Pro-Gun Vs. Anti-Gun: Is There Middle Ground?

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Pro-gun and anti-gun people came together to see if it's possible to find middle ground on an issue as polarizing as gun rights, especially in light of mass-shootings in America. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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21-Fev, 2018

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Valerie Pritt
Valerie Pritt Daqiqa oldin
If you ban guns, the criminals aren't going to suddenly follow the law. Lawbiders are the only ones who will suffer.
grunt 38 daqiqa oldin
No gun restriction has decreased gun violence.
Todss 56 daqiqa oldin
*gets into life threatening situation* *becomes pro-gun even though they could have just bought a taser gun and defended themselves just the same if no one else owned guns and all guns were banned*
Notmyrealname -
Notmyrealname - 15 soat oldin
I get where some of those gun people are coming from but then I think about where I live in the uk and how I’ve never seen a gun nor known anyone that had one it’s just never been a thing that crossed my mind at all and I think the majority would agree with me to some extent and I wonder if this is because of our gun laws to me it seems like America is now in this toxic gun cycle where the government is going to have to wean everyone off the guns because you let people have them in the first place meaning criminals had them meaning normal civilians feel the need to have them too everyone has guns so everyone needs guns
Ivo Krstulovic
Ivo Krstulovic 17 soat oldin
The women was raped . And no reaction . Realy.
Chibi qwertyuiop
Chibi qwertyuiop 17 soat oldin
People saying that if guns become illegal then only criminals will have guns. Look at any country who has outlawed guns and is as evolved as America. How many mass shootings have they had?
Lachlan Brunt
Lachlan Brunt 21 soat oldin
Have at look at what Australia did with guns, nuff said
TombWraith 17 soat oldin
And they year after they banned guns nearly tripled their homicide rate. It has since fluctuated normally. By the way, guns are not banned in Australia. You can get them as long as you own a license.
will H
will H 21 soat oldin
You cannot Accommodate my Rights. They are Absolute and not up for debate. Shall Not Be Infringed! I'm from Southern Commiefornia and I pay attention to Politics. Main reason I have My Rights is to Protect Myself From My Government and Criminals all the same in my eyes!
Serr Hlub
Serr Hlub 21 soat oldin
The guy with the beard said he would like to suggest progressive reform laws that wont remove guns from law abiding citizens but reduce gun related issues? Ain't no such thing! You remove guns and the ONLY people truly affected are the law abiding gun owning citizens. The criminals aren't gonna start following gun laws just because you make them. You find ways to make it illegal they find ways to smuggle it in. And in the end the only people affected are the law abiding gun owners. I'm all for making progress in background checks and improve the process to own a gun, but I ain't foolish enough to think that those laws are gonna make shooting related crimes disappear. At the most it creates a speed bump that these people have to go over but it's not gonna stop them. We have super harsh DUI laws (fact: more people die in DUI related accidents than mass shootings in the USA) and that doesnt stop DUI and repeat DUI offenders. If you remove guns from law abiding citizens the only people you're truly protecting are the people with cruel intentions. But just my .2 cents. 🤷‍♂️
Sheikh Irfan
Sheikh Irfan Kun oldin
The guy in white tshirt looks like a cross between Quavo and Kofi Kingston 👀
KoTs_PHISH Kun oldin
TombWraith Kun oldin
Not always. Depends on the state and who you're buying it from.
Crixzly _
Crixzly _ Kun oldin
You can’t buy guns at gunshows
Crixzly _
Crixzly _ Kun oldin
TombWraith no you’re wrong. Gun shows are an event where people can show off the guns that they own. Second they can be obtained you’re right about that, my bad, but they can only be obtained if you’ve passed a background check, psychological test, and have the right certificates/licenses. Keep in mind that this is if the person is a reasonable and smart gun owner (which most owners are). You can get it illegally by a person selling you one without any credentials. So my bad what I was meaning to say was legally
TombWraith Kun oldin
Yes you can. That's kinda what they're there for.
