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Queen - Somebody to Love [High Definition]

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ghastel Soat oldin
You just want to sing to it, but you don’t want to cause it’s perfect enough.
Scott Petersen
Scott Petersen Soat oldin
Please v4 it all gone
Grace Asselin
Grace Asselin Soat oldin
Reasons to love this video: 1. The amazing graphic quality! 2. Rogers voice 3. Freddie’s Superman tank top 4. This is a great song 5. Everyone’s hair is perfect 6. Deaky’s cute little matching outfit 7. And of course, it’s Queen! What’s not to love!?
JD Meaney
JD Meaney Soat oldin
Fuck man... DAMN!!!
Eddie Avinashi
Eddie Avinashi 2 soat oldin
I'm so jealous of the generation that grew up with this. Meanwhile...we have Justin Bieber *:'(*
youssef khemiri
youssef khemiri 3 soat oldin
5:20 love this parts
christian valery randriamialy
one of my favorite song
Corinne Yaworski
Corinne Yaworski 3 soat oldin
I still cannot believe his voice and stage presence
Элина Кущенко
Incredible vocalist, super artist.... A group of mega talented people, who will be loved and revered by many generations! Thank you for the great pleasure to touch the beautiful! I love you!
rhona 3 soat oldin
Джаред Ибашев
5:50 меня порвало)))))))))))
Cerilo Bugagao
Cerilo Bugagao 4 soat oldin
A great singer never needs any instruments just his voice is enough.
Debra Cvejkus
Debra Cvejkus 5 soat oldin
All four of these guys were super talented. They just clicked together. Freddie is an outstanding performer. Roger Taylor, one of the best drummers ever and also had a great singing voice. Brian May and John Deacon, superb guitarists. Live you Queen.
The Lost History Channel TKTC
There is somebody for EVERYBODY, Right?
cian galvin
cian galvin 5 soat oldin
Watch once a day, everyday
thery isabelle
thery isabelle 6 soat oldin
Romi Cahyadi
Romi Cahyadi 7 soat oldin
Freddie Mercury is in its own class and has no equal ....................
ITSnoob1234 Gameplays Y mas!
2020? :v
Alvin Glenn Flamiano
The 5:20 will be played live in my wedding right after I kissed my bride!
damian azambuya
damian azambuya 8 soat oldin
que calidad de imagen muy bueno
Adam N
Adam N 9 soat oldin
freddie might be the greatest all around musical entertainer of all time. voice, piano, guitar, showmanship... freddie is too strong!
Luciana Alencar Ruske
Just listen, and learn...please new generation! Freddie lives forever😎
ふわ 10 soat oldin
Best song for me forever
ليلي السعيد
ليلي السعيد 11 soat oldin
freddie can you hear me you still alive forever and the legand never dieeeeeeee you hear me right?
ArvinDale Baguio
ArvinDale Baguio 11 soat oldin
2019 huhu I love this band
parmeet singh
parmeet singh 11 soat oldin
5:22 *DAMN*
Emanuel Aguilera
Emanuel Aguilera 11 soat oldin
He`s said find mery 5:10
P90X8-B75J 11 soat oldin
5:49 explains why _HE_ is the *_BEST_*
vikas malik
vikas malik 12 soat oldin
What a talented singer he was.
Bog Ramble
Bog Ramble 13 soat oldin
So amazing quality love it
Michealgiro Caguioa
Michealgiro Caguioa 13 soat oldin
I love this song 💖
Mister Stag C
Mister Stag C 14 soat oldin
After watching the mo ie , I have suddenly become obsessed.
Monterey Harris
Monterey Harris 14 soat oldin
My favorite Queen song of all time! Absolutely beautiful❤️❤️
earlzwow 15 soat oldin
6:47 three final notes ! ! !
Montessa Cuico
Montessa Cuico 15 soat oldin
Loveyou frediie 💋❤️😘
Yash Agarwal
Yash Agarwal 16 soat oldin
Imagine using old technology to make music which 100 times better than today’s garbage. Incredible just incredible ❤️❤️
john grace
john grace 16 soat oldin
the most famous musical mustache in musical history
jamillos22 16 soat oldin
True artist. LEGEND.
Criticon Mag
Criticon Mag 16 soat oldin
no detail of where this was etc/date..i love You tube before was bought by Google...they used to HAVE the date of the event on the video...listed for people to know this important info
Delby 7
Delby 7 14 soat oldin
this was montreal 1981.
Gissoez H1988
Gissoez H1988 19 soat oldin
Maravillosos Queen...de ayer y de siempre
Caroline Kessler
Caroline Kessler 20 soat oldin
How is this so clear? It kinda freaks me out
Jock Wood
Jock Wood 9 soat oldin
When Queen filmed their concerts they used 35mm film which has similar quality to modern 4k cameras
IKO DIARY 20 soat oldin
this is my morning music!!
Ged Agnors
Ged Agnors 21 soat oldin
It's 2059 and I'm still watching this!
Bondy 21 soat oldin
There can be only ☝️. Awesome 👏👏👏🇦🇺
Marcelo Rivarola
Marcelo Rivarola 21 soat oldin
This is from Queen Live in Montreal 1981. Amazing quality. Amazing concert
Edwin JM
Edwin JM 22 soat oldin
Freddy Mercury 1946 - ever...
