PRETTYMUCH Gets Wild In Hood Jeopardy 🚨 | Wild 'N Out | #HoodJeopardy

Wild 'N Out
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PRETTYMUCH battles it out with the red squad during Hood Jeopardy and end up getting taught a few lessons. 😂
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.




28-Noy, 2018

WNOWildOutNickCannonJustinaValentineTimothyDelaghettoDarrenBrandDCYoungFlyfratalphasigmaNick CannonJustina ValentineDC Young FlyTimothy DeLaGhettoConceitedChico BeanCorey CharronDarren BrandCharlie ClipsHitman Hollapick up and kill itlet me hollabullspittintalking spitwild stylelive performanceimprovbattlechampionshiptalkin spitjustinajustina valentineprettymuchpretty muchboy bandpop



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0:24 the way how eman hit that note !!!!!
_ Magnum _
_ Magnum _ 13 soat oldin
The girl from the red squad, is her from black lightning!
Keepon Groovin
Keepon Groovin 16 soat oldin
Im happy Los is back!
Carmen Roman
Carmen Roman 2 kun oldin
Nick Cannon is so funny
Carmen Roman
Carmen Roman 2 kun oldin
I Love Wild N Out 💗💗💗💗💗
Carmen Roman
Carmen Roman 2 kun oldin
Funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carlos Cab suaste
Carlos Cab suaste 2 kun oldin
Y'all got wifi part got me dying and the who die part as well😂😂😂😂😂
Nun of Your business
Anyone who puts Zion on the thumbnail is gonna get more views.
BriElle Hall
BriElle Hall 2 kun oldin
What is the new addition
J Betz
J Betz 3 kun oldin
What show is that from? :25
Lil__Furry 3 kun oldin
I hate the white people in this
Calii And kids
Calii And kids 4 kun oldin
Lol @ Fat back lol
Darrell Bell
Darrell Bell 4 kun oldin
Booty Talk 46! 😂😂
Zara A
Zara A 5 kun oldin
Zion @ "Yall got wifi" i love him😭 btw rewatching
Bridgette smith
Bridgette smith 5 kun oldin
B. Simone is silly Asf 😂😭
Loveth 1
Loveth 1 6 kun oldin
Every black person has watched this show. Me:what is black lightinning
254cullen 5 soat oldin
Sailor Sparkle
Sailor Sparkle 6 kun oldin
I’m kinda sad that they didn’t say Fresh Prince 😐
x Ashton x
x Ashton x 6 kun oldin
1:06 thats true tho
Jayden P
Jayden P 7 kun oldin
What Is family fued
lugotexasmade 7 kun oldin
Sub to me
iHoriz -Fortnite & More
oodles and noodles
Naomi 9 kun oldin
Can someone explain to be the 1/12 statement?🤷🏽‍♀️
Cant Think Of A Name
112 is an R&B group, and they were signed to Bad Boy.
drea delatorre
drea delatorre 9 kun oldin
The all that got mee🖤
Cedric Iu
Cedric Iu 9 kun oldin
That guy ran into his crosshair so hes walling omg im gonna ban him
Kai Be Gaming 52
Kai Be Gaming 52 10 kun oldin
Y’all got wi-if?
Butthole Bill
Butthole Bill 10 kun oldin
0:55 I love this dude xD
lysssaaabaabbyy 10 kun oldin
Shania Nuels
Shania Nuels 10 kun oldin
1:51 💀💀
Ava Vazquez
Ava Vazquez 10 kun oldin
You can tell Zion don’t like fat shaming cause he didn’t laugh when they talked about fat baby 😂😂😂😂
Ania Kelsoe
Ania Kelsoe 11 kun oldin
Bro on god this my fav channel to watch on tv
Zen GØD 11 kun oldin
!Play [Niggas in my butthole]
JD White
JD White 13 kun oldin
Booty talk 46 = WEST COAST PRODUCTIONS best in ethnic and interracial adult entertainment. Pick up booty talk 1-100 westcoastproductions.com
Tibor Bari
Tibor Bari 13 kun oldin
The black girl aka bitch a hoe she ugly af to get ur ass out the reason I hate her she sucks dicks for free and she a hoe if you read this fuck you go suck ur dad wait u did already lol bitch
Elizabeth Volpicelli
y'all got wifi XD
rambo zai
rambo zai 13 kun oldin
Hoe whas that in the red hair that said: who dead
mr maryJane
mr maryJane 13 kun oldin
Booty talk 46 old ass porn movies he fucked lol
Mind -Of-Michael
Mind -Of-Michael 13 kun oldin
is it just me or is the hood airfreshener part is lmfao funny
Key Litteral
Key Litteral 14 kun oldin
Jojo Blanchard
Jojo Blanchard 14 kun oldin
One of them prettymuch boys are PRETTY MUCH CUTE
Lady_Iska 15 kun oldin
Can't stop laughing!!!
Munga Delphine
Munga Delphine 16 kun oldin
I hate RED😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡
never ever
never ever 16 kun oldin
0:01 is that deji there
