Quagmire married an old girl - Funny cartoon series by STV

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Quagmire married an old girl! Funny cartoon series by STV
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5-Yan, 2019



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David Love
David Love 5 soat oldin
Quagmire should have just been the bottom. He’s such a sexual guy you know he either takes a strap on or plays with some sort of toy back there! And peter could just take a viagra or something and fake it. Just go for like 10 minutes and scream oh! Ah! I’m gonna c cum!!!! She’s not gonna know if he came or not xD and glen can just say he caint get hard infront of people besides his boyfriend. It’s the perfect plan!
Ronnie Roberts
Ronnie Roberts 9 soat oldin
"We should go now, I just stuffed everything back into place."
josh 10 soat oldin
isn't quagmire 80 years old
Gaming Bro's
Gaming Bro's 11 soat oldin
Love it
Hoshimaru57 12 soat oldin
Better question: why is Peter’s family watching?
nateman79 13 soat oldin
The Sweden joke didn’t really hold up over time did it
Sl0wreacti0ngamez 360
Sl0wreacti0ngamez 360 14 soat oldin
Myra Spoerle
Myra Spoerle 22 soat oldin
I'd eat breakfast for dinner at least once a month growing up....
Mick Pettet
Mick Pettet 23 soat oldin
Why is family guys so weird and I think I know why it’s Family Guy
Mick Pettet
Mick Pettet 23 soat oldin
Lol 😝
Cameron Overbay
Cameron Overbay 23 soat oldin
Sunny tv are you actually trying to play family guy as your on show not cool
FeaRSuM Kun oldin
Quagmires chest hairs are 666
The emo Kawaii potato
10:37 10:38 10:39 this is my life
sunny Productions
*I would of loved yhat if I wasn't super duper dubble gay*
FrostyNomad Kun oldin
What's the song at 2:50
TWSTF 8 Kun oldin
I'm pretty sure there were TONS of funny moments all throughout this BEFORE somebody cut it up and edited it to DEATH! (Wish I could 👎 more than once. So; 👎 👎 👎)
Super Luigi a
Super Luigi a 2 kun oldin
I feel bad for quagmire and peter
Elonna Mcpeters
Elonna Mcpeters 2 kun oldin
I laughed so hard at the Hellen Keller bit...
Grant Hollyer
Grant Hollyer 2 kun oldin
Grant Hollyer
Grant Hollyer 2 kun oldin
Ninjago weeb nation
10:32 favorite Scene from this episode Glenn is just my reaction to the whole thing
Ninjago weeb nation
hillmanant 2 kun oldin
Ted kaziski LMFAO!
Psycho J
Psycho J 2 kun oldin
I just need to know. How big is a woman's vagina? Because dr. Hartman said that there are beer cans laying around in her uterus. So I need to know.
Brawler4456 2 kun oldin
twenty five or six to fouuuurrr.
lak fas
lak fas 2 kun oldin
I died when they kissed each other
k asdfg
k asdfg 3 kun oldin
This thing's all over the place.
Alan sikes
Alan sikes 3 kun oldin
Funny though how blacks in Sweden do not call themselves African Swedes.Being black and Swedish is about as funny as being African American.
jared and shehan's outdoor and fun vlog
Season 12 episode 11
jared and shehan's outdoor and fun vlog
Out of place like a black guy in sweden
Wayne 3 kun oldin
pancakes are an any time of day food
steve gale
steve gale 3 kun oldin
Peasant food.
cody baggett
cody baggett 4 kun oldin
What are watching, Glee?
Tunatinez51423 4 kun oldin
I'm sorry for being super duper double gay..
Black Pikachu
Black Pikachu 4 kun oldin
👋 👋 hi
Wolfie Michaelson
Wolfie Michaelson 4 kun oldin
I am gay I take offense
Originella 4 kun oldin
I...I crave your groin.
Mj Verostek
Mj Verostek 4 kun oldin
0:40 didn't hold up well
Lauren LilaNoah
Lauren LilaNoah 4 kun oldin
Haha now its the whites in Sweden that get those looks.
GoldenJetPlays 77
GoldenJetPlays 77 4 kun oldin
Steven Galiniak
Steven Galiniak 4 kun oldin
Anybody else kind of surprised Quagmire doesn't swing that way? He just always seemed like the kind of horn dog that would stick it in anything. Hell, his dad was even Trans so it would make sense
Paulina Alvarez
Paulina Alvarez 4 kun oldin
Lmao “that chair with the garbage bag taped over it looks pretty good”
StayDown OrElse
StayDown OrElse 5 kun oldin
Your videos should be reported
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs 5 kun oldin
Can you not copyright
falcon gamer
falcon gamer 5 kun oldin
Fingernails for cash
Kayden The BEST
Kayden The BEST 5 kun oldin
Glen de ablo 😈😈😈
JFK 5 kun oldin
“And they all hate each other for some reason.” Didn’t the Chinese help North Vietnam in the Vietnam War?
steve gale
steve gale 3 kun oldin
Didn't JFK almost start a nuclear armageddon which USSR refused to do? OH, he FUCKING WELL DID.
Spectre 5 kun oldin
perrymkwii 5 kun oldin
tbh you can divorce a woman without any problems so half of this is just straight up incorrect. Also why didn't he just say he is bisexual but prefers males?
