#ProudToCreate: Pride 2018

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You don't just imagine a better future - you create it. This Pride Month, we're celebrating LGBTQ voices that shape our world - past, present, and future.
To read more, please visit our blog: youtube.googleblog.com/2018/06/what-are-you-proudtocreate.html
Music: “Drop” by Big Freedia, DJ Snake, and Diplo
Special thanks to:
Tyler Oakley | uzvid.com/video/video-tJFk9dPdxO0.html
A Dazed Film, Bravo NYC - Directed by Aurélien Heilbronn
Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales
Young M.A and her Brooklyn Roots: Noisey Raps | uzvid.com/video/video-QveOY-2eCyg.html
Mykki Blanco Celebrates Johannesburg’s Born-Free Queer Artists and Activists | uzvid.com/video/video-6AXWQT486_E.html
Curtis Blair - Beauty is Confidence - Director; Marissa Baklayan - Model
SHHE 'Eyes Shut': A Dazed Film - Directed by Harry Clark @harryclarkphotography - Music by SHHE @shhemusic - Performed by James Southward @jimbz1 and Francesco Ferrari
Queer Couple Reveal the Key to Modern Marriage and Happiness | uzvid.com/video/video-ymoB2YMoNac.html
Interrupt This Program/CBC Arts
The New Yorker
NBC Universal Archives; Ballez Company, Katy Pyle - Artistic Director; Jules Skloot - Dancer
DJ Mitch Ferrino; C.L.A.T - Producer
Queer (Self) Portrait/CBC Arts
Glamour Magazine
LOVERBOY: Charles Jeffrey Takes New York’s Underground Queer Club Scene | uzvid.com/video/video-VECiJoBu0h8.html
i-D Meets: Troye Sivan | uzvid.com/video/video-uPJ6NT2RXk4.html




7-Iyn, 2018

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Eclipse Sound
Eclipse Sound 21 soat oldin
wtf is this is doing on youtube spotlight? this is disgusting...
Granola Scout
Granola Scout Kun oldin
whats becoming an extinct race? me: straight people
L gender G Dysphoria B doesn’t T empower Q you it gets u aids
MrsLuigi 2 kun oldin
"We're simply changing the world" oh yea for the worse
PhatCrayonz 2 kun oldin
130k dislikes. I guess nobody likes this.
manalu1640 2 kun oldin
Supreme T
Supreme T 3 kun oldin
Proud to not have a father day I guess 🤦🤷
Dan Claw
Dan Claw 4 kun oldin
More dislikes then likes is Heaven TO my eyes
Dan Claw
Dan Claw 4 kun oldin
UZvid is gay.
iS4vaqe2 4 kun oldin
im proud to be straight
James Kirk
James Kirk 4 kun oldin
The definition of sadness.
waiting 90 days to change my name
Pause at 0:30
jurassic josie
jurassic josie 5 kun oldin
"We are amazing because we are queer." wtf
SoberBoy Ash
SoberBoy Ash 3 kun oldin
jurassic josie they think they such a special snowflake Until they get aids tho...(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
jjswag 6 kun oldin
You already have the rights you were fighting for, why do you have to keep pushing these videos in our faces, we get it, UZvid is really far left, stop pushing your agenda down our throats in every video
Baeagon 7 kun oldin
We want alex NOW
Infantry Captain
Infantry Captain 7 kun oldin
Bring back Info Wars, bring back Alex Jones, F R E E S P E E C H N O W!!!
Justin Temple
Justin Temple 7 kun oldin
This is really gay tbh
CarpusMedia Inc
CarpusMedia Inc 7 kun oldin
Infowars / Alex Jones banned?
Noob Nooby
Noob Nooby 7 kun oldin
Yeah, but why do you mention it on a Minecraft trolling video that was uploaded 1 year ago?
Cady Grenier
Cady Grenier 7 kun oldin
Why is this comment section so hateful damn
Eclipse Sound
Eclipse Sound 21 soat oldin
Cady Grenier So what? you want everything to be nice and fluffy? this is war.
