President Trump Addresses the Nation

The White House
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The White House



9-Yan, 2019



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Ismael Andrade
Ismael Andrade 9 kun oldin
Amigo eres un hombre que jamas Tú país va tener uno igual Yo te admiro como presidente América grande
Riley Chance
Riley Chance 12 kun oldin
Mr. President what I think your opponents don't understand is that this isn't a matter of a political win this is a matter of survival of the Union, but here's a friendly tip. I've been re-reading my Constitution pamphlet that I picked up at a gift shop. You may want to check with the Supreme Court before you do this but I don't think there's any laws on putting sanctions on states that oppose you on this matter especially with its dire urgency. Edit: it might be a little late for this advice though because it looks like they're cooperating for now.
Can you please build wall around your head or a mask because your face makes me uncomfortable
Wasn’t el chapped your dealer
Al Masry
Al Masry Oy oldin
We support you Mr. President. Al Masry PhD in geology.
mark mccuiston
Thank God for Pres. Trump.
ФерZь Oy oldin
Kill the Americans all over the world! It is a payment for color revolutions,overthrow of the objectionable power,initiation of wars in other States. For the wars started, finished by someone else's hands. USA - terrorist number 1!
Stanley Dation
when is publish that video ? Today is 7th
Icel Viant
Icel Viant Oy oldin
The Great Wall Of China 🇨🇳 was built thousands of years ago and they didn’t been money from the government that’s my concern you are a great president with money 💰 and finance
Greg Watts
Greg Watts Oy oldin
President Donald John Trump is eareplaceble and self-centered and serving and mindless and hartless and simply the biggest rat in the world.
fran goodburger
1000 leftists disliked this
Winston Dawe
Winston Dawe Oy oldin
trump 2020
luv life
luv life Oy oldin
I believe in our President Trump!! We must i say must stand by our President!! Hes sent by God, to fix years and years of abuse to our people and COUNTRY! We must wake up and listen! Myself a widowed mom and iam Red pilled, BOARDER donated and yellow vested. Support our President TRUMP!! How can we help you President Trump? How can we the people help you to get them to pass? They have been doing this so many years!! Pass this wall!! Am tired of hearing screaming of the families there stolen loved ones!!! I cry all the time!! I imagine thats why i donate to this wall !! I choose RIGHT!! I choose you President Trump. I love you!! I love my country! God is our maker . Do you think our GOD WOULD SAY NO TO THE WALL? DO YOU THINK GOD ISNT WATCHING? PASS THE WALL! IF I HAD THE MONEY I WOULD PAY FOR MYSELF.!!!!! There 1000s of you who have the money, lets build it please. Iam begging you PASS! STOP FIGHTING OUR PRESIDENT!!! HES THE GOOD GUY!! TRUST HIM!! HE GIVES HOPE!! GOD GIVES LIFE!! AND HE WANTS HIS CHILDREN PROTECTED!! GOD BLESS United States of America!!! Stop selling us!! BOARDER wall now!!
Mike Bowles
Mike Bowles Oy oldin
Great job mr trump
Mike Bowles
Mike Bowles Oy oldin
U have my vote in 2020 the best job that any president had ever been as far as i am concerned
For 200 points, what is a plane?
Wendy Myers
Wendy Myers Oy oldin
We love You POTUS TRUMP!!! We want n need the wall so crime and senseless deaths will not happen!
Rosalba Ibrahim
Look at YOU TUBE under IRS ( cover employees talking) Illegals receiving thousands of dlls each year x kids that are reporting and are NOT here !!!getting $$$ from the broken crook traitors IRS system ..
Rosalba Ibrahim
The system is broke by all who taking advantage of America the crook it in a wrong way..
Rosalba Ibrahim
Many are criminals thieves rapist human trafickers murders.!!!!! TRUMP is right..
great outdoors
Trump....America's first truly mentally ill president
Marie Johnson
Marie Johnson Oy oldin
Support President Trump and secure our borders from MS 13, crime, Drugs, and illegal aliens.
