Pour It Out with Margot Robbie

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Margot Robbie and Jimmy take turns giving answers to personal questions that only they know, forcing each other to take a mystery shot if they refuse to reveal the question.
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Loaded Questions with Margot Robbie




4-Dek, 2018



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Duncan McLennan
Duncan McLennan 20 soat oldin
luv her
Alpha 2206
Alpha 2206 Kun oldin
Wait... Is her name pronounced Mar-goh or Mar-got?
papitø going downhil
Alpha 2206 mar-goh
Bamwich 2 kun oldin
it takes something away when you know he probably wrote all the questions and asked her before hand.
Mayaba Sanoe
Mayaba Sanoe 3 kun oldin
0:22 she looks pregnant am i the only one who thinks that
Fugi Sama
Fugi Sama 3 kun oldin
She did get away with that one.
Ally R
Ally R 3 kun oldin
2:28 am I the only one who comes up with possible questions in their head especially for this one 😂
Shubham Pandey
Shubham Pandey 6 kun oldin
The fun part is the person who designed the game knew all the questions.
Aswin Lal
Aswin Lal 7 kun oldin
Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson 😂
Alyssa Gordon
Alyssa Gordon 9 kun oldin
jimmy fake stuttering for 9 and a half minutes
Zeus Thunder
Zeus Thunder 9 kun oldin
One shot and he sounds like he's buzzing it xD
Casey M
Casey M 9 kun oldin
Why did they change the name of this game?
amistry605 9 kun oldin
I literally JUST found out she has an accent...
L6901Malice 10 kun oldin
Jimmy if you're out there, you're doing great sweetie. This is cool!
Bethany Mann
Bethany Mann 10 kun oldin
Why is it titled pour it out when it’s actually called loaded questions
Jane Unique
Jane Unique 11 kun oldin
I feel like when she said will smith The question asked who was your favorite coworker in suicide squad or who was your favorite actor to work aside?
shariff ismail
shariff ismail 5 kun oldin
Most likely
georgio20 11 kun oldin
Margot is lying!!!!
SavingThemLost. 11 kun oldin
"Howard Stern's house" is never a good answer
Unknown Person
Unknown Person 11 kun oldin
I love that after this whole game jimmy gets to go back and read the questions that’s Margot never told the question😂😂😂
Deanna Daniels
Deanna Daniels 12 kun oldin
Damn Jimmy just spilling all the tea my dude 🍵 🐸
siddharth vinod
siddharth vinod 12 kun oldin
the blue drink is called ADIOS MOTHERFUCKER not mofos
Jason Hicks
Jason Hicks 12 kun oldin
I want more of this bit!!!
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 14 kun oldin
Mohammad Yasin
Mohammad Yasin 14 kun oldin
She's beautiful
Shams 14 kun oldin
she caught them that two dudes went to kiss each other on the cheeks. I didnt think about that.
Arn Naul
Arn Naul 16 kun oldin
Tequiller? What is tequiller margot robbie?
Ange Natal
Ange Natal 16 kun oldin
I'm ashamed of Margot on the first answer 💀😂
Jocelyn Fox
Jocelyn Fox 17 kun oldin
Will Smith won’t be in the new Suicide Squad due to scheduling complications. That’s what it was about lmao
Bailey Livingston
Bailey Livingston 18 kun oldin
She 🔥
ajgreen1997 18 kun oldin
My favorite part of Jimmy Fallon being in Almost Famous is the lengths to which they go to make him look a normal height. There’s a scene where literally everyone else in the shot is sitting down.
Haneen Sheikh
Haneen Sheikh 19 kun oldin
Margot Robbie is so bloody delightful!
J B 20 kun oldin
Dunno what it is but I just love watching Fallon, he just seems to love life
Daniel Trankina
Daniel Trankina 20 kun oldin
gotta feel jimmy's pain on that last one, When your crush goes for a rockstar...
William Brooks
William Brooks 21 kun oldin
I should have known but l came here 4 marott and then l also forgot it's the jimi douche bag Fallon show!!!! Dammit conan u should kick him in the nutttttssss!!!! Love 2 all!!!!
Dannytoes GAMING
Dannytoes GAMING 21 kun oldin
I swear to god the person who picks up after them has the knowledge of the universe.
Anna Lopinski
Anna Lopinski 21 kun oldin
I love Almost Famous :) lol I remember him in that
big mike
big mike 22 kun oldin
This dude kiss the 🐐
Stephen Samuel
Stephen Samuel 23 kun oldin
Can't jimmy look at all the questions afterwards?
Novastar6 23 kun oldin
Gaaaawwwwd.....I wish she would have my babies
m aloha
m aloha 24 kun oldin
She’s so cute lol
Frank White
Frank White 24 kun oldin
That Michael Jordan story was hilarious
Frank White
Frank White 24 kun oldin
This game sucks
henry obama
henry obama 24 kun oldin
Pour It Out's are boring
MrJJuK 26 kun oldin
A - Will Smith Q - Who's the best kisser or hottest celeb you've kissed?
M-Dbs 26 kun oldin
we honestly don't care what the shots are called
