! is she pregnant? is that what the weight is from? shes got predators cheekbones!! what the actual f.... shes acting like chrissy but replaced maybe by a reptile? jesus...
leeann chance
leeann chance Oy oldin
Wow she look fat
Kendy Falo
Kendy Falo Oy oldin
she has the weirdest face shape
Landon Singleton
"Is John happy with 3 times a week?" I dyed! That is definitely what the question was
Something to Say
Chrissy Teigen ; Question one? Who was your crush growing up? Question 2? How many times a week do you like to get it on? Question 3? Who’s the one guy in the audience you would sleep with right now? Lollll that’s what went through my head 😂
D B Oy oldin
Isn't there a way we could strap her to a rocket and shoot it towards the moon?
Amanda Frase
Amanda Frase Oy oldin
Did NOBODY notice that John didn’t do his last question?
christprp Oy oldin
I don’t get this game ..
Natasha S.
Natasha S. Oy oldin
When he asked her if she googles herself, I wish she answered 'I am happy with 3 times a week'. :))))
Victoria Haines
6:28. Jimmy Fallon. Dam he was like me
Nayla Harris
Nayla Harris Oy oldin
1- whose your celebrity male crush 2- how often do u like sex 3- Who in this room would you have sex with
Onfroi Oy oldin
she ate the question... okay who got the leaks
Nina Bobina
Nina Bobina Oy oldin
She's like me when we're funny on social media and even not on social media but just not as and is really low key irl
Anvita Bhardwaj
This is not fun for an audience. How does it get views
Stephler Oy oldin
Why is her face so bloated looking? 🤔🧐
msamaro24 Oy oldin
Josephine Labukhosi Maziya
her giggle was so cute
Manar Alsharifi
I know the questions.....
Rwanda bee
Rwanda bee Oy oldin
Michelle Hernandez
1st question. Who is your least favorite Kardashian
Chloe Daniela
Chloe Daniela Oy oldin
I want to know the answers so badly lol
Elizabeth McEldery
She has no ass at all 😩
Ashley Miller
Ashley Miller Oy oldin
Is any one else annoyed by her saying " they wont know, but it's me." ???
Dumb ass people who are watching this and comment "Who is she, she's ugly" Go check yourself first, at least she's doing whatever she wants not hating on people behind a screen.
Shannon G.
Shannon G. Oy oldin
This is the weirdest I've ever seen her look and I've seen her in person. The outfit and wet hair look .. who ever did this is fired and the belt makes it worst.
Nina Rai
Nina Rai Oy oldin
She’s hilarious 😂😂😂
Gyr Alexandra
Gyr Alexandra Oy oldin
I want jimmys job, like seriously... having fun with celebrities, answering questions, drinking shots.... I mean like DRINKING SHOTS!? It’s a dream.
Red Alert
Red Alert Oy oldin
Chrissy Teigen is so gross on so many levels
Jay2Fire Oy oldin
She was walking very seductive it had to be a very naughty question😉💦💯
أسيم | 48
أسيم | 48 Oy oldin
"I love you too."
M S.
M S. Oy oldin
This is the dumbest game I have ever seen. It doesn't even make sense. The drinks are meant to be disgusting and not delicious. Obv they won't tell the question then omds. So dumb..
Adriana Sancho
Funnier than spill your guts or fill your guts... ♥
Ms. EssentiaList
Whenever i see chrissy i never know whether she is fat or skinny!! It’s so weird and motherfuckers i know im not the only one thinking it!!!
DCCharged Oy oldin
This is a good game.... but I’d like it better if they are forced to answer at leased 1 question.... or if the other person gets to see the question and then share it
Carissa Ulmer
Carissa Ulmer Oy oldin
Anyone who reads this want to know something crazy My mom went to high school with Chrissy Teigen so crazy (she went to a high school in Washington states in Snohomish) 🤣
taejeon Oy oldin
Jed Clumpitt
Jed Clumpitt Oy oldin
Oooh those cheeks!
Mafe Boucher
Mafe Boucher Oy oldin
you should make this game an app! It'd be hella fun to play this with friends
Sarah Gracey
Sarah Gracey Oy oldin
This game is so stupid, they should just tell us the questions
Matrick Galius
Who the crap is this? Gosh she’s ugly
Haha Jokes
Haha Jokes Oy oldin
Jimmy skipped one of his questions
N Makarova
N Makarova Oy oldin
Between her laugh, her face, the pointlessness to this game other than inside jokes between the rich and famous... this sucks.
N Makarova
N Makarova Oy oldin
She ate the paper...? Seriously, who is that?
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