Jerry Quarry
Jerry Quarry Oy oldin
What about the Canadian border side sir that is 100% open and is letting 60 Terrace and her poor month every month on the Canadian border side. Only six on the southern border side. Close the Canadian Porter and build a wall secure America Trump. Bill the Canadian border wall
bobdebelix Oy oldin
I'm from Europe, but I support president Trump 100%
Stella Baker
Stella Baker Oy oldin
Mother should I trust the government Mother should I run for President Mother will they try to break my balls Mother should I build the wall
Michael Phipps
Hello u poor excuse for a human bein u think just because ur name is Donald Trump everybody's should do whatever u ask an say ur not God an it makes me sick whenever u think just because who u r u should get ur way well not by me Mr. redwig wearin butthole smart elleck
The Lavian
The Lavian Oy oldin
Three questions: 1) How many proven terrorists have been caught at the US / Mexico border? 2) How many proven terrorist acts have been committed in the US where the perpetrators have entered the United States via Mexico? 3) How many people from places _other than Mexico_ have been deservedly found guilty of a criminal act by a United States criminal court?
Patrick King
Patrick King Oy oldin
what a load of bollocks....!!!
Coast to Coast videos
Taking African Americans jobs. What a load of BS
Mark Freedom
Mark Freedom Oy oldin
Trusting only Trump, our good President Trump and praying for him unceasingly, and his circle of companions, family, friends, generals, staff, all those who also love him. My family has loved Mr. Trump from the day he first came in our knowledge, before all the shows and all the hype. We admired him from the first day we laid eyes on him. Must be he has the good karma we wish on all.
JayJa Dee
JayJa Dee Oy oldin
If you come into this country and your first act is to break the law then you've already proven you are not the kind of person we want here. America holds her own to a certain standard, those coming in at the very least should be held to the same standard. People complain that it's hard to do it the legal way. I believe it should be hard. To go through all of the procedures no matter how long or hard shows your true want to be here. Learning English shows you want to connect with the people of your new country, adopting our customs or culture shows you want to belong to America as much as you want her to belong to you. I don't understand why this is so hard for people to understand? But with this speech President Trump's reached many people who I thought would remain unreachable forever. The fact that it has opened the hearts and ears of people I know who were "Never-Trumper's" shows me that there is hope for our country to heal and be in the same book if not in the same page.
Gina Landan
Gina Landan Oy oldin
Great respect and support !
Tyler Minish
Tyler Minish Oy oldin
Wow, what an incredibly truthful and intelligent address! I like how everything he says is 100% truthful! Trump would never lie through his teeth just to drum up support for this amazing wall! I'm trying to imagine a better way for billions and billions of dollars to be spent to improve the lives of the American people, and there is literally nothing else I can think the money would be better spent on! MAGA! Go Trump!
jaymacm78 Oy oldin
Ahmond Sigler
Ahmond Sigler Oy oldin
Ahmond sigler for President 2020
Andrew N
Andrew N Oy oldin
Justemoi Jocelyne
Que toutes ces paroles viennent soit entendu et bien comprise Merci Merci
FlyingD Oy oldin
What a fucking joke. He’s trying to get a monument to his fragile ego built.
Robert Headley
As much as various people hate Trump, there are somehow no negative comments. Like they are being deleted.
Regina Apis
Regina Apis Oy oldin
Look at all these purchased comments!
patricia holliday
We are standing in Your name and the power of Your Word in agreement to protect our President Trump and his family, Administration a his supporters in the name faith/trust in of Lord Jesus Christ.
julie dixon
julie dixon 2 oy oldin
If you believe him you're just as mentally ill and hateful as he is!
Cindy Hayes
Cindy Hayes 2 oy oldin
Stop blaming it on the Demacrats!
Michael DeSilvio
Michael DeSilvio 2 oy oldin
Trump is great. Mexico has a wall fence on their southern border. Most of the people crossing the southern border aren't even from Mexico. Trump has already been a hundred times better president than bath house Barry SODOMITE Soetoro.