Scott Williams
Scott Williams Kun oldin
YOU CAN'T BY A GUN FROM A GUN SHOW WITHOUT A BACKGROUND CHECK! FFS PEOPLE LEARN THE CURRENT GUN LAWS! If you try and use a private sale at a gun show as your reason to ban guns then you need to get a grip. Private sales are LEGAL! You want to ban guns yet you call people with guns to protect you. Duh.
TombWraith Kun oldin
Yes you absolutely can. Regardless of whether it is on the street or at a show, unless you are buying from an FFL dealer, the sale is considered private. So stop saying you can't buy guns at gun shows without a background check. That is 100% false.
Anti-gun people couldn't relate with Pro-gun people when they were almost threated.
Sina Allen
Sina Allen Kun oldin
Really happy I live in Germany 🇩🇪
jnelson Kun oldin
Okay the myth of going to a gun show and buying guns with cash is horribly inaccurate. Steven crowder did a whole video where he went to numerous guns shows, it was a small sample size but it at least showed its not like you can just walk in and out with a gun.
TombWraith Kun oldin
Except crowder specifically went to people who were dealers, which will require a background check. All 3 of my guns were purchased at shows. All were purchased 3rd party. Never had a background check.
J Y Kun oldin
I love how they keep saying plz more gun control, but yet did not state a single effective way of doing that, the only one I remember being said is already in place. I think ignorance and privilege is a major reason to why a person could be anti-gun.
ShengVang 2 kun oldin
One thing I like about this channel is the diversity presented. I have yet to see a single video of an all red neck group representing all “conservative” views. I’m satisfied because elsewhere, conservatives are always associated with white men and that’s a misrepresentation and it’s dishonest. It leaves out tens of thousands of people like me who are not male or white.
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie 2 kun oldin
They do background checks when you buy guns. 🤦🏽‍♀️
TombWraith 2 kun oldin
Depends on who you buy them from.
Arata Kirishima
Arata Kirishima 2 kun oldin
More people should watch this video.
Carlie Byrom
Carlie Byrom 2 kun oldin
Idek I feel like all the gun violence is terrible so guns shouldn't be aloud, but then I think about u need a gun to protect your family or yourself so u should be aloud to have guns. I don't know how I should think about guns it's all very scary not knowing what could happen if the wrong person had a gun.
YoursTruly #Devine
YoursTruly #Devine 2 kun oldin
We live in a society where we have to carry a gun the reason why is because the devil is stomping Earth grounds and he's on a mission to destroy ALL
Liberty Scott
Liberty Scott 2 kun oldin
Damn all this stuff makes me so glad I'm not American. It's a total non issue in the UK. Hardly anyone has guns or feels the need to have them. Does crime exist? Yeah, but generally no firearm is involved on either side, we fight in other ways. Would it be cool for literally just me to have a gun and know i'm one up on everyone else, yeah, but then that'd ultimately go along with everyone else having a gun like in the US and then I'm in a Wild West face off situation with someone else equally with a gun and I'd probably still be screwed. I'm relieved that mass shootings don't exist in the UK. The only issue that is similar here is the knife issue in London, youths carry knifes to feel safer but end up then using them and around a 100 fatal stabbings happen every year, our mayor isn't calling for more people to carry knifes to protect themselves though, he's asking them all to put their knifes down. I get that you guys just have so many of them now you don't see a way out, but I hope you at least get more gun CONTROL at the very very least.
Nickolina Regina
Nickolina Regina 3 kun oldin
Here in Canada it’s nice
Jay Stumpff
Jay Stumpff 3 kun oldin
5:36 no gun show loophole. You cannot go in and buy a gun with no background check. Even if you have “a bunch of cash”. This keeps that myth alive.
TombWraith 2 kun oldin
Absolutely not true. Depends entirely on who at the show you're buying the gun from. Its treated as a private sale if the purveyor is not an FFL licensed dealer. And there is no mandatory background check on private sales.
Bryson Andrews
Bryson Andrews 3 kun oldin
They dont want guns but are probably all in for abortion
Alex Mitchell
Alex Mitchell 3 kun oldin
I'll save you the time. There is no middle ground. Either you support 2A or you don't....
