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Preme Feat. Offset & Rich The Kid - Frostbite (Remix)

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Frostbite off Preme's latest album 'Light Of Day' features Offset.
Preme added 'Rich The Kid' to the remix, which is available on all streaming platforms.




20-Dek, 2018



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Tony Montana
Tony Montana Kun oldin
estrupando essa musica
WOW Studio
WOW Studio 3 kun oldin
why is this music not on charts
Chance Gibson
Chance Gibson 4 kun oldin
Where did this come from???
HEAT Ledger
HEAT Ledger 6 kun oldin
couldn't coordinate the shoot and get them all in the same scene which is a shame rich the kid verse crazy i really fuck with preme's album overall. great song.
younganswer 6 kun oldin
underrated af..
I love Knickers
I love Knickers 7 kun oldin
This was the best song on the album
Crutec™ 8 kun oldin
now offset album is out! Lets make migo features! xD
shamin yean
shamin yean 8 kun oldin
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☠ᗗƁØØƊ☠ 13 kun oldin
bro everysong is really losing the originality
uncle drew
uncle drew 14 kun oldin
Verse 3: Rich The Kid] Went and bought an Audemars, bust down (bust down) You ain't with the gang, you can't come round (gang, gang) Geek'd up, I done smoke the whole pound (whole pound) Let the chopper roar had me turn around (grrra) I need that hell like right now (right now) Talk about a money, I can turned round I got the Porsche, froze, lights (lights) I made a mill, made that shit twice (what?) I want that bitch 'cause she ride like a bike (a bike) I'm on the act with a lil' bit of Sprite (Sprite) Cuffin' that bitch 'cause she do what I like (I like) I want that drank but it better be right (right) Ooh (ooh), I need that cash flow (cash flow) My wrist is a condo (condo) We came from the bando (bando) My wirst is a Fo' Do' I don't need to Plug Walk (Plug Walk) I just bought a Bentley, nigga just drop the plug off (skrt) Get a brick, broke her back [?] Young rich nigga took your hoe, drop the cash [?] Don't play nigga you gon' get knocked out (knocked out) To your bitch one time like a [?] Bitch I'm rich forever, faucets like I'm Rick Ross (Rick Ross) Drop the top [?]
NOOB SECTOR 16 kun oldin
WASD 16 kun oldin
Preme is whack uses all the same bars as everyone else shit vocab and flow
lisias lukolo
lisias lukolo 16 kun oldin
Fire in the booth 🦂🤯
xuso 17 kun oldin
reps up
Yuh.Boii.Vinni Y.B.V.
therealnech 19 kun oldin
Rich the kid x migos Streets on lock 3.0
bruno delmiro leite delmiro
se lokko joga no tablado!
GAMECAST 20 kun oldin
Why it sound like rich's verse was recorded on a phone ?
jumaane mc neil
jumaane mc neil 22 kun oldin
Rich thooo
Alex Sterling
Alex Sterling 23 kun oldin
Bass boosted + 8D please
Jaylon Smith’s Recovered Knee
2:47.... I didn’t know Lil Pump and Kodak had a baby
Koreback_OG 24 kun oldin
HOW IS THIS SO UNDERRATED ?????????????????????????????!
clyde mumba
clyde mumba 25 kun oldin
Offset ft Offset & Rich The Kid - Frostbite
Txmuthafuka THAswhereIstay
I don't hear a damn sound// but we smokin on the loud //loud enough to fuckin hype the crowd//yea smokin the best//inhale cave in ya chest//emergency this not a test // you can probably get it fa less// but imma keep the best// smoke more say less//YES ⛽⛽🇯🇲💨💨
stoner Billingy
stoner Billingy 25 kun oldin
Race to track take ah short cut❤❤
Champion Barber TV
Champion Barber TV 26 kun oldin
Everyone that was talking about “drop the album” DID YOU BROKE ASS BOUGHT IT ALREADY??
lker walter
lker walter 26 kun oldin
big booty
Hazard_ Tmxo
Hazard_ Tmxo 26 kun oldin
Go check out this FORTNITE clip and thank me later/////// uzvid.com/video/video-bLALbBPT9us.html
wiz allawi
wiz allawi 27 kun oldin
Murda on beat bitch ✍🏻
Inês Vieira
Inês Vieira 27 kun oldin
Why does this song only have 3 mili? What is wrong with you people, this shit is pooppppiiingg!