Dominic VanderMyde
Dominic VanderMyde 16 kun oldin
This one is the best
michael orourke
michael orourke 16 kun oldin
2:28 what is he talking about?
Lazy Bell
Lazy Bell 16 kun oldin
I dont get emmanuel's bad boy one
DemonOfTheWest88 17 kun oldin
that white dude is always awkward
Monica Meggison
Monica Meggison 17 kun oldin
What is Prettymuch?
dazed wavves
dazed wavves 18 kun oldin
Prettymuch? Is this one of those "I blew up over one song now I have a cult following" boy band rap groups or whatever.
csouryavong78 18 kun oldin
Can they have why don’t e next
Jalil Woolf
Jalil Woolf 18 kun oldin
jalilwoolf@gmail.com 😎🐒🇱🇷🇲🇾
Preternatural Pentacorn
Can someone explain the 1 12 one to me please lol
Florence Taumalolo
Florence Taumalolo 19 kun oldin
Christian Lamar
Christian Lamar 20 kun oldin
Forget PrettyMuch. Only Zion contribute. I’m looking at fine ass Nafessa Williams 😍😍😍
Daniel  Curtis
Daniel Curtis 21 kun oldin
0:27 This is all that you eat chicken
Calvin Foy
Calvin Foy 22 kun oldin
Can some one explain the 1 12 line nick said
Superiors 22 kun oldin
I’ve watched this video like 1m times
Caleb Ramirez
Caleb Ramirez 22 kun oldin
0:01 look Deji is here
Ataijah Burrus
Ataijah Burrus 22 kun oldin
2:42 -his facee😂😂
Minouche Jean
Minouche Jean 22 kun oldin
Look at jj
Dem Chapped Lips
Dem Chapped Lips 22 kun oldin
0:30 That big ass dude's voice completely overlaps everyone else and just ruins the song lol.
kiddoø x
kiddoø x 23 kun oldin
"Y'all got WiFi"
Milana 23 kun oldin
RED SQUAD4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!
XXGHOST 24 kun oldin
This show fucking kills me 😂😂😂
꧁ Joֆe ꧂
꧁ Joֆe ꧂ 24 kun oldin
🔥 1:07 yvng swag 🔥
Carina Escobar
Carina Escobar 25 kun oldin
yerp 25 kun oldin
HAHA! hah.
A Peculiar Limelight
I'm waiting for why don't we on here but mostly Jack And Zach
Aden Harrison
Aden Harrison 26 kun oldin
What is booty talk ?
catryce Thornton
catryce Thornton 26 kun oldin
What show was b.simone talking about
Amani Wanyoike
Amani Wanyoike 27 kun oldin
Who doesn't get the 1 12 joke?
Deonne Bivens
Deonne Bivens 28 kun oldin
I didn’t get the 112 part 🤔
Yusuf Hooper
Yusuf Hooper 28 kun oldin
Y’all got food at a funeral
Elijah Carter
Elijah Carter 28 kun oldin
Oh yeah
Ashlee Slavey
Ashlee Slavey 28 kun oldin
ZAMNNNNNNN nah u ain’t see someone so hot
Ashton Pittman
Ashton Pittman 28 kun oldin
Oodles and noodles 🤣🤣🤣
TTv Glight01
TTv Glight01 28 kun oldin
“You ain’t ate all day baby?!” 😭😭😭
Jackie Ceja
Jackie Ceja 29 kun oldin
U got WiFi 😂😂😂
Elaine guillen
I bate the white guy not being racist
* 1-800-HATE-U *
Dimitrius Bell
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Oy oldin
What is 1 12
Vine And Lyrics Master
chico bean is the best.
Roblox Queen
Roblox Queen Oy oldin
Nick cannon❤
Kayla D Brown
Kayla D Brown Oy oldin
2:52 preach 🙏🏽
Jessa Abada
Jessa Abada Oy oldin
0:59 what is and looks over at the boys
dreammm caylinnn
surprise Justina whatever her name is ain't go up there 😭 she act black so much so 🤷🏽‍♀😂 I think they did that on purpose. im dyingggg 😭😭😭
beatrice sotomayor
Trying to be funny but chico bean i dont know why you be talkin when you can fit two bake beans up yo nose.
Qwerty Sponge
Qwerty Sponge Oy oldin
What does 'what is' mean
Masterbuilder729 907
This is the first time Nick won and the last time 😐😐😑😐
Robert Downey Jr.
Why does the fat guy look like a sea lion standing when he presses the button
Rori Ritchie
Rori Ritchie Oy oldin
who is the boy with the red braids that said "who died"?
lala Paga
lala Paga Oy oldin
1:14 / zion Õof God danm fine asf lol but I'm dead when he said "yall got wifi"
Keith Puett
Keith Puett Oy oldin
If Nick Cannon was a sound effect, it would be wack
FearTheXI Oy oldin
B. Simone is fine as hell.
catryce thornton
catryce thornton 25 kun oldin
Do you know what show she was talking about
Superiors Oy oldin
Y’all got WiFi I love Zion
mandarah claire
1:15 who is that??
Devil KiaH
Devil KiaH Oy oldin
0:01 i swear on my fucking life that was deji (Comedyshortsgamer)
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