Spasoje Kulasevic
Spasoje Kulasevic 5 kun oldin
He is crazy
ßenBorisenko 5 kun oldin
0 0 (-) |__________|
Pan!c on
Pan!c on 5 kun oldin
what are we watching ? glee?
Andreas Eklund
Andreas Eklund 5 kun oldin
Like a black guy in Sweden!!! Hahahaha! I can tell u its not like that
raven dark heart
raven dark heart 5 kun oldin
Oh wow pawning all thoes clothes for drug money
k̶i̶l̶l̶ m̶e̶
Why he had to fuck peter why not someone else xD
To be fair black people are many in Sweden now
Silberx66 6 kun oldin
*What was the name of this song pls?* 2:58
ThePowerslave6697 4 kun oldin
Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4
Sammy Nichols
Sammy Nichols 6 kun oldin
Hey Brian hey Brian I'm stewie
Phillyboi215 6 kun oldin
This is hilarious. Peter is really a good friend 😂😂
Your local Swedish stoner
A black guy in Sweden? Do you mean Swedish people?
Riley J
Riley J 6 kun oldin
Fortnite lover your ok😕😕😕😕😕
Just Franxis
Just Franxis 6 kun oldin
If the fingernail-money commercial was real, people would go insane XD
Barrett Howe
Barrett Howe 7 kun oldin
That dialect part was affinity to me
i -
i - 7 kun oldin
Holidays are always stressful 😂😂😂😂😂
qing cai
qing cai 7 kun oldin
Ok this is weird
Briana Mota
Briana Mota 8 kun oldin
This reminds me of the hangover
senorbusyman 8 kun oldin
Lois saying Breakfast for Dinner is Anarchy means shes never had one of those “i dont feel like cooking, lets eat cereal for dinner” or “i just got out of work late, im hungry & i crave pancakes for dinner” hell i just got out work, im tired & im eating pancakes with eggs, biscuits & gravy with bacon at iHop or is it still iHob?
Lachlan Smith
Lachlan Smith 8 kun oldin
Super duper double gay
baby girl
baby girl 8 kun oldin
lmfao why does everyone go to Peter for help
Paws for Life
Paws for Life 8 kun oldin
“Finger nails for cash.com”
Jose Quezada
Jose Quezada 9 kun oldin
Blacknsippin 🤣🤣🤣
JM Lav
JM Lav 9 kun oldin
smartest school? yea riiiiiggghhtt!
jessie christopher lapinid
Ice_Wallow_Come 9 kun oldin
Where the hell is clevand
Demon Panda
Demon Panda 9 kun oldin
0:40 if that’s not the most racist thing I’ve ever heard then I don’t know what is
Sherlock Watson
Sherlock Watson 6 kun oldin
You don't go out much, huh?
Jimbo Slim
Jimbo Slim 7 kun oldin
Demon Panda i don't think a joke in family guy is the most racist thing ever. There's much worse out there
uphill248 uphill248
Gurosama Bltch
Gurosama Bltch 9 kun oldin
0:40 more like a black guy in Europe
TheAkwarium 5 kun oldin
more like a black guy in Eastern Europe
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes 5 kun oldin
Me likey you profile picture
David Keb
David Keb 10 kun oldin
I thought Joe's wallet was pretty cool.
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts 10 kun oldin
the song that played i did it in 5th grade
αru αkísє
αru αkísє 10 kun oldin
"I have some demands"
lps mlp
lps mlp 10 kun oldin
eat them whenever
manslaughter kevin
manslaughter kevin 10 kun oldin
He could just kick her out of the house and never talk to her
Alex Harching
Alex Harching 10 kun oldin
Shes not old...
ES1263 10 kun oldin
I want a bridal golden shower ! NOT LOLOLOL!!!
ES1263 10 kun oldin
Blacken Sippen!!!!!!!
Jose Mitre
Jose Mitre 10 kun oldin
LOL. she looks like Courtney Love!!
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 10 kun oldin
This is so what Homer Simpson would do try covering up the reasons for his being crazy and doing rediculous things. Mrs Wrinkles is what happened to Pamala Anderson. I know it's sad what became of her it was old age that stollen her youth.
FSwastaken 10 kun oldin
Is this like a hangover referance?
Yesenia Garcia
Yesenia Garcia 10 kun oldin
Charmice is ICONIC
Varun Menon
Varun Menon 10 kun oldin
Yes...... Glee
ItsProbablyMe 10 kun oldin
So peter can't have breakfast for dinner, but he can have alcohol any time of the day.
Kisa Herbert
Kisa Herbert 10 kun oldin
Quagmire's wife found me eating 😧
starfetishable 10 kun oldin
Helen has issues 😂
Night god23
Night god23 10 kun oldin
Breakfast for diner yum 😋
Osamah Kmail
Osamah Kmail 10 kun oldin
Wtf is going on with my life
Danilo Pinheiro
Danilo Pinheiro 11 kun oldin
10:36 - Question I ask myself every day
I Am Phish
I Am Phish 11 kun oldin
They forgot to say "no homo"
julius Jørgensen
julius Jørgensen 11 kun oldin
what are we watching...glee?
Batencio4882 11 kun oldin
Brenty Wenty Come
Brenty Wenty Come 11 kun oldin
Trans YamiKawaii
Trans YamiKawaii 11 kun oldin