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President Trump Border Security Address (C-SPAN)

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President Trump addressed the nation on what the administration argues is a humanitarian and national security crisis on the southern border. This is his first address to the nation from the Oval Office. cs.pn/2Vyo6Uw



9-Yan, 2019



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Pemon 14 kun oldin
Rock yo Body
Rock yo Body Oy oldin
How’s that wall coming, bitches?
james davis
james davis Oy oldin
trump stop with lies every time you open your mouth lies come out Impeach Donald Trump.
First Last
First Last 2 oy oldin
Anyone who wants to help Mexico but does not talk about ending the drug war is lying.
StephenAndrew777 2 oy oldin
Wanting to prevent as much illegal immigration as possible isn't fascist. Banning immigration all together is though. There haven't been any fascist governments since Hitler declared total war and started publicly crucifying the children who refused to take up arms for Germany. That was pretty fascist.
El Pisto Lon
El Pisto Lon 2 oy oldin
Why is he inhaling like that? Must be the cocaine
Shabuti R18
Shabuti R18 2 oy oldin
Mexicans have been invading this country for decades now. I agree, it needs to be stopped. A wall may not be the answer, but its a step in the right direction. I dont give a fuck how bad Mexico is. If Mexico is so damn horrible to live in, and Mexicans have soooo much work ethic, then perhaps they work on FIXING THEIR OWN DAMN COUNTRY instead of illegally invading ours and stealing our money. It is certainly a crisis, but one thats been ignored for far too long.
Trinity Livingston
Exactly, he just wants to get rid of illegal immigration.
Bill Crowley
Bill Crowley 2 oy oldin
Wow. It's nice to see some sanity in the comments. I've been trolling Yahoo . Omg. It's libtard heaven
Destination Paradise
You are so fugly, your demonic scowl from all your LIES is catching up to you, FOREIGN AGENT. ..YOU ARE THE CRISIS...A WORLDWIDE CRISIS.
Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson 2 oy oldin
Trump's clearly an asset to Putin and the Russians. This fraud could not care less about the USA, he intends to destroy our country from the inside out. Mission already underway. Just more lies and bullshit. FACTS MATTER time for this traitor and criminal to go.Clearly he is unfit to serve and beneath the office of the president and willing to abuse his power to do harm.
Jeffery Williams
Jeffery Williams 2 oy oldin
It is a shame the American people keep paying taxes to this kind of government
marin borza
marin borza 2 oy oldin
whay he claimed that mexico will pay for the wall . all that bull shit talk for nothing .
Sam Ham
Sam Ham 2 oy oldin
Democrats like their cheap drugs.
AUDIOHOSTEM187 2 oy oldin
MR. TREASON 45 Decides To Face And Speak The Truth Of What His Negligence And Betrayal Has Sown. No Wonder Turkish President Edrogan HATES YOU! LOL!
Dr. Taco
Dr. Taco 2 oy oldin
hey cspan note for next time a sidebar for the sources quoted or lack there of or even in the description please, thank you.
David Miller
David Miller 2 oy oldin
Democrats are on the same side of the drug cartels?
joseph gallardo
joseph gallardo 2 oy oldin
Beto Beto Beto 2020!
joseph gallardo
joseph gallardo 2 oy oldin
Ok kids Santa is going to have to repossess ur presents because PRESIDENT TRUMP the evil burgermeister wont let ur parents have their paycheck But don't Worry Mr Robert Spy Smasher Mueller is going to make his whole family PAY and make it a beautiful New Year !
Christian Scott
Christian Scott 2 oy oldin
Within a second of viewing this bullshit - you immediately understand what the C in C-SPAN means... C*NT SPAN
dyna880 2 oy oldin
I have now watched Nancy’s speech and trumps and i just say trumps was much better.
