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21-Iyl, 2018



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Tisana Del nojé
Tisana Del nojé 14 soat oldin
Giofilms: flute swimming pool *shows swimming pool* Giofilms: that’s a cello Me: no that’s a violin
xd Cashewdabird
xd Cashewdabird 19 soat oldin
My teacher asked me”What are you thinking of!!!???”Because I looked spazzed out I said nothing “NO THINKING IN MY CLASS
Yonatan Avhar
Yonatan Avhar 23 soat oldin
How are people this dumb?
Markiplier is my Crush
5:52 That’s Walmart......
PANDA Kun oldin
The pool is actually a violin because of the chin rest in the bottom corner
BestNumber _72
BestNumber _72 Kun oldin
It’s not a cello, it has a chin rest
The Queen Of Awkwardness
Giofilms is the kind of youtuber wo watch the ads for... Unless it's a headspace ads, cuz I fuckin hate thoses
Santiago Grisales
6:40 there is a reason... Because yolo
Hanthema the noob
Kyle Jenner doesn’t need the money which is why we are the dumbest species in the universe
TurboVerne 2 kun oldin
6:59 r/wooosh
Some guy on The internet
Kylie Jenner, and basically the entire Kardashian family, are the biggest thots on earths
One Sour Lemon
One Sour Lemon 3 kun oldin
I don't get the Batman one is the thumbnail, is it about the pillow!?!?! *I'm so confused*
Hanthema the noob
oh ok sorry
One Sour Lemon
One Sour Lemon Kun oldin
Hanthema the noob r/wooooooosh
Hanthema the noob
it’s because Batman doesn’t have parents
SilkenEmporer Hartley
5:47. The sad part is that they had a good reason to add the do enough part.
Muhskillz 3 kun oldin
Triple DDD's Lightskin Salvy
Yeah that’s not a cello that’s a violin 🎻
Mei J.
Mei J. 4 kun oldin
How can y'all eat things that were alive when u kill em
Oliver Fortmann
Oliver Fortmann 4 kun oldin
4:51 that's not a cello
Castle Doran
Castle Doran 4 kun oldin
Databrawl RP with the moral that Social Media ruins people's lives.
Grant Berry
Grant Berry 4 kun oldin
4:50 "That's a cello," I think it's a violin/viola...
Slushee 5 kun oldin
4:50 That's a violin
TheLoneMovistar 5 kun oldin
4:53 uhhh... that's not a cello...
Giancarlo Pompa
Giancarlo Pompa 6 kun oldin
Society:OMG everyone is selfish they don’t donate to the homeless but why Also society:lets donate to Kylie Jenner so she is the youngest billionaire Me:I think I know
Mental9YrOld YT
Mental9YrOld YT 6 kun oldin
Cole Walker
Cole Walker 6 kun oldin
5:34 - 5:39 Okay, Im going to r\facepalm r\facepalm. Ive done some research and THE "Why are my honey bees stinging me" VIDEO WAS MADE BEFORE THE "Beesuits and why we dont wear them" VIDEO. Also dont r\reddit me.
Metro Boomin
Metro Boomin 6 kun oldin
Even Batman listens to his foster parents
2lazy :T
2lazy :T 6 kun oldin
The is internet is just a dumping place for people unfiltered thoughts. Edit: and the captured achievements of humanity's lowest
Mr. Meows
Mr. Meows 6 kun oldin
Gio you got me triggered at 4:52 its not a cello its a violin or a viola
EthoddaYT 6 kun oldin
4:53 That ain't a cello m8, it's a violin.
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 7 kun oldin
Why did u use fitz a song in the intro
Levi Shine
Levi Shine 7 kun oldin
He called the violin/viola pool a cello. It’s a violin/viola because of the chin rest on the bottom left. Granted, I can’t tell if he’s serious or not soooooo...
Bobby Tanzilo
Bobby Tanzilo 7 kun oldin
The one at 13:22 was so funny 😂😂😂
phroggia 123
phroggia 123 Kun oldin
Welcome to My life
Welcome to My life 4 kun oldin
Bobby Tanzilo that’s not eve.. you know waht buddy you do you
Attacking Iguana
Attacking Iguana 7 kun oldin
4:52 violin*
Theo RixLux
Theo RixLux 7 kun oldin
oof . thats not a cello. :(
Dirk Dwayne Dimatatac
The person that maid that pillow in the thumbnail is obviously a Marvel Fan
Frost 7 kun oldin
Gabriel 4D
Gabriel 4D 7 kun oldin
I have a syndrome..
