Pro-Gun Vs. Anti-Gun: Is There Middle Ground?

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Pro-gun and anti-gun people came together to see if it's possible to find middle ground on an issue as polarizing as gun rights, especially in light of mass-shootings in America. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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21-Fev, 2018



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Zachary Maruskie
Zachary Maruskie Soat oldin
Gun show sales do go through background checks before you can purchase a fire arm.
Slutty Priestess
Slutty Priestess 3 soat oldin
Whores & House wives
Sean Brady
Sean Brady 4 soat oldin
“I think we all should step forward for that one” Lady in wheelchair:😕
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 8 soat oldin
I think that teachers need to have guns and training to stop school shooting but tell me why you agree or disagree with me
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 8 soat oldin
They do background check you at a gun shows do people just make this up that they don’t
UnknownSavagery 13 soat oldin
As an Australian pro guns is always a good laugh😂
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera 17 soat oldin
It seems like they choose the least articulate pro gun people possible. There are very solid logical arguments, not the least of which that it's a constitutionally guaranteed right. Edit: let me be fair. They're all inarticulate. Every member of this panel.
Andreonna Scott
Andreonna Scott 18 soat oldin
There’s always bad people
williampc993 23 soat oldin
I feel like they just edit out the actual conversations. Or there are none just like here’s the first theme and talk briefly like 2 minutes then done next one. I didn’t gain anything from this my position hasn’t changed. Only thing you get out of it is normal people sitting down being courteous and polite while briefly talking about hot topics.
TombWraith 23 soat oldin
For those of you who continue to say you cannot purchase a gun without a background check, you need to check your laws. Background checks are only mandatory under federal law if you are buying them from an FFL dealer. You must be an FFL dealer to sell at gun stores, but you do not need to be an FFL dealer if you are selling at a show. The "gun show loophole" refers to these transactions. These sales at shows are considered private, and that falls under the states to decide. Unless you live in a state where there are restrictions, you do not need a background check to legally purchase a firearm. That is not to say they will not give one. They just aren't required to by law.
Jaikob Williams
Jaikob Williams Kun oldin
All i got to say is the last thing we need is guns banned in the hood. It takes detriot cops 2 hours to get to you in the hood by that time your already dead or robbed. They dont show you how much crime happens heres because its to much to cover in the news, but the problem is that people dont have a gun to defend them selves against people who have a gun illegally and alot of those people arnt getting caught for there crime
kolika95 Kun oldin
Are these people aware that in most of the countries in the world nobody instead of military or law enforcement are allowed to legally carry a gun and everybody feel safe that way ?
kolika95 12 soat oldin
+TombWraith Thanks, heavily restricted you must have no criminal convictions; no history of medical condition including alcohol and drug-related conditions; no history of depression, mental or nervous disorder, or epilepsy; secure gun safe to store firearm and a demonstrate a good reason for each firearm you wish to own such as hunting, pest control.. self-defense is not accepted as a good reason in England.
TombWraith 16 soat oldin
+kolika95 No, you do not know what you are talking about. For example, guns are heavily restricted in places like the UK and Australia. But you can still purchase a gun as a citizen. In a place like the US, more guns in citizens hands make people more safe. We do not have a gun crime problem.
kolika95 18 soat oldin
The only countries with permissive gun legislation are: Albania, Austria, Chad, Republic of Congo, Honduras, Micronesia, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, the United States, Yemen and Zambia. 17 countries among the 197 that exist. And the least we can say is that they are not examples in term of crime rate.
kolika95 18 soat oldin
You do not know what you're talking about. Get out of your cave. +TombWraith
Apex Kun oldin
what about throwing kunais 🤷🏾‍♂️
Francis Glasco
Francis Glasco Kun oldin
Guns are for killing
Kingjso1237 Kun oldin
Statistics vs anecdotes
Trent P
Trent P Kun oldin
I don’t think the girl at 5:13 knows that the gun show loophole doesn’t exist. You absolutely have to show valid identification, along with taking a thorough background check. It is illegal to sell guns without issuing a background check... Steven Crowder made a video on this.
TombWraith 8 soat oldin
+Trent P It varies from state to state. I have never been to a show that issues background checks, but I live in a lax state for guns.
