Pro Players Funny and Fails Montage of 2019 | (League of Legends) #3

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Best of Pro Players Funny and Fails | League of FUNNY AND FAILS Montage
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3-Yan, 2019

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Yara Khaled
Yara Khaled 7 kun oldin
If you consider poki as a proffesional player then you are an actual monkey
Zchan botoy
Zchan botoy 7 kun oldin
first song name?
yoyo army
yoyo army 8 kun oldin
who 6:58, recall one ?
Zach DeMar
Zach DeMar 11 kun oldin
As an Elise main i can't watch people playing Elise. Now i know why my stats are 2x higher than the average Elise in every rank
Edgardo Torres
Edgardo Torres 12 kun oldin
I’m selling my league account it’s a lvl 109 account with 90 champions and 28 skins ( 1 ultima 3 legendary 9 epic 10 legacy and 5 normal skins) 4 ward skins and 17 emotes for more info contact me on discord: edgardo2040
Eu sou a lenda
Eu sou a lenda 12 kun oldin
O melhor foi o br
Gerard Nova
Gerard Nova 13 kun oldin
Fakel troll :p
League Life
League Life 13 kun oldin
Cheap and reliable League Elo Boost www.opggboost.com/
LoL vs Dota
LoL vs Dota 13 kun oldin
The recall is a bug or a fail? Xd
Gustavo Sensei
Gustavo Sensei 13 kun oldin
Coscu propayer? jajaja
Kaatiaaw GAYmer
Kaatiaaw GAYmer 13 kun oldin
Tarot Selwyn
Tarot Selwyn 13 kun oldin
faker! lmao
Patrick Hallett
Patrick Hallett 13 kun oldin
1:01 You did that on purpose, asshole! Granted, she had it coming, but still
Manuel Reyes
Manuel Reyes 13 kun oldin
That last one... that's y u always q r q when u got em in ult range.
Paulo Henrique Nunes
pro gamer
pro gamer 13 kun oldin
I love u❤❤
Quentin Van Rompu
Quentin Van Rompu 13 kun oldin
Les pire fdp c espagnol
Only Master yi [ O.T.P master YI]
Pobre coscu ajajjaj
bestyou ne deviendra jamais youtubeur
2019 will be better 😄!
tiä gäbië
tiä gäbië 13 kun oldin
quem é esse fske
Vasilis T
Vasilis T 13 kun oldin
I feeder check antilipsi chanel he is twich streamer
Im a just Melodi
Im a just Melodi 13 kun oldin
ModtaShow 13 kun oldin
Second! SUB2SUB. Sub me ill sub u .
Pomaraczek 13 kun oldin
i FEEDER 13 kun oldin
Faker is troller !
18 kun oldin