Pour It Out with Michael B. Jordan

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Michael B. Jordan and Jimmy take turns giving answers to personal questions that only they know, forcing each other to take a mystery shot if they refuse to reveal the question.
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Pour It Out with Michael B. Jordan




12-Yan, 2019



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Mayaba Sanoe
Mayaba Sanoe 3 kun oldin
How is Michael B Jordan more famous Chadwick Boseman
Vargas Bynthiaa
Vargas Bynthiaa 9 kun oldin
they should take the other shots do its not a waste and will be like gotta take 2 shots
Grace Willis
Grace Willis 9 kun oldin
If he doesn’t stop clenching his jaw I will faint.
Sommer Sacco
Sommer Sacco 9 kun oldin
This game could’ve been better if u guys read the question out loud then u would have to choose to either take the shot or tell everyone ur answer, but the shots will be filled with something disgusting 👍🏼
SqueakyClean _
SqueakyClean _ 10 kun oldin
wakanda forever looooool
taygan cleo
taygan cleo 10 kun oldin
mbj is such a daddy, like bend me over plz
Josue2018 11 kun oldin
very pretty black man. Hope he doesn't become a Jussie Smollet or R. Kelly.
Ethan Hananel
Ethan Hananel 11 kun oldin
He wont, Michael B. Jordan is too badass and chill to be a little bitch like either of those assholes
Leah Renee
Leah Renee 12 kun oldin
What street does Michael live in, in Orlando???? DO YOU KNOW!??? IT’S FOR MY HOME WORK.
space man
space man 12 kun oldin
You’re sure the game wasn’t inspired by Soulja Boy??
Evie-Ru Trout
Evie-Ru Trout 13 kun oldin
When he played with Chrissy Teagan (sorry, spelling) she didn't reveal any of the questions and she had to reveal at least one.
Vivian N
Vivian N 10 kun oldin
that's probably because since she invented the game, it was the first one so they didn't think that part through
**** America
**** America 15 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon Seinfeld impersonation 👌 spot on
amanda dingman
amanda dingman 15 kun oldin
I’m surprised he told us two of the three questions 😂😂
Daniella Charles
Daniella Charles 16 kun oldin
Michael Wish wife lol love you happy 😇😎🌹😁
makenzie kellogg
makenzie kellogg 16 kun oldin
Barrington Harrison
Barrington Harrison 17 kun oldin
Jimmy does a very good Seinfeld voice
OneGermanBoi 17 kun oldin
Jimmy saying "The Test of times" like he is hiding something...
Emma 123
Emma 123 18 kun oldin
Omg if I didn’t read the title I would’ve thought it was Nick Cannon 😂
Courtney Grobe
Courtney Grobe 19 kun oldin
i think he should do this with kevin hart!!
inno choi
inno choi 19 kun oldin
Wakanda 4ever!!!!!! So slim and hot...
Virgy Brazzoni
Virgy Brazzoni 19 kun oldin
Juliet Germanotta
Juliet Germanotta 19 kun oldin
Bettie bacall
Bettie bacall 21 kun oldin
Jimmy is just pure cocaine by now
Sway Dizzy
Sway Dizzy 22 kun oldin
2nd question for micheal b jordan was who was the best person you have kissed on set.
Kelly Schweizer
Kelly Schweizer 22 kun oldin
I thought this bit was called "loaded questions"
Mitchell Grosvenor
Mitchell Grosvenor 24 kun oldin
I’m trying the wakanda sunrise
juicy mae
juicy mae 24 kun oldin
I wanna know the tessa thompson question now
Shavone 24 kun oldin
Jimmy!!!!!! 🤘🏾🤘🏾
Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders 25 kun oldin
The music on the last one.
Dylan Courville
Dylan Courville 25 kun oldin
dude when jimmy said yes like that haha i replayed it like 5 times and still lauged out loud lol!
Kim Chau
Kim Chau 29 kun oldin
@thetonightshowstarringJimmyFallon: This is such a fun game, but there needs to be more incentive for your guests to share the question. So perhaps up the ante: The drink or food should be something unappetizing so that would force the guest to eat something nasty or share the question!
Sub to PewDiePie
🐕 Omg max come back sorry about my dog but hey can you like this comment ( inspired by a video )
Kristin Leigh
Kristin Leigh Oy oldin
Still don’t get why they aren’t doing it Jeopardy style and the other person guesses the question....
Sunidhi Sharma
Sad thing is that whoever made this question-coaster things will know what that second question about Tessa Thompson was. Only that one lad.
enmity Oy oldin
3:57 that giggling.. why is fallon so weird
Frank K
Frank K Oy oldin
LilTurnVEVO Oy oldin
“Would you do it?” “I’ll do it if you do it.” *music starts* “No no that’s not what we meant!” Got me dying man
rock tales
rock tales Oy oldin
His second question started with pick between (listen closely)
SimplyLiving Oy oldin
Yo. Higgins knew there was some dirt in his phone lol
