Put YOUR Assumptions to the Test... Interactive Tell My Story

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This time, YOU get to help tell their story and play along with the video. Test your assumptions by answering poll questions about the daters.
It’s certainly easier to make assumptions about people than it is to spend time getting to know someone. We wanted to put assumptions to the test to see what we're missing out on because we're so busy assuming we already "know" a person. Join us as we discover why you should never judge a book by it’s cover in our series 'Tell My Story.'
We are all conditioned with certain biases. In this experiment, we challenged these biases by asking people to guess their blind date partner's interests and past experiences based only on their partner's appearance. When they learned their partner's real answers, they were shocked by how wrong they were.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
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haider hridoy
haider hridoy 3 kun oldin
I bet she had orgy
Cheya Cunanan
Cheya Cunanan 3 kun oldin
God this guy's gorgeous!
Nina Habib Khan
Nina Habib Khan 3 kun oldin
Italian guys are hot! He's even hotter with all that decency and brain.
D.H. Withers
D.H. Withers 5 kun oldin
The second he opened his mouth I was like "THIS GUY SALSA DANCES"
clockwork red
clockwork red 12 kun oldin
"DON'T SPEAK" Closes his eyes
**adembasou** 13 kun oldin
at first i liked him but i was blinded by looks, when he said that he is pro abortion he became ugly af+he is shallow and he has no clue what true friendship is and PLUS that, that the foundtion of every true love is being best friends!!!!
Ellie Pena
Ellie Pena 14 kun oldin
am i the only one who isnt so keen on the guy? I just kind of have a gut feeling that hes not being totally genuine
Ashley Aldeza
Ashley Aldeza 14 kun oldin
The guy is cute. I would date him.
Hassan Rabat
Hassan Rabat 15 kun oldin
Lol she ugly she not his type more like sexy thick women with black hair brown eyes like Middle Eastern women or Kim Kardashian type lol
MATVA A 16 kun oldin
She was Nice person
Marcelina 17 kun oldin
I think she’s beautiful though
Flora Nogales
Flora Nogales 18 kun oldin
being french,we know something about the italians."i need someone who is more in the arts".yeah,right.this guy is worse than a diaper.
lemonhead7641 21 kun oldin
I can't believe I am the first to say this but his voice is incredible. Not just the accent, it is deep and he speaks very calmly. I pay a lot of attention to voices and his is sexy.
toronto peace zone
toronto peace zone 22 kun oldin
He is fine AF!!!
maher daibes
maher daibes 22 kun oldin
i dont understand why in western society its that simple to kill an unborn child if you like to have sex fine who dose not but be responsible and if you dont want to keep the baby fine but kill it in my opinion that is fucked up no one have the right yo take a life unless it endanger the the women's life
Nowhere Girl
Nowhere Girl 25 kun oldin
The cringeeeeee is real omg
Manish Singh
Manish Singh 28 kun oldin
Haha! the world is full of politically correct liars.
The 5-9 Grind
The 5-9 Grind Oy oldin
Lool I love how she had to add that “I used to be a dancer” at the end because he said he’s into people who like performing arts 🤣
A True Love Official
You both seem like nice and genuine people. I hope you will find someone who you are looking for and have that instant connection.
Phoenix Oy oldin
He's not interested with her since the beginning and her good personality didn't change anything
Cece Princess
Cece Princess Oy oldin
hes picky
Septimius Severus
I give her 10 mins before she breaks down crying
Lauren Pedrosa
will he date me
Samaira Kaif
Samaira Kaif Oy oldin
They remind me anjelina jolie and brad pitt looks wise
Kparso01 Oy oldin
I think he just thinks shes boring honestly. Although he was pleasantly surprised at her career.
Amana Oy oldin
Resultado óbvio.
Tshwanelo Fokazi
She tried shooting her shot at the end LOL
Esra Dogan
Esra Dogan Oy oldin
He is so attractive ! Where can I find him ? Too bad I’m in Australia
shi shi
shi shi Oy oldin
damn, he's hot
hellio ringos
hellio ringos Oy oldin
He is hot but I wouldn't date him, he is interesting but sounds narcissistic, kinda egoist and selfish, he's the type of guy who just leaves you when he changed his mind in an instant or kinda escapes problems, that's just my personal opinion, just my impression of him, no hates.
magiesq Oy oldin
Europeans are very nonchalant about religion likes its a 'thing you do' and not a 'part of your life' so I get his sentiment. They are very secular. Then he mentions abortion, europeans are weird in an unfortunate way.
