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President Trump argues for border wall funding: full speech on January 8, 2019

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President Donald Trump made his case in a primetime address for funding to build a border wall on the U.S. Southern Border. The clash has led to a government shutdown.



9-Yan, 2019



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Joseph Castellucci
to some ignorant people with lack of education the first thing in their mind is cursing and use the word Racist....be real.. it should be more in the world Lexicon besides that
Blackie Chan
Blackie Chan 2 oy oldin
What a fucken moron .this dick must be the dumbest president on da planet pay for it out of your own pocket your rich enough.takes dumb yanks to put him in power
Sergio Bolaños/Sergiob466
Jimmy Priest
Jimmy Priest 2 oy oldin
Jimmy Priest
Jimmy Priest 2 oy oldin
The extreme right-wing Republican racist has finally taken over the Republican Party. So very sad.
Jimmy Priest
Jimmy Priest 2 oy oldin
In the annals of American History Donald Trump ranks among the worst Americans ever. For example Benedict Arnold, Arron Burr, John Wilkes, Joseph dresnok and other American traitors. China produces fentanyl which has killed many many people in the United States. Most of the heroin comes from Afghanistan. As a matter of fact most of the illegal drugs come through legal ports. Donald Trump is a Bonafide liar.
Daniel O'hEidhin
Daniel O'hEidhin 2 oy oldin
The entire comment feed for this video is filled with bots. Please do your own research into the claims that are being made in this video.
Kim Tran
Kim Tran 2 oy oldin
very good speech , Mr , President ! thank you !
DJT FOREVER 2 oy oldin
That's my President - and I'm not American.
myazleoful 2 oy oldin
*_The Trump Wall Of USA_* This Is What All About, *_A Legacy_*
Mayrene Rodriguez
The Wall won't stop them from coming in, you should use that money to help with environmental problems, hunger,etc in the world..
EL GUAPO 2 oy oldin
Perhaps if we hadn't given criminals in Mexico hundreds of thousands of guns in operation fast and furious it wouldn't be so dangerous no one wants to stay there when safety is available next door. By the way rember when the Cia was bringing in drugs on planes. This all sounds fine and dandy when you ignore your own evil
jim boukis
jim boukis 2 oy oldin
he is right, why do these wealthy people put fences and walls around their homes so very true, i mean i seen not so wealthy people do it around their homes so same shit applies ever since 911 i been scared to death to go outside due to some fucking nut with a gun ready to shoot up a place. I HATE LIVING IN THIS FUCKING FEAR and seriously i hate to be mean but i would start killing these fuckers, THIS IS INSANE and we should live like this not only in NYC but USA IN GENERAL!
Faye Mccaig
Faye Mccaig 2 oy oldin
Omg talk about a load of crap. He looks like an idiot. Oh that’s right he is.🤣😂😃😆😝😝😝
Nikki B
Nikki B 2 oy oldin
Quack, quack, quack, bing, bing, bong, bing, sniff, sniff, quack, quack, sniffle, bing, bing.......Love donnie
Kim B
Kim B 2 oy oldin
So is this that game where I guess what you are? Got it! A duck singing that song from “Grease” pausing to use its nasal inhaler - Am I right?
Martin Malcolm
Martin Malcolm 2 oy oldin
Yeah Walls work really good look at history the Alamo the Great Wall of China they were all taken down. Walls do not work fences not work you can't tell me any different I know fact!
Martin Malcolm
Martin Malcolm 2 oy oldin
He actually almost sounds like a real president now that somebody wrote his speech for him. We don't need a wall ask any inmate in the United States and they will tell you walls and fences do not work.
