Pour It Out with Margot Robbie

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Margot Robbie and Jimmy take turns giving answers to personal questions that only they know, forcing each other to take a mystery shot if they refuse to reveal the question.
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Loaded Questions with Margot Robbie




4-Dek, 2018

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sans24 5 soat oldin
The question could have been “who is your least favourite actor you’ve worked with” and that’s why she couldn’t say the question
Luqman Shareef
Luqman Shareef 7 soat oldin
SteelWraith 12 soat oldin
Almost famous is a great movie
Aaron Gagnier
Aaron Gagnier 18 soat oldin
Case and point: With all of the strike-outs and near misses Jimmy has had over his lifetime, it should be proof positive that having confidence and not being a beta male will give you better luck in the love department lol I love the guy and all, but he's let some pretty good ones get away one way or another ( -_-) haha
Elena Stoffa
Elena Stoffa 23 soat oldin
Am I the only one that cannot bare the fact that they don't eat the blackberries?
Kirsten Zammit
Kirsten Zammit Kun oldin
This is like the Nicole Kidman story all over again xD
stan giles
stan giles Kun oldin
worst actor ever , so bad , why bother , leave her in quarantine with dogs , please
Abdullah Ellaham
Arab men kiss each other on the cheek regularly. I think Robbie is gonna like this lol
Wobby Kun oldin
so they both have to answer at least one question and both do the last one. What if one of em answers one of the first two but the other doesn't, that means the second person has to answer the third one as they haven't answered one yet but because its the third one means the first person is forced to answer it even though they already answered a question
Wobby Kun oldin
Title says Pour It Out, background says Loaded Questions......HMMM
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Kun oldin
Aw poor jimmy haha
Does anyone think that Smith and she are an extra couple
Last Co-star you had sex with
Laber Nicht
Laber Nicht Kun oldin
What is with Jimmys left ring finger?!
Wine in Coffee Cups
I want to be best friends with both of them
Liliya Leto
Liliya Leto Kun oldin
That’s karma, Jimmy, for what you did to Nicole!
Anonymous Me
Anonymous Me 2 kun oldin
Harley Quinn
Tory Kay
Tory Kay 2 kun oldin
i bet jimmy looked at Margot's coaster after the show lmao
Musa Khan
Musa Khan 2 kun oldin
Please ffs. Teres more chances of kate hudson and margot robbie turning gay and dating eachother.. than kate and jimmy ever even kissing. Hes a nervous mess
A9476 278378
A9476 278378 2 kun oldin
Only the staff who wrote the questions know the truth to these 🤔
C3 Studios
C3 Studios 3 kun oldin
Let's be honest: She was the absolutely ONLY good thing in Suicide Squad. Talk about shining in a void.
Aussie Gamer
Aussie Gamer 3 kun oldin
margot robbie OMG she is smokin hot all day long
NXTCHP FORME 3 kun oldin
Who destroys the question if it is not reveealed??
S. Sarajlić
S. Sarajlić 3 kun oldin
I would fuck her ass.
Elbethium 3 kun oldin
jimmy looks like older ted mosby
Derrick Weyman
Derrick Weyman 3 kun oldin
You know.... Ghb is a hell of a drug💯
Brooke Williams
Brooke Williams 3 kun oldin
shes so beautiful
Rbk Isa
Rbk Isa 4 kun oldin
I think the first question was "what place wouldn't you want to be at again? Howard was kind of rude to Jimmy on his radio show
Xergius 4 kun oldin
this is the dumbest segment! what's the point of the answers if we don't know the questions!?
Sirama 4 kun oldin
Margot Robbie, I was hoping Alexander Skarsgard for the last question.
SigmaMale717 Kun oldin
Sirama will Smith more likely
Crème De La Crème
I love how almost nothing is revealed in these, but for some reason I keep watching.
Andrew ///
Andrew /// 4 kun oldin
If the other person drinks the shot then they should have to reveal the question
Andrew ///
Andrew /// 4 kun oldin
This game makes zero sense
Anthony 4 kun oldin
Margo likes jimmy
D V 4 kun oldin
Would love to see this game with someone interesting.
Talia vg
Talia vg 4 kun oldin
I feel like this is a rip off of spill or fill your guts
86Jenson 4 kun oldin
She all ready said in a vids that she had sex on a seadoo in the middle of the ocean ! First name came in my head will smith (focus movie ) 😂
Nasir Altaf
Nasir Altaf 5 kun oldin
She's extremely attractive!
Mariostrek 5 kun oldin
is it me or they changed the title?
MrSF49er75 5 kun oldin
so he thought he was on a date with Kate Hudson when it wasn't a date.. meanwhile, he was on a 'date' with Nicole Kidman and he didn't know it..
gaming wizard
gaming wizard 5 kun oldin
more please
Austin Morgan
Austin Morgan 5 kun oldin
You know Will Smith’s wife gave him a look after this one
Kevin Garnica
Kevin Garnica 5 kun oldin
Man, between Jimmy's Kate Hudson story and his fiasco with Nicole Kidman, dude just can't get a break!
Stella Ferraz
Stella Ferraz 6 kun oldin
That’s what you get for friendzoning Nicole Kidman! TWICE!!!
jhughes19851 6 kun oldin
What a shocker jimmy is drinking
M: C