Trent P
Trent P 8 soat oldin
TombWraith All I know is that he went to both gun stores and gun shows, and was denied a firearm every single time. I’m not sure what the rules and regulations are, but every gun show I’ve ever been to issued a background check. Maybe it varies from state to state.
TombWraith 23 soat oldin
His video was also found to be uniformed and biased. The gun show loophole does exist, its just sort of a red herring. Bad nomenclature. "It is illegal to sell guns without issuing a background check"- Absolutely false. Background checks are only mandatory under federal law if you are buying the gun from an FFL dealer. The loophole refers to people being able to purchase firearms at shows from citizens instead of dealers. These sales are considered private, and the law regarding private sales is a state issue. I have never had a background check on any of the 3 guns I own.
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 2 kun oldin
The 2nd Amendment recognizes an American Citizens Right to own and keep weapons sufficient to Rebel against an oppressive Government . Per the Federalist Papers that explain the intent of the Constitutional Amendments.
Ethan Wambold
Ethan Wambold 2 kun oldin
"I wanna be there to dance". If an armed intruder comes in well than ya dead son
Mekenna Schiaretti
Mekenna Schiaretti 2 kun oldin
for as long as I’m living, you won’t take my guns always from me!
HaskaMoosic 2 kun oldin
I can't believe this is even a debate, it's literally our right as an American to arm ourselves against a tyrannical government if need be, it's an AMENDMENT, why is changing that even a possibility? The idea of banning Guns makes me picture the USA like the novel 1984, that's what it would be like if the people couldn't stand up to the government
Stoneloan 2 kun oldin
When guns are legal: Good guys have guns Bad guys have guns When guns are illegal Good guys don't have guns Bad guys have guns (in less quantity but still present)
Chris S
Chris S 2 kun oldin
I’m sorry I couldn’t help it when the person talking in the beginning said STAND over there and then it should the lady in wheelchair😭😭🙏
Ahmadgazzy 2 kun oldin
thanos needa snap and get rid of all the guns bro
Ipdxcreative 2 kun oldin
That handshake at the end XD
Kappa G
Kappa G 2 kun oldin
Nobody: UK niggas : WaNa GeT ShAnKeD bRuV🗡🇬🇧
Rae M Sings
Rae M Sings 2 kun oldin
For me personally. I do believe in certain cases guns will be the only way to protect yourself however, I think gun laws should be better in all states in the US. I feel people are so dependant on guns, some states allow people to have a concealed weapon or be a minor and have a gun, the danger in that is so severe. Gun violence and violence in general no doubt will ever completely go away but I do agree there are ways to create a safer place for everyone, these gun companies don't care about better gun laws, all they want is money which is disgusting. Im not pro-gun or anti-gun but I believe guns have a purpose but we as a society have tainted the original purpose of protection and turned that purpose into violence.
Vary Olla
Vary Olla Kun oldin
Sorry but your "facts" are incorrect. It is not legal for a minor to own a firearm. Even if their parent bought it for them it would still technically belong to the parent as a minor could not legally possess it. That is especially true with handguns where you must be 21 to purchase/possess. In some States which require a pistol license to possess a handgun = if you walk into a gun store they will not even allow you to handle one unless you posses said pistol license. While States allow under certain circumstances such as hunting for minors to have firearms = a licensed adult must be with them.
Thomas Kappers
Thomas Kappers 2 kun oldin
7:07 wE lIvE iN a SoCiEtY
Roselia Thorn
Roselia Thorn 2 kun oldin
Tjparkes1 3 kun oldin
Like Pro-Gun comment Anti-Gun
Grace Stahnke
Grace Stahnke 3 kun oldin
1: Gun restrictions won’t stop criminals and 2: there are many restrictions and work to go through before you get a gun legally. You don’t just show your id and can buy 20 guns...
amjad jarrar
amjad jarrar 3 kun oldin
All my pro gun people stand on the left *girl on the wheelchair*
SVT Devin
SVT Devin 3 kun oldin
dude looks like rick grimes and has the same facial expressions and body language
White Boy Jerry
White Boy Jerry 3 kun oldin
How do we change? How do we... *intense blurry zoom* do that.
Isaac DeBord
Isaac DeBord 4 kun oldin
Wait wait wait did she say that there is no background check 😂
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
There's not in all cases. Depends on where and who.
