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Queen - Somebody to Love [High Definition]

Hélder Palma
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5-Okt, 2011



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Тамара Герасименко
I live you Freddie!!! You love of my love!!! Ahhhh Queen!!!
Aniko Kihari
Aniko Kihari 5 soat oldin
Olivos Omar
Olivos Omar 5 soat oldin
SIDA risa
Farish 23
Farish 23 10 soat oldin
Any malaysian heard this song in 2019? 🔥✌
Duncan Waters
Duncan Waters 21 soat oldin
Can anybody find me somebody to love
uncappingpython 23 soat oldin
The real good music :3
Soneet pradab
Soneet pradab 23 soat oldin
That's harmony of freddie mercury
Andzia Holmes
Andzia Holmes Kun oldin
I love it ♡♥♡♥
Brwn X
Brwn X Kun oldin
5:34 best part with roger.
Taichientaoyin Kun oldin
wonderful rabbit music
The Russian Zombie
anyone still get chills when he sings somebody to love in the beginning
Diondre A Nugroho998
Best performance ive ever seen..
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Kun oldin
I would give up my left ball to be able to sing like that man
Issie Puente
Issie Puente Kun oldin
2:08 Superman should wear a Freddie Mercury t-shirt.
ULRICH NSN 2 kun oldin
5:47 Freddie crying while singing with Roger is the best thing that you saw today
Jorge Giusto Collao
Freddie Mercury desatando su talento vocal.....
Erin horan
Erin horan 2 kun oldin
wow... just wow 5:02
Dhayana Alif
Dhayana Alif 2 kun oldin
5:49 can vitas sing like this?
Katie Tang
Katie Tang 2 kun oldin
May I know which concert is this?
Brandon Jackson Paul
Live in Montreal 1981
S,M, Rentas
S,M, Rentas 2 kun oldin
Freddie was just eating the mic
AndymitHandy 2 kun oldin
I'm a bit sad, that i wasn't born in the 70/80s and couldn't enjoy such masterpieces like this :( Great that youtube exists. Of course it is'nt the same, but better than nothing you would say in Germany... :)
valeriasofia mar
valeriasofia mar 2 kun oldin
I love queen
Vampire Lord
Vampire Lord 2 kun oldin
That voice range... Damn...
Matt Brim
Matt Brim 2 kun oldin
The almost 5.5k people that dislike this.... Let's hope they don't reproduce.
Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross 3 kun oldin
so amazing that every version of a live song is that little bit different in some way but even live it blows the original out of the water
amr soufi
amr soufi 3 kun oldin
Who is more charismatic
Cjogi 3 kun oldin
That '' Okay lets do it'' . Best lets do it.
I miss you Freddie..
Jason Tee
Jason Tee 3 kun oldin
Holyy coww, they did it without wearing any earphones. I feel like there's no recent pop star that is able to do this. Just listen at the tempo change at the intro. Truly magnificent.
Tommy Khev
Tommy Khev 4 kun oldin
big thumbs up to whom ever uploaded this video. Respect and love on.
Bong Me
Bong Me 4 kun oldin
Great Heineken commercial
Vincent Vasquez
Vincent Vasquez 4 kun oldin
Freddie’s voice Jesus’s 😭
christine yandell
christine yandell 4 kun oldin
this is the best music i have ever heard
hendra hartono
hendra hartono 4 kun oldin
All the dislikers are superman’s haters
PlotagonJohn 4 kun oldin
No this is the movie HD
lucia lopez hernandez
Hello queen
missconduct024 4 kun oldin
God damn he is killing it
Rutan Balikpapan
Rutan Balikpapan 4 kun oldin
yeah they broke the mold n the rules with Freddie a little bit of everything all in the right measure went in to creating Freddie yes he went hell for leather in so many ways Freddie Mercury the world lost its reputation when u went off to that different jam session yeah loved u Mr Freddie Mercury yeah I do still love u thanks for all the fantastic music videos your a legend still
Davide Fiorio
Davide Fiorio 4 kun oldin
best live version so far :) :) :)
Cilene Pimenta
Cilene Pimenta 4 kun oldin
Ajjay maddurie
Ajjay maddurie 4 kun oldin
Very stylish body language only Queen Fred can do that, stylish man.