NinjaDag1 22 soat oldin
On this evening a superman shirt wore a Freddie Mercury to be cool!!!
Buenafuente Hotel
Buenafuente Hotel 22 soat oldin
which year was that? immortal
doobiewah357 22 soat oldin
Apparently Freddie loved the wrong person the wrong way.
Nelma Faria
Nelma Faria 22 soat oldin
OMG...sometimes I don' t believe who this man is dead.
Mark's Girl
Mark's Girl 23 soat oldin
Some choose Elvis.. I love and prefer Freddie.
J Marie
J Marie 23 soat oldin
I love him so much
Luz Carrera
Luz Carrera 23 soat oldin
Royce Leanzer
Royce Leanzer 23 soat oldin
That's why I drink Heiniken
Geraldo Resende
Geraldo Resende 23 soat oldin
Sandra ama esse cara!
Jedi Ruhull
Jedi Ruhull Kun oldin
don't try to sing it!
ilker Okten
ilker Okten Kun oldin
this song should go universe
Elie Elis
Elie Elis Kun oldin
Marco De fusco
Marco De fusco Kun oldin
Simplemente fantástico!!!
Krystal Ah
Krystal Ah Kun oldin
Im gonna listen to Queen till i die and i hope this lasts for the future generations
Rifky Ardiansyah
Somebody to looo oooo ooo o o o o ove
fazil ferecov
fazil ferecov Kun oldin
19.01.2019 any one?
Nic Parker
Nic Parker Kun oldin
Master song writer, Now lets compare to Guns N Roses "Need Some TIme" pure garbage...
Luna Ohana
Luna Ohana Kun oldin
Людмила Волынец
Nasser Sobhy
Nasser Sobhy Kun oldin
Marcin Gadecki
Marcin Gadecki Kun oldin
2019 still amazing
MyloveFreddie Kun oldin
Ulan ne performans beee !!!! ❤️
신우둘 Kun oldin
God-like singing a song. Extraordinary ever!!
Jan Lumbi
Jan Lumbi Kun oldin
Mike Dog
Mike Dog Kun oldin
forever in my heart
Vaho8888 Kun oldin
Музыка сейчас находится в кризисе, точнее она умерла в 2010 году, сейчас одно дерьмо
Gabriella Hush
Gabriella Hush Kun oldin
아 존나 좋다
Roberto Dal Rio
Roberto Dal Rio Kun oldin
Yes.. super video!
Johnathan Thompson
what concert is this
MrFocus 20 soat oldin
Montreal, Canada, 1981.
Miala Eduardo
Miala Eduardo Kun oldin
Mano Freddie era um puta cantor. Fiquei arrepiado 😮😮
Lara González
Lara González Kun oldin
Astro!!!!de la musica
Filipe Doria
Filipe Doria Kun oldin
i love Freddie, but Roger is impecable in this one '-'
CoolNerdTV Kun oldin
It's a shame the band absolutely hated the guy who filmed this show
Good Examples
Good Examples Kun oldin
Queen is like a drug => you're getting addicted
Good Examples
Good Examples Kun oldin
This shit is never going to be boring
Sales VN
Sales VN Kun oldin
luh ma man freddie but he kinda need braces
mohamed OUADAD
mohamed OUADAD Kun oldin
when you realise that the quality of this video is better than pewdiepie's videos LOL
Shawn Gangte
Shawn Gangte Kun oldin
I need somebody to love me too.. Does any body love me? 👏👏👏
K SS Kun oldin
5:48 😢
panda plays
panda plays Kun oldin
Michael prince and Elvis are kings but Freddie is the God of all music
Владимир Xbcn
Как перестать это слушать? Да ну о чем я это можно слушать вечно .Всегда
Iskandar Halim
Iskandar Halim Kun oldin
5:46 Freddie's tear. Clearly this song means a lot to him.
Skyebright1 Kun oldin
Iskandar Halim he actually likes it even more than Bohemian Rhapsody
Camilo Rocca
Camilo Rocca Kun oldin
M E Kun oldin
Super Freddie
ryszard klara
ryszard klara Kun oldin
on the ryszard klara channel is the entire music video from this original - compare with curiosity
Luna Freeman
Luna Freeman Kun oldin
Agh! My heart! The DRUMS!!!!
Skyebright1 Kun oldin
Luna Freeman Roger ;)
Pすぬー Kun oldin
0:56 ここ好きすぎるのわかる?
Poom Taechatat
Poom Taechatat Kun oldin
Steven  Melling
Steven Melling Kun oldin
How can the dummer (roger) hold those notes and drum .? wow
Hark Seehra
Hark Seehra Kun oldin
5:18 you can feel the energy.
孙鹏 Kun oldin
Did Freddie cried in 5:53? I saw a tear dropped from left face
ivo lubbers
ivo lubbers 10 soat oldin
that is called sweat my dear
Loredana Florea
Loredana Florea 18 soat oldin
Well....I guess money and crazy party weren't enough !
Lotus Sixth
Lotus Sixth 18 soat oldin
Right, he need somebody to love until he gay right now
2k Gold
2k Gold Kun oldin
Well u ain’t lying about the HD
Renjana Musik
Renjana Musik Kun oldin
Please support our band, hope you like it 👉 uzvid.com/video/video-zattANmRl8E.html ,thanks you so much all 🙏🎧
Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso Kun oldin
난 비틀즈보다 퀸이 더 조터라