Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.
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18-Mar, 2019



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Jacob Chin
Jacob Chin Soat oldin
I usually don't like news because it's boring but this is very entertaining.
KenBJ Shin
KenBJ Shin Soat oldin
One should always think twice about the consequences before sucking the Potus, the most public and powerful figure in this planet.
Nonya Bidness
Nonya Bidness Soat oldin
As soon as Game of Thrones is finished I'm cutting my cable and will never watch HBO again.
kcegr Soat oldin
Bill cheated, monica gets attack.... that is the biggest problem.
Moogly Soat oldin
Never felt bad for Monica. She was giving a married sitting president blowjobs. How did she not expect a shitstorm?? She wasn't 16 she was mid twenties. She was old enough to know this wasn't going to end well.
Naji Al Sahab
Naji Al Sahab Soat oldin
I think Monica’s name will last much longer than whoever used making fun of her.
Let's Relive
Let's Relive Soat oldin
Liviu George
Liviu George Soat oldin
wrong example on ml. one thing is a mistake, another thing is hookering trough high live politics and benefiting for it. oh, i was succeeding to a nice life by being a volupteuse woman and they did so much damage on it. it's normal to shame forever this recipe of succeeding in life. otherwise we will ever be flooded with kardashian role-models.
whintx76 Soat oldin
I am totally impressed by Monica’s sense of humor and overall relatability about such a poignant (and unfortunate) life occurrence. Seems like she and John aka Alvin had an engaging, enlightening, and quite funny conversation! Glad to see her resilience.
Camille B.
Camille B. Soat oldin
She's an amazing woman. I can't believe some people at the time called her ugly or inattractive (even if that's not the whole point of the story, this was, according to me, an additional humiliation) - she's very inspiring. Thanks again, JACKS x)
Scott King
Scott King Soat oldin
The irony! A show who's bread and butter is public shaming, doing a show about public shaming!
Stephen Flannagan
Just thinking the same thing
Sobe Soat oldin
ahahhaha :) comp.
tra ing
tra ing Soat oldin
we kicked the uk's ass awhile back, cause they suck, so why are they on my tv ?
kochu 666
kochu 666 Soat oldin
*please help me to get 100 subscriber*
octopusballoons Soat oldin
John Oliver is a great interviewer and Monica Lewinsky is a very classy lady!
Jake Dempsey
Jake Dempsey Soat oldin
I can’t stand John. I really don’t care what he can be talking about.
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly Soat oldin
“A few years prior.” 🙄🙄🙄
Lyrics Soat oldin
We should all agree that neither John Oliver nor Jay Leno are funny.
That last part of the interview almost made me cry.
Bored Ninja
Bored Ninja Soat oldin
Anyone notice that reference to the scarlet letter?
Mark Melville
Mark Melville Soat oldin
We live in a completely fucked up world. Don't people have anything better to do with their time?
Apo Nas
Apo Nas Soat oldin
Vaishnav Rameshan
I don't think it helps but I didnt see Rap God in the list, so "Made a living and a killing off it Ever since Bill Clinton was still in office With Monica Lewinsky feeling on his nut-sack" www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DXbGs_qK2PQA&ved=2ahUKEwj5iuK_oI7hAhWBNY8KHfQdDEMQ3ywwAXoECA4QEQ&usg=AOvVaw1I93oGnUjX-jSkU2vl6zEG
Wonderful China
Wonderful China Soat oldin
is that should be funny?
heitor LoL
heitor LoL Soat oldin
Que LIxO
Ano Nymus
Ano Nymus Soat oldin
I can laugh about Monica Lewinsky jokes without thinking worse of her. Sucking the president in office is just one of those things that will provide a good base for a lot of jokes. But even back then I didn't think it was something bad but totally human. But yeah, a lot of people just took her for some cheap slut which is wrong.
Tony Ha
Tony Ha Soat oldin
James Charles just kissed you like to undo
LordFluffFluff Soat oldin
Alexa Ray
Alexa Ray Soat oldin
i didnt grow up in the during the actual Lewinsky scandal so i only knew her name through the jokes and songs. this is literally the first time i’ve seen her face (and not someone acting as her for a joke). like wow what a strong, eloquent woman and i had no idea.
Chocolate Daddi
Chocolate Daddi Soat oldin
Monica aged like fine wine😍😍😍😍😍😍
Vladen Pain
Vladen Pain Soat oldin
The absurd irony of a """"""show""""" that completely relies on public shaming for "funnies" whining about others doing that, with the cherry on top excuse of "our public shaming is for a good reason."
Mr.Fear Soat oldin
Nobody has ever asked him (Bill Clinton) to change his name.