Paul M
Paul M 4 kun oldin
Taylor nailin the outro. Should have been left to do it by Mercury here haha
zealotbr 4 kun oldin
Why Pie
Why Pie 4 kun oldin
I started listening 1 queen song once and now I’ve listed to every song multiple times and continue to do so
Anshuman Goyal
Anshuman Goyal 5 kun oldin
Can anybody find me somebody to love? Ooh, each morning I get up I die a little Can barely stand on my feet (Take a look at yourself) Take a look in the mirror and cry (and cry) Lord, what you're doing to me (yeah yeah) I have spent all my years in believing you But I just can't get no relief, Lord! Somebody (somebody) ooh somebody (somebody) Can anybody find me somebody to love? I work hard (he works hard) every day of my life I work 'til I ache in my bones At the end (at the end of the day) I take home my hard earned pay all on my own I get down (down) on my knees (knees) And I start to pray 'Til the tears run down from my eyes Lord, somebody (somebody), ooh somebody (Please) can anybody find me somebody to love? Everyday (everyday) I try and I try and I try But everybody wants to put me down They say I'm going crazy They say I got a lot of water in my brain Ah, got no common sense I got nobody left to believe in Yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh, Lord Ooh somebody, ooh somebody Can anybody find me somebody to love? (Can anybody find me someone to love) Got no feel, I got no rhythm I just keep losing my beat (you just keep losing and losing) I'm OK, I'm alright (he's alright, he's alright) I ain't gonna face no defeat (yeah yeah) I just gotta get out of this prison cell One day (someday) I'm gonna be free, Lord! Find me somebody to love Find me somebody to love Find me somebody to love Find me somebody to love Find me somebody to love Find me somebody to love Find me somebody to love Find me somebody to love love love Find me somebody to love Find me somebody to love Somebody somebody somebody somebody Somebody find me Somebody find me somebody to love Can anybody find me somebody to love? (Find me somebody to love) Ooh (Find me somebody to love) Find me somebody, somebody (find me somebody to love) somebody, somebody to love Find me, find me, find me, find me, find me Ooh, somebody to love (Find me somebody to love) Ooh (find me somebody to love) Find me, find me, find me somebody to love (find me somebody to love) Anybody, anywhere, anybody find me somebody to love love love! Somebody find me, find me love
Kris Bowditch
Kris Bowditch 5 kun oldin
37 million and counting it should number 1 in charts across the world 💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍
Marvel Fans
Marvel Fans 5 kun oldin
Am i the only one who loves 3:33 to 4:48?
Patricia Monica Vivas
Extraño a este grupo de GENIOS!!! Hermoso video, gracias por compartirlo.
Luis Rosales
Luis Rosales 5 kun oldin
uuuu oooo
Shere Btsch
Shere Btsch 5 kun oldin
Look at them... Perfection 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍
Jolene Plourde
Jolene Plourde 5 kun oldin
I really love Rogers vocals in this song....❤️
vinchi code
vinchi code 5 kun oldin
never give a damn about "Time machine".. Now feel like I desperately need one just to attend one live concert of QUEEN
Jagoda Optymistka
Jagoda Optymistka 5 kun oldin
king is only one FREDDIE
Ariel James Pattiradjawane
My 9 years old daughter were excited when she first hear this song .. she asked to me 'papa who is this man ?' 😍
Patricia Bilinkas
Patricia Bilinkas 5 kun oldin
I find it refreshing that none of these guys are covered in tattoos or piercings.
じょんぽーる 5 kun oldin
We love *Queen*
ly ke
ly ke 5 kun oldin
Why doesn't Freddie hit the high notes in the original music.? (it's not that I dislike it, I'm in love with Queen. That question just has been on my mind.)
cc Yes or No cc
cc Yes or No cc 5 kun oldin
... just can’t get enough 😘❤️🏳️‍🌈... .......March 21, 2019 @ 12 am.on a train🤣
mastebon 5 kun oldin
6:57 In the end, i just realized that doctor may was knocked down by mister fahrenheit! 💫💫
Well done
asierrey 6 kun oldin
I am 100 % heterosexual, but honestly if had the chance I would fuck with Freddie Mercury because he is the most sexy and hot man ever
charles margulis
charles margulis 6 kun oldin
Still loving all their songs on you tube,so much talent,a huge loss to the world!!!
Shinichi Kudo
Shinichi Kudo 6 kun oldin
I am feeling really lonely and alone right now but this song makes me feel that things will be okay.
