Rabbi, Pastor & Atheist Debate Telling Children Santa is Real

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A Rabbi, Pastor, and Atheist come together to see how they might tackle some of Reddit's most popular questions from r/advice. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈
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5-Dek, 2018

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Isaac Bamba
Isaac Bamba Kun oldin
Such a wholesome video
Mike Larsen
Mike Larsen 2 kun oldin
Where is the muslim?
Patry Atry
Patry Atry 7 kun oldin
Now there's a Rabbi...not like the other video
xydoit 7 kun oldin
Why there isn't a Muslim with them? Why Atheist?
Giotto Aldini
Giotto Aldini 8 kun oldin
The way three people of different backgrounds, different beliefs came together, without arguing but having a commond ground and not trying to put each other down is amazing. Some may say it is because it is on screen. But let's not forget, whether it is on screen or not; this is very possible. I also think that people that call themselves a "Christian" should learn from this. After all, it is the command of Christ "To love others as you love yourself, and be slow to speak and quick to listen", and most of all if you think the belief of others are wrong, don't try to grind them to the ground and nail to them that they are wrong and a mistake, another command is speak "Speak truth in love". Because whether we admit it or not. We Christians are seen as the enemy of everyone, because we are seen as a hater of everyone that doesn't align with our beliefs. Main example is the LGBTQ, there are no reason to hate them as if they are the worse thing to exist. I myself don't support them, being a Christian. But that does not gives me a leverage to hate them.
Danito 11 kun oldin
'Been shot' 'Can leap out of bed' Come again?
Ronald Gabriel Teng
Ronald Gabriel Teng 13 kun oldin
St.Nicholas is santa
Liz Briscoe
Liz Briscoe 13 kun oldin
So lovely to see that people with different faiths/ believes can come together in a respectful way
Pepe the Almighty
Pepe the Almighty 16 kun oldin
Yooooo what's wrong with the jewish guy's Backhead?
Lina Tran
Lina Tran 16 kun oldin
This was really pleasant!
Alex Glinka
Alex Glinka 16 kun oldin
I loved seeing three different points of view debate respectfully. Im glad civil people still exist
fml fml
fml fml 17 kun oldin
A 13 and 11 yr old who believe in Santa? huh
fml fml
fml fml 17 kun oldin
and ones on social media? bruhh.. I thought they would know by now
Maksie0 18 kun oldin
It's interesting that the pastor didn't tell his children Santa was real because it would make it harder to instill theistic belief. It's like he's so close to seeing the parallels between the beliefs, yet so far.
No One
No One 19 kun oldin
The original Santa claus use to ride on a horse dressed in all black, and he would beat children. Why do you think the song lyrics are you better watch out you better not cry you better not pout I'm telling you why, because Santa claus is coming to beat your kid! The Santa Claus we see in the USA today was invented by coca cola! Tell my kids Santa is real for that magical feeling not! 😑
My parents straight up said "we got you that bike. Not Santa"
Gabrielle Perry
Gabrielle Perry 21 kun oldin
I'm a Christian that doesnt celebrate Christmas and never have
Villow 22 kun oldin
Now one of my favorite videos on this channel.🙃
Jessica Herrera M
Jessica Herrera M 22 kun oldin
Miwa Asahi
Miwa Asahi 22 kun oldin
I learned the real history behind Santa the moment when I tried to thank him for my Christmas presents. My parents told me that the world made santa into a huge thing to take Christ out of Christmas. I figured out that homosexuality and abortions were wrong on my own. So overall I knew ALOT more than the other kids in my elementary school.
Maksie0 18 kun oldin
Homosexuality isn't wrong though.
Joelles 24 kun oldin
Lmao. I don’t know how I feel about a 15 year old gang member excited about Santa .
Tiffany Moore
Tiffany Moore 24 kun oldin
I really appreciate this!!
Allen Ruan
Allen Ruan 25 kun oldin
Absolutely beautiful. Loved the discourse. Great content, jubilee.
jasonmask6696 25 kun oldin
cheetahrose97 26 kun oldin
This was all very respectful and the video is better because of it.