Jay Six
Jay Six Soat oldin
The Oliver ryhme is why I love this show!!
D.C. W.
D.C. W. Soat oldin
I remember being a kid and thinking “why are they treating this young lady like this? this isn’t fair.” Even as a kid I knew it was messed up. As an adult, I am pretty fucking horrified. She was an intern and he was her boss... saying no to a man who has all of your future prospects and the most power in the world is such a gamble. It wasn’t an equal relationship. She was young and powerless and he should have known better. Bill is the real slutty scumbag.
Test Soat oldin
haploide allel
haploide allel Soat oldin
Lewinsky went in that relationship out of free will, as far as i can remember... Then why did she keep a dress with Clinton's sperm on it? Only reason i can think of, is that she wanted to shame him... But she shot herself a bit in her own foot doing that. So no, she deserves no more respect than a Tucker Carlson...
Stephanie Mujan
Stephanie Mujan Soat oldin
Bill is doing quite well, why did he let an intern blow him though? Dont tell me its accidental or forced upon him. He is still quite respected no? Where is his shaming?
rocketmarketing Soat oldin
Give me a break! The women got caught having an AFFAIR with one of the most public and influential men in the united states. Let's hear Johns opinion after a younger man gets busted screwing his wife! lol
RJay Soat oldin
I'm so very happy to hear her call out "slut shaming" by name.
Anna Galesz
Anna Galesz Soat oldin
Women have always been shamed of their sexual activity and looks. That will never change.
AskMiko Soat oldin
I've always disliked public shaming. This video has taught me never to engage in it, comment on a post, or share content posted by others. I learned a life lesson from this clip. What Monica endured was horrific yet what we do today is just as bad. Thank you John Oliver for this segment. I have evolved and will take this video's message to others to keep the evolution going. 🙌🏼
DJ Yamalskiy
DJ Yamalskiy Soat oldin
*Watch review for my channel*
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok Soat oldin
Jay Leno didn’t devote a hundredth of the time joking about Clinton as today’s comedians spend bashing Trump.
JP H Soat oldin
Leno was actually funny and people from all sides could laugh. Oliver is just a political cunt and only entertains the left.
Matthew Mertens
Matthew Mertens Soat oldin
I agree she shouldn’t have been shamed like she was, but struggling to find a job simply seems like a consequence from having sex 9 times with someone at her place of employment in the past
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy Soat oldin
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LD51 Soat oldin
Good for her, still dont feel sorry for her tho. You had an affair with the President of the most powerful country on the planet. Ofc you are going to be publicly shamed.
Shane G
Shane G Soat oldin
Not taking a shot at Lewinski is truth to power
Gram Man
Gram Man Soat oldin
Pints of Wockhardt on my channel
tapatnabalimbing Soat oldin
She's really smart.
myrdraal 2001
myrdraal 2001 Soat oldin
Fuck off. She was an adult and CHOSE to have an affair with a disgusting guy that she knew was married. She then went on to keep the dress full of his cum-stain.
Sararimua Soat oldin
Honestly having a conversation with you is one of my life goals ❤😍😂😂😂
Alp Sarnıç
Alp Sarnıç Soat oldin
Thank you, John Oliver! You are incredible, Monica... be well
Neil gaiman
Neil gaiman Soat oldin
I hace OCD where I basically have to do everything in odd numbers, and this extends to liking videos on youtube , so If say a comment has 907 likes even though i'd like to like it, I don't because that'll make it 908, this video has 129K likes so on any other video i wouldn't have liked it because it might ( since i don't know the whole number of likes) make it 130K likes, but in this john oliver video, even though if I break this rule, it still causes me some anxiety, I liked it, because I had actually understood the whole "aunt from hell" story and thought she was being treated unfairly and wished some news outlet would clarify her situation, and I'm very glad that john oliver did exactly this, and is opening a discussion on public shaming and its consequences and how sometimes it is just plain wrong in the way the media portrays these people, possibly ruining their lives, so to John Oliver, I know it's extremely unlikely you'll see this, but this video is much appreciated,and all of your other videos where you actually put effort into presenting facts, add to that this video is number 1 on trending, I hope that helps this aunt, so much appreciated John Oliver and your whole team as well, thank you.
repeatOne Soat oldin
She's awesome.
Stephanie Mujan
Stephanie Mujan Soat oldin
How about we dont shame people? Just acknowledge they have mental illness and need to be stopped and rehabilitated? Including Hitler, he could have been a painter, if not drafted.