Fabulous_As _Felicia
I just knew he was married once. I got that mature vibe from him. I knew he wouldn't date her cause seriously there was no chemistry and also when he was ranting she wasn't paying attention so that might have made him awkward.
Belle O
Belle O Oy oldin
Oh lordt he didn't liked her at all. Whewww brutal to watch...
She's so pretty and sweet
Sourav Jagati
Sourav Jagati Oy oldin
Sherlock Holmes would have killed this series 😂😂😂
Love Made
Love Made Oy oldin
Aww she really liked him, but he was definitely not into her. I feel like she tried to be what she thought he'd like though, not just be herself.
Conchudasos DelAño
man bon? what
Pickles S
Pickles S Oy oldin
This guy is very attractive however as he said, you can see he still holds on to the emotional baggage of loosing his brother..it’s still very fresh in his head. I’m surprised as an Italian that religion is NOT important.
Natalie Christine
He seems like an asshole , and she seems very submissive to whatever he says
Rukhsana Zaidi
Lmao I kinda got the same vibe. She was way too willing to please the entire time. Poor thing really really liked him:(
Golden Girl
Golden Girl Oy oldin
If he's still looking for a date, better yet, if he's looking for a soulmate, I fully volunteer.
D V Oy oldin
I Think he isn't ready for any relationship yet ! May be because of his baggage with his past relationships.?!
Be my Dad
Be my Dad Oy oldin
Them: **having a civilized conversation** Me: *”LMAO ISNT IT A STEREOTYPE THAT ITALIANS HAVE BIG COCKS”*
His accent got me pregnant.
Emira B
Emira B Oy oldin
what type of dance is he doing ?????
Candi Soda
Candi Soda Oy oldin
He looks like the dude that says "STOOOOOOOPID MURICANS"
Artoria Pendragon
His pro abortion stance scared me off so much 🚩🚩🚩
Skinimin Onochie
Typical...I do possess everything you want you just don’t know it except the natural chemistry he’s looking for.
AC DC Oy oldin
She is quite superficial, I would have thought she was plain stupid if I were in his position.
SarahRose Oy oldin
Omg at 4:45 so cute!! "I killed it" hahaha
SarahRose Oy oldin
I'm convinced all Italian men are hot
Daisy Mendez
Daisy Mendez Oy oldin
ugh he is so handsome!
Sophie love
Sophie love Oy oldin
He's got good looks but i wouldn't say he's hot or anything. And i am not a fan of him wearing that nice button up shirt with ripped pants..??!!
LandonNorris Oy oldin
Don’t like either of them 👎🏻
Stephanie Galvez
lol boring
miranda George
"I could definitely get rid of Halloween" with that accent I knew I need to watch the whole thing
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates Oy oldin
Omg his accent is freaking great
Amir J
Amir J Oy oldin
Why aren't you telling us how to get on here, I want to participate
Carlita Bonita
I could tell when he saw her he wasn't interested. She's not his type. .not about the arts lol
Camilla Silva
Camilla Silva Oy oldin
this guy is way smarter than her
A Oy oldin
Camilla Silva nah
Cussy Richards
You know you've truly made it as a man when you start friend-zoning girls.
Ameen Omar
Ameen Omar Oy oldin
"If someone touches what is the most precious thing to you, you'd be willing to kill."
It's ya Boi
It's ya Boi Oy oldin
LOOOOVED the interactive part but i want to be in on all the questions!!!
Amber J-W
Amber J-W Oy oldin
Please bring this show to Dallas. I want to be on the show. 😁
Olivier Nunu
Olivier Nunu Oy oldin
Allegra Chloe Sivalingam
He's so yummy.
mji245 Oy oldin
Her vagina made the decision. TBH if I had one and heard that accent coming from that then I'd always make the same choice.
Toni Monet
Toni Monet Oy oldin
Octavio....I wasn't ready. Italian men....
roxanee chandule
Ok tell us the Truth,This is a show to mismatch people right? I mean y'all are doing an amazing job Let's see how many people we can keep single,right 🤷
Eliza Brienne Romero
ok i love how progressive he is
chandler bing
chandler bing Oy oldin
I get so upset when they say I would not date you.i think they should say I would even if they wouldn't.just to be nice :(
chandler bing
chandler bing Oy oldin
He is so........damn good looking
That poor girl...she seems like such a nice girl! It was the guys loss really!
