Put YOUR Assumptions to the Test... Interactive Tell My Story

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This time, YOU get to help tell their story and play along with the video. Test your assumptions by answering poll questions about the daters.
It’s certainly easier to make assumptions about people than it is to spend time getting to know someone. We wanted to put assumptions to the test to see what we're missing out on because we're so busy assuming we already "know" a person. Join us as we discover why you should never judge a book by it’s cover in our series 'Tell My Story.'
We are all conditioned with certain biases. In this experiment, we challenged these biases by asking people to guess their blind date partner's interests and past experiences based only on their partner's appearance. When they learned their partner's real answers, they were shocked by how wrong they were.
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9-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 889
CaliDude Soat oldin
She was Awesome and cute...
Jen Wombat Excelsior
Don't speak...I know just what you're saying or alternatively I know what you'll say and.
MKMusic 6 soat oldin
That was epic
Emma Ferguson
Emma Ferguson 8 soat oldin
lol he just assumes she is basic as , which is kinda true
Clear minds
Clear minds 11 soat oldin
He's slightly better looking than her but not that much. He seems edgy and she's more play safe in character. She tries too hard...
CJR G 12 soat oldin
He just missed out, he needs someone that is not into arts as mush as his ex's.
Tahseen 13 soat oldin
She is a skateboard. *Sorry*
Camih🇧🇷 16 soat oldin
I'm in love with him. His look, the way he thinks...I'm in
Kimora Kemp
Kimora Kemp 23 soat oldin
Ok I need me an Italian now 😭💕
JONES Kun oldin
i wouldn't mind a one night stand, but other than that, he seems a little high maintenance.
Vignesh Dhakshina
Dude is like really, hawtttt
Layla Abdush-Shaheed
Man: I want someone not focused on looks! (A 6 to his 9 walks in) Man: I just did not feel any desire....
Neda Taha
Neda Taha Kun oldin
why tf did I think this was a video with jon bellion in it
Andrew Stanfield
I thought the guy was jon bellion
Amy S.
Amy S. Kun oldin
She's superficial and demanding. He can do better.
Day One
Day One Kun oldin
i like this man ! i want to date him
J Tz
J Tz Kun oldin
She's WAY too ugly and plain for a hot guy like him.
M.I.K.E Kun oldin
Hotter Ashton Kutcher
Tyra Saurus
Tyra Saurus Kun oldin
He’s really pretty😊
Belinda Joy
Belinda Joy Kun oldin
I find all of these Tell My Story segments very interesting. It is fascinating to see what causes one person to connect to another beyond the physical. In a way I think we all do this when we meet someone. Snoop around the crevices of their mind to see if there is anything there that binds us. I knew from the onset they weren't going to be a match. It's always in the eyes. The first moment when people meet. An energy.....
Music lolli
Music lolli Kun oldin
And he respects that the woman's body rights are affected not just parental or not parental rights.. wow...
Music lolli
Music lolli Kun oldin
SerioUSly.. innitiates the confrontation (healthy sort things out way) man.. I would love to meet him
Music lolli
Music lolli Kun oldin
Hello MR, where are you? I'm that girl, where are the you who look for talent and straight talking , and value a genuine person!! :O
WhyMe Kun oldin
I disliked the dude at first word
Vanessa Lucas
Vanessa Lucas Kun oldin
what's his instaaa
Jordan Cook
Jordan Cook Kun oldin
I totally agree with their opinions and assumptions though
Beraud 2 kun oldin
Ah, so "into performing arts" is the new way to say "more attractive"?
Gaby Cornielius
Gaby Cornielius 2 kun oldin
the ending was cringe but she was a nice girl but like no honey
1SparksFlyOut 2 kun oldin
She seems so sweet. If I was a man, I'd date her.
Live Not Die
Live Not Die 2 kun oldin
Can I have his IG??
Live Not Die
Live Not Die 2 kun oldin
Damn why do I have a weakness for Italian men?!
Amy S.