Gabriel 4D
Gabriel 4D 7 kun oldin
Gabriel 4D
Gabriel 4D 7 kun oldin
Falmtouumurelg su ftm.?
Gabriel 4D
Gabriel 4D 7 kun oldin
Fcm u
Gabriel 4D
Gabriel 4D 7 kun oldin
The fuck is going on
Gabriel 4D
Gabriel 4D 7 kun oldin
Ian Koppa
Ian Koppa 7 kun oldin
that flute swimming pool is a violin not a cello r/facepalm
Kate Glode
Kate Glode 7 kun oldin
At 4:54 he says it a cello. Its A VIOLIN
Son Gohan
Son Gohan 7 kun oldin
It's funny but it hurts at the same time.
Jello Flan
Jello Flan 7 kun oldin
If batman is around 30 years old, and his parents died when he was around 10, then there is a chance they watched Space Jam.
Dark_ huntress
Dark_ huntress 7 kun oldin
By vaping you are slowly drowning yourself because when you vape you're inhaling water. Sssssooooo good luck.
fernando Rodriguez
fernando Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
4:53 looks more like a trumpet
심심해. 8 kun oldin
4:52 Why not violin, viola, double base, etc?
Iceysupreme Wolf
Iceysupreme Wolf 8 kun oldin
To fix the Batman pillow thing just switch listens to listened
ty mccormick vlogs and more
Madison Jones
Madison Jones 9 kun oldin
2:30, I have a 4.0 GPA so apparently I am a dedicated individual Hahaha...ha.... Wait.....>squints< I WANT 10 HOURS OF SLEEP THOUGH
IxVoidxI 9 kun oldin
Even batman listens to his mum oh she's dead
Moth 9 kun oldin
5:33 Ya like jazz?
Eric Sternquist
Eric Sternquist 9 kun oldin
4:50 ...that's not a cello either
LTW Gaming
LTW Gaming 10 kun oldin
What if we all are getting r/wooshed ?
guy who has no soul
guy who has no soul 10 kun oldin
InATick 10 kun oldin
Make giofilms a billionaire before he turns 21!
Giles Buchanan
Giles Buchanan 10 kun oldin
I hope people realise what inspect element is
Schwibbs 10 kun oldin
4:50 Yep. Totally a cello... I guess I’ve been playing it wrong for 8 years! Didn’t realize it should have had a chin rest! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Rainbow Tigeressa
Rainbow Tigeressa 10 kun oldin
Are you sure it’s a flute swimming pool? Are you sure it isn’t a piano swimming pool?
Scp 106
Scp 106 10 kun oldin
My point was that the plague disappeared without a vaccine Me:I’m calling plague doctor rn to see if that’s a lie Me:ohhh so the pestilence IS the bubonic plague. Wow Plague:IM A CURE AND ITS NOT GONE
ADCGD 91802
ADCGD 91802 10 kun oldin
3:39 well yes, but actually no.
TheRobloxCluber doorgamerYt
😀 palm
midnight northien
midnight northien 11 kun oldin
It’s luck for having 10 hours of sleep with me I stare at photos of cats eating each other’s faces
DoomSlayer 11 kun oldin
2:20 That guy is right, but he didn't said that correctly, he should said "What if your house is on fire and the window is jammed?"
DoomSlayer 10 kun oldin
my bedroom's window is actually jammed, and the fire could block the door too
ArcaneVoid 10 kun oldin
DoomSlayer How does a window get jammed? And also do doors not exist?
FBI Agent
FBI Agent 11 kun oldin
The burglar pool one was probably in Canada...
Jake Shott
Jake Shott 12 kun oldin
Why cant people give ME momeu? .-.