M: C 6 kun oldin
such an elegant shot taker
Jhonatan Netzahuatl
Poor Jimmy lol
I have a channel I guess?
8:45 bum Bum BUM failed
Miguel Chaires
Miguel Chaires 6 kun oldin
I had a girl break up with me on valentines too it’s awful 😪
Alexander Hamilham
Alexander Hamilham 6 kun oldin
Now there is gonna be a jimmy Fallon and Michel Jordan fan fiction
Kat Jones
Kat Jones 6 kun oldin
OMG why do people always think of sex! It could have been literally anything. The producers would not ask Who have you cheated with? Wtf
Agustina Aguirre
Agustina Aguirre 6 kun oldin
so funny
taylor hill
taylor hill 6 kun oldin
damn, her accent is si hot
Michelle Rachel
Michelle Rachel 6 kun oldin
Damn, Jimmy had a heartbreak, poor guy :'(
Jay Ayo
Jay Ayo 7 kun oldin
Margo Robbie can question me all day long and I’ll tell her my innermost secrets. That giggle is making me tingle
Hadi Hades
Hadi Hades 7 kun oldin
This was soo awkward 😅
Green 7 kun oldin
So Kate and Chris got a divorce. Jimmy shes waiting. Lmao
Tigerspaz 7 kun oldin
You co-stared in taxi didnt you? With queen latifa.
daddysgurl1217 7 kun oldin
I broke up with someone on his birthday through a text.
Jesús Ledesma
Jesús Ledesma 7 kun oldin
Meriele Menezes
Meriele Menezes 8 kun oldin
I love jimmy 😍 direct he Brasil 💚💛
TJ La'ulu
TJ La'ulu 8 kun oldin
This is like the fourth time he has done a game with Margot Robbie. Box of Lies, Jinx, The whisper Challenge and this
Aveen Sahba
Aveen Sahba 8 kun oldin
“Please do” such a British sweetheart.
Obie 8 kun oldin
Man i take stop looking at his wedding finger! Its muffed
Ricky 8 kun oldin
PSA: NEVER have sex with her/date her. She's drop dead gorgeous, but she also has crazy eyes. She will cut your dick off.
Ricky 8 kun oldin
Wait, why did he go for a cheek kiss? I've never seen men do that.
Camejko 9 kun oldin
Margot is wifey material
Kathryn Davis
Kathryn Davis 9 kun oldin
Jimmy saying he'd never co-star in a movie? Umm Fever Pitch!! #GoSox
Ingrid Norman
Ingrid Norman 9 kun oldin
Blue 10 kun oldin
AMFs are my absolute favorite!
Kaitlin Creates
Kaitlin Creates 10 kun oldin
Last question: have you had a co-star you thought you could have dated? Jimmy: Kate Hudson! Margot: nobody! Me: Jared Le!-
Dangerous Woman
Dangerous Woman 10 kun oldin
Do this with Ariana Grande please!
James McAvoy
James McAvoy 11 kun oldin
I kno good n well wut the will smith question was
SigmaMale717 Kun oldin
James McAvoy tell us
Niki Olivier
Niki Olivier 11 kun oldin
Margot: I so badly want to know this question Jimmy: *heh, heh, your never going to*
Junel Saladaga
Junel Saladaga 11 kun oldin
This is really funny😂
Manoel Genev
Manoel Genev 11 kun oldin
Bruh, your last story... Part of your heart and soul must've died. Condolences!
Ειμαι ο Φουσεκης
play more games with margot plz jimmy,i want to know her more
Abdul A
Abdul A 12 kun oldin
I wish she was playing alone
Vita Pappalardo
Vita Pappalardo 12 kun oldin
i love all of the games jimmy dose they are super funny and creative
RED SHIRTS 12 kun oldin
Imagine being dumped by Margot Robbie and them growing up and seeing her now and just regreting your life decisions
Rinnn Luo
Rinnn Luo 13 kun oldin
stop calling people with "dude" jimmy, she is a woman for god sake
Shree Shetty
Shree Shetty 13 kun oldin
What about Nicole Kidman?
stonwin music
stonwin music 13 kun oldin
Best love scene
Loopy 13 kun oldin
rosylipz 13 kun oldin
And totally missed the mark with Nicole Kidman lol
MrMoustacheNinja 14 kun oldin
This is great 😂😂😂
see saw
see saw 14 kun oldin
omg margot
Tam9118 14 kun oldin
someone out there knows the questions... someone picked and put the questions there
Nia Goshow
Nia Goshow 14 kun oldin
I like how jimmys excuse for kissing micheal jordan on the lips is they were both trying to kiss each other on the cheek. I cant even imagine them both kissing each other on the cheek
kuriakose jim
kuriakose jim 14 kun oldin
Imagine bieng dumped by margot Robbie on Valentine's day 😕
Cl0ut C013a1n
Cl0ut C013a1n 15 kun oldin
Margot Robbie is hot
Jed Wood
Jed Wood 15 kun oldin
What if they both had the same questions so Margot robbies worst kiss was will smith and jimmy broke up with someone at that house
stespin 15 kun oldin
I feel like when they play these games Jimmy is always the one who ends up telling embarrassing stories
Nick Fallon
Nick Fallon 15 kun oldin
It's an Adios Mother Fucker, and it's generally served wayyyyy larger lol.
Valeria Isabel
Valeria Isabel 16 kun oldin
José Roberio
José Roberio 16 kun oldin
Eu tô mechendo no celular do meu tio
José Roberio
José Roberio 16 kun oldin
Você é muito lindaa bonita gata eu tenho 10 anos ano que vem 2019 eu vou comprar sua roupa e vou pintar meu cabelo da cor do seu sua linda rainha te amo muito você tá no meu coração
José Roberio
José Roberio 16 kun oldin
Margot robie eu te amo muito sou sua fã eu me visto todos os dias de arlequina eu queria um dia te ver pessoalmente te amo muito 😍
Steven Alley
Steven Alley 16 kun oldin
Did she have fake boobs in suicide squad or ??????
Catalina Dugand
Catalina Dugand 16 kun oldin
Please make this into an actual game pleaseeee