Brandy Walkenten
Brandy Walkenten 2 oy oldin
Schumer is a fucking clown. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Build the Wall !!! #MAGA
Kenisha Maxie
Kenisha Maxie 2 oy oldin
I wonder how many Americans kill Americans? I’m sure more than illegal immigrants.. 🙄
Josh Waldorf
Josh Waldorf 2 oy oldin
You people need to look in a mirror and imagine what Trump has to go through. As he explained if you were in his shoes you'd understand why the wall is needed.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 2 oy oldin
The wall is the only thing he has left to hold on yet he doesnt speak on cutting funding for firefighters who helped during the wildfires or the government workers who are not working because of the shutdown.awesome job putting americans first.
Sharlene Vision
Sharlene Vision 2 oy oldin
contacting my congress person...Build the Wall
cwillboxer3 2 oy oldin
Human trafficking will be greatly reduced by the wall (mostly children) notice all the big actors and actresses looking much older lately??? Lack of adrenochrome will do that to You!!!! Just saying 😉😉😉😉
K Chez
K Chez 2 oy oldin
Kookie Ny
Kookie Ny 2 oy oldin
President Trump holds the American spirit. Unfortunately the democrats are more concerned with throwing him out of office instead of helping America and it's citizens. If Congress were to OPEN their ears and eyes and see where this country is going and how it is crumbling from drug use and crime at the hands of illegal immigrants. At 54 years of age, my fears increase when I think about the future of this country that my grandchildren will grow up in. God rest their souls; my parents are rolling in their graves and frankly, I am glad they are not here to see this travesty the Democratic party has caused and continues to damage this once "country of the free."
John Lujan
John Lujan 2 oy oldin
Excellent point made about the personal motivations of people who live in gated communities!
John Lujan
John Lujan 2 oy oldin
Trump is correct. Are there any principled Democrats who would put party aside to secure the border?
Mike F
Mike F 2 oy oldin
Thank you for posting this, WLTX. This is a no-brainer, build the wall.
Solomon Montiel
Solomon Montiel 2 oy oldin
Wait a minute!! What about all the massive shootings at our schools, churches and businesses!! How many of them were illegal immigrants!! Hmmmm 🤔
nubian2232 2 oy oldin
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn 2 oy oldin
For 30 minutes... President Trump was the only American on TV. Build the border security wall.. for every American's safety.
Pendekar Piso dapur
building a wall so the zombie won't get inside the country.. I got it!
hans giger
hans giger 2 oy oldin
Come on America think come on come on love me for the money listen to the money talk come on come on love me for the money listen to the money talk..... America's like a spoiled little girl and wants it all the furs the diamonds and all the paintings on the wall.LISTEN TO THE MONEY TALK!!!!!
Magwa Magwa
Magwa Magwa 2 oy oldin
Politicians DO YOUR JOB! do what you were elected to do and quit using your own agendas either that or get the eff out! term limits and Build the WALL!
Raymond Ashley
Raymond Ashley 2 oy oldin
Fuck your wall nigga
Tarzan Wieber
Tarzan Wieber 2 oy oldin
This is my President. Mr Trump is a real American. He spent 4 minutes trying to explain what sheeple don’t get. If we have a wall, the wicked ness will cease. That’s the bottom line.
Tarzan Wieber
Tarzan Wieber 2 oy oldin
Best speech ever👌🏄‍♂️🦍
Tarzan Wieber
Tarzan Wieber 2 oy oldin
TRU FACTS 2 oy oldin
So, I Guess the RACIST groups that do & has done. To the American people. Is O.K 😒... Everybody get ready to pack your bags.
AltezzaTom 2 oy oldin
We the people , support our President!
Paul Sutkowski
Paul Sutkowski 2 oy oldin
Legal Immigrant for border security and common sense!
Paul Sutkowski
Paul Sutkowski 2 oy oldin
Trump - 20,000 children crossed unaccompanied last month Democrats - it’s actually only 4,000 Common sense - 4000 Children!!!!!!
Donald Allen
Donald Allen 2 oy oldin
Put this on orange criminal in a prison cell and throw away the key
LJM2stepspain 2 oy oldin
Looks like you guys are about to get tons of exposure from being one of the few sources to post the whole speech. thank you!