United Federation of KFC
"Can I walk faster" LMAO
Someone in the Galaxy
I’m pro-gun
tom a
tom a 4 kun oldin
You can't buy a gun from a gun show without a background check
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
Not true. Depends on who you're buying the gun from and where. All three of my guns were purchased at shows, and I've never had a background check.
Hello 123456789
Hello 123456789 4 kun oldin
Lol they should have got steven crowder on there to rek everyone
I am not impressed by your performance
Pro gun for life
thateffin guy
thateffin guy 4 kun oldin
This video is NOT middle ground, it allows false statements and to be published and im assuming thier editing out the logical rebuttals. If this debate was on a (mostly) unbiased platform like joe rogan, or tim pool the lefts nonsense would have tbe ability to be unbiasedly fact checked instead of just cutting the scene and switching up a question...😒😑😤
thateffin guy
thateffin guy 4 kun oldin
"Whos life has been in danger?" Not a single anti gun liberal have been, yet every pro gun activist did. I wonder why they're pro gun, and the others arent lmao!
ZestyMel0n 13
ZestyMel0n 13 4 kun oldin
I like guns but we definitely need more strict policies, good discussions like this, and education. the fact that someone can walk to Walmart and get one no problems asked is pretty insane.
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
The more good people allowed to carry the better.
Julian Antuna
Julian Antuna 4 kun oldin
Like all laws... there should be a middle ground. Have guns but regulated to be kept out of the wrong hands. Unfortunately there are individuals of the "pro gun" crowd that believe the "give an inch take a mile" argument that is just leaving everyone in a stalemate.
Nat X
Nat X 5 kun oldin
Why is Rick against guns if he killed so many walkers with them
Shit Noone Ever Said
How do expect to have a productive conversation if you aren't willing to go into it with an open mind. I want you to change your mind but I am not willing to offer you that same curtesy. Basically everyone says no to the first question. Doesn't matter what the conversation is about now. Everyone just wasted their time.
Benny Oaks
Benny Oaks 5 kun oldin
Pro gun. Shall not be infringed. I have no idea why the people that advocate the murder of millions of babies a year, feel like they should be able to dictate gun rights. The ability to walk into an abortion clinic knowing you are about to end an innocent life, is exactly the same as being able to walk into a crowded place and commiting mass murder. It's the ability to turn off that part of your mind, or block that part of your soul so you can do it with no remorse. So if you want to have the moral highground, and abortion. I promise you I will hand over my guns if that happens.
TombWraith 5 kun oldin
Or you know...people just understand that it isn't a baby and that it's terminating in most cases a non-sentient parasite. Listen, I'm pro gun, but you make us look bad when you drag in things like abortion.
Darby Sabini
Darby Sabini 5 kun oldin
4:11 ”i think we all should step forward for this” Umm, chief?
Alec Burley
Alec Burley 5 kun oldin
I bet literally every anti gun and gun show loophole promoter has never been to a gun show or even shot a gun. Ignorance is often mistaken for fear.
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
+Alec Burley Not always. My state doesn't have concealed weapons permits. Its considered a private sale, which do not have mandatory background checks.
Alec Burley
Alec Burley 4 kun oldin
+TombWraith but it does require a concealed weapons permit, which is obtained by more than a background check... It's a time saver
TombWraith 5 kun oldin
As someone who has been to many gunshows and is very pro-gun, the "gun show loophole" just refers to the ability to buy a gun at a show without a background check. And it exists. It just isn't a loophole nor is it restricted to shows
I_look dumber_in_person
Where are these groups formed? The pro gunner didn't seem to know some facts..... There's already background at gun shows. A reporter was denied trying to prove the myth of gun show loop holes. Btw, the reporter had a domestic violence conviction.
TombWraith 5 kun oldin
Not necessarily. Depends on who and where you buy the gun. The loophole refers to a private sale at a show, which you do not need a background check for.
MrdotIsaac 5 kun oldin
3:00 I think that was the most telling moment.
Gunner F
Gunner F 5 kun oldin
If they take away guns bad people are still going to have guns so we won’t have anything to protect ourselves
That Guy Bob
That Guy Bob 5 kun oldin
Stricter gun laws and/or a licensing system would save lives
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 4 kun oldin
+That Guy Bob Seriously? 'Explain to me how I get a gun illegally'? You think pedophiles have a hard time finding child porn since it's illegal?
