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Queen - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974)

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Taken from Sheer Heart Attack, 1974.
Queen - 'Killer Queen'
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The official 'Killer Queen' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.




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maria aurelia brignola
maria aurelia brignola 3 daqiqa oldin
Sublime! ❤️🎸👑🎶💪💪💪
insert joke Here
insert joke Here 27 daqiqa oldin
Deadly queen... is what I've named it I'm going to eliminate you now before you gave a chance to speak, so I can sleep soundly again tonight TO BE CONTINUED
Pokémon VioliZ
Pokémon VioliZ Soat oldin
0:00 - 3:12 i love this part 💘
Pokémon VioliZ
Pokémon VioliZ Soat oldin
Bomb, BOMB 💣💕 i miss u so much Freddie
Maks Skrzyński
Maks Skrzyński Soat oldin
This feels nice... Really nice. As if I'm having a _picnic_ somewhere.
Pokémon VioliZ
Pokémon VioliZ Soat oldin
Love, love, love, love 💓
LuckyLlama Plays
LuckyLlama Plays 2 soat oldin
Oh, how I love his style.
DreamDealer 2 soat oldin
This song is the the....
rafamart 657
rafamart 657 2 soat oldin
the best song of ever
MrTkeddo 2 soat oldin
Bohemian Rhapsody movie brought me here 🎸
Matthew 2 soat oldin
2019? Who thinks this is the best music?
GRU Padilla
GRU Padilla 2 soat oldin
EST song of all time
leanstellar 4 soat oldin
La mejor banda del mundo!
Cecilia Bayari
Cecilia Bayari 5 soat oldin
Una fottututa bomba 😍2019!!
itz_king_alex 408
itz_king_alex 408 5 soat oldin
January 2019 anyone
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit 5 soat oldin
This makes me want to paint my nails but than I remember I’m a girl so it is not that cool 😅😂❤️
VPabloF 6 soat oldin
February, 2019?
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson 6 soat oldin
Nothing like stuffing a backwoods and BLASTING this song
박정우 6 soat oldin
BBC see?
Kristine Geary
Kristine Geary 7 soat oldin
I'm 10 years old and queen is my life my fav band queen my fav song bohemian rhapsody
伊藤達久 7 soat oldin
クイーンのキラークイーン最高ですね 😀 ボヘミアンラプソディの映画も観に行きました 感動しました 😀
Kenneth plays PAUDEL
Makes sense as the queen is really a killer
nithan nishri
nithan nishri 7 soat oldin
nithan nishri
nithan nishri 7 soat oldin
ココナッツ山 7 soat oldin
Cristina chan
Cristina chan 8 soat oldin
It's so sad that y'all are here( most of y'all) bcs of the movie:))).
Hellen Fernanda Villatoro Cifuentes
esta canción es la mejor de todas la amo el mejor grupo musical de lo 70
BimBey 1ST
BimBey 1ST 8 soat oldin
Dont ask "2019?" cause Queen NEVER DIE!
そらおそら 10 soat oldin
Ernesto Diaz
Ernesto Diaz 10 soat oldin
Theres a f storm this makes me culm donasz sorry im shacking
ホモサピエンス 10 soat oldin
Gabriella Oliveau
Gabriella Oliveau 12 soat oldin
Watch, the killer queen has not touched this video yet
vishal kuswhah
vishal kuswhah 13 soat oldin
2019? 🇮🇳
Cheyenne New
Cheyenne New 14 soat oldin
Freddie is sooo hooottt
VENOM head eater
VENOM head eater 15 soat oldin
i came here becouse i watch BOHEMIAN RAPHSODY
spaghett 16 soat oldin
_i can't believe queen invented music_
finn hargrove
finn hargrove 16 soat oldin
One like for who’s watching this in 2019
Damaged Coda
Damaged Coda 16 soat oldin
*Killer Queen Daisan No Bakudan Bites Za Dusto*
Drew Anderson
Drew Anderson 18 soat oldin
The first time I heard this I was at a work party. When the chorus played the second time at the party, I sung out the entire thing. Everyone I worked with thought it was so weird because for all the time I was working there before I was quiet. Most people would say it was embarrassing, but I really didn’t care at all
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 18 soat oldin
I have to say this but honestly who gives a shit if your starting to like queen either cause of the film or just cause - they’re will always be new generations coming our fucking way and maybe even soon their fucking kids will like Queen THEN THEIR KIDS WILL LIKE QUEEN we gotta keep their going on for many years and don’t stop someone because tHey aReNt reAl fAns . And so what weren’t we all like that. I just had to say this 😌
he's the Master
he's the Master 18 soat oldin
OMG this song is 45 years old.
Daniel Rincon
Daniel Rincon 19 soat oldin
Hola prros
gatto brassi
gatto brassi 19 soat oldin
Siempre estará muy por encima del número 1!!!!👸
Gavin Ryder
Gavin Ryder 20 soat oldin
"For cars she couldn't care less" - Roger has left the chat -
Andrés Alfonso
Andrés Alfonso 20 soat oldin
Qué rico
ЖCaldTheLad_SLGЖ 20 soat oldin
"Its the bbc thats how we do things here"
KEENster D
KEENster D 20 soat oldin
Great song
Legoguy 2213
Legoguy 2213 21 soat oldin
In the beginning when he was sliding his hand up the pole IT WAS THE MIC UPSIDE DOWN