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 2 oy oldin
So I was not aware an Air Force veteran was raped, murdered and then beaten to death. That sounds like a true overkill. Guess his or her soul was killed too. Notice how it wasnt a regular person, cop etc....it was an Air Force veteran, the most respected and beloved force of the military. And he or she was not only raped but killed TWICE!!! Lets get that wall built so no more soul destroying immigrants get through to rape, murder and then kill us all, oh the humanity!!! But seriously did anybody else catch his blatant fear mongering lol!?! I mean my god man does he have anything else in the political play book besides dog whistles and fear mongering? 🤔
David Staley
David Staley 2 oy oldin
Pelosi said we needed to pass Obamacare first to see what's in it. Let's build the wall to see if it works.
adchoice duy duong
Kevin Flores
Kevin Flores 2 oy oldin
The gałl of bringing up bloodshed! This speech was a farce at the very beginning of it and became more asinine as he continued. In my opinion, both the right and left are continuing to fail miserably and continue to talk about only one thing. We have places in this country without running water - nothing to do illegal immigration. We have teachers having to work in upwards of three jobs to make ends meet - nothing to do with illegal immigration. We have folks have can not afford decent healthcare - nothing to do with illegal immigration. A wall will not fix the several problems we are having currently and the more we waste time on this, the more our people keep suffering at the hands of incompetent politicians. The country as whole should be disappointed with what is transpiring. If the numbers of illegal immigration are at an all time low as he so eloquently gloats about, what is this apparent crisis on our hands about? All of the sudden there is a push for a wall?
eaglemri 2 oy oldin
Place landmines up and down along the border. Problem solved.
a great speech by president trump, the motives where great also
Esther Olang'
Esther Olang' 2 oy oldin
I love you Mr. President and Jesus Christ loves you more. Thank you for your leadership. You are intelligent. God bless you always from my heart.
Joe Eckert
Joe Eckert 2 oy oldin
This shows what his speech was really about. uzvid.com/video/video-JeoHa2k9SLM.html
won't matter
won't matter 2 oy oldin
I think the immigration problem wether legal or illegal is caused by the false propaganda that America is the land of opportunities ( when many Americans struggle to find a decent job to provide for a decent life), America is the land of freedom ( yes you can do whatever you, but also bigots, radicals, racists and assholes get to do whatever they want as well, so it's somehow a false freedom ) and the most ironic one " America is the greatest country in the world" when many natives want to move to Canada or Europe. Just show the world your ugly face and who you really are like what trump is doing and you'll see the numbers of immigrants fall and you can stay as white as you what . Good night America...
dj1835 2 oy oldin
Build the wall!!! We're with you Trump!!! Finally someone fighting for us!!!
Shirley Blaylock
Shirley Blaylock 2 oy oldin
They are globalist traitors who want open borders. That is obvious from sanctuary cities and the other seditious/traitorous things the Democrats are doing in the States, especially CA and NY. They do NOT want border security. Build the wall, protect our boundaries. The wall was a campaign promise. We want the wall. Just declare a national emergency and build the damn wall. Now, before the next caravan arrives!!
Eternity Derek
Eternity Derek 2 oy oldin
stacyblue1980 2 oy oldin
The man speaks the truth. Like it or not. Call it what you wish. He tells the truth here. This has got to stop. We need our country to be protected. BUILD THAT DAMN WALL!
胡安迪 2 oy oldin
go to the hell Trumps!
Lola Lee
Lola Lee 2 oy oldin
I love my president. He cares for the American people. I don't want these nasty criminals to hurt my family. I don't want these nasty people to take my daughter's away from me to be sold into sex slavery. They are monsters that don't deserve to be here tomorrow. They wave their flags from their own countries while throwing rocks at ICE and American officials. Fuck off you sorry ass illegals! You don't deserve to be here in this beautiful country.