Hayden Formica
Hayden Formica 4 kun oldin
5:23 that is not correct at all, it is already illegal to buy a gun without a background check
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
Not true. Just depends on who you buy the gun from and where. There is no federal background check on private sales, nor do most states have any restrictions on private sales.
Sasquatch 4 kun oldin
My only question for pro-guns is: If guns are so good for defense, why can't people take them on a plane, uh?
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 3 kun oldin
Why can't you take a tube of toothpaste over 3 ounces on a plane, uh?
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
Because people dont trust or know your intentions on what you plan to do with it.
Musicbandit92 4 kun oldin
Most gun related deaths are from suicide not shootings sooo the mental health is a huge part of it. Not gun laws
Kevin Anrich
Kevin Anrich 4 kun oldin
I believer in 2nd amendment and right of citizen to own a firearm. However I also believe that there must be strict background check and gun education before any one can purchase a gun. The type of gun available for public should be limited in caliber and magazine capacity. An idea of renewable gun license is worth exploring.
Rich Niede
Rich Niede 4 kun oldin
All of the anti gun people don’t realize they are only hurting their own supporters meaning a lot of ghetto areas. The bad people will get guns anyway.
Dante DiBello
Dante DiBello 4 kun oldin
Your either fight or flight fight being pro gun flight being anti gun
Claren Dennis
Claren Dennis 5 kun oldin
It seems that if you don't live in a area that has danger in it, then you don't have to need a gun but if you live in a area that has danger in it, then you need a gun... It's a unfortunate reality that people live in
Claren Dennis
Claren Dennis 5 kun oldin
+Lizzie Allen well I don't know if you wanna compare places in, let's say, California and the 2 places we'll use are orange county and low Angeles county... I mean you know the difference between the 2 but which county would you need to protect yourself more in??? And if we need to use another example, we can Iowa and Florida... Which one do you probably need a weapon in... And in the hood if you ever go there, look for a fire extinguisher...
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 5 kun oldin
Thing is, there's danger literally everywhere, even the 'good' neighborhoods, even the gated communities, even in the well to do families, you can't just say 'oh we don't have crime here all the time, so I don't need a gun'. You'd NEVER say 'my house has never caught on fire, so I don't really need an extinguisher'.
karsten schaffhauser
big game/ trophy hunters vs. anti hunting
S G 6 kun oldin
America is for Europe a real life soap serie
Starman 6 kun oldin
"Is their a middle ground" no you either have the right to self preservation or you don't
Andrea Schuhmeier
Andrea Schuhmeier 6 kun oldin
Hasani is 🔥🔥🔥 I see you boo 👀😍
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 6 kun oldin
“Im gonna have you stand on the left” *shows person in a wheel chair*
Isabelle Bretas
Isabelle Bretas 6 kun oldin
Unfortunately, in my country (Brazil) the president got elected with the promise of give the people "security" by making a law where gun ownership would be accepted, here the level of violence is very high in the whole country, but also the level of femicide gets high everyday, I spent my whole childhood seeing my mother being abused and I believe that if that man had a gun, I wouldn't have a mother today, I know that on the USA is a complete different situation but growing up at a environment like this I can't feel nothing but fear for the people who live like I once did. (sorry for my intermediary english, lol and I'm late af)
Nick Name
Nick Name 6 kun oldin
2:00 smartest man on planet earth
Canadian Listener
Canadian Listener 7 kun oldin
The guy in the beard is trying to get the group to the point of examining the American love for guns and self defense but doesn't bring up the fact that it is culture. US gun culture is sick. Start there and argue for change of culture. They use to break and bind the feet of little girls in China for a 1000 years but finally they changed that culture. They don't practice foot binding anymore. So work to change US gun culture so you don't practice gun shoot outs in society any more just like the rest of the developed world- Australia, Britain, Canada, Europe, Japan.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 7 kun oldin
Australia's own people say they have drive by shootings every single day, even though 'nobody there has guns', the British government banned guns 20 years ago and last year they had to ban knives because of a sudden surge of criminals stabbing too many victims to death. Britain by the way of part of Europe, which is a continent, not a country. Japan has the 2nd highest suicide rate of the industrialized world, and 50-65% of all gun deaths in America are suicides, so you were saying something?
