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Princess Gloria Makeup Salon by TUTOTOONS

Help beautiful Gloria and her best friends become fantasy princesses! Start with a facial spa, do glam makeup, add stunning face accessories and style a perfect royal outfit!
Princess Gloria and her charming friends - Juliet and Belle - want to look like winter beauties and you can help them! Give a relaxing facial spa, apply shiny makeup, combine princess dresses and shoes, create a fabulous style and finish the makeover with the amazing face accessories!
Princess Gloria Makeup Salon beauty makeover games for girls:
· Take care of three lovely princesses - Gloria, Juliet and Belle!
· Run a beauty salon and create dozens of dream princess looks!
· Treat the girls with a relaxing facial spa, shape eyebrows and apply a face mask!
· Use blush, powder, eye shadows and mascara for the perfect eye makeup!
· Choose the best lipstick color and apply shiny lip gloss!
· Add stylish face accessories for the wonderful winter look!
· Play princess dress up - mix and match fashionable dresses and shoes!
· Select the perfect hairstyle for each beautiful girl!
· Try on as many necklaces and tiaras as you wish!

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13-May, 2018

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