MrHoppers002 2 oy oldin
why is illegal immigration still such a controversial subject? It seems like this topic will never end until the sun burns out. Do you people want borderless countries where we're all basically pangea? Do people agree to the concept of countries. Do people believe in the concept of nation states? Do people believe in such a thing as citizens... If you believe in any of those things how do you think we maintain a nation state status if you let every joe schmoe come and go at will. Send me the best and the brightest that's great. Sending me the lowest of the low... that's not going to make a country wealthier that's just going to make a country poorer in the long run. WTF do you people want.
Michael H
Michael H 2 oy oldin
u.s. has been meddling in south america for a really long time. almost every single country have had regime changes done to them by the u.s. Honduras was once dubbed the "banana republic" because the u.s. used their military presence and helped their coporations grabbing all the most fertile lands and turning the country into a one crop nation serving "bananas" to the u.s. lol I mean it's kind of similar to u.s. decades of meddling in the middle east...... these things affect their stability, their economy. what else do you expect? lol if your government does not have a long term vision and is swayed by short term profit and success promised by the u.s., you will be lead down a road of misery, because once you let them completely into your market and dominate your local market or make you dependent on them for anything, the moment you disagree with them on something, your country is going to suffer greatly. look at venezuela lol
Troy Boulware
Troy Boulware 2 oy oldin
Donald Trump is international disgrace to the U.S.A. and the World
Agrie vor
Agrie vor 2 oy oldin
Fuck u
Nas W.
Nas W. 2 oy oldin
5 billion dollar Wall > A Ladder
Q Leatherneck Smedley Butler
Nancy you fail us all!!! You just said No!!! Self evident. The long term residents aware of the topic. Know the wall is a good idea!!! Obama has a brick and steel wall around his DC mansion! Correction 7 walls!!!!!!!
Thomas Moher
Thomas Moher 2 oy oldin
If he's as rich as he says he is, then he can pay for it!
Pilar Perez-De Jesus
Trump REJECTED over a billion dollars for Border security that both parties agreed upon. That is a huge amount in addition to the amount still unspent from the last approved amount. For 8 years the Republicans claimed the US was so much in debt ( especially to the Chinese) during the last president’s terms, can we afford to pay 5 billion burdened on shoulders of Taxpayers who now carry the burden of taxation due to the recent tax law ? Trump has a thing for walls. Check facts about his “walls” in Scotland and Ireland. His actions alone have caused the shutdown and the ensuing devastation and uncertainty to hardworking Americans and their families, the citizens !
Free Dom
Free Dom 2 oy oldin
You are prejudice president ever
Saul Estrada
Saul Estrada 2 oy oldin
Otto Nicator
Otto Nicator 2 oy oldin
Tom Petty, gets to the point..... I think Mueller needs to put these people all in the joint.........
Vanita Walker
Vanita Walker 2 oy oldin
Build the dam wall
Samuel Afoakwa
Samuel Afoakwa 2 oy oldin
Trump is talking so calm😍
kenny chen
kenny chen 2 oy oldin
Mmmmm... Don't more people die from obesity?
Nikki Burris
Nikki Burris 2 oy oldin
⛔Trump's Wall debate a distraction from the Events occurring in Cleveland County NC. Following the Unbelievable Inheritance Living Trust granted by Annie Ruth HUNT browner Shelby NC. Hunt the Granddaughter of Billionaires Johnny Johnelle Bryan Hunt. ⚠The Inheritance sent Shockwaves across the US. Some report causing a economic Ripple effect around the World 🌍. Involving the Dupont J.P Morgan J.B Hunt fortunes. Reports from NC have many saying that there is a Secret cover up being shared by Law Enforcement STOCK & Analyst Politicians regarding the Heir.
Michael Fitzgerald
TRUMP I as a taxpayer you are NOT GOING TO GET 5.7 Billion dollars. for a wall or a steal wall or a chain link fence. If you want to spend money on our borders spend it on border guards give them more money hire more people. We have a border already just give the guards more to work with.. There is NOT A CRISS AT ALL WE ARE BEING SCAMMED BY YOU THE USED CAR "SALESMAN"
G H 2 oy oldin
Trump is an idiot and will go down in history as one of the dumbest world leaders ever, if not the absolute worst. Racism is alive and well in America!!