Nicholas Vellenga
Nicholas Vellenga 26 kun oldin
I think everyone agrees in saying that these people are chill af
Eason Cheng
Eason Cheng 26 kun oldin
Why can't y;all find an atheist that isn't dressed and looks like a damn SJW. WE AREN'T A MINORITY!
Adrianne 27 kun oldin
The Christian pastor is so respectful and has such a calming presence
ardya dewayani
ardya dewayani 27 kun oldin
You guys need an imam
Lee Miao Wen
Lee Miao Wen 28 kun oldin
love the work y’all do! 👍🏻
I think you should just let them figure out. I discovered that he wasn't real when I was 9 or 10 so it doesn't take that long
kyla hinks
kyla hinks Oy oldin
what was the term that comes from the jewish tradition the rabbi was talking abt at 6:30 ish
Bonnor Thecat
Bonnor Thecat Oy oldin
don’t lie to children everyone
ShalomJackie Oy oldin
What was that woman wearing?
Mohammed Alhendi
That first guys is lucky I wish my parents smoked
Christopher Churcher
Love this series! And thanks for finding an Atheist too
Ian Williams
Ian Williams Oy oldin
I'm happy to see a content creator giving credit to Reddit for once. They all use it, very few are honest about it.
Wawasjohn Oy oldin
A 13yr old should know about Santa by now, I don’t know how other kids hadn’t told her. Most kids I think by 8 would know the truth
Jasmine Jazz
Jasmine Jazz Oy oldin
I'm an atheist and Pastor Adam blew me away with his sage and wise words and thoughts. That's a respectable man right there.
J Squad Vlogs
J Squad Vlogs Oy oldin
100% of kids I know figured it out themselves it’s around 10 when the magic wears off
Raitaki Oy oldin
People that are Atheist tend to have the same type of look in my opinion
God's Warriors
Santa is another hat the parents wear. If you wish to tell a child that "Santa" isn't real, then you are also telling that child that the secondary 'hat' that Daddy wears isn't as important as the secondary 'hats' that Mommy wears. We all respect a mother who also play chauffeur, chef, story teller, teacher, and the list goes on and on. So far, fathers only have a few 'hats': breadwinner, disciplinarian, and Daddy. Some fathers are lucky enough to have another 'hat' called Santa. Who are we to destroy that mystique for that family?
Asanda Mbali
Asanda Mbali Oy oldin
We have to respect each other and that is what I felt while watching this video, we may not agree with certain things and that's okay but let's do it respectfully. That Santa story from the Rabbi touched it. Great video.
Jessica Hiebert
This pastor is a good example of a real, good, solid Christian. And I hope that people who hate Christians can look at him and realize that we DONT hate the LGBTQ community
gravy so cold bitch i think i need a flu shot
Not every christian likes lgbt people because idk it says it in Bible I guess? Idk Ive never read the bible
Pawlo Oy oldin
from the thumbnail i already knew who was the atheist was
Samuel Shao
Samuel Shao Oy oldin
Julibee chat is the only chat that isn't a warzone
Dru Berry
Dru Berry Oy oldin
Why did I just cry jeezus
roy ghosn
roy ghosn Oy oldin
cuz your gay
Jarrod Tan
Jarrod Tan Oy oldin
I learn that santa was not real when I was 4 years old and I pray to St.Nick
AlexHulett Oy oldin
I NEED this channel. I don’t really have an avenue to talk about these topics with anyone.
Abbigail Murphy
I do find it a little odd that an atheist celebrates Christmas...
Maksie0 18 kun oldin
Why? There's not much Christian about decorating fir trees and giving each other gifts. Most of what Christmas entails has been taken from the Winter Solstice tradition within Paganism, in an effort to make Christianity more palatable to nonbelievers in the 3rd century.
Sarah Kwak
Sarah Kwak Oy oldin
Another amazing video!