TombWraith 5 kun oldin
+That Guy Bob The fact remains that states and areas that allow open carry have fewer mass shootings and gun homicides than those that have strict gun laws. Not only that, but most "gun deaths" are suicide and accidental discharge. Not homicide. By the way, there is no law against drinking while pregnant. It just isn't advised.
That Guy Bob
That Guy Bob 5 kun oldin
+TombWraith If you're gonna keep comparing stricter gun laws to prohibition, you won't convince me at all. Prohibition banned alcohol, I'm not talking about banning guns. The gun policy you're advocating for would be like if we had zero age restriction on alcohol, and you can have it when pregnant
TombWraith 5 kun oldin
+That Guy Bob No, I do have an argument, and that is why gun legislation has been continuously shot down. Because we don't have a gun problem here. The media only tells you we do.
That Guy Bob
That Guy Bob 5 kun oldin
+TombWraith In other words you don't have an argument lmao
Zoe Wolf
Zoe Wolf 5 kun oldin
My boyfriend and I have been going through every single one of these videos and listening to each side. We have been having some amazing conversations and these videos have opened our eyes to different sides! Thank you so much for creating such great content!
Andrew Hatton
Andrew Hatton 6 kun oldin
How in armed people are gonna take unarmed people’s guns
StoneCold Sweden
StoneCold Sweden 6 kun oldin
Adaeze obviously doesnt know how purchase a firearm
Moriarty 6 kun oldin
when I read the comments, the thing that upsets me the most is how many people see to have given up on society/humanity in general, writing stuff like: "it doesn't matter what you try, you will never be able to stop gun violence" etc. How about coming up with solutions for a change? Because there actually are, societies can change for the better, history has shown us that. I mean we are humans for f**** sake, we invented planes, medicine, we even flew to the moon. I am convinced that we can find solutions for gun violence, as well, if we set our minds to it.
Vary Olla
Vary Olla 6 kun oldin
How about reading the comment by Silver Mist below. Mankind has attempted to ban numerous things in the past - drugs, alcohol, etc.. In every instance people still obtained what they wanted while it ultimately drove further crime and violence. That is not to say there is nothing to be done. It rather demonstrates the difference between people who try to visualize a idyllic fantasy world vs. those who exist in reality and as such temper their "wants" with obtainable goals. Gun violence is not a result of firearms. It is driven by criminality and mental illness = while those things are perpetuated as a result of human nature and cultural mores. So if you really want to deal with gun violence = focus less on "da gun" and more on the individual pulling the trigger or reside yourself to the reality that you can pass all the laws you want and criminals will continue to ignore them and still obtain firearms. This is not Star Trek = it's the real world.
Silver Mist
Silver Mist 6 kun oldin
Banned alcohol....prohibition......start of speak easys Drug ban....drugs still a problem today Ban guns an no way you can convence me that someone who *wants* a gun won't get one. People find their ways. It just how world works.
Alisha420 6 kun oldin
If they tried to take people's guns it would literally start a war within our country. Where I live people don't do nothing but hunt and fish collect guns, knives and ammo GOOD LUCK with all that digging😅
Emanoel Solano
Emanoel Solano 6 kun oldin
guns are not the problem, peaple are. I from brazil, and here woman complains about rape....ok give me a solution. and they say "we just want respect and be free to walk on the street"... so if someone attack you, what you gonna do? "scream for help". if you had a gun rape would greatly decrease. "I dont like guns, violence is not necessary, education is better"..... this would is dangeous, sometimes you wont have dialoge, you gonna have to defend yourself
l ll ll l_
l ll ll l_ 7 kun oldin
This should’ve been about gun control not banning guns
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 4 kun oldin
Tomato, tomohto.
Joe Crowell
Joe Crowell 7 kun oldin
Why didn’t they invite Steven crowded and Ben Shapiro?
T G 7 kun oldin
Pro gun!!!
Angie 7 kun oldin
En Europe we don't carry guns. No mass shootings. No such problems. At the end of the day, if no one has a gun, no one needs a gun.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 4 kun oldin
+Angie My bad, geography wasn't my strong suit. Still, given that in France some guy killed 85 people with 1 truck, and UK has to now ban scissors and pliers because their knife control laws couldn't stop all the people being stabbed to death, doesn't say much for Europe either.
Angie 4 kun oldin
+Lizzie Allen Is this a serious question?
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 4 kun oldin
Isn't New Zealand part of Europe?