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers 2 oy oldin
Trump you had a Republican majority in both houses for two solid years--why didn't you pass your wall then?
Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston 2 oy oldin
This guy is a fucking idiot.
anastasia pezzuoli
This is nothing more then a distraction so you won’t think about the 17 investigations on the idiot . Then the promise of the best people anyone that was good had left , he has acting people they haven’t been confirmed yet .I think by now you realize you were conned by a major CON ARTIST
Veritas 2 oy oldin
You had the house and senate for two years and didn't get it done? Now you blame the democrats?
mjs1231 2 oy oldin
Its a joke. Thousands of us citizens have been murdered. Wtf is going on here? American people have been asking for 50 years to secure the borders. Get it done.
Frank Almaraz
Frank Almaraz 2 oy oldin
Most of these immigration officers are bad hombres. So no sympathy here. Good try though señor pelucas!
Hero Lee
Hero Lee 2 oy oldin
I love how human Donald is 😂👏🏻
Frank Almaraz
Frank Almaraz 2 oy oldin
Trump is a bad reader. When you want something you speak from the heart not by reading bullshit nonsense. Man if this guy can be pous now I believe anything really is possible.
marc anthony
marc anthony 2 oy oldin
This video is proof of america's failed mental health care system. He shouldnt be allowed in public without a certified handler. He certainly shouldnt hold any position of authority. This is the best example of the mental patients running the mental hospital that you will ever see. In this case the craziest bastard gets to be the captain. He is also the fattest,ugliest bastard to ever run a mental hospital.
marc anthony
marc anthony 2 oy oldin
+billywilliamjr Im not sure if you make little sense, or none. Its one of the two. What do you think? Do you make little sense? Or, do you make no sense at all? I think its the second one, how about you? Do you agree?
billywilliamjr 2 oy oldin
+marc anthony with all those genitals u have stored up in jars in your mother's basement.im surprised u have time for the youtube comments section. u basically sound like the coolest woman on earth..I really didn't mean to get you triggered. honestly. I'll just say I'll agree to disagree with you..theres truly no need to write another book about how universally sensational you are.
marc anthony
marc anthony 2 oy oldin
+billywilliamjr I dont have inadequate genitals, I dont have to pay for female companionship, Im not ugly as sin, I have more friends than I need, Im not a criminal, Im not fat, bald, orange. Im a good athlete..etc. I was born with everything trump always wanted, things dirty trump money cant buy. I have everything trumphole can never aquire. I wouldnt trade one positive thing God gave me to be president of this or any other nation. I get things in everday life that trump doesnt and I get them because of who I am. I wouldnt ruin all 5hat to be some perverted, sex offender of a lying con artist criminal hated by the worlds population so I qualify for election. In other words, I dont have a need to overcompensate for seemingly endless shortcomings that Putins Puppet posesses. Now that you know, you are that much the wiser. Go spread your knowledge to the masses. Break the devils spell and live free and happy, untethered from authoritarian trumpstains that will surely result in your demise. Dont lend strenght to the agent orange for it is a poison that will destroy your world. Peace to you and I hope you get well soon. 😥
billywilliamjr 2 oy oldin
damn sir. well than what does that say about u..he's the president. and u didn't even make it as far as he did...
Lady Jillian
Lady Jillian 2 oy oldin
Thank You President Trump!
Carlos Miguel Pérez-Reyes
🍊 🐖 millionaire start paying. America has survive until today without a wall
gudju 2 oy oldin
*Where are trump's tax returns? One want to see his charitable donations.*
Efren Olivas
Efren Olivas 2 oy oldin
Control America’s drug problem and those drugs you’re crying about won’t come over anymore. Bunch of drug addict white people
Efren Olivas
Efren Olivas 2 oy oldin
This guy is a piece of shit.. the biggest piece
al mar
al mar 2 oy oldin
fix this flood of illegals! Democrats have shown their true colors, they are scum! Save America and build the wall!