Emily Schwartz
Emily Schwartz 26 kun oldin
i love margot saying “you’re in almost famous?” like.. the first time i saw that movie i know Jimmy was in it and had no idea who he played. i only figured it out by looking at the wikipedia for the movie.
Alejandro Newman
Alejandro Newman 26 kun oldin
LOL jimmy that look 7:37
Ray M. Cheung
Ray M. Cheung 27 kun oldin
So, Jimmy got "My Best Friend's Girl"-ed? Classic.
LovesTheGash 28 kun oldin
Rape her face to death
NoenMar 28 kun oldin
Does anybody know what Margot says at 8:25 ? Was it "did you know she was testing you"??
NoenMar 28 kun oldin
I think the third question was like that one person you get a pass to have sex with even if you're married
NoenMar 28 kun oldin
Who ever designed these questions now has both parts of the conversation. And if some of these were potentially career or marriage shattering questions, now has an incredible amount of leverage. How is this game a good idea?
Nabeel Reza
Nabeel Reza 28 kun oldin
Spill your guts or fill your guts 😌
Robert Freeman
Robert Freeman 29 kun oldin
Margot Robbie is lovely
Mike J
Mike J 29 kun oldin
I bet the question where her answer is Will Smith is what started that whole thing between Will and his wife...
Racks †
Racks † Oy oldin
Damn i feel bad for Jimmy and his story about him and Kate Hudson
Elizabeth Coppola
this had me cracking up loool
Porter 26
Porter 26 Oy oldin
Also who else relates to the guy she broke up with on Valentine’s Day. Like if you’ve been dumped on Valentine’s Day
Porter 26
Porter 26 Oy oldin
Mon the gers
Iris Henderson
I love Margot Robbie voice it’s remind me of Harley Quinn every time 😂💕
Steve Shaughnessy
Will Smith. Question: "Suicide Squad would have been a better movie if which one of your co-stars wasn't in it?" Howard Stern's House. Question. "Where is the last place you exposed yourself to a midget?"
Debrian *
Debrian * Oy oldin
Oh I thought she was a little bigger up there. My bad
Jonathan Farley
Doubting Margot Robbie drinks beer at all with her physique and highly unlikely with a straw..
KK Oy oldin
“Also I’m sorry to do this on Valentine’s Day” this man really pretended like he didn’t immediately know what it was
Mariclaire Goldberg
i want to MARRY her
Alicia Walker
Alicia Walker Oy oldin
Love my Australia girls
uke bros
uke bros Oy oldin
will smith ... i know the question... name a celebrity who slept with your mom ? .... ( Go to BBC radio playground insults .. margot robbie and will smith video if you want proof)
Aiko Ousu
Aiko Ousu Oy oldin
Harley quinn. ❤️
kristie737 Oy oldin
Q3 hall pass?
Sia Chokshi
Sia Chokshi Oy oldin
They said “you have to tell the question to at least one answer” after Chrissy Teigen
Kay Taylor
Kay Taylor Oy oldin
Let’s talk about the fact that the writers know all of her dirty secrets😭😭
Rafael Carrillo
Will hit that, that’s why she took the shot
Natalie Xu
Natalie Xu Oy oldin
Jimmy's second question could've been "where did you last snort coke with?"
Natalie Xu
Natalie Xu Oy oldin
she even drinks shots beautifully.
Tara Reid
Tara Reid Oy oldin
“You were in almost famous?” 😂😂😂
Asha Anna John
OneeyedPete Oy oldin
wait, since when do dudes kiss on the cheek when they meet?
Hadiza Y.
Hadiza Y. Oy oldin
She is so beautiful
She is so beautiful & elegant.
Awakened Souls
i watched this only because she's so pretty
Larisa Sava
Larisa Sava Oy oldin
Margot is such a sweetheart 😍
Jimmy Fallon would be a terrible cheater, he overexplains things
Juleimy Checo
Juleimy Checo Oy oldin
noleeps Oy oldin
Fallon is an airhead.
Jazzon Oy oldin
I clicked for Margot, I stayed for Jimmy.
Flakyki Oy oldin
6:16 Celebrity Crush?
Elena Seigel
Elena Seigel Oy oldin
Cosmo and Wanda ain’t slick
Rahul Nexen
Rahul Nexen Oy oldin
Didn't he dunk on you jimmy
rheyma day
rheyma day Oy oldin
Jimmy is so bad at telling stories 😂
Landon Singleton
I love her soooo much. Also I'm watching this on Valentine's day
Fernando Martinez
I got a kids badge with a toy gun.
Fernando Martinez
Never kiss another man
Fernando Martinez
That's fucking soul crushing
Tkay Jiya
Tkay Jiya Oy oldin
Happy Valentine’s dayyyyy
Lol that last one was "who is your 'celebrity free pass'"... Now Jimmy's wife will never allow him to be within 500 feet of Kate Hudson ever again!
Armando Sturzenegger
She makes me go lethal with the meat.
I’m watching this on Valentine’s Day
Jimmy’s talking about Kate Hudson at the end
Esgainorien D
Esgainorien D Oy oldin
It's ok Margot haha I broke up with someone on V day too once !
Moz L
Moz L Oy oldin
Why jimmy get fucked up off one shot ily jjimmy
Salman Mujtaba
I miss Maeve.
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