Cady Grenier
Cady Grenier 5 kun oldin
QWERT QWERT Good point, but I was just pointing out the homophobic comments. Trust me I am still mad about the Father’s day thing too, but the comments are still mean
QWERT QWERT 5 kun oldin
Sugar Pimp Dorsey The CEO of UZvid is a Jew herself so I don't get your point. Also if anything, UZvid is more communist leaning than fascist leaning. Just a correction.
Sugar Pimp Dorsey
Sugar Pimp Dorsey 5 kun oldin
Because youtube is run by antisemitic fascists
QWERT QWERT 7 kun oldin
Cady Grenier Because UZvid puts a whole month for gays to celebrate their sexuality while fathers day is not even mentioned in the slightest. This is just one reason out of many.
go green
go green 8 kun oldin
What has the world turn into
go green
go green 4 soat oldin
Danny Raven I’m actually fine with gay people but this is just fucked up
go green
go green 4 soat oldin
Danny Raven it isn’t equality it’s madness
Danny Raven
Danny Raven 4 soat oldin
go green The world isn't going to end because of equality
Rite Kunt
Rite Kunt 9 kun oldin
We should start a movement to protect normal gay people from these lunatics.
Jastus Ha'ar
Jastus Ha'ar 9 kun oldin
**Looks at Dislikes** *Folks. We did it*
Jastus Ha'ar
Jastus Ha'ar 8 kun oldin
The kingdom knight Yes. Now we wait for 2019.
The kingdom knight
The kingdom knight 9 kun oldin
Jastus Ha'ar mission acomplished
Alyxendrr Paezaneo
Alyxendrr Paezaneo 9 kun oldin
These people are destroying society
Parker Johnston
Parker Johnston 11 kun oldin
This video scares me.
Meloettaluver22 Angie
Panic! At the Bible Study
this is clickbait. marty im scared
Norway Tracking
Norway Tracking 12 kun oldin
“We are amazing because we are queer” Oh no, I’m white, cisgender, male, straight, and Christian, I guess that makes me the absolute scourge of humanity!
Ay ItzTony
Ay ItzTony 12 kun oldin
I’m also proud to be a black potato chip
Ethan 14 kun oldin
Send the gays to Mexico before trump builds the wall. Or better yet send them to Saudi Arabia so they can see what real oppression looks like.
Parker Johnston
Parker Johnston 11 kun oldin
I heard that they aren’t gonna be able to build the wall... (darn it)
JakeTheSnake05 14 kun oldin
This is gay
X-Men CollectionZ
X-Men CollectionZ 14 kun oldin
That's a lotta AIDS.
iMatt 14 kun oldin
Titan Slayer
Titan Slayer 15 kun oldin
If this is future, it's gonna be a dystopia for sure.
fapple 15 kun oldin
this is a mental illness
Line Dart
Line Dart 15 kun oldin
When UZvid has no more ideas, UZvid:
Line Dart
Line Dart 15 kun oldin
UZvid please stop or you’ll just be like “MySpace”
ZMC 15 kun oldin
I have never cringed harder at a video
pantsuck11 16 kun oldin
I can't stand how they preach equality and cry for diversity at pride events, but when it comes to socializing and dating it vanishes. There is WAY more racism and discrimination within the LGBT community than I ever thought possible.
Jimmy Grant
Jimmy Grant 16 kun oldin
a 16 kun oldin
Philipp Hoehn
Philipp Hoehn 9 kun oldin
You forgot the W, as a wigglysexual I am offended.
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 16 kun oldin
"We are simply changing the world" Is that why this world is fucked up
Kyle Broflovski
Kyle Broflovski 6 kun oldin
Captain Chubbz
Captain Chubbz 7 kun oldin
Kyle Broflovski best comment ever.
Zeus 16 kun oldin
When will they learn!
Chronic Neptune
Chronic Neptune 17 kun oldin
That's pretty gay
me and you
me and you 17 kun oldin
if people think this is normal their crazy.