Strangest Craze
Strangest Craze 2 oy oldin
This video gave Trump the early election win whether people like it or not.
Bomber Harris Do It Again
I have to say, in terms of appearance, Trump did way better than the Democrats did. Whether what either side is saying is true or not, Trump looked a lot better than Schumer and Pelosi, and appeared a lot more like he cared.
Danny Lee
Danny Lee 2 oy oldin
Bakenator 2 oy oldin
Impeach 45
David M
David M 2 oy oldin
Tear down Chuck and Nancy’s gated community and fences.
Hunter Winn
Hunter Winn 2 oy oldin
What a dumbass
Thommy Sides
Thommy Sides 2 oy oldin
God bless Trump in all that he does!!!
André Félix-Díaz
Dude, you're fucking high on something
joseph gallardo
joseph gallardo 2 oy oldin
Beto 2020!
Monique Howard
Monique Howard 2 oy oldin
Nancy and Chuck got walls! Nancy got a winery with her stone mansion atop the hill and PEON Mexicans working in the hot Sun all summer long, she got a wall And security to protect her! We working class Americans don't deserve a wall huh? Drug cartel don't want the border secured, human trafficers don't want Border security, Vincente Fox don't want border security! They all make $$$$$ from no border security MILLIONS $$$$ What do YOU MAKE?
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 2 oy oldin
Keep at it TRUMP! Stay the course! MAGA!!
John Miller
John Miller 2 oy oldin
Arrest the criminal CIA, ATF, and DEA agents that are involved in child sex trafficking and drug trafficking, and charge them with treason against American citizen and our country and for crimes against humanity
jack 2 oy oldin
Wont stop planes tho will it 😂🤣😂🤣😂
fastermx 2 oy oldin
If he really meant to stop the massive amount of drugs coming into the country, he'd lose most of his base. These people would go batshit without their dope. The Mexican drug cabal wouldn't even exist, if Americans didn't want their dope. They've provided drug dealers with an incredibly profitable market, but not in Mexico. In the United States. This problem has existed for decades. Republicans have helped keep the dope flowing in. No wall is going to stop the flow of drugs. There is only one way to stop all this. Americans must go cold turkey, en masse. Remove the market, and you remove the motivation for the drug cabals. They'd have to take their goods elsewhere. And there IS no other way. A wall can't begin to stop them.
Gustavo Rodriguez
🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Money Money will destroy USA and entire nations and people like we see on this video only god can help us be safe a wall is useless hope he change his mindset
Third stone from the sun
Ya know, you could write a book on the injustice of the just. If you put up with people insulting you, like this confrontationist FROM THE START (40 yrs ago), you’re looking for future injury. “Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.” JFK. ...This man is civically unfit.
Jj J
Jj J 2 oy oldin
USA needs Muslims and socialism.. Vote Pelosi and that Spanish bitch. To ensure total fuckilization of usa
William Hensley
William Hensley 2 oy oldin
Excellent speech. Simply stated and well said.
Anh Cunningham
Anh Cunningham 2 oy oldin
We're American loves President Donald J. Trump. Looks at two idiots scumbags Pedophile Chuck Schumer & Mental woman Nancy Pelosi they are American traitors! If I am a President Trump I am not just walk out, I will dump a bucket of urines on their ugly face those never cares for American lives, they liar they just play dirty games to destroyed USA! Shut up traitors pedophile Schumer & mental Pelosi !! Country is not safe without the wall! Congress must stop fighting America!! You traitors Democrats!! We wants the wall build to protect American lives, protect our children from Drugs Carte & Sex Trafficking l!! Democrats didn't like the wall!! Period!! They trying the best they can for 30 years so Crooked Hillary Clinton to win the election!!! But the loser is Crooked Hillary Clinton!! God knows who is the bad people never care for America!! Chinese Communist plus ISIS at the gate & the Democrats Commie would let them in to spy President Trump and ready to take down America!! Democrats they hates to wall, because the wall will stop their needs $$$$ under table from Drugs Cartel. The wall will stop all criminal crimes, MS-13!! That is the only reason why Democrats hate to build the wall!! They are the traitors corrupted politicians get along with the Deep State trying to take down United States!! God Bless President Trump!! God Bless America!! We're American always willing to stand behind President Trump to help make America Great again!! Drain the swamp!! Still a lot more in Washington, lot of dirty politicians + Deep State still trying to take down USA! We all pray for President Trump. Because lot of poison snakes and all sick rats surround President Donald Trump day & night!! Without President Trump this country no longer America 2 years ago!!
