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21-Iyl, 2018

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Faith luvscats
Faith luvscats 51 daqiqa oldin
3:43 To be honest, I don't post much because I have low self esteem.
NikolaLegoZombie l
NikolaLegoZombie l 2 soat oldin
Wesley Woodell
Wesley Woodell 5 soat oldin
Regit 8 soat oldin
Actually, the "flute swimming pool" is a violin or viola due to it having a chin rest. It doesn't have an end button though.
Princess Mallow
Princess Mallow 12 soat oldin
Lobsters die when they are killed.
Unseen Dawn Productions
Correction: Violin... a cello does have a chin rest because if you put it on your should you would probably die or something
Sabrina Dai
Sabrina Dai Kun oldin
7:01 you do realize his name is *TEPIDSTRINGYSEMEN* right?
Christa starr
Christa starr Kun oldin
5:32 I like how it went from manly to not manly in bearly a second- LMAo
The Puppets
The Puppets Kun oldin
The Puppets
The Puppets Kun oldin
Umbreon 1103
Umbreon 1103 Kun oldin
4:53 thats a violin
am i patrick_
am i patrick_ Kun oldin
Pewdiepie raised 400k for Indian kids. Forbes response- PEWDIEPIE IS A NAZI Some random fucking girl who amazes people by opening a fucking door is getting billion dollars for no reason. Forbes response- wHaT aN aMAzinG tHinG!
am i patrick_
am i patrick_ Kun oldin
I'm copying this letter by letter but will highlight some stuff myself "*forbes* Kylie Jenner is on track to become the youngest *SELF*-made billionare *EVER* ahead of even Mark Zuckenberg, who became billionare at the age of 23." Kylie isn't even self made billionare it's just people donating money, she is highlighted as SELF MADE billionare while Mark WAS self made billionare. Because that's how logic works right?
Nolan Schotanus
Nolan Schotanus Kun oldin
The escalator post is the exact premise of a being ian episode
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
Matthew Mccarthy
Matthew Mccarthy 2 kun oldin
*because people died you uneducated potato* Me:(looks down at pato that im eating) i have been told that this potato is uneducated.
Doge Smith
Doge Smith 2 kun oldin
0:16 anyone else notice the one percent
Luna Moon joy
Luna Moon joy 2 kun oldin
Even Batman listens to his mom. ... really?
GoryJupiter 00
GoryJupiter 00 2 kun oldin
GoryJupiter 00
GoryJupiter 00 2 kun oldin
That’s a viola and or violin not a cello
toddydog3 2 kun oldin
I actually lost 50lbs after I started working out. It really works.
Im Paranxid
Im Paranxid 3 kun oldin
5:54 Amazon? its walmart
amal hallouzi
amal hallouzi 3 kun oldin
Dumb people make me angry
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol 3 kun oldin
WHY IN THE ACTUAL HECK ARE WE GIVING MONEY TO SOME RANDOM PERSON FOR NO REASON * sigh * look I'm sorry but honestly it is really dumb a lot of people work hard to earn that money and society is wasting it on this with no explanation .
M J 4 kun oldin
Im a mom to 3 and lemme tell you that yes 10 hrs of sleep is just based on luck lol
Kipperjax 4 kun oldin
The pool was a violin if you looked at the steps you would see it was a chin rest
Jackson Nicodemus
Jackson Nicodemus 4 kun oldin
It said quote on quote when it said less harmful 3:30
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts 4 kun oldin
I always hate that weird argument „bullies are just lonley“. They didn‘t seem lonley... coming at me in a group 😎
ɴαyeoɴ-cυтιe 4 kun oldin
*vhat duu yu miin*
MichalH 4 kun oldin
8:54 you can see the name, Lisa Kaufman also uploaded on my birthday
Harrison Kay
Harrison Kay 4 kun oldin
8:53 Lisa Kaulman
Maxwell Vindman
Maxwell Vindman 4 kun oldin
7:59 the best way to be more italian is to drink this miracle substance , its called bleach
Berserkkiller 4 kun oldin
So at first, Kylie has the most likes post on Instagram. Now she is gonna be a young billionaire? Oh wait the world record egg
Bloom Winx2 :3
Bloom Winx2 :3 4 kun oldin
4:51 that’s not a cello, there is a chin rest (aka hot tub) at the corner. A cello won’t even go on your shoulder, it’s too big. It’s either a viola or a violin
Aizatul Fikri
Aizatul Fikri 4 kun oldin
what is the biggest planet on earth? planet of the apes maybe?.