Catherine D
Catherine D 2 oy oldin
Build the wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Button up our borders, LEGAL immigration only, If not, shut the borders down completely
Abbey McHugh
Abbey McHugh 2 oy oldin
shut the borders down completely? that's awfully selfish
Jack Boyett
Jack Boyett 2 oy oldin
Secure our border. Thank you Donald Trump. 🇺🇸
Wicked Art Werx
Wicked Art Werx 2 oy oldin
Ok but hes reading. Mr President, i do not believe in you. You are a liar and you dont care about us. Long live America.
marty one
marty one 2 oy oldin
I didn't vote for this guy but the wall was already there all he wants to do is make it better
Axel Festoc
Axel Festoc 2 oy oldin
Now that's what I call leading by fear, well done mr pres
ymc m
ymc m 2 oy oldin
Well the last thing CNN and MSNBC want is for Americans to hear their president fighting to protect them from illegal immigrants....because they do not care how many Americans are killed by illegal immigrants and the drugs they bring in from the southern border....America is not growing heroin and coke....the drugs that are killing Americans is coming in from Southern country's...well he will get the message across one way or another...the democrats will keep fighting Trump while Trump is fighting to save American lives...the democrats care so much for illegal immigrants....well we will see just how much Americans care about America and themselves on election day......I bet you one hundred to one Americans will vote for American safety over illegal immigrants!!!!!! and they will hope the president throw some crumbs to Central America...but America will come first over illegal immigrants on election day.....hell we do not even care about the homeless on the street here in America...do you really think Americans will give two F***s about some dirty illegals over themselves? i do not think so...wait until election day...the voters will show you who they care about the most....AMERICA FIRST!!!!!! all day everyday dumbass!!!!!!!
Ex0dus111 2 oy oldin
Yes, protect them from the VERY SCARY ILLEGALS!! BOO! MANY MANY AMERICANS DIE!! I mean, statistically immigrants, even illegal ones are far less prone to crime than native born citizens. HEY FUCK FACTS! BE AFRAID!!!
Josh S
Josh S 2 oy oldin
I don't understand a Political Party that wants to open the borders to their country and thereby facilitate its rapid destruction. Millions upon millions of people will enter until the US ends up like the crime-ridden hell-holes these migrants leave behind. Without borders you have no Country. What are the motives of these Democrat leaders who have sworn to protect America? Why are they doing this, what does it mean?
Ex0dus111 2 oy oldin
Millions and millions will swarm in, rape all the white women and replace all the white men, and CONQUER THE COUNTRY!! BE AFRAID OF PEOPLE THAT LOOK DIFFERENT! Or you know, realize a few thousand people a year is really no big deal, and that number has never been lower than it is today.
That Guy
That Guy 2 oy oldin
All the followers that have commented are hill bullies 😂😂😂 just look at their faces
That Guy
That Guy 2 oy oldin
😂😂😂 trump fuck yourself your an allien illegal.. go back to eroupe and take your followers with you ... it's an insult to my native ancestors for white people trash like him to call themself American... fuck all of you and your followers too
The Anti Life Equation
Wow....I haven't heard so much bullshit since the New kids on the block were in the charts. Also wtf happened to "Mexico will pay for the wall? ". I wish they deported his mother or grandfather when they emigrated to the US, the country may have a decent president then and I mean Democratic OR Republican. Yes we need to control emigration but "the wall" won't make a difference, people will just go under it over it or around it, desperate people will do desperate things to get to where they want to be, just look at the poor fuckers on rafts in the Mediterranean risking their lives and the lives of their kids to get to Europe, you honestly think a wall or two would stop people like that? No it won't, Trump needs to stop this temper tantrum and stop the shutdown, there are other cheaper and more effective plans that can be actioned to combat illegal immigrants, telling stories and stoking fear and hatred isn't helping anything.
geoffrey collins
geoffrey collins 2 oy oldin
trump is fighting the globalists (democrats) open borders are the mainstay of globalists...
infinite waterss
infinite waterss 2 oy oldin
you took an oath to "uphold the constitution' not "protect the country", you BONEHEAD
TreezyE83 2 oy oldin
the only wall I support sir is from the Pink Floyd album -The Wall.- that is not the only solution. Trump and his people are power trippin. walls to keep us in. no thanks. Long live Freedom!