Trump , you are multi billionaire ??? why don't you pay for it .
pepperVenge 2 oy oldin
So in Trumps own words: 266,000 illegal immigrants arrested by ICE, 100,000 charged with assault (37.59%), 30,000; sex crimes (11.28%), and 4,000 ; murder(1.5%)... Take 266,000 natural born American citizens, and count how many of them have a criminal past. What Trump is not telling us here is that is actually the same amount of criminals you'd find in any group of 266,000 people. Its not just because they're illegal. Don't listen to this President. He's a bigger liar then Obama, Bush, Clinton.. all of them.
Chuck Ragland
Chuck Ragland 2 oy oldin
Lies, 1, only 6 foreigners on the terrorist watch list were stopped at the southern border, while 41 were stopped at the northern border. That is 6.8 times more at the northern vs the southern border. 2, the total number of people stopped at the southern border was 415,517 , but the number of people who got visas and came in legally but over stayed there visas were 701,900. And Canadians , not Mexicans over stayed the most. This from the department of Homeland security's own statistics.
pepperVenge 2 oy oldin
Democrats are more then happy to fund Border Security. They just don't want to fund Trumps Damn Wall. That's what Trump really means when he say's "Border Security."
Katt Lucero
Katt Lucero 2 oy oldin
AUDIOHOSTEM187 2 oy oldin
Electronic Intercepts And Clandestine Data Reveal Ongoing Collaboration Between Mr. TRUMP And America's Enemies. [ TREASON 45 ]
mola55e5 2 oy oldin
It’s gonna cost more than 5.7 billion just to cart the supplies and install the goddamn wall, never mind the materials and labor required. This whole thing is obviously just a way for donald to put up another structure with his name on it (even if it’s not literally written on it). There’s no emergency, it’s just that if he doesn’t get it put up, then he’s a COMPLETE failure. He wants to at least keep ONE campaign promise (even though he still lied-Mexico isn’t paying a cent-no surprise there). How do ppl take this guy seriously?
mola55e5 2 oy oldin
Let’s just hope this asshole doesn’t do too much damage before we get him out of office, so one day we can all have a good laugh abt that time the republicans put a silly reality tv guy in the White House.
AUDIOHOSTEM187 2 oy oldin
This Oath Keeper Will Destroy Your Fraudulent Presidency...The Resistance Is Growing. The End Is Near For Mr. TREASON 45.
Francisco Martinez
I’m happy to see a lot more trump supporters at the top of the comments than at the bottom. TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
AUDIOHOSTEM187 2 oy oldin
Poor Mr. TREASON, What A Pathetic Speech! Get Over Yourself...Your TRUMP BORDER WALL Will Never Materialize! You've Had Your Day In The Sun, Move On And Prepare Yourself For Prison! [ TREASON 45 ]
Chantel Smith
Chantel Smith 2 oy oldin
Thank You President Trump! Shame on the hypocritical DemoncRats who have walls around their mansions
Andrew George
Andrew George 2 oy oldin
Trump knows the people are on his side!
Islan Mohamed
Islan Mohamed 2 oy oldin
Hey kids r watching you! You horrifying President!
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