Watts_Gaming Watts_Gaming
Uhh that was a violin was it not ?
B series
B series 5 kun oldin
I actually went a Naples in a Disney Land and it sucks The crust is thin af and The cheese is falling off
SpecterQuilava 5 kun oldin
Its kinda hard to listen to listen to somebody who is 6 feet under...
THELEGEND XD 5 kun oldin
Regular people: get over yourself Genius people: get over over self
Morgan Rand
Morgan Rand 5 kun oldin
tHATS A VIOLIN OR VIOLA DONT @ ME cellos dont have shoulder rests because they go in your *C R O T CH* sorry i play cello and people mistaking shoulder instruments and upright instruments is the worst
Jasmin Lauzon
Jasmin Lauzon 5 kun oldin
Some_youtube _bois
Some_youtube _bois 5 kun oldin
That’s a cello 😂
lucio Correia dos Santos
3:56 get over over self me: what r u saying
* *
* * 5 kun oldin
Uh? Burglars might drown in a kiddy pool? And? This is why I fucking hate society.
xxwolfgirlxx 5 kun oldin
I loved when I got an ad that was longer than the video
Lynci 5 kun oldin
4:50 that's a violin it has a chin rest smh
Diamond Master
Diamond Master 5 kun oldin
Imagine calling Harry Potter a mans boy
blackoutgod 1
blackoutgod 1 6 kun oldin
Batman does not have a a a a mom
Max Martineau
Max Martineau 6 kun oldin
4:50 ummm thats a violin.
Crimson Knight
Crimson Knight 6 kun oldin
What's the biggest planet on earth IM DEAD XD
MigueBlox 6 kun oldin
I want to KMS
Element King
Element King 6 kun oldin
You got wooshed so much
Misty 6 kun oldin
have this in your next video www.google.com/search?q=in+sweden+it+is+forbidden+by+law+to+be+a+criminal&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=Cq0EwgnLDxcJsM%253A%252CHdB8bimS0NOZ_M%252C_&usg=AI4_-kR93DD6h1OUMCssIyMjgJFn54VkXg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjRovCa6-jfAhVsp4sKHc_MDkAQ9QEwAHoECAMQBA#imgrc=Cq0EwgnLDxcJsM:
Tasteless Alex
Tasteless Alex 6 kun oldin
That thumbnail physically hurt me
Doodlebug McDaniel
Doodlebug McDaniel 6 kun oldin
4:53 That's a violin or a viola, it has a chin rest and no bass pin, you UNEDUCATED POTATO.
r33b the hypnotoad
r33b the hypnotoad 6 kun oldin
4:53 that’s a violin -_-
That Guy Fryman
That Guy Fryman 7 kun oldin
3:51 *”Get over over self.”*
NelliNightshade 7 kun oldin
common sense is just w-a-y too common for some people.
Alexander Frostfyre
THAT WAS A VIOLIN! Or possibly a viola. It has a chin rest (smh put shoulder pad first, what an idiot I am. And im in orchestra too).
alan strange
alan strange 7 kun oldin
You unejacated patato
Timmy_the_boi _
Timmy_the_boi _ 8 kun oldin
I just made a go fund me to beat Kylie Jenner to being a billionaire pls go donate
GamingSmartVideos 8 kun oldin
Tim C
Tim C 8 kun oldin
1:29 The "too pure to be tested by alkaline strips" part might have actually worked if it wasn't water. XD
Jack Harvey
Jack Harvey 8 kun oldin
0:14 My Birthday!
RealLife Stuffs with migs
Thats not amazon buddy... Thats Walmart.com... Bud.
Chubbish 8 kun oldin
4:40 that more of a woosh
Thieving Khajiit
Thieving Khajiit 9 kun oldin
If that water were to be THAT alkaline, it would be equivalent or stronger than DRAIN CLEANER
Khimani Kreates
Khimani Kreates 9 kun oldin
5:51 The person was on a walmart website not on amazon.