Angie 6 kun oldin
+Ken MacDonald Mhhm... Can you link me the statistics? That sounds like a lie.
Tucker Milligan
Tucker Milligan 7 kun oldin
More guns equals less mass shootings
Tucker Milligan
Tucker Milligan 7 kun oldin
Give ppl more guns
Edward Navoy
Edward Navoy 8 kun oldin
Pro gun people have compromised many many times. Not anymore laws, there are more than enough laws. Even banning guns does not get them off the streets, period.
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald 9 kun oldin
There is no middle ground between those who value basic human rights and those who want to deny people their basic human rights.
Ray 9 kun oldin
They really forget the fact that it’s so fking easy to get gun illegally? It’s even simpler to buy parts and assemble it yourself. So by restricting your normal law abiding citizens from owning a gun to protect themselves, you’re putting them at risk with less self defense. The thugs and criminals and psychopaths will always have a way to obtain firearms even with those laws and restrictions. So restricting guns shouldn’t even be a solution here wtf
EDGAR MALAGÓN 9 kun oldin
At this mmoment, what are the rules that regulate the use guns in USA
Vary Olla
Vary Olla 9 kun oldin
Might want to rephrase your question. A gun owner can "use" their firearm basically however they want. There are however laws which regulate access to firearms as well as places you can have them. Those can vary from State to State however. At the Federal level however there are laws concerning purchase/sales and ownership as well as transportation across State lines. So you need to be more specific.
Lisa Leyendekker
Lisa Leyendekker 9 kun oldin
Taking guns away does not stop bad people from doing bad things taking Guns and other weapons away have historically led to tyranny Every Gun Show makes you take a background check regardless of how rich you are. fully Automatic weapons have been taken off the market by the government in the 1980s and the Tommy gun was banned from the market in 1935. for those who don't know the difference, semi-automatic means one trigger pull= one bullet shoots out while automatic means one trigger pull=multiple bullets spray out. the majority of mass shootings are done with handguns/pistols, not rifles.
Robininthehood 9 kun oldin
Anyone ever wonder why they only want to restrict and or remove our second amendment rights?
Robininthehood 4 kun oldin
+Lizzie Allen it seems that they do want to remove the 2nd amendment or at least circumvent it
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 4 kun oldin
They don't, they just know when that one's gone, they can get rid of the rest.
Matthew Streib
Matthew Streib 9 kun oldin
I am pro gun. The fact is that banning something makes it worse. This is due to the reason that whenever something gets banned, all it does is create a black market for it. This would happen with guns. And let me ask u, do u think there would be MORE gun violence if guns were “banned”. I do because then the bad peoples with horrible intent would be more violent cause the6 know that no one else has a gun to defend themselves with.
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken 9 kun oldin
I’m done with this. The definition of a criminal is someone who does not abide by the laws. Gun laws will only affect law abiding citizens and leave them defenseless.
Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan 9 kun oldin
i wish the people that were pro gun were actually well versed on the subject, many NOT ALL of the people in this video know very little about gun violence, self defense, and its a shame the pro gun side was so unknowledgable
TheTravelingSoldier 10 kun oldin
They completely blow over the reason for the 2nd amendment
Thaddeus Sampsel
Thaddeus Sampsel 11 kun oldin
im glad im not the only one who thought he looked like rick
FBI 11 kun oldin
Of course the black person is pro-gun smh
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 4 kun oldin
+Ken MacDonald Been that way ever since the black codes.
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald 9 kun oldin
Typical democrat, trying to deny blacks their basic human rights.
Andrea Mendenhall
Andrea Mendenhall 9 kun oldin
Laiman Tukumoeatu
Laiman Tukumoeatu 11 kun oldin
If you make them illegal only criminals and the governments will have arms...how will law abiding citizens be able to protect themselves? With butter knives??
francisco rocha
francisco rocha 11 kun oldin
In my case I come from a country who's weapons are not allowed(Portugal) and I I'm not a minority so I never needed the use of a gun to protect myself. But my reality is that Portugal isn't a violent country and I don't know how it is in the USA because the mass shootings weren't with my people so I didn't feel it in my skin. But at the end of the day I think people should be able to protect themselves. Y would really like to hear you perspectives so pls comment because comunication is key to not having violence
ZX6 RIDER 11 kun oldin
I honestly believe that if you take guns out of legal owners hands (or everyone’s hands) how would police protect and serve? What about individuals who hunt for food? The reason guns are legal is because it provides checks and balances in regards of a government going rogue.. I do not wish to hurt anyone that is not a threat. But at the same time legal and responsible gun owners should protect those who can’t protect themselves as well. I have made peace with the other side of the argument of the anti gun perspective. The presence of a gun (not necessarily using a gun to defend yourself) will help a lot of individuals think twice about there choice to harm others. I love you all and may God bless you in your future journeys in life. Good topic...