Major Rick Corbin
arm our border troops with water cannons and (non-lethal) paintball guns. paint will ID undocumented for pick-up
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 2 oy oldin
L is for the thing I think you are... I the thing that will make you fall A is for name I call you R is fo... screw it... YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!
littlejonnywonny 2 oy oldin
Chad Becker
Chad Becker 2 oy oldin
Hey anti-American Russian asset puppet President! Delete this comment too since you so clearly delete every comment that isn't overtly positive of you! You obviously have no problem doing so since you literally don't care about free speech, a free country, or freedom in general. You have likely jerked off to pictures of other oligarchs like Putin and Kim who get to display such gross use of power at the expense of human happiness and flourishing. But you know that. You are a gross person who has represented the worst of humanity for the last 30 years, and you are completely used to it. So used to it, you don't even see the layers of filth anymore for what they really are. And it was clear as day to anyone willing to discern between an asshole and an apple pie for the last 30 years. You will hopefully pass-away while rotting in US prisons, but at the very least Don Jr. will. So soak on that. CB
Della Russell
Della Russell 2 oy oldin
Publicize this video of president Trump, for everyone to watch.
Garin Williamson
Garin Williamson 2 oy oldin
Why bother you stupid twat!? Only TanTrumpshites believe anything you say. 4% truth and 49% lies so just go away you fat, ugly coward.
Mr. Precedent
Mr. Precedent 2 oy oldin
You’re the most dishonest, most horrifically corrupt DISASTROUS excuse for a "president" our nation has ever been burdened with surviving.
Jody Farmer
Jody Farmer 2 oy oldin
F*****' traitor!...7,000 lies & counting...
Jim Bklyn
Jim Bklyn 2 oy oldin
You should see Colombia with illegal Venezualians all over streets begging so sad ! Though latino governments continue there corruption and do noting to fix problem, band aid on knife wound.
Max Nova
Max Nova 2 oy oldin
Jeffrey Barkdull
Jeffrey Barkdull 2 oy oldin
Hey Trump, why don’t you do us all a favor and shut up
zRektU 雅
zRektU 雅 2 oy oldin
Best President ever!
Dee Dillon
Dee Dillon 2 oy oldin
Canada has a border entry, so do most countries abroad. I don’t see the issue. Come in to America the legal way just like most Americans have to when we go to other countries.
Garin Williamson
Garin Williamson 2 oy oldin
From the Shite House morelike. All the worst people including the moron in "charge" who couldn't run a piss up in a brewery. Clueless TanTrump at his finest. The Village Idiot is your Potus, aw diddums.
Maurine Spector
Maurine Spector 2 oy oldin
Who dose trump thinks he's fooling,,, Mueller is on him bees on honey
Marie Mary
Marie Mary 2 oy oldin
God Bless Josette and family
Marie Mary
Marie Mary 2 oy oldin
Marie Mary
Marie Mary 2 oy oldin
SmithyTV 2 oy oldin
omg these crimes like trump were talking of sickens me, people being beheaded n stuff n little girl being killed OMG
SmithyTV 2 oy oldin
trump mentioned 'illegal alien' a few times does that mean aliens are real
SmithyTV 2 oy oldin
the shutdown is a disgrace to america
Kiah PHAY 2 oy oldin
January 15th Tuesday 2019英国你真是干你老母的明知故犯, 不人道的国家. Dry your old mother 你又来浪费我的那么多时间, Fucking Bastard The British Government You Fuck Off. Today I in Queen Park Liberty the Internet cannot move, 🐢王八, Fucking Bastard The British Government You Fuck Off. Yesterday me in Chinatown Westminster liberty same issue, 🐢王八, Fucking Bastard The British Government You Fuck Off. You are wasting my time so much again. This is an endless rogue gang country. It is indeed a pig-dog government, a servant street, and a salty family. Error: Failed to retrieve requested URL www.zdic.net/z/. aamir razaThanks for that special occasion and a half years ago and have a look at the end yet u can get. Thank you very much, for your supportRon Superior+Kiah PHAY I didn’t know that making millionaires into billionaires is “Draining the Swamp”. But that’s what trump is doing. Thank you very much, for your support
Count Yorga
Count Yorga 2 oy oldin
The great wall of China didn't work, just ask the Chinese. While China builds mega projects, while all of China is connected by high speed rail, the US has none to speak of. If you build a wall, then the cartels & illegal gangs will simply build hundreds of tunnels. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Kerry Weston
Kerry Weston 2 oy oldin
Donald J. Trump is the best president in all of history! EIGHT years of winning.