Ayur Gomboev
Ayur Gomboev 28 kun oldin
FO4 too bored
Jade DiamondTV
Jade DiamondTV 28 kun oldin
I'm Loving the Ebony Ladies in the Music Video as well and Bomb AZZZZ Beat and Overall 💯
Edward Rosario
Edward Rosario 29 kun oldin
2:03 you a clone
FearDa Beard
FearDa Beard Oy oldin
Dont sleep on rich
HOTA h Oy oldin
Offset 😍
I got this on repeat
Theo Stebbings
I’m feeling much much better who gets this
jorge nadal
jorge nadal Oy oldin
this music deserves more views
CeeCee c
CeeCee c Oy oldin
Sooo....no one is going to address the fact that this is the exact same melody as Jazz Cartier's Right now???
Apollo4 Oy oldin
rich kill dis shit
OhThtWazMe Oy oldin
Rich the kid went off like the drop top . No 🧢
Mark Evans
Mark Evans Oy oldin
I see everyone talking about Offset but Rich The Kid had the best verse and you can go debate this with your dead family members not me
Jean Luc Pressoir
The song is lit I love it
Ali zeko
Ali zeko Oy oldin
Wlwwwwwww so wawwwwwwwww
Butrose Ghaly
Butrose Ghaly Oy oldin
This niggas are hot
Morty Maine
Morty Maine Oy oldin
pure fire
Offset & rich verse poppin this dude not sure 🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Devon Toney
Devon Toney Oy oldin
Straghit 🔥 🔥 Straghit 🔥 🔥Straghit 🔥Straghit 🔥Straghit 🔥
Thomas Woods
Thomas Woods Oy oldin
True London
True London Oy oldin
i listen to this track almost everyday
Scorpio Danny T
"asap!" - takeoff
Shane Grant
Shane Grant Oy oldin
Am here for the goat rich the kid💯🖖🏻
Cameron Armstrong
who's the model?
Nathan Kamupinda
offset killed it....i can`t wait to hear his album
Pauly Walnuts
Pauly Walnuts Oy oldin
right click, select loop, you're welcome.
Terrance Clark
I like that ball cap with the dreads look
António Ribeiro
Jazz Cartier?
Fricphil Beats
If anyone reads that, it will honestly make my day and make me happy. I'm a Paris beatmaker and I know most people write this kind of comment all the time, but I think I'll be the one you'll be glad to have listened to. If a person could put a blue thumb, you could help me go one step further to make my dream come true! You will not be disappointed. Give me a chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshuana Hughes
Sis in the beginning got that two-miggits-in-a-sleeping-bag booty though 👏 😂❤️
sean lawrance
sean lawrance Oy oldin
Preme you song like Travis Scott
Dorian Altamirano
Pussy Nigga offset, mamame el pene hijo de puta chota, kiiss my Dick Pussy Nigga
Shawna Loving
Shawna Loving Oy oldin
Fuck The 69 & Soulja Boy Bullshit All These INDUSTRY Rappers ASS & BALLS. Click The Link TO HEAR THIS NEW FIRE SHIT I JUST FOUND ON UZvid....... KID SHIT IS FUKING DOPE .. I SWEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uzvid.com/video/video-bYI45yt9zyw.html
Miguel L
Miguel L Oy oldin
anton purtseladze
J Buenrostro
J Buenrostro Oy oldin
Peter Kilonzo
Peter Kilonzo Oy oldin
Rich The Kid 👑⚡⚡
Smoovy ChevySS
They of all sound alike, one person could of did this song.
Joona Piik
Joona Piik Oy oldin
Why 1.2 k dislikes?😑
Ben Oy oldin
shit is super tough
07161582602 Oy oldin
i love it
BlindMaster69 Oy oldin
0:55 Thank me later.
Telle Management
Oh my goodness! This is easily one of the hottest joints out-RIGHT NOW! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
rich the kid fucked up the song
Michael Alcaraz
this song is bomb
sneidjer madola
offset is now dead thats not him compare his tracks now and then he even says in frost bite
Freddie Coleman
Why rich even on this?💯🤦‍♂️
antoine tucker
super hard....