Jerich0 7 kun oldin
I love Canada... no guns (pretty much)
Dre 7 kun oldin
Americans that are pro-gun will never understand what a difference it makes with strict gun laws. And that it’s the best decision any country could make. Literally! Australia has been living that way (with stricter gun laws) for the past now 23 years!! It only took ONE mass shooting, (in 1996), for Australia to change the gun laws for the better. But America seems to continually fail to do so. Even after many massacres & school shootings, etc. Even though they see countries like Australia and others that have made the change and it has went well, and we live safely. How can’t America realise that and just change it already!! Change the gosh damn laws America!!
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 7 kun oldin
You have a strange definition of living safely since your own people say there are drive-by shootings every day, now what reason could anybody living in the Oz utopia have to lie about something like that? They're just sick and tired of life being so safe and ideal or something?
BLUE MATRIX36 7 kun oldin
On a serious note I don't think guns should be illegal. Take a second and think with me, drugs are illegal but drug users still get drugs. So what happens when law abiding citizens hand over there guns and have nothing to defend themselves against bad people who don't want to give there guns up or still find ways to get guns , what then? People die, snowflakes believe humans can coexist without violence and the world is all peachy if we work together. Wrong
BLUE MATRIX36 7 kun oldin
I laughed when the black guy said I think we should all step forward and then the one lady wheeled her way over😂
Flvver 8 kun oldin
Daniel 8 kun oldin
i actually think that guns should require a license, a required class on gun safety that you need to pass and no convictions of violent crime unless they have bin expunged from the record otherwise guns are great tools in my opinion, and 99.999 percent of people buying like 20 guns just love going to the range and playing with there "toys"something im fine with if they are responsible
THE HIP-HOP HEAD 9 kun oldin
*that Quavo looking dude knows whats up. Laws only work if you obey them. Criminals don’t care about them.*
anjali bean
anjali bean 9 kun oldin
just throwin my opinion out there but all the pro gun supporters had actually been in dangerous situations. so it makes sense why they would want guns for protection. but keep in mind that banning guns wont just take the guns away from the victim, but also the criminals. taking away guns wont make you vunerable to shooters because people couldnt even become shooters in the first place..
Video Games
Video Games 6 kun oldin
anjali bean exactly
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 7 kun oldin
Right, just like we banned drugs 60 years ago, so criminals can't get drugs anymore, right?
Video Games
Video Games 8 kun oldin
anjali bean criminals will buy it illegally but law abiding citizens won’t
Coltmoto lucas
Coltmoto lucas 9 kun oldin
Let's not forget why it's our RIGHT and not a PRIVILEGE. The RIGHT to own a gun is to fight against a potential tyrannical government which has happened in the past and led to the MILLIONS OF DEATHS of men, women, and children, fact.
John Deltufo
John Deltufo 9 kun oldin
These anti gun gun people r retarded literally if you ban guns or stricter gun laws, a lot of people would not have them but the only people that would have them r fuckin criminals makin it that the society would be a disadvantage
Apple Lynch
Apple Lynch 9 kun oldin
aarpn got good hair , i love it
Zurixia Il {Trssx}
Zurixia Il {Trssx} 9 kun oldin
In my city in Canada i haven’t heard of any murder in my whole life
hope 4thefuture
hope 4thefuture 9 kun oldin
Okay you're not in the club with a gun, but the person waiting to rob you outside has one. 🤷‍♂️
sirj j
sirj j 9 kun oldin
Violent nations produce violent civilians/ citizens. When in Rome "Lock and load" , when in Peaceville "talk it out"
Cole Hayden
Cole Hayden 9 kun oldin
The “gun show loophole” is a myth perpetuated by the Obama administration. It is completely false and the black girl doesn’t know what she is talking about.