Sage Park
Sage Park 11 kun oldin
America can't solve this problem as long as there are millions of people making money in fire-arms industry.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 4 kun oldin
Guns aren't the problem, people are. Ban people.
Sage Park
Sage Park 9 kun oldin
+Ken MacDonald Sorry pal, but at this moment nobody in this world is more obsessed with subjugating others than Americans.
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald 9 kun oldin
The only problem is ignorant people like you who want to subjugate the American people.
Violet 11 kun oldin
He yo just a suggestion, the crime would go down greatly if there were no guns. I’m not saying all crime would go down but a lot would go down.
Violet 8 kun oldin
Ken MacDonald do you say that violence was staggering before guns? You realize the first gun was made on 1364, so in case you don’t know there isn’t much factual evidence that was before 1364. So you really don’t know how violence could be back then, there are secondary documents and stuff but it’s secondary and most secondary sources aren’t that accurate compared to a first hand. And you say that they prevent a lot of violence. Alright I’ll kind of agree to that to an extent, how about school shoots? Mass shootings? Murders 67% of single homicide cases are used by firearms and if there are multiple victims Is 79%. So it’s not always to prevent violence. So I’ll go with what we both say and say it’s half and half. Yeah but too many wrong people have guns. I’m ok with guns to an extent I really think the process to have a gun should be way more complicated then how it is now. Too many mentally unstable people have guns. So I highly disagree with guns but I will go to an extent that some people should have then if you are qualified. Wait tf. When did I say “government employees” oh wait I kind of did but I mean like police officials or like detectives who’s main job is to protect people or like people in the military because obviously 😂. Government officials like a major or like the president shouldn’t have guns either. Only people who there main job should be allowed guns. It really don’t feel like repeating myself because typing makes my hand cramp up so I’ll shorten up what I said earlier. It was 1364 there isn’t much factual first hand evidence from before that.
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald 9 kun oldin
+Violet "guns have been around for centuries" Sure. And in short supply till relatively recently. Before guns, rates of violence were staggering. As guns became more available, rates of violence declined. "So no one really knows what it would be like without guns." Is this serious? Are you saying that historical scholarship isn't a thing and there's no way to know what happened in the past? "And guns create lots of violence" False. Guns PREVENT a lot of violence. "I’m saying that like officers or people in the police branch should have guns to protect" Of course. Protection is the primary reason it's a right for EVERYONE. "I just don’t think anyone should be able to get a gun" Government employees killed hundreds of millions of people in the twentieth century and you're saying it's safer to make sure only government employees have guns? Of course, that's the type of grossly ignorant statement I would expect someone to say who said "no one really knows what it would be like without guns". The historical record is clear: increased rates of gun ownership dramatically lowers rates of violence.
Violet 9 kun oldin
Ken MacDonald guns have been around for centuries. So no one really knows what it would be like without guns. And guns create lots of violence, I’m saying that like officers or people in the police branch should have guns to protect , I just don’t think anyone should be able to get a gun
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald 9 kun oldin
+Violet "Your basically saying that gun laws are making crime" Keeping law abiding citizens defenseless against the predators among us increases violent crime.
Makey O
Makey O 11 kun oldin
Have all the guns you want, it's your right after all. Even take it to some places where its a good environment for it, where you know somebody else can't get hurt. BUT don't take it to public areas, don't take it to schools, clubs, etc. or walk on the public street with it, that's how "accident" can happen.​
TombWraith 11 kun oldin
Having guns in public places by people who know how to use them is exactly what we need to stop mass shooters. I'm proud to be attending a school where I can carry my gun.
Cesar Cruz
Cesar Cruz 12 kun oldin
JJC 12 kun oldin
But if there was a massive truck massacre would we talk about truck control?
