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Watch the official Music Video for “HOW BOUT THAT?" by Quavo.
Director: Kid Studio & Quavo
Cinematographer: Christopher C. Ripley
Production company: Couscous Saumon
Executive Producers: Salim El Arja, Jordan I. Cardoso, Julian Neva
Producer: Steve C. Wood, Sara Lacombe, Kevin Kloecker
Capitol Producers: Brian Nolan, Nathan Ledesm, Zoe Gillespie, Patrick Stephens
Stream or Download "QUAVO HUNCHO" featuring "HOW BOUT THAT?" qualitycontrol.lnk.to/QuavoHuncho
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OG Parker
We keep it goin' let’s go (Go)
Don't need no keys to go (No keys)
Fuckin' with me, get go (Me)
Nobody seen lil' bro (Ain't seen him)
Livin' life fast, you go (Fast)
Keepin' it goin', you go (Keep goin')
Keepin' it goin' lil' ho (You know)
Keepin’ it goin' lil' ho (Ho)
How 'bout the whole gang get geeked? (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout that?
How 'bout the whole gang get freaks? (Yeah, yeah)
How ’bout that?
How 'bout we run the whole scene? (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout that?
Whole scene (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout that?
Aye, move the scene (Move)
Move the block (Block, ugh)
I'm with the team (Team)
We All-stars (Stars, aye)
This all I got (Got)
I can't stop (Stop)
Came from kickin' in doors, hop out Benz
Shootin' at opps (Ugh, ah)
She gave me mouth, the dental floss (Aye, floss)
I bought a boat, I feel like a boss (Ugh)
Pull up on the dock (Skrrt)
Park the drop (Skrrt, aye)
Just give me my ends
Give me my knots (Knots)
Woah, how 'bout strong?
How 'bout strong? (Strong)
Drippin' and dabbin' (Dab)
Didn't take me long (Drippin')
You gotta practice to beat me homes (Oh)
Just keep askin', put me on
How 'bout the whole gang get geeked? (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout the whole gang get freaks? (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout that?
How 'bout we run the whole scene? (Yeah, yeah)
Whole scene (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout that?
Floss it, (Hey) fuck with my posse (Hey, hey)
Fuck with my posse (Hey, hey)
Wanna go that way (That way, hey)
Ridin' in the crowd wave (Skrrt)
Ridin' in the big Wraith (Big Wraith)
Give a lil' bitch a taste
We goin', up, up, up
Yeah, up, I just, up, went, up, up, up, yeah, up
We just, up, pipe it, up, up, up
Yeah, up, we just, up, level up, up, up, yo
We keep it goin' let's go (Go)
Don't need no keys to go (No keys)
Fuckin' with me, get go (Me)
Nobody seen lil' bro (Ain't seen him)
Livin' life fast, you go (Fast)
Keepin' it goin', you go (Keep goin')
Keepin' it goin' lil' ho (You know)
Keepin' it goin' lil' ho (Ho)
How 'bout the whole gang get geeked? (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout that?
How 'bout the whole gang get freaks? (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout that?
How 'bout we run the whole scene? (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout that?
Whole scene (Yeah, yeah)
How 'bout that?
Music video by Quavo performing HOW BOUT THAT?. © 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC, Under Exclusive License to UMG Recordings, Inc





21-Noy, 2018



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Jaciara Silva
Jaciara Silva 5 soat oldin
Ele pareçe mâtue
ROBLOX _AC 7 soat oldin
Quavo looks like black panther's face
foxy the official gamer
This is gonna be the most disliked video ever your it famous cause people are crazy
Marcos Paulo
Marcos Paulo 12 soat oldin
Pete C
Pete C 15 soat oldin
I feel like we da leaders of the culture 😂😂😂
They took my job
Song trash
quavo noel
quavo noel Kun oldin
like if quavo better than drake
Johngamez17 Kun oldin
Fuck you trynna sneak dis peep. KYS. #fuckquavo
Frank White
Frank White Kun oldin
Wtf is this chick saying? 😐
jasmine taylor
jasmine taylor 2 kun oldin
Why Quavo Go Off Like This 🤔🎉
Windex Original
Windex Original 2 kun oldin
Best migo in my opinion
bb 23
bb 23 3 kun oldin
Quavo yesssirrr
with the strap X
with the strap X 4 kun oldin
I saw the ad like mad times and I fucked with the song but was too lazy to search it up
noah shields
noah shields 4 kun oldin
Flow Was Crazy 🤯
noah shields
noah shields 4 kun oldin
We just UP Level Up UPP UPP UP UPP
Trevor Murray
Trevor Murray 4 kun oldin
“Git the money aye that’s all I want, how bout dat”💯
Kauã dos Santos Silva
trevor kener
trevor kener 5 kun oldin
Voltage -Gaming247
Voltage -Gaming247 6 kun oldin
Everybody get up it’s time to slam now we got the whole game going wild welcome to the space jam❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joy Ndirangu
Joy Ndirangu 7 kun oldin
2019 anyone
Girl you Talk TOO MUCH
the gamer
the gamer 8 kun oldin
Why is Quavo not in the nba
Pederas Geiski
Pederas Geiski 8 kun oldin
Pederas Geiski
Pederas Geiski 8 kun oldin
Is this a movie trailer?