TombWraith 9 kun oldin
+Cole Hayden you didn't post a link. I assume you were posting a link to a video of them "proving" the gun show loophole false. That doesn't mean it is. Background checks are only mandatory by law if you're buying them from a dealer.
Cole Hayden
Cole Hayden 9 kun oldin
TombWraith go watch the video I just pasted the link to
TombWraith 9 kun oldin
+Cole Hayden Private sales do not require background checks in most states.
Cole Hayden
Cole Hayden 9 kun oldin
TombWraith that’s the thing. They do require the background checks. It’s a felony if they don’t.
Morrigan 10 kun oldin
I think the topic of violence in this country is deeper than the topic of guns and anything we do about guns won't make the problem go away and will just have the problem find a different outlet. And we need to address it from the root of the problem.
Ravindecavalier 10 kun oldin
Did she really just say a person with a lot of money can buy 20 guns at a gun show smh
TombWraith 9 kun oldin
Though it would look shady as hell, I'm sure you can find someone who would.
Ely Krupinski
Ely Krupinski 10 kun oldin
I’m from St. Louis
E las
E las 10 kun oldin
Just want to point out that gun laws in Puerto rico are the strictest in the U.S. and we have 18.51 killings per 100,000 residents compared to the 5.35 in the U.S. mainland (2016, it is worse now) If you are anti-guns I want you to tell me if these gun laws have helped anyone here? I had to buy a simple knife to have something to defend myself with in my car.
Bennycook1 10 kun oldin
Gun ownership has reached a ridiculous point in the USA. There’s no reason why people should be terrified of being shot and killed, for example I believe that the fact that schools need to practice for school shootings is disgusting. Had gun laws been enforced YEARS ago these problems wouldn’t be apparent on such an awfully large scale. It’s just gotten to an irreversible state.
Bennycook1 9 kun oldin
Lizzie Allen Because it’s not / wasn’t such a huge problem if you’re comparing it to gun crime in the USA. My point is, people shouldn’t have to live in fear of being shot to the point that they need a gun themselves.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 9 kun oldin
+Bennycook1 But people were stabbed to death all the time, proven by the fact the government felt a need to take action by enforcing 'knife control'. How could you be surrounded by all that senseless killing and not spend every day in fear for your life from any random psycho on the street with a blade in his pocket?
Bennycook1 9 kun oldin
Lizzie Allen No
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 9 kun oldin
+Bennycook1 Have you ever, that is before last year when the UK government banned knives because too many people got stabbed to death, feared that you'd be knifed by some psycho in your own country?
Bennycook1 10 kun oldin
I get that in some areas people need guns to protect themselves. But that shouldn’t be a thing. There should be no reason that someone should be scared of being shot. If there was gun laws there could be less or none of that fear.
TombWraith 10 kun oldin
No, increasing gun laws only increases that fear. That's why these mass shootings happen in gun free zones and in states where they're strict on guns
Dre Tv.
Dre Tv. 10 kun oldin
If there are no guns then you don’t need to protect yourself most of the time. A person is more likely to shoot you from 30 feet than to stab you up close or literally beat you to death
What The
What The 10 kun oldin
“That’s gonna put my family at danger”, the biggest danger to your children is their illiterate father who can’t even speak his native language...
iResttlessly V2
iResttlessly V2 10 kun oldin
Honestly with the whole stricter laws is kind of useful short term but it’d slowly get back to being worse. My analogy for this is kids still get their hands on drugs and things of the sort even though it’s illegal, people WILL find a way. The only people it makes it worse for is law abiding citizens, going through more steps to get guns, while people can still cheat the system and leaves innocent people with worse protection for themselves and their family.
Manuel Delgado
Manuel Delgado 11 kun oldin
People would just buy them from the black marcket
Tempo Tronica
Tempo Tronica 11 kun oldin
You can't, it goes against human nature.