Francis King
Francis King Oy oldin
Both awesome. Just no chemistry
Aj Altringer-Kurdi
“I don’t have the desire towards you that goes beyond friendship” MY LIFE WITH EUROPEAN MEN ALWAYS
Aj Altringer-Kurdi
And then they never really become anything lmao
hardyharhar yo
He looks more middle eastern/Persian Iranian than Italian tbh. I look like this guy lol
char charles
char charles Oy oldin
She seems like a really nice lady, but her choice in clothing, especially for a special occasion like this, was not good. She was dressed like a teen on her way to the mall. That top she was wearing does not look good on her, and she either wasn't wearing a bra, or the bra provided no support. First of all, with breasts that small, she shouldn't let them sag like that, but, instead, wear a push-up bra because they obviously are sagging, which isn't attractive. (It really makes her look like someone 'played with them too much' and now they're sagging. In other words, it makes her look like serious second-hand material, which is probably one reason this guy's initial impression was 'no.') Secondly, that top just doesn't go right with her. It looks like the female version of the 'beater' shirt. It shows too much of her shoulders, which are droopy because she tends to stoop. At best, it's an exercise top that should not have been worn on such an occasion and, in her case, not without a good bra!! Her hair and makeup were well done, though. The Italian guy's physique is near perfect, so he would look good in just about anything. The shirt he was wearing was extremely nice, and fitted him well. Maybe it was an Italian shirt! Personally, I don't like pants with holes in them, but my attention was drawn more to his nice shirt! He figured it out right, because during an interview where both are seated, it's the top that gets more attention. Unfortunately for her, even though her skirt was OK, her top was so unflattering that the rest of her outfit could not compensate for that.
Kirpal Singh
Kirpal Singh Oy oldin
I feel girls with confidence and energy are cool so I get where he's coming from. I think there's something about living in US where weve had a culture of pretty, docile girls even though that's changing in the modern US. Theyre becoming more independent. But anyway, there's something about living in other countries that opens your mind about what women can be and how beautiful it seems
Ayushi Gupta
Ayushi Gupta Oy oldin
I would say ..she was too intelligent fr him. So got rejected
Akash Swami
Akash Swami Oy oldin
Who us that guy?
Whitetomato27 Oy oldin
Ottavio seems really cool, I feel like he could be great to have as a friend.
Lupo Lucio
Lupo Lucio Oy oldin
Real italian stallon
Shubham Chauhan
Dude doesn't want waste his cum... On the chick...end of life , end of desperation.
Wise One
Wise One 2 oy oldin
People in the comments act like she was hideous but she really looks good
Amina 2 oy oldin
Poor girl
Paris 87
Paris 87 2 oy oldin
I feel like he is a Traditionalist and he doesn't like her wishy-washy answers. All the important topics- marriage, kids, religion she gave a 50-50 answer nothing was definitive... Hard to date people like that. You have to be assertive in life and KNOW what you want.
A Oy oldin
Paris 87 I think it was more so he wasn’t physically attracted to her
Maddie 0009
Maddie 0009 2 oy oldin
Omg the awkward cringe at the end. So embarrassing for her.
Law of Attraction Manifestations
Why is this in my recommendation....I don't watch anything related to this
Al B.
Al B. 2 oy oldin
He's high maintenance that's for sure. European guys that come from upper class families are like that. Guy wears a shirt so tight, that it's glued to him. He didn't like her at first sight because she doesn't have big breasts, fit body, the "perfect face". I feel sorry for her because she is gorgeous. His loss! 34 years and counting lol
iCorrupt 2 oy oldin
the laugh she done at the end, is the laugh i do when someone says something irrelevant to me lol
JAXX 2 oy oldin
how does one work in hospitality?
BJ D 2 oy oldin
can somebody drop his insta or smth. for research!! Just kidding, for my pussy
phei3xolo xi3pher
What the hell Thats so inappropriate
Aman Rathore
Aman Rathore 2 oy oldin
I'm currently growing my hair. Hope I can have a man bun in few months.
Naya Moukhtar
Naya Moukhtar 2 oy oldin
I felt that rejection so bad, it burned my heart.
ivette 2 oy oldin
I'm a straight girl & I would date her🤷‍♀️In my opinion she seems like a good soul, intelligent, with a positive go-getter vibe that I'd enjoy having around. Can't say the same about him. He seems more of the type with very little substance, that takes life as it goes & rolls with it, agreeing to everything you say just to not make you upset. I'd be bored. He's cute but looks don't last forever. Next.