JONAS FRAZIER 8 kun oldin
1:30 space jam?
Chance Romance
Chance Romance 8 kun oldin
Who feels like this would’ve been harder if it had a TakeOff feature
shamin yean
shamin yean 8 kun oldin
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Sanie M
Sanie M 8 kun oldin
3:47 Who see Lingo?
Atlas Duball
Atlas Duball 9 kun oldin
This song is fun a good video concept
Tico De Poste
Tico De Poste 9 kun oldin
3:19 mano olha a cara dele kjkjkjkjk
Fatoungane Seck
Fatoungane Seck 9 kun oldin
Cool 🔥🔥🔥
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson 9 kun oldin
where can i buy that Quavo mascot head at 0:56 ?
Saguel Vlogs
Saguel Vlogs 9 kun oldin
how bout dat
Kidd Dream TV
Kidd Dream TV 10 kun oldin
QUAVO NEED YOU ON THIS BEAT MANIGGA HMU! uzvid.com/video/video-vnp9hpUEzMY.html
Strangely Credible Ent.
Stephany Stephenson
Stephany Stephenson 10 kun oldin
Stephany Stephenson
Stephany Stephenson 10 kun oldin
full movies
full movies 10 kun oldin
I am o ready rich my dad has a lambogihini
Corey Watts
Corey Watts 11 kun oldin
Who here from the liquor ad 😂
DJ RHYNO 11 kun oldin
seems like Migos might be going they separate ways???? HMMM, time will tell.
Dlt215 9 kun oldin
They been split up.
Eduardo Villaverde
Eduardo Villaverde 11 kun oldin
whats her @ 3:19 or 3:25am. the cheerleader
T22_much-Dripp 11 kun oldin
Im a biggggggggg fan of the Migos
Madlipz only
Madlipz only 11 kun oldin
Quavo is the best in solo How Bout That
renzo Lm
renzo Lm 12 kun oldin
Te juro que lo ví corriendo Wacho y quiero que corra de nuevo...
April McQuay
April McQuay 12 kun oldin
How bout that
Christopher Baez
Christopher Baez 12 kun oldin
New Space jam looking good 😂😂😂
DJ B.I Young
DJ B.I Young 12 kun oldin
My shirt line I being pushing since last year so if anyone need the shirt design How bout that 🏌 Email is intelligentb987@gmail.com
ilja lushkin
ilja lushkin 12 kun oldin
Im pick up my block for baskerball
Alex Zapata
Alex Zapata 13 kun oldin
These guys still SWEAR they started the flow lol bullshit
Faith ThaŸôùñgïń
Sooo my son quavo got his own mascot
Titus Smith
Titus Smith 13 kun oldin
Bizzy Bone Carbon Monoxide 🔥🔥☠....how bout that
nada 11 kun oldin
Check our bizzy enigma
nada 11 kun oldin
My boi bizzy put these illuminati dick heads in the coma
nada 11 kun oldin
Thats right bro
Shanelle Warner
Shanelle Warner 13 kun oldin
Well dang he killed this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
A.B Madness
A.B Madness 13 kun oldin
Space jam 2
Kelly T
Kelly T 13 kun oldin
I stan Huncho😭❤
Mberi Kuda
Mberi Kuda 13 kun oldin
Love you quovo love 😍
Christopher Delacruz
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 14 kun oldin
When i saw the space jam twist i was dead!! no cap one of the best movies ever.