Sandra Levy
Sandra Levy 2 oy oldin
Rodger Niemeier
Rodger Niemeier 2 oy oldin
Rodger Niemeier
Rodger Niemeier 2 oy oldin
I think legally admitted immigrants should also be trained while being processed, as much as is reasonably possible (if they already do this, then kudos!!), in the knowledge and skills needed to: find work, directed to temporary housing and provided decreasing subsidies on a reasonable scale appropriate to encouraging finding and securing a job. As it is, immigrants can be on "welfare" a long time, even though they are supposed to be showing evidence of getting training and finding work, so as to secure their own housing, food, etc. I certainly don't minimize the challenge of this; it most certainly is. But I've seen the inside of our government assistance program firsthand, and it is grossly inadequate and does not work closely with folks to truly help them, as fast as possible, remedy their poverty situation. So many DO end up on the streets or getting into drug abuse/alcoholism because they are discouraged by the system. The inflow of immigrants needs to be REALISTIC: and determined in terms of resources that are truly present and available, and people granted citizenship only as there is adequate resources for them to learn skills to obtain jobs, housing etc. That should determine the number of people admitted. What real good are we doing someone to just transfer them from poverty in another country to an impoverished situation in the USA? Can the USA - "open borders" - reasonably admit the rest of the world and take care of everyone!? There has to be reasonable "boundaries" - healthy boundaries - not just for the immigrant, but also for the present citizens.
Twaite Aushausenhauzer
What a clown.
TreezyE83 2 oy oldin
u.s. cops are murdering blacks. is that illegal Trump?
David T
David T 2 oy oldin
Building a wall is literally common sense...
TreezyE83 2 oy oldin
childish racist imature name calling Trump supporters trying to decide what's best for the good people of this melting pot of a counntry. NEVER!
Rodger Niemeier
Rodger Niemeier 2 oy oldin
Why doesn't anyone, in thinking about immigration, consider the LIFE BOAT CONCEPT? When the Titanic sunk, there was a shortage of lifeboats - and they could hold only so many people. If you, in sympathy for the drowning, pulled everyone into the lifeboat you possibly could, everyone drowns. When a country just keeps freely admitting immigrants, without any wise assessment of adequate resources to accommodate those immigrants, as well as the present number of citizens, the resources begin to thin - and all eventually drown together. Immigration, while certainly having sympathy for those fleeing countries where they are truly suffering to a point of impending death, must be wisely conducted with the good of all US citizens in mind: otherwise all we do is bring in people for whom there isn't enough work opportunities, they then sign up for government assistance, which requires more taxes on citizens, and only increases the number of people "in poverty". It means you then do have to "rob from the rich to give to the poor": so those who have studied hard, worked hard for a "good job" are penalized, and the increasing poor live off of other's money. And eventually - everyone drowns. As Margaret Thatcher of England once said, "The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money". And this is what "progressive liberal activists" are crying out for: to do away with our Constitution as it is, and augment it to promote a more socialistic state - which has NEVER in history worked, unless you like Communism's version (and that only works for the guys at the top). It's great to help people and make a way to assist those fleeing life-threatening situations (and not just those who want a piece of the American Pie - why don't they rebel in their own countries and work to change their government and laws, like Americans did under British rule!?) - but it still needs to be done "right" - in such a way that it doesn't undermine our capitalistic democracy and overfill the lifeboats!