Darrell Holmes
The song is nice asfuck
Shuffle Musix&Movies
nardo icstars
nardo icstars Oy oldin
Damn man you always on top man track Dope asf🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝✊✊✊✊✊✊✊
Rebecca Sampson
Preme I love you💯💋😘
Krispy Kleen
Krispy Kleen Oy oldin
Rich the kid raps like someone who can't rap... I love it.
Krispy Kleen
Krispy Kleen Oy oldin
Who here is here for my boy rich the kid?
Jacob Myler
Jacob Myler Oy oldin
I'll admit I'm too drunk, but this made me vomit.
Anonimos TM
Anonimos TM Oy oldin
Som fodaaaaa
Collins Agbugba
Offset is entering the Hendrix phase lmao.
SupaRush Oy oldin
First song Preme actually got me fukinwit
Nawaf moe
Nawaf moe Oy oldin
Offset at 01:33 welcome
anas xiiska caashaqa
You a clone
Adrian Oy oldin
3:25 Best moment 😍🚀🧨💯
Sasha Ramirez
Sasha Ramirez Oy oldin
What up bro
Kevon Gill
Kevon Gill Oy oldin
That song baddd
JeepZJ 101
JeepZJ 101 Oy oldin
Respect to offset
River Onsite
River Onsite Oy oldin
Best Video Hoe in the Game 🔗👍🏽🙏🏽
Robert Stanley
Bedirhan Agar
Bedirhan Agar Oy oldin
Everybody in my hood know me (know me) The city treat me just like Tony (they do) Montana, I ain't got manners (no) Skating with the stick, no goalie (woo) Droptop on my 'Rari ('Rari) My ex-girl say sorry (sorry) My new girl on Molly (Molly) She look like a Barbie (Barbie) [Chorus: Preme & Offset] I-Phone (phone), trap phone (phone) You a clone (clone), get your own (whoa) Six sauce for life (life) Wrist froze (whoa), frostbite (whoa) Adderall, bite down (Addies) Drop a whole pound on the greyhound (pound) You better call your wife now (brrrr) Got her at the bando gettin' piped down (smash) [Bridge: Preme & Offset] Right now (right now), right now (ASAP) Right now (woo), right now (woo, woo, woo) I need that right now (now), ASAP, right now (now) Shawty iced out (ice), I'm up right now (woah) Right now (right now), right now (ASAP) Right now (now), right now (woo, woo, woo) [Verse 2: Offset] Flex, skrrt, skrrt, niggas ain't keepin' up (skrrt, skrrt) Pullin' up with choppers and the windows up (brrp, brrp) Get you knocked off with a thumb up (ugh) I do not be talkin', they gon' bomb rush (shush) You not really poppin', get your crumbs up (crumbs up) Yeah, we had to fall just to come up (fall) Smokin' on cookie, smellin' like fungus (ooh) Gettin' the pop, eatin' it like a nunchuck (beat it) Real niggas, no fuck shit among us (real) The bag's so big, got enourmous (bags) Still three-deep on the tour bus (gang) Race to the check, took a shortcut (ugh) I got it, you hate it No neighbors, my houses is gated Your career deflated (pitiful) This is not Mike, but I made it (I made it) I'm from the north, not Decatur (north) [Chorus: Offset] I-Phone (phone), trap (trap) phone (grrr) You a (you a) clone (clone), get your own (ooh, yeah) Nawf side (nawf) for life (whoa) Wrist froze (froze), frostbite (hey) Adderall, bite down (Addies) Drop a whole pound on the greyhound (pound) You better call your wife now (brrrr) Got her at the bando gettin' piped down (smash) [Bridge: Preme & Offset] Right now (right now), right now (ASAP) Right now (woo), right now (woo, woo, woo) I need that right now (now), ASAP, right now (now) Shawty iced out (ice), I'm up right now (woah) Right now (right now), right now (ASAP) Right now (woo), right now (woo, woo, woo) [Verse 3: Rich The Kid] Went and bought an Audemars, bust down (bust down) You ain't with the gang, you can't come round (gang, gang) Geek'd up, I done smoke the whole pound (whole pound)
Rodolfo Guaracy
Salve Brasil
Am I the only one who feels Rich The Kids hair does not grow?
koko Sika1
koko Sika1 Oy oldin
cool uzvid.com/video/video-Q-FZFCbj7yA.html
Us - Movie Review
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