Adriana Vargas
Adriana Vargas 6 kun oldin
Genialidades como está jamás volberan! Esta magnífica interpretación realizada por cuatro magníficos genios de la música la cual no será igualada aún reuniendo los mejores coros de 60 personas lograrán tan buena calidad ¡ Gracias,Queen gracias Fredy Mercury !
James Abamonga
James Abamonga 6 kun oldin
This is one of my favourite Freddie song
Eire Kirkland
Eire Kirkland 6 kun oldin
Charith Hettiarachchi
5:49 tear drops from fredie's eye
Carla Mendes
Carla Mendes 7 kun oldin
This is honestly better than the original
Tijn van den Berg
Tijn van den Berg 7 kun oldin
I'm sorry, are they... Are they drinking Heineken?
Letícia S2
Letícia S2 6 kun oldin
yes (?)
Nadir Ribeiro
Nadir Ribeiro 7 kun oldin
Amo.....de paixão
Junior LoL HaHaHa
Junior LoL HaHaHa 7 kun oldin
Omg the camera quality is so good even in 1980
EL34 XF2 LiFe
EL34 XF2 LiFe 6 kun oldin
HD resolution has been around forever. The ability to process and watch its hasn't however
Angelea Baladad
Angelea Baladad 7 kun oldin
The best!!
Syahiera Razak
Syahiera Razak 7 kun oldin
What year is this? Freddie looks younger 🥰
kelly sweeney
kelly sweeney 6 kun oldin
Cheri 8 kun oldin
Deaky is adorable in this!
Vaibhav Shakkarwal
Vaibhav Shakkarwal 8 kun oldin
2:20 singajuwuwhsbkfkslLzifjwnalajshdnsgankaoahabg
Alef Cleiton
Alef Cleiton 8 kun oldin
A voz desse cara n era normal perfeita..
Andi Ashadi Salam
Andi Ashadi Salam 8 kun oldin
Somebody..? Everybody love freddy
micki venter
micki venter 8 kun oldin
Can anybody find my dad? Please?
Giancarlo Lo Presti
In this video everyone can really notice that The Queen were four incredible rockstars, each of which probably could have said its own even, in the world music scene...
riski gost
riski gost 8 kun oldin
I just wish my skin were as pure as his voice.
Fred addict
Fred addict 8 kun oldin
An exceptional lyricist, song writer, greatest frontman ever live. We all love you to bits Freddie Mercury ❤️ Does Freddie know how much he's loved? The number is growing; and growing everyday. Did Freddie find The One he wanted? Ah! Freddie, you are picky ♥︎
Nosferatu 85
Nosferatu 85 8 kun oldin
Insanely good...holy damn
Theresa Ostrander
Theresa Ostrander 8 kun oldin
Musical Geniuses.
Ray Allison
Ray Allison 8 kun oldin
Every Queen song in the comments I gotta say Perfect just Perfect,,,,,,,,,I write alot,,,,,,,,,,CAUSE ITS TRUE
mayra montes
mayra montes 9 kun oldin
This is my favorite music
Borderliner 9 kun oldin
Einfach nur geil.
definition 9 kun oldin
5:48 he is crying
DreamZcape 9 kun oldin
Live performance at its best
Juliana Dallmann
Juliana Dallmann 9 kun oldin
Simplesmente sensacional! Freddie the best!
Viorele Livingonmyown
*5:* -Steel- (no way Superman) *4:* -Gold- *3:* -Platinum- *2:* -Diamond- *1:* *Mercury* ... is the strongest element on the planet and elemental criteria for a Rock God extraordinar. 💝💓❤️💚💚💙💙💙💜💜💛💙💚💚
Mr. Oblivious
Mr. Oblivious 9 kun oldin
How is the picture so clear?
Jen V
Jen V 9 kun oldin
Piiracanjuba 10 kun oldin
Tem o meu respeito
Nathalie Breuer
Nathalie Breuer 10 kun oldin
There's something about Rogers sweatbands.. And his face. And his hair. And his voice. And his whole appearance. Omg i am WAYY too obsessed
Игорь Обрезков
Erin horan
Erin horan 10 kun oldin
0:42 looking right into my soul
Enza Soldatelli
Enza Soldatelli 10 kun oldin
Goonzquad Garage Upgrades!!!
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