Abigail Soat oldin
al·le·giance /əˈlējəns/Submit noun noun: allegiance; plural noun: allegiances loyalty or commitment of a subordinate to a superior or of an individual to a group or cause. "those wishing to receive citizenship must swear allegiance to the republic" synonyms: loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, obedience, fealty, adherence, homage, devotion, bond; trueness, true-heartedness; trustiness, trustworthiness; steadfastness, fastness, staunchness, dependability, reliability, duty, constancy, dedication, commitment; patriotism; archaictroth "the warriors quickly swore allegiance to the new king" antonyms: disloyalty, treachery
Jared Dinwiddie
Jared Dinwiddie Soat oldin
You cant even be a adulter without being made fun of. Terrible lol. Think he will do one of the Maga hat kids?
Chris P
Chris P Soat oldin
this is the second time Monica Lewinsky was caught with a married man. But it was the 50th or hundredth time Bill Clinton was caught screwing around and lying about it
daniel chung
daniel chung Soat oldin
McDonald’s hot coffee
Alan Lusk
Alan Lusk 2 soat oldin
The real question is why are we holding a dim witted Brit as the man with the answers. He is pathetic.
Mi M
Mi M 2 soat oldin
Often women are to be blamed for wrecking a marriage, while the person who in fact had an obligation of fidelity towards the mariage is the husband who cheated!! It is a truly fucked up world!!
TookFooter 2 soat oldin
Is no one going to acknowledge the fact that at around 7:15 John Oliver essentially says that despite being a comedy show, they carefully think about who theyre talking about, so obviously that was a politically charged bashing of tucker carlson despite not having anything around the internet of them speaking, only John oliver "roasting" tucker on his platform. How can claim to be a comedy show yet act like you're some democratic savior. Just like trevor noah, who's show is so hollow now that the trump jokes got stale. The daily show should have ended on a high note. I don't think anyone realizes it was partly people like John Oliver and mostly people from mainstream news channels that truly got trump elected due to all of this bullshit. You fuckers better hope all of this one sided bullshit doesnt come back to bite you in 2020, but I'm guessing it will because the media has absolutely no shame or sense of whats really going on, its just one big hive mind high up on a moral pedestal. Garbage.
Nicolas Peterson
Nicolas Peterson 2 soat oldin
13:21 lot of nicki Minaj songs
Ryan H
Ryan H 2 soat oldin
the fact the clintons got to laugh it off and get rich, and she got dragged through the shit, is an absolute atrocity that the Left needs to condemn the clintons for.
iunary 2 soat oldin
Internet people are alot like Grim Patrons... they like to PILE ON!!
Of all the people and crap going on in the Whitehouse, how is what she did even a thing? Like if the worst thing in the Catholic Church was a kid that stole a cookie. Monica, for all the bad jokes I made about you, I am really sorry.
Peter Santos
Peter Santos 2 soat oldin
Tucker and John Oliver are all just puppets and clowns, they’re just acting what they’re told to
Brian Vasquez
Brian Vasquez 2 soat oldin
Anyone who talked shit about Monica lewinski can pound sand up their ass. Anyone in her shoes would have done the same thing. And really who's goddamn business is it anyway.
Nicolas Musset
Nicolas Musset 2 soat oldin
I was never interested in "Monica Lewinsky" the affair, as I was too young when it happened and never was attracted to this kind of pointless "scandal". But now that I have seen and heard "Monica Lewinsky" the person for the first time, I want to know more about her. I might just follow her on Twitter.
Najmus Sadat
Najmus Sadat 2 soat oldin
Anurag Chakraborti
Anurag Chakraborti 2 soat oldin
Right winger cucks pretends to be so tough against clintons. But cant stop slut shaming and foul mouthing monica and all of a sudden got a soft heart for clintons. God! these cucks are disgusting human beings.
Ashley O.
Ashley O. 2 soat oldin
Monica’s interview was so powerful to me. Thank you for being a strong role model. I hope we’ve all learned from her experience.
Anon Y. Mus
Anon Y. Mus 2 soat oldin
"Oh, the Places You Can Go Fuck Yourself, Jay Leno!" *Now available on Amazon for $7.99!*
Eric Marcus
Eric Marcus 2 soat oldin
Don't forget the Punk Songs she's mentioned in like "Fuck the Prez" by The Neutrals back in 2000. Monica Lewinsky is mentioned in there a few times. I think it's the chorus or something.
Awesome Aaron
Awesome Aaron 2 soat oldin
Welcome to liberal comedy which is call everyone racist sexist homophobic and fucking thousands of others and then pay some retards to fake laugh in the back.
DefinitelyNotDan 2 soat oldin
Wow. This "semi-literate primitive monkey" fake American has well into negative self-awareness. What is the point of these clowns blathering?
KangnamS Uperman
KangnamS Uperman 2 soat oldin
John isn't any different about shaming people for jokes. I bet in about 20 years people will look back and talk shit about him shaming people but by then he won't care because he's made his money.
