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Queen Naija, who initially rose to fame by making vlogs and occasional covers on her UZvid channel, finally made her official music debut with her self-titled EP 'Queen Naija' last week. The project includes five songs and is led by her two successful singles “Medicine” and “Karma.” The latter track, which has already racked up 17 million UZvid views since its release in June, is produced by frequent collaborator 30HertzBeats. On “Karma,” Queen Naija sings about how what goes around always comes around.
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Courtney Rosemond
Courtney Rosemond 7 soat oldin
Those vocals!
Jessica Jennings
Jessica Jennings 13 soat oldin
Been there too sweety think us all men & women been here
Tionna Johnson
Tionna Johnson 22 soat oldin
Gabriella Sarai
Gabriella Sarai 23 soat oldin
please do The Marias next !!!!
Trippie kay 23
Trippie kay 23 Kun oldin
You and Chris doing y'all thing
McKayla Danielle
You’re so beautiful & Loved boo proud of you!❤️❤️😊
Shaniya Tripplett
For sum reason she don't look like cardi b to me🤷
rene willis
rene willis Kun oldin
I swear she stole this song (well the melody)
rene willis
rene willis Kun oldin
I swear she stole this song (well the melody)
jane How
jane How 2 kun oldin
Who wants to be friends ??
Lalala Z
Lalala Z 2 kun oldin
Why does this bitch slund so dumb.. She stole this song..lol
Taniya Townsend
Taniya Townsend 2 kun oldin
so she didn't remember taking this song from a gospel artist?? serious question
Carolyne Carrera
Carolyne Carrera 2 kun oldin
I love how you can tell that she isn’t fake she barely use voices audio💓💎👑
Naria De Lemos
Naria De Lemos 3 kun oldin
She was obviously preggers here
Taahirah Sha
Taahirah Sha 3 kun oldin
queen is gorgeous wow😭😭😭❤❤❤
esthér émily
esthér émily 3 kun oldin
The Diy Family
The Diy Family 3 kun oldin
Can't nobody say queen use autotune
Why u gotta 12 car garage??
Why she look ugly as fuck in the thumbnail
PowerGrain74444 HQ
PowerGrain74444 HQ 3 kun oldin
Nah bro she a whole treesh😭😭
Katie Kurowski
Katie Kurowski 3 kun oldin
she’s so beautiful 😍
All the Crybabies Say Meow
Nah nah nah y’all can’t have Queen and chris both on this channel that ain’t gon work
Eman And Huda
Eman And Huda 3 kun oldin
Arabic music
Troll King
Troll King 4 kun oldin
𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐬𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐬 𝐚𝐭?💯💯💯
xclusivee niaaa
xclusivee niaaa 4 kun oldin
Congratulations 🤰🏾🤰🏾
Slumped _Coral
Slumped _Coral 4 kun oldin
Queen blessed my ears💕😍
Damari Oneal
Damari Oneal 4 kun oldin
I love myself , i know i love myself but I'm still learning myself . I'm gonna always keep that in mind.
I'm such a Queen
I'm such a Queen 5 kun oldin
Love you queen
WIG SNATCHED 5 kun oldin
lonia's so E V I L
lonia's so E V I L 5 kun oldin
Wow that was so disrespectful just because he’s white doesn’t mean he can have soul ANYONE can have soul u don’t have to address that he’s white wtf
arriel Robinson
arriel Robinson 5 kun oldin
I luv queen keep doing what u doin
Syncere’s video stream
Aww the thumbnail is sooo cutee
Chanah Davidson
Chanah Davidson 5 kun oldin
But girl now u got a MAN..Clare
Camila Castillo
Camila Castillo 6 kun oldin
Camila Castillo
Camila Castillo 4 kun oldin
Avian nah hun. Only 1. Whats the link to the 2nd one.