Amy S. Kun oldin
Because they are hot. Very hot 🔥
Fay Khudairi
Fay Khudairi 2 kun oldin
"I need someone more into the arts"...."I was a dancer"....awkwardddd
Yasyas 2 kun oldin
Why do Italian dudes sound so funny
Shirley Ann Osei Owusu
I don't thinn it was about her looks Its confidence He likes people that are sure of themself (genuine, says what's on their mind) and that's not her vibe
lily v
lily v 2 kun oldin
hes a 10
Rebecca Freeman
Rebecca Freeman 2 kun oldin
He sounds like gru from despicable me. No hate I loved both of them. Who else thought that?!!
MissLeonable 2 kun oldin
He is great! I wanna meet him 🤩
Ava Meyers
Ava Meyers 2 kun oldin
Just the way the guy was talking it was obvious he didn't like her
siddhesh gandhi
siddhesh gandhi 2 kun oldin
What's his @?????
Bcdf 1930
Bcdf 1930 2 kun oldin
He is hot!
Josephine Katabarwa
Hammod Elbatal
Hammod Elbatal 2 kun oldin
She's so sweet!
Mya St. Clair
Mya St. Clair 2 kun oldin
She sold herself short by 1) her poor posture and 2) she spoke too much. He didn’t deserve her, she would have been too nice to him. He’s looking to be dominated IMHO.
michelle davis
michelle davis 3 kun oldin
landscape architecture is the best career, totally not biased because that's what I do or anything lol
Garfield 3
Garfield 3 3 kun oldin
He looks somewhat like Engin Akyurek.😄
Taekook Universe
Taekook Universe 3 kun oldin
Well that sucks
Jasmin Adous
Jasmin Adous 3 kun oldin
oh my god what's his @
rachelobire 3 kun oldin
they tryna bandersnatch us
POPPYSILK 3 kun oldin
If I don’t know you, of course I would put “I wouldn’t date you”. Doesn’t make me superficial.
Daphne Akpotu
Daphne Akpotu 3 kun oldin
12:27 dayum
:: SBK ::
:: SBK :: 3 kun oldin
Yes the guy is hot but can we just talk about how happy joyful sweet open hearted person this women is!! Idk she just gives out that perfect really innocent never been hurt and lovely vibe!!
Yaz 3 kun oldin
I think i am in love with him
polymathecian 3 kun oldin
He's too kind.
ebony 3 kun oldin
why does he look like Jon Bellion kinda
Glutamate Sulphate
Glutamate Sulphate 3 kun oldin
Are they seeing each other or not?? Could we please get a follow up!!!!
Kayla ay
Kayla ay 3 kun oldin
anyone from 2019 here?
Kayla ay
Kayla ay 3 kun oldin
I love the whole attracted by talent thing!
Alexandra Nicole
Alexandra Nicole 3 kun oldin
I....love him??
Shriya Chowa
Shriya Chowa 3 kun oldin
He wasn't into her at all. Glad he refused her politely.
Happy Person
Happy Person 3 kun oldin
beautiful body :D
Sakina Fletcher
Sakina Fletcher 3 kun oldin
She is very authentic, intelligent and self aware 💛 wish them both the best
Brea Kandanga
Brea Kandanga 3 kun oldin
Ottavio is looking for me! :D
Sonia S
Sonia S 3 kun oldin
I don't think they're a different attractiveness level per se. A different personality, and socioeconomical background. I think he was put off because she doesn't have an expensive vibe to her look, and I find him kind of stiff and serious, whereas she is fun and quirky. I'd definitely rather date her
Sonia S
Sonia S 3 kun oldin
She reminds me of Phoebe from friends?!
Kirstyn Ashlee
Kirstyn Ashlee 3 kun oldin
She talks A LOT, and it’s not really giving more information, it’s just a nervous tick that seems a bit off-putting.