remember when you was talking about your kiss with him some other game XD
Jess C
Jess C Oy oldin
How old is he?
Philip Bridges
Man, that kick in the raspberries looked tasty. Probably low alcohol content, but I love raspberries. And alcohol. Win-win.
The Asian Beast
Aslam khan
Aslam khan Oy oldin
What a fucking hot n sexy black man.. I just imagine about his dick.. Guys can you guess how big his dick?
NotJustVick Oy oldin
Dude wakanda forever bro lol
Anna Quan
Anna Quan Oy oldin
you should add a rule to the game that if the other person is able to guess the question from your answer, then you have to take the shot
x daazex
x daazex Oy oldin
“yes” was that my voice😂😂😂😂
Priyanka Maurya
The title sounds so erotic I CAME FOR SONE QUALITY CONTENT
Inutsiaq Petersen
Even if i revealed the questions i would still take the shots..😂👍🏻
Austin Stone
Austin Stone Oy oldin
Both of them are such humble guys if the world was filled with people like them it would be an extraordinary place to be
Rose Bowen
Rose Bowen Oy oldin
This seems a lot like the game paranoia
Abe B
Abe B Oy oldin
His phone is on airplane mode... How did he just get a text
MariahP Oy oldin
What were the questions????!??
FreeMusic54 Oy oldin
who is that? son of michael jordan? dont know him. (from germany)
alex quimby
alex quimby Oy oldin
*147* *Mang*
*147* *Mang* Oy oldin
The writers knows a lot of tea.... Lol
that multifandom hoe
Michael defo deleted a text before he read that one out ksksks
amanda foster
amanda foster Oy oldin
I thought in black panther he was Nick cannon
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Oy oldin
Jimmy acting as if he won’t get to read the questions after the show anyway
Moshe Amanou
Moshe Amanou Oy oldin
Aaron Charapata
this game is dumb
poke digger 1
poke digger 1 Oy oldin
Hold black panther
Can anybody explain their band music inside joke?
Dan Bertucci
Dan Bertucci Oy oldin
Jimmy "black-face" Kimmel. The real racist revealed.
Bababs Vebewb
Bababs Vebewb Oy oldin
lol michael is not 6ft like he claimed hes about 177-178 cm
daisy lara
daisy lara Oy oldin
akhilmovieman official
Ive played a similar game like this with my friends before
Why Not
Why Not Oy oldin
Love Michael B Jordan
Nicole L
Nicole L Oy oldin
Vodka Flocka Flame😂
Liverworst Oy oldin
What a stupid game
Nero MK
Nero MK Oy oldin
Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts: The Stolen Edition
Jose Hernandez
"Wakanda forever"
Khadija  Sene
Khadija Sene Oy oldin
Michael is so damn fine🤤🤤🤤
Fo0olx3 Oy oldin
Ugh he is so gorgeous
Katelyn Silva
Katelyn Silva Oy oldin
I fucking love Michael!! If I ship him with ANYONE it’s TESSA
Owen Smith
Owen Smith Oy oldin
This is basically like spill your guts or fill your guts. Just silent and with alcohol.
Jane Gold
Jane Gold Oy oldin
Oh I just love the man he's hot 😍😂😘
K-Love Concepts
This is a great game
Champagne Papi
They should make the drinks disgusting or nasty with multiple ingredients so they can either drink the nasty shot or tell the question
Julia Garín Pineda
God musicians gonna hate you guys
Karina Watson
Karina Watson Oy oldin
best game ever
britney huynh
britney huynh Oy oldin
Did the name of the game really have to change? It used to be Loaded Questions 😂😂
Ella St
Ella St Oy oldin
Test of times 😂😂😂 the music is playing in your head 😂😂
Random Sports ER
Can anyone tell me where I can buy that jacket Michele is wearing.
Sierra Murray
Sierra Murray Oy oldin
Michael B Jordan is finnnnnnne 💯 🔥
Macey Sebastian
The person who doesn't answer should have to guess what the question was. If they get it right, the answerer has to take a shot. If they guess the question wrong then the guesser takes the shot, and the question isn't revealed.
Bruh It’z Addison!
Michael B. Jordan is such a cutie
Vghtp1234 Oy oldin
Michael B Jordan is too fine for life in all honesty
Keyshawn Dowe
Keyshawn Dowe Oy oldin
Ally GP
Ally GP Oy oldin
Shots should’ve been something nasty so it’d be harder to choose to say the question or not
Filipe dos Anjos
I need a recipe of those shots.
Maddi Nobles
Maddi Nobles Oy oldin
Who else thinks MBJ kinda looks like Nick Cannon
Nsababera Kagofero
The music is playing in your head dude🤣😊
Ryan 24
Ryan 24 Oy oldin
That was fucken shit
Britney mendez
Did you say something? Sorry I was too distracted by Michael B. Jordans fine ass.
Roxy2706 Oy oldin
Jimmy made this quite unenjoyable
Duane's Domain
I mean this game could be good, but I think they should learn how to play first
Brittnee Taylor
This should be made into a board game
SBC Oy oldin
Mary A.
Mary A. Oy oldin
so just the last one is the same?
Little Moth Big Wings
I need more of this
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