Thomas the dank engine Thomas the dank engine
I identify as Pickle! Get over it! Did everyone hear me?! My Sexuality is a Pickle!
HiIamFin 14 kun oldin
This is a bad railway.
marvn 18 kun oldin
Lol they really snuck young MA in there
Avery Violet
Avery Violet 19 kun oldin
Why are there so much dislikes?
French dude
French dude 13 kun oldin
Avery Violet well what do you expect I’m French
Nintenerd 64
Nintenerd 64 16 kun oldin
JirosuCandy ジロスキャンディー yes lol
Avery Violet
Avery Violet 17 kun oldin
JirosuCandy ジロスキャンディー oh alright I guess
Avery Violet
Avery Violet 17 kun oldin
French dude what I was just asking out of Curiosity
French dude
French dude 17 kun oldin
Also there homophobia you know your answer so shut up
Dank memes 234456
Dank memes 234456 19 kun oldin
I came for miles...but he’s not here
Ethan K.
Ethan K. 19 kun oldin
"I'm creative because I'm queer... It's the best to be queer..." (Kind of hetero-phobic tbh) UZvid, what the hell is this? Just stop with all this nonsense. Go back to being the type of platform that made you popular, a creator based system which everyone loves. No one likes this trash. Stop deleting everyone's dislikes.
ArkScout 19 kun oldin
What a bunch of clowns
davidpar2 20 kun oldin
Only God creates.
Lol Pop
Lol Pop 20 kun oldin
Deleting dislikes. Good job 😂
meat balls are too SPICE E
It’s ok to be a homophobe
French dude
French dude 18 kun oldin
meat balls are too SPICE E that’s what I said
90 days for new name
If race and sexuality dont matter, why do you celebrate it?
ramon Alonzo
ramon Alonzo 23 kun oldin
gays will end the human rave
Nintenerd 64
Nintenerd 64 16 kun oldin
JirosuCandy ジロスキャンディー they don't know what there in for
JirosuCandy ジロスキャンディー
That's good because us inklings will be next to take over this great world.
ramon Alonzo
ramon Alonzo 23 kun oldin
im sorry but i do hate gays
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 23 kun oldin
Hitler did nothing wrong
Elton "Rocket Man" John
9/11 was an Inside job
Eskimo 88
Eskimo 88 22 kun oldin
"Hitler did nothing wrong" - Ash Ketchum
French dude
French dude 24 kun oldin
What the hec why why do 50k people work at Google or are people people watching this upside down I’m confused can someone explain
sintetsu2 24 kun oldin
The goyim know
QWERT QWERT 14 kun oldin
sintetsu2 Oy Vey! Shut it down
Doctor Outpost
Doctor Outpost 25 kun oldin
End this
Cucker Tarlson
Cucker Tarlson 25 kun oldin
This video is super gay
Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel 25 kun oldin
But like where's todrick hall? Miles Chronicles? Shane Dawson? Ash hardell?
Danny Raven
Danny Raven 4 soat oldin
Todrick is at 1:05
TJ Z 25 kun oldin
50k likes, 130k dislikes?
جوليان جيمر JuLianGaMeR ツ
Why all these dislikes
Cecilia :)
Cecilia :) 25 kun oldin
Came here for the likes:dislikes and the stupid liberal/feminist comments
Tomek Sikora
Tomek Sikora 25 kun oldin
2 weeks ago it was 300k dislikes, now it's 130k dislikes. Please, UZvid
Caravaggio 26 kun oldin
Wow. You did it, UZvid. I didn't think it was possible, but you actually got both sides of a political argument to hate you. That's not an easy task.
Jaque Booze
Jaque Booze 26 kun oldin
There is really nothing to be proud of to be honest, gay is just being gay
Bella _boo
Bella _boo 26 kun oldin
Omg seen allll my favessss like todrick and then aja and milk and cracker aghhhh
Bella _boo
Bella _boo 26 kun oldin
Firdaus Maulana
Firdaus Maulana 27 kun oldin
Regilana Washington
Regilana Washington 27 kun oldin
Gays smell like mayonnaise.
blue dimond
blue dimond 27 kun oldin
technology productions 2018
It's sad when UZvid,s own Channel is dead.
Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips 28 kun oldin
Killerworm99 Commentary
YT pushes their own agenda and dont actually care about the users
Jayden logic
Jayden logic 28 kun oldin
I'm surprised comments haven't been blocked yet.
Willox 28 kun oldin
I don’t hate gay people but stop celebrating them. They say they want to be equal, if you want to be equal then stop acting like your special and inspiring. You are not changing the word, you just come off as obnoxious when you put on 509 layers off makeup and think of yourself as a hero
Willox 28 kun oldin
War. War never changes. In the year 1945, my great-great grandfather, serving in the army, wondered when he'd get to go home to his wife and the son he'd never seen. He got his wish when the US ended World War II by dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The World awaited Armageddon; instead, something miraculous happened. We began to use atomic energy not as a weapon, but as a nearly limitless source of power. People enjoyed luxuries once thought the realm of science fiction. Domestic robots, fusion-powered cars, portable computers. But then, in the 21st century, people awoke from the American dream. Years of consumption lead to shortages of every major resource. The entire world unraveled. Peace became a distant memory. It is now the year 2077. We stand on the brink of total war, and I am afraid. For myself, for my wife, for my infant son - because if my time in the army taught me one thing: it's that war, war never changes.
José Araújo
José Araújo 28 kun oldin
Having fun reading the comments
Nathan K
Nathan K 29 kun oldin
So these people aren't special because they're special They're special because they're gay That's sad
Fernando S
Fernando S 29 kun oldin
Funny backing another "gays, look how we support you" campaign while still hitting the community with censorship and demonetization day after day.
CommonCoreKiller 29 kun oldin
I don’t know about you guys, but when I see a man act feminine I get mentally ill like all the gays
Zuzana Miškufová
Zuzana Miškufová 29 kun oldin
*kek, those dislikes, just beautiful*
Whatever 29 kun oldin
[GD] JPlayz99
[GD] JPlayz99 Oy oldin
This video is pure gay Ok ill leave now
Dear UZvid, try to stop yourself
PJB Qualley
PJB Qualley Oy oldin
LGBQs are worthless humans who have no purpose in life and are physically and biologically useless
Willox 28 kun oldin
Ikr why the f are they proud and acting like they changed the world and have a positive impact
Andrew Shan
Andrew Shan Oy oldin
The best pride video is 2015
Eric C.
Eric C. Oy oldin
I support yall, but stop with this.
G B Oy oldin
d e m o n e t i z e d
The kingdom knight
Also there is some guy who deleted his comments as a curios person i want someone to explain his comments
The kingdom knight
The day is friday june,13th 2018 it's been arpund 2 months and on this lunatic showcase youtube hasn't disabled dislikes and comments
Welcome to hell
Frying Pansexual
Frying Pansexual 4 kun oldin
We sadly can't escape hate
Nick Valentine
Nick Valentine 9 kun oldin
Hell is a beautiful place
my letsplay
my letsplay Oy oldin
Wibbles McScribbles
LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 *Lord* *God* *Bless* *Trump*
Acrylic Pasta
Acrylic Pasta Oy oldin
youtube rewind 2
Tigamer X
Tigamer X Oy oldin
130k users have not been deleted yet xD
Tayt2012 Gaming
It seems like lgbtq is fighting for over equal rights, just because you are queer does not mean you are any more powerful than a straight person 😕
Willox 28 kun oldin
Lucia Daher ok so if your country gets invaded we’ok get the queers to beat them all up
Lucia Daher
Lucia Daher 29 kun oldin
At this moment at time I would say queer people are more powerful. at this moment in time, there is such a thing as a homophobic or transphobic person, and to say that we do not have to face discrimination and fight through it would simply be idiotic. Queer people are more powerful as of now because they have to fight for the right to love and be themselves.
funnying llama
I sexually identify as a half eaten burrito with bean dip on the left side
Abby Doyle
Abby Doyle Oy oldin