Roy R
Roy R 2 oy oldin
What makes me sick is why are we even building a wall. I know it's to stop people entering our country illegally and counties need protected boarders but this is all wrong. Why you ask? For years our country has given the UN billions by now who are suppose to help other countries in need. Ask yourselves what are the leaders doing, or not doing for their own people who are fleeing their own country for a better life. How come you don't see the UN on our boarder helping out these people coming to our boarders or even crossing other countries to come to ours? Wheres the humanitarian aid from the UN? When is the UN going to hold meetings with these leaders and hold them accountable for not helping it's people? The leaders, the UN and even Polosi don't give a fuck about the mess they have caused Trump and we the people. We all welcome immigrants as our history shows but not illegal immigrants. When an illegal immigrant gets through our boarder then we all start paying again and again. So in closing I say, Polosi, give Trump the money to do what none of you have and the fuck off.
Andrew Arnabat
Andrew Arnabat 2 oy oldin
Wow.. had to watch a local news station to watch this. Ban CNN and MSNBC for not doing their job. Also sue them for the lies.
geoffrey collins
geoffrey collins 2 oy oldin
the dems like all good liberals despise americans... the imported voters are more important
geoffrey collins
geoffrey collins 2 oy oldin
the democrats dont want the supply of dem voters cut off.. illegals make great dem voters
Ex0dus111 2 oy oldin
+geoffrey collins You mean like the Georgia and Florida ones?
geoffrey collins
geoffrey collins 2 oy oldin
+Ex0dus111 the california elections were a farce... blatant voter rigging
Ex0dus111 2 oy oldin
+geoffrey collins Project Veritas? You mean that bunch of, long since debunked, pack of lies, by convicted con-man James O'Keefe? Yeah, no thanks.
geoffrey collins
geoffrey collins 2 oy oldin
+Ex0dus111 project veritas.. watch it
Ex0dus111 2 oy oldin
Illegals can't vote dum-dum. California election? You mean that conspiracy theory that got immediately debunked? www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2018/nov/16/lou-dobbs/no-evidence-many-illegal-immigrants-voted-midterm-/
MP398310 2 oy oldin
Vernon Corpuz
Vernon Corpuz 2 oy oldin
Democrats are willing to give away trillions of dollars to other countries (for decades), like nickles and dimes, w/c americans have not seen the fruit of.. what is wrong with a $5billion wall, in american borders, for the security of the american people? (w/c every american can see w/ their own eyes)
Marcos Lopez
Marcos Lopez 2 oy oldin
Hitler he fools all Americans all the time
javadude54 2 oy oldin
They should have had that teleprompter closer. Looked like he had a hard time reading it.
KLH1966 2 oy oldin
Build the wall Now. Fund the wall Now. MAGA TRUMP 2020.
Zeny Harte
Zeny Harte 2 oy oldin
Thank you Mr .President Trump God Bless You . ❤️👍🏾
Eric Bolton
Eric Bolton 2 oy oldin
Given the fact that he has spewed out so much misinformation since the advent of his Presidency, I trust EVERYTHING that comes out of this man's mouth... NOT!
TreezyE83 2 oy oldin
racist support trump. Latinos and black supporting trump? haha. racist want you gone anyway.haha. racist white cops kill blacks for fun. they are here legally. make the melting pot great again . calling all honest hardworking Americans/ immigrants. get this lying sliver Spoon having spoiled filthy mouth instigator mo Fo outa here!! haha.
anarki777 2 oy oldin
+TreezyE83 - Maybe it's not the only solution, but why can't it be THE solution? What is your issue with it specifically?
TreezyE83 2 oy oldin
+anarki777 no thanks no wall and no more Trump. it's not the only solution, this "wall" but if your fixated on a wall .good luck. be careful what you ask for . Long live truth justice and freedom! peace! gotta go
Caleb wolfe
Caleb wolfe 2 oy oldin
Black people are being taught at a young age that all their problems are because of racism, many other races have suffered much worse but are still able to forget. For instance, The Native Americans suffered much more and never use racism in this modern day as an outlet in which they can reside all of there problems in. Additionally, Black children look up to all these rap stars who are generally terrible role models, making drugs and murder look cool in their lyrics, causing these children to identify with that crap at a young age, it's terrible.
anarki777 2 oy oldin
+TreezyE83 - So you support the wall then?