Bleached Mud
Bleached Mud 11 kun oldin
You cannot purchase firearms all Wily nily at gun shows. When you apply to have a stand at a gun show you must be a liscenced dealer Wich requires you to give a background check to whomever you sell the firearm to. Only after the background check gets the o.k. does the purchaser aquire the firearm.
jacob carolan
jacob carolan 11 kun oldin
You won’t appreciate guns until you wish you had one but by that time it’s probably to late for you to wish you had one.
tLc 11 kun oldin
Should’ve educated the black girl because gun shows are a lot more strict
TombWraith 11 kun oldin
Depends on who you're buying from and where. It was a lot easier to get a gun for me at a show. No background check or bill of sale. Just a state issued ID. Took me 45 minutes.
Kohler Stroebel
Kohler Stroebel 11 kun oldin
They do know you can’t just buy a gun without a background check right? Ik the laws need to be stricter but that one chick said you can just go buy 20 guns for no reason. You can’t legally buy a gun without extensive background checks
TombWraith 11 kun oldin
Yes you can. Theres no background check on private sales in most states. And no, the laws dont need to be stricter. That's what leads to mass shootings.
Jew Fro
Jew Fro 12 kun oldin
We live in a society
GopnikRaptor 12 kun oldin
T-Pose Kek
T-Pose Kek 12 kun oldin
I’m not really pro or anti gun. I know that if this were 200 years ago and they took away guns it would be a good thing because no one modern day would have one. However, nowadays people will get them no matter what.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 11 kun oldin
Guns need to exist, as long as there are evil people in this world good people need effective means to protect themselves, none of this 'oh excuse me mista rapist/killer, I want this to be a fair fight so would you mind getting close enough I can taze you but not close enough to stab me while we wait 30 minutes for the cops to come?'
JoshintheGym 12 kun oldin
My question is simply this... What about criminals who are already operating outside of the law? How are you going to disarm them? I don't think that carrying a gun is meant to protect anyone from the decent people sitting at this roundtable. You're carrying it to protect yourself from criminals who don't care about your laws or your life. Small women should have an inherit right to protect themselves against large male assailants. Unless the bad guys start carrying around katanas and kali sticks, a baseball bat and some self defense training aren't going to cut it.
Fizzi 12 kun oldin
I’m actually surprised that this didn’t get heated.
Aletheran 12 kun oldin
Even though I can understand it rationally, the thought of needing a gun to be able to feel safe, is in itself a scary thought to me.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen 11 kun oldin
Why's that?
Annabel Geerts
Annabel Geerts 12 kun oldin
I'm so happy that I live in the Netherlands where guns are so hard to get
Jackson Ganuelas
Jackson Ganuelas 12 kun oldin
There ARE background checks you dummy! I was denied a got damn hunting rifle
TombWraith 12 kun oldin
Then you bought it from a dealer or in a state where there are restrictions. You do not need a background check on private sales in most states
Treyvontae Alston
Treyvontae Alston 13 kun oldin
There is nothing wrong with guns. Just like there is nothing wrong with cars, wine, etc. However there is something wrong with people hearts. And a mental illness have nothing to do with it. There are people who have disabilities that are some of the nicest people in the world. It doesn't matter what disabilities or illness you have. That does not effect you shooting someone with a gun in your hand out of hate. This is my belief but things will never change. Until Jesus comes back again, things are going to get worse. Please don't come at me, I respect that some of you don't believe in God, please respect that I do with my comment. Thank you.
Calvin Chu
Calvin Chu 13 kun oldin
He looks like white Rick Fox
Bass Fishing Pennsylvania
We should make drugs illegal so no one gets them....oh wait
The Tru Omega Legend
No countries like America have successfully taken away guns from the people
TheRealAlexT 13 kun oldin
woman in black shirt and jeans: “I feel like people of this country should start speaking up blah blah blah” *only spoke like three times
clint cooper
clint cooper 13 kun oldin
Anti gun people always say well if they had to do a background check? Um ok you already do have to have a background check. They have no clue what they are talking about lmao
clint cooper
clint cooper 13 kun oldin
TombWraith another libtard reply!