Katie Beth Jewell
Katie Beth Jewell 2 soat oldin
So I guess someone read some Jon Ronson, huh?
Steven Vega
Steven Vega 2 soat oldin
I guess everybody is stealing coffee break XD
Dad 2 soat oldin
Public shaming in the 21st century is basically cyberbullying so essentially everyone is an asshole :/
DefinitelyNotDan 2 soat oldin
"As we call it in England" ??? Isn't he claiming to be an American?
Laura Covert
Laura Covert 2 soat oldin
This segment was all over the place. Yeah, you covered yourself by calling yourself out for public shaming others, but then you tried to justify it in an uncomfortable way that you even seemed unsure about. Your show is all about public shaming and making people who don't see things exactly your way feel like idiots. Yes, some on your show deserved to be shamed, but I hope someday you'll see that some didn't. Not a Trump fan, but this show used to be a break from all that. I forward through anything trump. It's covered literally everywhere else and by the time you have your take, we've moved on.
H No
H No 2 soat oldin
Um, she had an affair with someone else's significant other. That was gross. It didn't compare to his horrible "that woman" statement, that revealed who HE was,
TookFooter 2 soat oldin
How is a 26 minute video starting with a bash on tucker carlson #1 on trending? Its funny how the top comment is about tucker, it seems like all youtube wants is to fuck around with politics. Anyone who at all is frustrated with the bias media watches this and clicks off after they see John Oliver doing the same bullshit as everyone else in the mainstream media except with an accent. And how many of you watch and laugh at The Office, which is filled with comments and jokes that are clearly offensive in culture today, which was from around the same time? Do you think he sat down with Bubba The Love Sponge and said with a dead serious face "I hate Iraqi people." He didn't, yet everyone acts like he did when they see john oliver make these politically influence jokes. He points out the things that tucker said, out of context, completely ignoring the fact that tuckers whole point is that people shouldnt be getting shit one for things THEY SAID 10 YEARS AGO ON A COMEDIC FUCKIN RADIO SHOW. TIMES CHANGE! IF YOU THINK TUCKER SUCKS WATCH HIS SHOW AND MAKE YOUR OWN OPINION. UZvid is going to shit, anyone who actually uses this platform a lot knows it, but you people only looking on the trending page are seeing specific things for a specific reason. If anyone is looking for the facts watch Tim Pool, dude speaks the truth despite not aligning with one side. I don't listen to tucker regularly because I think sometimes on his show he turns into a toned down conservative don lemon, but it is just so frustrating to see the media do this time and time again. What happened within that time? Troops reduced in the middle east? Gay marriage is legalized? ITS A DIFFERENT CULTURE STOP BULLSHITTING. Some liberals as talking points get pooped on during fox news stories mostly because that person did some illegal shit or is suspected of doing illegal shit. Congresswoman Omar married her brother and committed immigration fraud, then lied about it under oath. When evidence was presented, she deleted her instagram. Why are people so much more concerned with what Tucker said 10 years ago when only 6 short years ago OMAR said "Israel has hypnotized the world, may allah awaken the world to let them see the evil doings of israel." IS THAT NOT GENUINE ANTISEMITISM???????? THAT IS SOMEONE WHO DOWN TO THEIR CORE GENUINELY DISLIKES ISRAEL AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE AS A WHOLE AND SHE IS ON OUR CONGRESS. Needed to vent, can't imagine most people would never be interested to learn what the other side has to say (I have and the democratic party is going to shit), so shoutout to you if you took the time to read this.
Bee 2 soat oldin
Bill clinton was the president though...lmao. If she would've changed her name she would've been fine.
Tex Mex
Tex Mex 2 soat oldin
The examples here seem o be 95% press, 5% internet outrage.
Subscribe To Me For No Reason
Instead of laughing at her, those Fox News hosts should have been talking about the fact that someone needed to SUE their nephew just to afford healthcare in the "greatest nation on earth".
Bee 2 soat oldin
Doe 2 soat oldin
TheChapelx 2 soat oldin
2:30 and once again, John Oliver unleashes the internet monsters on a worthy target
Ike Smith
Ike Smith 2 soat oldin
I didn’t even know who Monica Lewinsky existed until this soooooo good job
Red Lights
Red Lights 2 soat oldin
Deport this Clinton puppet
Anton Ohlslöf
Anton Ohlslöf 2 soat oldin
Monica 2020
C Z 2 soat oldin
Some people really, REALLY missed the point of this piece. smh.
Damian Le Sarah
Damian Le Sarah 2 soat oldin
What did Sarah Michelle Gellar do?
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