TreezyE83 2 oy oldin
+anarki777 where did I say I want anything illegal in my comment?that's why I said outa here with this crooked Hombre and racist people. Your trying to tell me what to do. maybe u should take your own advise.
cdpgbc 1966
cdpgbc 1966 2 oy oldin
Does anyone else agree that politics are in complete shambles, regardless of the country you live in? I live in Canada, our system is broken. We are run by a Golden Spoon, Trust Fund minion. I listen to Trump and then Pelosi, etc.....it is the same old see saw of BS. I challenge viewers to set aside their emotions, their opinions and beliefs. Listen closely to Trumps speech, his words, they are all carefully chosen to elicit a specific, emotional response. The Democrat response is no different, all carefully chosen words. Peel back the rhetoric, and sensationalizing and let common sense be your judge. The average person is a pawn in a game which we all seem to have no plays left in, nor chance of winning. I have no answers but am trying to imagine a government that is truly transparent, with no games, with no deceit nor lobbyists unfortunately the human condition prevents this from ever occurring. Thanks for those that read and sorry to ramble on.
quellenathanar 2 oy oldin
I'm not a political person. I don't particularly like Trump. That said, I have not heard a single reasonable argument against building a southern border wall. The wall only hinders illegal immigration. Partisan politics has gone so far off the rails it's reached a comical level.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 2 oy oldin
Kim B hear what lies?
quellenathanar 2 oy oldin
+Kim B What is it that the president said do you think I missed?
Kim B
Kim B 2 oy oldin
quellenathanar Clean the shit out of your ears and lay off the cannibus! That may help you listen to what President Trump has to say
quellenathanar 2 oy oldin
+Chris P. Bacon Ok if you truly dont believe that a wall will make it easier for border patrol to guard the border then we will have to agree to disagree.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 2 oy oldin
quellenathanar it wouldnt though.america has had a barrier for years plus patrols and its never worked.a wall would only make immigration worst.i dont hate trump.i really do believe hes playing the president role like an actor and iv e never once beleived a word hes said.
Jesse James
Jesse James 2 oy oldin
Haha what a freakn liar. Thank God for the Democrats response
Caleb wolfe
Caleb wolfe 2 oy oldin
My friend, the Democrats do not have a supportable response :)
anarki777 2 oy oldin
Liar? Everything he said was the truth.
Bogie Caoili
Bogie Caoili 2 oy oldin
Who's going to pay for the wall?
Josh Hutchins
Josh Hutchins 2 oy oldin
Common sense unfortunately does not work for the dirty dems
Josh Hutchins
Josh Hutchins 2 oy oldin
Let’s see what the biased media picks apart in this speech
Josh Hutchins
Josh Hutchins 2 oy oldin
Keep up the great work Mr president!! Screw the haters and keep doing what your doing. MAGA!!
Warren Cecil Beard
Securing the border is what needs to be done to protect legal Americans. America has the same challenges as other countries where 'a continent is shared'. Secure the boarder, and then help Mexico grow its economy. Illegal immigrants are only illegal because their own governments have failed them!
paogin Haokip
paogin Haokip 2 oy oldin
President Donald Trump love USA
Faye Landis
Faye Landis 2 oy oldin
Your not getting your wall. Shut up and end the gov shutdown. This isnt a national emergency.
Jack Mikula
Jack Mikula 2 oy oldin
Build the wall!!!
Collette Batten
Collette Batten 2 oy oldin
I don't have Cable TV and I THANK you for posting the FULL speech from President Trump.