TombWraith 13 kun oldin
You don't always have to do a background check. Depends on where and who you're buying from.
austin cowan
austin cowan 13 kun oldin
It's already to late to BAN so called assault rifle's, that will only affect law abiding citizens that will not be able to protect them selves from the Criminal element, tyrannical government, and foreign or domestic threats... Do you honestly think criminals will abide by a "Ban"... No they will not... as long as there is a black market which there always will be and always has been since the dawn of civilization... Criminals will always have access to them. We are to the point where there are so many so called "assault rifle's" that have been manufactured to the civilian market that a BAN will not just get rid of the problem, you will see a spike in crime and violence if anything...
austin cowan
austin cowan 13 kun oldin
Just look at California if you dont believe me lol, They have the highest rate of crime and Gang violence yet they have the strictest gun laws in America...
Dank Nuggz
Dank Nuggz 13 kun oldin
All these folks are missing the true point...enemies Foreign AND Domestic..but mostly from our GOVERNMENT
Spiky_haha 13 kun oldin
why is quavo there alone...wher the other 2?
Bruno Giovagnoli
Bruno Giovagnoli 13 kun oldin
who raped the fattie😂😂😂
Zkenz21awesomeo 13 kun oldin
The United States does not have a gun issue, it has a mental health issue at the end of the day. Someone in their right psychological mind would not willingly take all those people lives for no reason. So pro gun because of our rights, abilities, etc. but we need to investigate the real issues at hand. So no not a 5000 Q test but some type of screening COULD be something to look into. Middle ground a great way to show we don’t need to completely hate each other over differing opinions and shows that we can just talk, discuss, hear people out and work together as a nation again instead. Of all this republican and Democrats hatred that I feel is slowest growing within the radicals and extreme left and rights.
~Aurora~ 13 kun oldin
I think owning guns is fine but why isn't there a license for it in America like in other countries?
TombWraith 13 kun oldin
+~Aurora~ It can be. You should really only buy a gun if you know how to use one. But some people dont feel that way.
~Aurora~ 13 kun oldin
+TombWraith i didnt know that to me it always looks like it is extremely easy to obtain a gun in America? And also the way they just have it lying around the house, the woman said "a gun on her bedside table" seems really unsafe? Maybe bc I'm not used to it but it makes more sense to me when you have to keep the gun locked away, so that other people cannot have easy access to it.
TombWraith 13 kun oldin
There is. Conceal carry and handgun licenses are 2 examples
SuperGDP 13 kun oldin
Not surprised that the girl didn't realize there are background checks at gun shows, looks like she barely left the suburbs before
TombWraith 13 kun oldin
Because there aren't in most states. Just depends on who you're buying it from.
Stephanie Reghenzani
Be like Australia 🇦🇺
Nivzi 13 kun oldin
Hunter Hoose
Hunter Hoose 13 kun oldin
Good discussions, however, to answer the title: No. There is no middle ground. The main reason we have guns in the US was not even discussed in the video. It is to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government. We are supposed to be equally armed with the government if not we should outgun the government. This is not even that crazy of an opinion. The founders wanted the citizens to be able to defend themselves from the government. Yes, this means I am saying we should be allowed to own tanks and have no restrictions on what types of firearms or other arms we can buy.
kenneth Schroeder
kenneth Schroeder 13 kun oldin
It’s not the gun that kills its the person who kills
Ty Baker
Ty Baker 13 kun oldin
You can’t buy guns at gun shows it’s illegal
TombWraith 13 kun oldin
The whole purpose for gun shows is to purchase guns.
Al Williams
Al Williams 14 kun oldin
Lets all play victim. Whos down?
General Flip
General Flip 14 kun oldin
Real quick, before any of you Europeans start talking about how we Americans need to get rid of our guns: I'd just like to remind you that if it wasn't for us and our guns, you'd all be speaking German.
Jarah Fluxman
Jarah Fluxman 12 kun oldin
Actually no. If it wasn't for the Soviets and their guns, they'd all be speaking German. Also....it wasn't joe with his .9 who landed at Normandy. It was a government funded army with government supplied guns. Nobody is suggesting banning the military from having guns.