Avian 4 kun oldin
Camila Castillo she has 2 on this channel
Kai Alexandria
Kai Alexandria 6 kun oldin
For the longest I thought she said “Feels just like yesterday when we were homies” not “Feels just like yesterday when we was homeless” 💁🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Melanin Certified
Melanin Certified 6 kun oldin
Queen looked so cute ❤️
Anita Rodriguez
Anita Rodriguez 6 kun oldin
You are a strong women queen and beautiful from inside and out .
Beauty Sasche
Beauty Sasche 6 kun oldin
She looking straight in the camera because she know he watching this
Young girl J
Young girl J 6 kun oldin
The crazy thing is I sound just like you , Just call me MINI QUEEN NAIJA
MissBoobiesWorld 6 kun oldin
My queen is glowing pregnant 😍😘
Ashley J
Ashley J 6 kun oldin
Why she glowin like that lol❤️😂
HAILEY BOYD 6 kun oldin
Jalen Stephens
Jalen Stephens 5 kun oldin
Nba youngboy yesss
Nba youngboy
Nba youngboy 5 kun oldin
Jalen Stephens THANK you god people are so dumb
Jalen Stephens
Jalen Stephens 6 kun oldin
HAILEY BOYD bitch bye you sound dumb asf. She never said she liked Chris and she is in a whole another relationship.
Nyny's World
Nyny's World 6 kun oldin
She know damn well she talking bout chris
ligola 516
ligola 516 6 kun oldin
Savage Bee
Savage Bee 6 kun oldin
The chorus sounds like the gospel song you do know my story
Savage Bee
Savage Bee 2 kun oldin
Hypeoffniyaaa I didn’t know I don’t have social media
Hypeoffniyaaa 5 kun oldin
Savage Bee and everyone knows already. 💁🏽‍♀️😂. It’s was all over social media.
Savage Bee
Savage Bee 5 kun oldin
Hypeoffniyaaa and
Hypeoffniyaaa 5 kun oldin
Savage Bee that has already been established
Taylor Roberson
Taylor Roberson 6 kun oldin
Colorists brat
Taylor Roberson
Taylor Roberson 6 kun oldin
I hate queen
Tay Bills
Tay Bills 6 kun oldin
I love when you just sing no beats or nothing ❤️❤️❤️
Lindsey T
Lindsey T 6 kun oldin
queen you are glowing ! speaking straight facts 👏🏽‼️
Hope Breezy
Hope Breezy 7 kun oldin
still Love you Queen.. Do you & live your best life..
Zayda Gray
Zayda Gray 7 kun oldin
Hold up.. What I wanna know is she Nigerian? Cause thats why she calls herself Queen Naija? Like why specifically that artist name? 🤔 I mean I'm Jamaican but that's like me calling myself China and I'm not even Chinese 💁
- Hifza
- Hifza 7 kun oldin
- Hifza
- Hifza 7 kun oldin
Kiarisleidy Baez Fabian
This is one of my favorite songs I know that you miss Chris and Chris misses you people look up to you and Chris
Raja Ji
Raja Ji 7 kun oldin
Egberto Cruz
Egberto Cruz 7 kun oldin
Love this chick.... Genuine and real
Hõñey Bêê
Hõñey Bêê 7 kun oldin
My Babyyy✨
Job Valles
Job Valles 7 kun oldin
She fr fine asl 😥
Maureen Soedarmo
Maureen Soedarmo 7 kun oldin
You Are So Beautifull
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 7 kun oldin
You have to go back. I don’t know where you came from but we don’t want you here in America.
Jay Bene
Jay Bene 7 kun oldin
She went through all that pain again just singing it I felt that 💯
XTianeeX TV
XTianeeX TV 7 kun oldin
"Feels just like yesterday when we were homeless Got you some bread and started treating me bogus" I feel as if I am going to relate to this when I'm older smh!
Balti Pie Guy
Balti Pie Guy 7 kun oldin
Queen? Wich country should that be?