WanB6233 14 kun oldin
This nigga wanna be in the NBA so bad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Tori C
Tori C 14 kun oldin
Danielle Bregoli is shaking
Samster and ray dot
Samster and ray dot 14 kun oldin
This is gone be on 2k20
s0beit prod
s0beit prod 14 kun oldin
ahmeer johnson
ahmeer johnson 15 kun oldin
level up
The Fortnite Llama
The Fortnite Llama 15 kun oldin
Who saw an ad and came here for the song? 😂😂😂😂😂
Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris 9 soat oldin
Lol ya but I thought it was Future.
Tokoshero 3 kun oldin
Yung Taz
Yung Taz 3 kun oldin
+sKoo vZ frfr everytime there's an ad😂
sKoo vZ
sKoo vZ 3 kun oldin
Martell tho lol
firehawk67701 15 kun oldin
quavos secret stuff is actually molly water
YAHEREE EREEYAH 15 kun oldin
Claudio Azon
Claudio Azon 16 kun oldin
This shit is GARBAGE!!!
Pelle 16 kun oldin
1:30 IT'S DAX
Thordz 16 kun oldin
the music video looked like a corny fken anime basketball movie
rap kreyol promo 509
Quavo 💯💯
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 17 kun oldin
He got dem niggaz drinking perky juice
Winston Dallas
Winston Dallas 17 kun oldin
There's a girls team bro
Winston Dallas
Winston Dallas 17 kun oldin
Why was there women on a guys basketball team
BIG MONEY 17 kun oldin
This shit dope songs good too that hooks a mf
j c
j c 18 kun oldin
Is this the soundtrack 2 space jam 2
Lil Tezar
Lil Tezar 18 kun oldin
mahi mahi
mahi mahi 18 kun oldin
fortnite floss fortnite quavo huncho
Tee Jeanine - mishaj86
They was drinking the blood of the black panther.
Elizeo Salazar
Elizeo Salazar 18 kun oldin
Jimmy Kimmel live how bout that
mahi mahi
mahi mahi 19 kun oldin
Michael Black
Michael Black 19 kun oldin
The flows are amazing!
Semaj Mateo
Semaj Mateo 19 kun oldin
Quavo trash now
225 Huncho
225 Huncho 20 kun oldin
Mans out here wit dat big head twin like dj esco 🔥📠
GamingWithDan 20 kun oldin
am guilty
Oh yeah yeah Sharktastic
Mmd Barryy
Mmd Barryy 21 kun oldin
Cash me outside how about that 😂
Arachnoshadow 22 kun oldin
This dude sounds mackey just like all the other mackey so called rappers. Damn I miss the 90's rap that wuz rapping not this garbage nowadays.
Paulo Vilela
Paulo Vilela 22 kun oldin
MB prrrrrrrrrrraaaaa good perspective 😃💌🌎💎😤😤🙏🙏🏾👊👊🏾💪🙌💪🏾🙌🏾😉🌍🌏
flow 22 kun oldin
they thought i was quavo
RamdomeroS 22 kun oldin
Vine a ver el duki y se puso esta mierda
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 23 kun oldin
@quavohuncho dripping and dabbing didn't take me long 🔥 yeah yeah yeah 🔥 oh yeah yeah yeah how about that 🙄 🔥 stick talk win you going give it some drip
Skarow Snake
Skarow Snake 24 kun oldin
Quavo !!!
MXAZZI 10*71
MXAZZI 10*71 24 kun oldin
Hopewell Sindiso
Hopewell Sindiso 24 kun oldin
he really sound like Roddy Ricch on the chorus lmao
Mr Strange
Mr Strange 24 kun oldin
Some of those cheerleaders whores are SEXY AF! Like the one around the 3:18 and 3:26 mark with the booty and cute face! SHIITE! I like mostly white girls but damn Daniel! That girl was hot!
Charlie torrez
Charlie torrez 25 kun oldin
Why this sound like, bowsers castle gone krunk?
Anthony Bille
Anthony Bille 25 kun oldin
There is no hope for rap anymore. This shit is a disgrace.
juicegod theheir
juicegod theheir 25 kun oldin
chief keef 2012 flow and Travis adlibS.. yall dick ridin
Owen Russel
Owen Russel 25 kun oldin
tony mcbride
tony mcbride 26 kun oldin
Aj’s Life
Aj’s Life 26 kun oldin
Im finna unsubscribe Bc they jumped x and delete the songs that i bought
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