Jonoberval ;-;
Jonoberval ;-; 12 kun oldin
I wan't to be rich. Now it's just a matter of time to get money...
isa not me
isa not me 12 kun oldin
3:51 *walmart
Alex Plumey
Alex Plumey 13 kun oldin
4:21 r/whoosh
Grant SMITH 13 kun oldin
I play cello
Ava T
Ava T 14 kun oldin
"My point is that the plague disappeared without a vaccine :D " And it only cost *HALF OF EUROPE!*
Gabriel 4D
Gabriel 4D 7 kun oldin
Tiny Cookie Crystal
Tiny Cookie Crystal 14 kun oldin
Wait. Batman listens to his mom? But his mom is... Ummm PG PLEASE
Tornado 14 kun oldin
4:52 that’s a violin
Mr. Atomic Beanie
Mr. Atomic Beanie 14 kun oldin
*Even batman listens to his mom.* Uhhh.... *Wait lemme change that a bit* *Even batman listens to the voices in his head* *Yeah that's better*
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
Ahahaha Kylie Jenner, the richest E-Beggar
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
Unless the pillow is saying that Batman is Psychic .... Woooooooh
F0RMULA 14 kun oldin
i like how this guy is talking about face palme even though he called a violin a cello
PilgrimSoft 14 kun oldin
I think the Kylie Jenner thing was just cuz she's a woman and it was the Man Holocaust
gacha_ person
gacha_ person 14 kun oldin
Travalodge 123
Travalodge 123 15 kun oldin
the comment above is true the commement below is flase
Travalodge 123
Travalodge 123 10 kun oldin
nah, I wouldn't woosh you
Slick Boi
Slick Boi 11 kun oldin
I am probably going to get wooshed if I comment about this "paradox".
Max Bryant
Max Bryant 15 kun oldin
Today it happened, Kylie Jenner did it, why the f##k did we do this 🤦‍♂️
JustYourEverydayBin 15 kun oldin
Since I’m a total strings nerd, I have to correct you at 4:52. That is not a Cello, but either a viola or violin. You can see this because the hot tub looks like it’s a chin rest. Since a cello doesn’t lay on you chin but instead the ground and your shoulder, that HAS to be a violin or viola because they both lay on your chin.
Duck Dude
Duck Dude 15 kun oldin
Flute swimming pool "That's a Cello" ITS A VIOLIN not a Cello
Ostrich Banana
Ostrich Banana 16 kun oldin
Can I be Kylie Jenner please
Derp Donkey
Derp Donkey 16 kun oldin
"*You uneducated potato*"
Marie 16 kun oldin
Did you just say amazon?Cause it said walmart.com.Right?
Lin Storm
Lin Storm 16 kun oldin
That’s a violin or viola not a cello it has a chin rest.
Sharkcraft 16 kun oldin
3:29 they had it in quotes so I think it was just sarcasm :/ also one more thing... 6:50 all my faith in humanity... OUT THE WINDOW!!!!!!!
Chantelle C
Chantelle C 17 kun oldin
it was a fiddle
Dylan Sandoval
Dylan Sandoval 19 kun oldin
4:51 It's a violin not a cello. It has a chin rest. You can see it in the left corner.
Matt From Wii Sports
That’s a violin or viola, cellos don’t have chin rests.
NikoAndAva Peasy101
NikoAndAva Peasy101 20 kun oldin
0:15 plug in your phone. Plug in your phone. Please. Plug it in. Pleaseeeeee
Imagine if Kylie Jenner's GoFundMe ended up on r/dontfundme. Wait...
DerpyGuy3333 21 kun oldin
8:48 I can very clearly see that person's name
PARAYEET 781 21 kun oldin
Kyle giner is a cunt
SoarrttaDavid 21 kun oldin
Its not a cello
Ella Johnson
Ella Johnson 22 kun oldin
*tHaT iS nOt A cElLo*
Egcart 1357
Egcart 1357 22 kun oldin
Every *smack* single *smack* wants *smack* to *smack* make smack* me *smack* slam *smack* my *smack* phone *smack* into *smack* my *smack* face *smack* *smack* *smack*
Izek Mon
Izek Mon 23 kun oldin
LETS GET GIOFILMS TO 1000000000 just cause
Jessica G
Jessica G 23 kun oldin
4:29 Have a feeling this was a joke..
[LM] ThE PeRsOn WhO DoSeNt KnOw ;-;
2:26 *-POON-*
Mineprankers Craft
Mineprankers Craft 23 kun oldin
Flute swimming pool Gio:that’s a cello Me:are you joking 🐱also DOES A CELLO HAVE A CHEN REST LOLZ 😂
Chicken My Nugget
Chicken My Nugget 23 kun oldin
4:52 thats a viola
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