Random Shit
Random Shit 7 kun oldin
I think he ment non fiction
Lolly Alwazxmas
Lolly Alwazxmas 7 kun oldin
This is wise! Love it.Stay beautiful and strong.💖
Kiwi The Beauty
Kiwi The Beauty 7 kun oldin
I feel this song so much. I think a lot of females have been insecure in a relationship and gave their all to a man who still want to see if grass was greener on the other side. But karma is real...and clearly the manifestation of all of Queens success is showing how things can turn quick. #Karma
Alexis Lucero
Alexis Lucero 7 kun oldin
Going through sum like this rn 😪
Through Maddi’s Eyes
Chris missin out he stupid as hell and Clarence is lucky as hell
EXPOSED !! 7 kun oldin
B2wavvy 7 kun oldin
Omg queen can sing!!!🙌
Britney Gambrah
Britney Gambrah 7 kun oldin
we love youuuuu
Miguel Diaz
Miguel Diaz 7 kun oldin
Someone tell me why tf she getting clout
Dxddy_ Kezia
Dxddy_ Kezia 7 kun oldin
angiee 7 kun oldin
this picture is so much better and she looks so much better in this video 😭❤
yaya b
yaya b 8 kun oldin
she reminds me of old Keyshia Cole🤷‍♀️
cosmic void
cosmic void 8 kun oldin
Kys jesus i thought cardi b was bad And if your gonna write a whole paragraph just stop and think holy fuck im gonna waste my talk to say something and if you your ridiculous so lol shut up bitch and chill
Esme R
Esme R 8 kun oldin
Lmao this girl trying so hard to be cardi b 😂😂😭😭
Jacob Padilla
Jacob Padilla 8 kun oldin
Is she arab
Kenzie 147
Kenzie 147 8 kun oldin
Gooooooo queennnnnnnnnnn
Kenzie 147
Kenzie 147 8 kun oldin
Queen is so good
Laci the Gamer
Laci the Gamer 8 kun oldin
Look at that Beautiful!!! Queen
carlos rodriguez
carlos rodriguez 8 kun oldin
I guess this proves that anyone can make music
10,000 subscribers without any video
I want 10,000 subscribers without any video
JC Wavy Entertainment
She kinda tried to hide dat dis song is bout chris
Bxby Yanna
Bxby Yanna 8 kun oldin
otay queen😻
Temia Richard
Temia Richard 8 kun oldin
My sis Queen is out here making moves glowing & growing
XoX bri XoX
XoX bri XoX 8 kun oldin
Linzeyy J.
Linzeyy J. 8 kun oldin
sam Solomon
sam Solomon 8 kun oldin
Is she Nigerian or not.
Manasse Mbambu
Manasse Mbambu 8 kun oldin
but she might be if she takes a DNA test
Manasse Mbambu
Manasse Mbambu 8 kun oldin
LEAH MARTIN 8 kun oldin
Queen don’t need auto tune them vocals and dang she preaching facts I love this video 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Chao Lee
Chao Lee 8 kun oldin
Yassss! That is the worst feeling ever, love ur music, it touched my soooooul 💕💕💕
Tim Kelly
Tim Kelly 8 kun oldin
Long ass head g
W Lee
W Lee 8 kun oldin
Well at least you were able to "lemonade" these bad experiences to go on to being a huge music star. Great songs so keep moving forward.
sylvxrxofficial i
sylvxrxofficial i 8 kun oldin
J cole Duh goat
J cole Duh goat 8 kun oldin
I’m a hood ass nigga but I fucks with this song
Kia Reactions
Kia Reactions 8 kun oldin
Queen is a fool😂😂
Jad'a B.
Jad'a B. 8 kun oldin
#32 Trending
Angel Coronel
Angel Coronel 8 kun oldin
Over fucking rated😭😂
ARMY SQUAD 8 kun oldin
Most singers/rappers don’t come here cause they know they sound disgusting without auto tune😂🙄 but queen just sounds beautiful singing ❤️👸🏻
Yours Truly
Yours Truly 8 kun oldin
Beautiful soul. Beautiful girl.
Tobi 8 kun oldin
Like drake messing around on riri or jayz messing around on bey.....just stupid. Smh.