Skrilla Man
Skrilla Man 2 oy oldin
God bless our President!!!!
Bebe X
Bebe X 2 oy oldin
& i pray the cops murdered thespic like they do innocent blacks
Marik Ishtar
Marik Ishtar 2 oy oldin
Has anyone investigated India immigration
Bebe X
Bebe X 2 oy oldin
Praise God for a president that sends a hunt for something other than black americans
Bebe X
Bebe X 2 oy oldin
PRAISE GOD for a President that is thinking of black americans again. # trump 2020 #blacksfortrump
Marik Ishtar
Marik Ishtar 2 oy oldin
We do not have room plus children born every day here please men keep it in your pants there is no room even if there were you have a future homeless generation to look after
Halo San
Halo San 2 oy oldin
order 66 CIA this got to been shot or they will be no USA tomorow
Halo San
Halo San 2 oy oldin
your nation is a zionist empire this blond bitch workes for jews
Halo San
Halo San 2 oy oldin
ERdogan For ever
Halo San
Halo San 2 oy oldin
this guy is realy the anti christ
Joan Cunningham
Joan Cunningham 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much for caring about the people ! Thank You ! Praying for you 🙏
Ty Hartfield
Ty Hartfield 2 oy oldin
LMBAO at this lump of shit👌🏾😊👍🏾.
Cieara Latham
Cieara Latham 2 oy oldin
if u really think about it, it's really because of him. But just viceversal 💯think about. it's not his fault for real, we all in pain! because at the end of the day WE ALL ARE THE SAME CUZ WE ALL WHAT TO BE THERE FOR OUR FAMILY'S NO MATTER WHAT!! All I'm saying is THINK AND THINK HARD! PLEASE(Peace,Love, and more weed)💙. There's 2 sides or every story. Before it's to late!!
Kristi Dykstra
Kristi Dykstra 2 oy oldin
Hey folks check out this PraegerU video by the late Charles Krauthammer on border security solution uzvid.com/video/video-YL-Q4-bpWzY.html
Charlene Mann
Charlene Mann 2 oy oldin
Thank you Mr President for putting millions of suffering Americans, because of illegals, before federal workers. Illegals murder, rape, steal and take medical & financial help that are kept from our citizens. Many federal workers have more than the hurting American and are probably Democrats. Stand your ground!!!
Caroline Ahlers
Caroline Ahlers 2 oy oldin
Such a great, speech. In the old days, network TV would be interrupted to broadcast this. In the current days, this speech has 1% of the viewership of some youtuber with decorated nails opening LOL dolls for 5 year olds.. Sad.
Lesleigh Sullivan
Should we be building bridges or be building walls?
Turbo Duncan
Turbo Duncan 2 oy oldin
Bottom right corner photo with the insane hair. Why?
Angela Dawn
Angela Dawn 2 oy oldin
Watergate 2018/2019
Angela Dawn
Angela Dawn 2 oy oldin
There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice"
Joyce S.
Joyce S. 2 oy oldin
President Trump, DECLARE AN EMERGENCY AND KEEP THE SHUT DOWN! until congress passes a new bill for the full amount needed! Ps. Add a "Catch & Deport" clause.
Angela Dawn
Angela Dawn 2 oy oldin
Go to hell where you came from
Jacqueline Z
Jacqueline Z 2 oy oldin
1:50 Thank you POTUS!
Onio Saiyan
Onio Saiyan 2 oy oldin
He's stating facts. It's up to you to choose to believe them or not.
Rest Galaxy
Rest Galaxy 2 oy oldin
Thank you!
Conrad Gallardo
Conrad Gallardo 2 oy oldin
W. H. Y. return murderers & drug pushers, human trafficers, & rapists anywhere? EXECUTE them & rid the earth of the evil they are.
илья вайсман
G W 2 oy oldin
Your strength, sense of purpose and commitment to the safety and security of America will never be forgotten. Thank you for being the President we desperately need.
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