Aigerim Sarsenova
To be honest, I don't feel like the guy deserves to be with her anyways... yes, he is good looking but it doesn't compensate the fact that he's passive aggressive and a bit emotionally unavailable(?) While, she just seems very pleasant to be with
Sara Cornish
Sara Cornish 2 oy oldin
Love them , there both sweet people. Was bummed with him. His loss
char charles
char charles 2 oy oldin
The divorced Italian guy is probably going to 'dick around' for years, hopping and dropping gals. Then, right before turning 40, is going to find a woman in her 20's and marry her. You know why I sense that? Because his attitude exudes superficiality as being his primary marker for whether to go on a date or not, AND, the fact that he was so superficial with the Catholic religious rite of Confirmation that he dropped religion right after that. Clearly, he was just doing the Catholic rites at face-value too. I wish his parents or the Bishop who confirmed him had found out, and 'unconfirmed' him. He is so full of himself.
char charles
char charles Oy oldin
+hardyharhar yo You're right in some cases, but there is a big difference in marriage potential between the sexes when they wait till 'the wall', as you say. When men wait around until their 40's, their choices of potential mates INCREASES: He can attract and reasonably marry women in their 20's. When a woman waits around till the mid-thirties and beyond, her choice of potential marriage partners DECREASES drastically: While she could marry men a few years younger, it's not that probable that men in their 20's would be interested in a woman 10+ years older. Men 'playing the field' and waiting decades to get married end up with more options, whereas women 'playing the field' and waiting end up with less options--not to mention the fact that female reproductive physiology changes drastically from 30 to 40, which is not the case with men.
hardyharhar yo
Yes cause women dont whore around til their 30s and then marry right before hitting the wall
Allen Sickle
Allen Sickle Oy oldin
+char charles I doubt the Vatican doesn't realize that. Making kids do it at 11/13 years old is a blatant mistake. (I was wrong. I just checked and that is the usual age, not 16. Apparently, they do it because temptations start at that age. Here is the source, if you're interested: www.lettera43.it/it/comefare/cultura/2016/06/23/a-che-eta-si-fa-la-cresima/5211/ Just paste the link on Google Translate.) They should do it at 18 or, better yet, allow people to do it on their own, rather than making it a "journey" that you feel you have to complete due to social pressure.
char charles
char charles Oy oldin
+Allen Sickle Well, maybe your analysis should go straight to the Vatican! Unfortunately, I do believe you. At least you mentioned 'It's wrong.'
Allen Sickle
Allen Sickle Oy oldin
+char charles I know what it is. I'm just telling you that here that logic doesn't really apply. I was one of the two kids in my High School class who hadn't received Confirmation and yet we were all atheists except for one guy. I've only ever met three people my age who are actual Catholics. The problem is that going through Confirmation is part of our culture, so it's a given that one does that and nobody ever thinks about it. Here it's even called "Cresima", which is a name that means nothing, so it's just another way to further cause confusion. The Church is in it to increase their numbers on paper. The parents are in it to have an occasion to meet the whole family. The kids are in it for the presents. It's wrong, but what I'm trying to tell you is that this guy is not the exception. He's the rule. You'll have to work hard to find an Italian younger than 40 who'd actually care if they ever received an excommunication.
BB Bluelover
BB Bluelover 2 oy oldin
*that man has a beautiful voice, i mean NICE voice omgosh!*
char charles
char charles 2 oy oldin
This Italian guy is difficult, definitely complicated, and, as I sensed, interested in an initial attraction ('dick rise') based on hormones when he meets a woman. His type of woman is most likely a showy, made-up one, who looks flashy, and wears a lot of makeup and lipstick. This young lady here is really nice, and, much nicer than he is in my opinion. I don't think she's necessarily looking for 'love/attraction at first sight', but would give any nice, decent man who was interested in her a chance to go out with her. He, on the other hand, looks like he wants to find a woman who would 'put out' for him on day one, which is why he most likely wants initial attraction/hormones from the get go. She, however, is a more patient person who looks like she would want a relationship to take its own time and grow. The two are poles apart.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 2 oy oldin
i know guys like him and they are super picky but super nice its sad lol
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