Rowan Tsiguloff
Rowan Tsiguloff 9 kun oldin
Steppy boi always wins
Trevor 10 kun oldin
I used to live in Columhus ohio (moved more to Saint Clairs ohio) and yep, sounds alot like the cops there x3
PillowMaster25 10 kun oldin
4:28 who else that read wrong?
MintyMintsTV 10 kun oldin
"that's a cello" made me laugh... not sure why
James A. Meadow
James A. Meadow 10 kun oldin
Holy shit I forgot Kik existed
Open Singularity
Open Singularity 10 kun oldin
your donating money to someone to make them rich
Mimiz dani
Mimiz dani 11 kun oldin
8:55 u cam see the name xD
Nathan Adventure
Nathan Adventure 11 kun oldin
6:52 r/woooosh
Taterz 11 kun oldin
What did the potato say to you? "What did the potato say to you?"
sarah muh
sarah muh 12 kun oldin
makes videos about e begging, he himself e begs with patron...
Andrew MT
Andrew MT 12 kun oldin
5:53 isn't that walmart.com?
Nick4 12 kun oldin
4:54 r/facepalm that's a violin
General Anderson
General Anderson 12 kun oldin
Hate to break it to Kylie, she’s 21 the world’s youngest is 21. Sooooooooooooo
Flame Rider X
Flame Rider X 12 kun oldin
That’s actually a violin shaped pool. Ha you both got it wrong!
rodrigo san roman
rodrigo san roman 12 kun oldin
Actually the "Exercise may aid in weight-loss" one is not a face palm. Exercise does not make you loose wait, but it can be a tool for weight-loss, so that sentenced was structured properly. Basically exercising alone may not actually make you loose weight, but it can provided you do enough. You need to exercise enough to be in a caloric deficit, thus exercise is a helpful tool that can aid you to be in a deficit, but not necessary as you can get into a caloric deficit through simply eating less calories. So yes that statement was worded properly and justly as many people don't understand that exercise is not necessary for weight loss but could aid "provided you do enough." I talk about this in a few fitness post on insta where I go into detail about how to lose weight. Instagram: @rodrigosanromanofficial
Sublimująca Drożdżówka
"If you want to find some more nickel in subnautica, go watch this video-it'll help." It WOULD help, knowing where to look for nickel...
The awsome Wolf gamer girl
At 3:51 it says “ get over over self” not “get over yourself “.
Pax Americana
Pax Americana 12 kun oldin
9:24 Based on their track record, they take that quote quite seriously.
Aishwarya K.
Aishwarya K. 12 kun oldin
4:53 a violin actually or a viola because of its chin rest.
FlickerTheWicker 13 kun oldin
I really hope we got whooshed with some of these...
Mo Besta
Mo Besta 13 kun oldin
even Spiderman listens to his uncle
thevideogameguy22 13 kun oldin
5:50 he says amazon while looking an item from Walmart
HigherTier 13 kun oldin
4:52 That's neither a flute or cello.. that's a violin.
The Great Wolf
The Great Wolf 13 kun oldin
Call me stupid, but the only people I recognize are the orange dummy and CaptainSparklez... *I live under a bed* though... I guess we can consider it a *rock*
100 subs with no vids oof
4:52 thats a violin because it has a neck rest
good shit
good shit 13 kun oldin
if anyone wanna donate some money to make me the youngest billionare ever.... im down.
appmicro 13 kun oldin
4:52 r/facepalm that's a VIOLIN, it has a chin rest.
- Daigher -
- Daigher - 13 kun oldin
7:56 i'm italian, but i think i should go there just to be sure i am closer to be an italian anyway
Chloe 13 kun oldin
2:49 well i am not very lucky considering i have insomnia but i agree with you because I highly doubt that that woman has insomnia. just for proof it's literally 3 am for me (american time) :/
matei balatescu
matei balatescu 13 kun oldin
why should we donate to kiley jenner when we can help with lets say world hunger or giving homeless people homes?
Carmen Funez
Carmen Funez 13 kun oldin
Panda Candies
Panda Candies 13 kun oldin
Yil oldin