Malvika Jain
Malvika Jain 3 kun oldin
attractive guy.. problem patch with his moustache.. that one patch.. just wanted to make it right :P
sama shaheen
sama shaheen 3 kun oldin
haritima shukla
haritima shukla 3 kun oldin
I love the men's voice 💕
Anoshag ruwan
Anoshag ruwan 3 kun oldin
I love everything about him😭 and he’s accent 😭💔💔
Isabelle 3 kun oldin
They both seem like such nice people!
Simmonds 4 kun oldin
I hate when men pretend they are not physically attracted to someone, his body language said it all. dickhead.
Thomas Keets
Thomas Keets 4 kun oldin
I think she’s thinking she can change his mind by staying friends.
Ken Powers
Ken Powers 4 kun oldin
Looks and attraction still matter a great deal...case in point.
A New Love Official
I really thought that everything was perfect but when he said that he's not interested in her to date, I feel so sad about her because I can definitely see that she likes him. But I guess it's still okay because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings for saying he likes her but the truth is not.
Bevi B
Bevi B 4 kun oldin
they would have been perfect together 😣
Maria Dimitropoulos
Melaf .k
Melaf .k 4 kun oldin
HE LOOK LIKE CASTIEL! Sam and Dean needs to keep an eye on their angel..
Emily L
Emily L 4 kun oldin
He's a douche nozzle knew the moment I saw him lmao
Yael Koren
Yael Koren 4 kun oldin
I think in the end where she gave it "one last shot" saying "I'm a dancer and I can teach you!" was a bit... I dont know awkward... like o.k., he's cute, but you are cute too, & i'm sure you can find someone else, that is attracted to you.
Anna Rota
Anna Rota 4 kun oldin
From first look, I knew he had to be Italian. Btw I’m Italian too
lagunabxo 4 kun oldin
I thought the guy was Jon Bellion when I scrolled past the thumbnail
PaKou Yang
PaKou Yang 4 kun oldin
Jon Bellion?
Nomiki saroukou
Nomiki saroukou 4 kun oldin
He has a Johnny Depp vibe. Am I right?
Many_ sided
Many_ sided 4 kun oldin
5:34 Okay yeah sure no body wants to deal with problems, i get that, it be a pain in the ass sometimes, but! the problem is just going to get bigger and more mess would be created, better deal with it sooner than later, even when you decide to not deal with it your going to have to deal with the consequences.
Kinali BTS
Kinali BTS 4 kun oldin
The end was so awkward ...
Emmanuella Frimpong
Yes they weren't attracted to each other equally but more importantly they had no chemistry and were total opposites
CaapriceTube 4 kun oldin
I think she’s just to cookie cut wonder bread for him. He wants a girl with culture some spizazz. Like an exotic looking type who loves to dance or travel from Ibiza or Morocco.
This guy have sitting problem either exposed, either layed etc
MONICANDO PLAY 4 kun oldin
omg OMG the ending made me realize this man just lost the love of his life! nononono call them back THAT IS THE SADDEST VIDEO I'VE EVER SEEN HOW WHY OMG
Alice Marie
Alice Marie 4 kun oldin
Well maybe I'm gay because this guy is not attractive to me and is actually very annoying.
patricia mwansa
patricia mwansa 5 kun oldin
God he is so cute
Jessica Gibb
Jessica Gibb 5 kun oldin
Kennedy McGee
Kennedy McGee 5 kun oldin
she’s cute
Tharaa S Watters
Tharaa S Watters 5 kun oldin
Problems will solve itself? ya.
Orlando Florida
Orlando Florida 5 kun oldin
He was cute what’s his Instagram ?
Juliet Sparks
Juliet Sparks 5 kun oldin
SuperBreezy100 5 kun oldin
He looks like Jon bellion
Darina K
Darina K 5 kun oldin
Europeans are more free, playful, and sexy. White Americans who don't have a culture besides 'American' are very stiff, and just not sexy.
Narmeen Ulfdfd
Narmeen Ulfdfd 5 kun oldin
My heart is beating when I saw this man this is the only reason I’m here 🔥😍😍🤣🤣
Impulse 5 kun oldin
that chick is so going to chase him... this guy did the right thing... what a playa!