Iran Smith
Iran Smith 12 kun oldin
Thought dude in the thumbnail was Quavo
Makenzie Fugate
Makenzie Fugate 12 kun oldin
You can’t just get a gun at a gun show because you have money unless it’s an illegal gun show you have to do the same background check as if you were in a store
TombWraith 12 kun oldin
Not true in all cases. Depends on who is selling the gun and where you're buying
Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez 12 kun oldin
Oh Yea Yea
Oh Yea Yea 12 kun oldin
Do they not know most people who commit crimes with guns buy them illegally 😂
TombWraith 8 kun oldin
+Ken MacDonald No actually. Most crimes are done with legally possessed firearms. You didn't do any research. In fact, only 28% of gun related homicides and mass shootings are done with an illegally purchased firearm. Most guns used in crime may be illegal for the person carrying them, but are not illegal theselves.
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald 9 kun oldin
+TombWraith Not even remotely true. Most gun crimes are committed with illegally possessed guns. Something like over 90% of all gun murders are with illegally possessed guns.
TombWraith 12 kun oldin
Thats actually not true. Most gun crimes are performed with legally obtained firearms.
Amelie Kurlander
Amelie Kurlander 12 kun oldin
Guns are such a primitive weapon -how about a dagger,spear,bow and arrow.People just lazy.There are other ways to defend yourself...
Raphael Perluiz
Raphael Perluiz 12 kun oldin
I am from a country where weapons are restricted to police only, and we possess the highest homicide rate by people in the world, in my country died more people than the war of Iraq and Afghanistan together
Itz Echo
Itz Echo 13 kun oldin
Why do they think law abiding citizens are the main reason for illegal gun use 🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Vary Olla
Vary Olla 12 kun oldin
People are like electricity = they follow the path of least resistance. Accordingly to (correctly) lay the gun violence issue on the doorstep of suicide and criminality rather than legal usage would force the gun control advocates to address the social problems which drive those suicides and that criminality. Naturally they do not want to open that can of worms. So they instead incrementally try to limit legal access to firearms - which of course does not impact criminals who do not follow the law in any tangible fashion = so that they can thump their chests and say they are trying to deal with the issue. It is always easier to attack a "foil" than deal with real people and problems.
a archie
a archie 13 kun oldin
You think I should go through the same bureaucratic nonsense to be allowed to defend myself that I do to legally drive? Screw you.
WÀBZ 13 kun oldin
I think a shooter is gonna get a gun weather be it in a legal or illegal way.. just my opinion
a archie
a archie 13 kun oldin
Driving a car is not a right
Öykü Elif Öztürk
... Americans
meikäpoika tv
meikäpoika tv 13 kun oldin
Im from Finland and take my advise people of usa NEVER give up your guns, NEVER, its right that every man and woman on earth should have (criminals and psykos not included obiviously)
meikäpoika tv
meikäpoika tv 10 kun oldin
+Annika Langstrumpf Its right to own a gun not need to own a gun
Annika Langstrumpf
Annika Langstrumpf 11 kun oldin
Why ? Why do you need a gun? I Never had to use a gun in my whole life and i don‘t believe i will. I‘m from germany and i feel very safe through gun districtions. I would feel very concerned if everyone would have a gun.
meikäpoika tv
meikäpoika tv 13 kun oldin
One thing 2nd amandent
Jeffry Glasgow
Jeffry Glasgow 13 kun oldin
All gun laws and background checks are infringements. And they've never stopped a criminal.
Prince of Chetarria
Prince of Chetarria 13 kun oldin
As a UK citizen this is such a strange conversation to me - we have very strict gun laws here and so gun death is so minimal. It amazes me that even the anti-gun advocates in this conversation don’t want to ban all guns. Americans see owning a gun as a right, to protect themselves and their freedom. But you can’t own a tank or a rocket to protect your freedom 😂 the best way to protect people is to get rid of all guns. You’re so much more likely to be killed by a gun if you own one
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald 9 kun oldin
Chetarria, Which is better: 1. 0 gun murders and 10,000 murders total 2. 800 gun murders and 1000 murders total
TombWraith 13 kun oldin
Your homicide rates have tripled over the last several years while the US has steady decline. Sure, gun death is minimal. But your knife crime is absurd on top of your acid attacks and fire bombings. Getting rid of all guns protects no one. You are more likely to be killed by a gun if you own one. From suicide and accidental discharge. Not homicide. We don't have a gun problem. We have a mental illness problem.
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