Kai.kai_is_queen Larks
He talks about Americans being hurt because of undocumented immigrants, yet because of him many Americans aren’t being payed and are struggling to feed their families. He blames democrats, but HIS choice to throw a tantrum and shut down our government is not OUR fault.
Kai.kai_is_queen Larks
Trump is hurting Americans by choosing not to end the government shutdown. Many Americans aren’t being payed.
Kai.kai_is_queen Larks
Um we wanted humane border control. WE DID NOT WANT A WALL.
Blake Thompson
Blake Thompson 2 oy oldin
Are you aware of Nancy Pelosi's net worth? And all of it accrued while she held some form of public office? She doesnt care how long the shutdown lasts, no matter what she says. Her great great grandchildren will be living off of the interest alone from those trust funds. Then she'll take another taxpayer funded vacation to hawaii, while Trump is still working in DC...trying to get things done.
Caleb wolfe
Caleb wolfe 2 oy oldin
How is it trumps fault when a family cannot provide its own financial support
Virginia Andre
Virginia Andre 2 oy oldin
Fund the wall , shutdown ended , funny how Democrats were all for it when Obama proposed it, explain that?
stoney bakermd
stoney bakermd 2 oy oldin
lol russian scumbag
truk kagak
truk kagak 2 oy oldin
You suck ups to Trump or any other criminal politicians in control of this totally corrupt government, and this totally dumbed down country, separating children from their parents, and the subsequent neglect and abuse of these children in cages is a crime against humanity. And if there is any karmic justice at all, this should be a crime that does not go unpunished.
truk kagak
truk kagak 2 oy oldin
I believe if there is anything like justice, karma will reach out and take both Obama and Trump. I'm not an Obomber, man or a Trump man. They are both criminals and murderers as far as I can tell. Do you think either of them gives ANYTHING for you or me? They do not. I don't care who is doing it, the neglect and abuse these children are subjected to by U.S. government is criminal.+Virginia Andre
anarki777 2 oy oldin
Illegal immigrants are the ones breaking the law and putting their children in harms way by illegally crossing the border. They are the ones being recklessly irresponsible. The USA government needs to deport illegal immigrants otherwise there will be no border and no rule of law.
Virginia Andre
Virginia Andre 2 oy oldin
those pictures of kids in cages was from 2014 under OBAMA , try again so yea Karma will bite HIM in the ass not Trump.
Cheryl Baird
Cheryl Baird 2 oy oldin
We love you!
이주연 2 oy oldin
Build the wall now!
Amber Ridley
Amber Ridley 2 oy oldin
Does he really believe the drug crises is coming from people running across the borders?? dear lord!! Drug dealers have to much money on the line to send drugs through that high risk situation..
LadyEllesmere 2 oy oldin
Eduardo Valle
Eduardo Valle 2 oy oldin
So dumb aint going to stop nothing at all justing wasting money and making the citizens pay by shutting down government
Martin Sifuentes
Martin Sifuentes 2 oy oldin
Mexico isn't paying idiots!!
Martin Sifuentes
Martin Sifuentes 2 oy oldin
+leonel2009ish broken promises
leonel2009ish 2 oy oldin
That's ok americans will don't worry
Stephen Grange
Stephen Grange 2 oy oldin
The Russians are happy to see money wasted on a barrier that doesn't work.
Executive Travel of Nashville
I had to search and search to see this speech from the president it is apparent that the media is trying to contain and sensor President Trump they're so bias that you can find Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer response to the president before you can even find the president's speech they were elected by small number of people deserve the president was elected by 60 million people and we can't find his speech
Carl Blaskowitz
Carl Blaskowitz 2 oy oldin
Easy to find the Democrats speech... had to dig deep to find this one. Its over soon folks, they have gons so far and exposed so much corruption that they can never put it back in the bottle and sweep it under the rug. The people are keeping scorecards.
Executive Travel of Nashville
President Trump keeping it real America first what tragic stories of Americans being killed by people who shouldn't even be here what is wrong with Democrats they're letting Americans died in the streets and don't care
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