SVENNE Oy oldin
do this episode with an imam XD
If you are 11 and 13 why do you still believe in Santa Claus? I thought people grew out of that around 9 years old.
Beth McConnell
I absolutely love this series!
Hound Oy oldin
Christmas, santa, christmas trees, ext are all satanic babylon garbage...shouldnt teach that xmas is good
Rnjebus Oy oldin
Do this again but in a bar...
kc Oy oldin
this is the most respectful interaction i have ever seen between these three groups. good video.
Matthew Rice
Matthew Rice Oy oldin
The world needs more people like this, and Christendom needs more pastors like Pastor Adam. Wow.
U dont wanna Know
What's a rabbi?
Juwangsang Oy oldin
Damn, this was one calm ass episode
Alannah Star
Alannah Star Oy oldin
I’m atheist and plan to have Santa for my children, I think the magical aspect of childhood is something invaluable and once in a lifetime
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Oy oldin
This was necessary
Laura Peñaloza
Amy made a lot of really well-spoken points.
Juli Hanono
Juli Hanono Oy oldin
I love the rabbis that jubilee invites. They represent regular jews.
Phantomdaze Oy oldin
If you can use faith to believe that both Santa and a God is real. Its a demonstration that it is not a reliable way to truth. You have already lost.
Who still believes in Santa at age 13/11?
Andrea Marban
Andrea Marban Oy oldin
This video brought me joy. The fact that people with different spiritual views can all agree and be able to treat others with respect is amazing. Love should always come first.
Golifa Primo
Golifa Primo Oy oldin
First time I see an atheist dumber than than the religious amazing
Y Oy oldin
This was so beautiful!!!!!!!
A. G
A. G Oy oldin
First of all, why does an 11 and 13 year old have Facebook that they saw the post?
Ju Juju
Ju Juju Oy oldin
Please produce more videos like this. Subscribed.
Darth Musturd
Darth Musturd Oy oldin
The song in the beginning sounds like the song memory from undertale.
"our kids don't exist to bolster our reputation" As a queer artist daughter of a man who wanted an engineer and a "perfect daughter" i needed to hear this
Regan Thompson
Regan Thompson 16 kun oldin
notyourfavginger haha are you my twin? Aside from queer (which is a big deal of course) I feel you on this one
KittySnicker Oy oldin
I have so much love for Jewish Santa right here 😋❤️
A. Anfaani
A. Anfaani Oy oldin
Santa is a cartoon character.
Squid S
Squid S Oy oldin
I mean technically Santa is real if you wanna joke about it, because he’s a saint but that man in the middle wasn’t catholic I’m pretty sure and I’m also sure other Christian religions don’t have saints
Steve Oy oldin
its amazing how atheist and christians have something in common, they BELIEVE in morals still.
John McNeil
John McNeil Oy oldin
Well there goes my Christmas spirit
Tammy Ogunsakin
This was so beautiful to watch
Calvin Hicks
Calvin Hicks Oy oldin
Thank you for sharing this.
Nicolas Leroux
I can’t stand the Christian version of forgiveness. If someone molests a child, they deserve to be burned- not forgiven. Forgiveness is reserved for those who make mistakes- not those who commit unspeakable evil.
Sofia Bravo
Sofia Bravo Oy oldin
Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have affection for them but solely leaving it up to Gods hand instead of carrying a burden the pain and anger they caused you or your loved one. Holding in anger especially when it’s not in your control makes you change negatively, It’s his job not ours. Forgiveness is freedom
Z. O.
Z. O. Oy oldin
If they continue to live, then the molester has the mentality of thinking: "I am alive, I could do it again, and again, and again, with no consequences." So they must be killed to help prevent another victim from going through the same exact thing. They don't care about their victims, but, another part, it also teaches and trains the victim forgiveness, and also help others who went through the same situation, and that is when, God gave us free will.
Kieran Shae
Kieran Shae Oy oldin
I never saw Santa as a religious thing, but the entire idea of Santa is terrifying. It makes no sense. Why in the world are parents telling their children that a stranger sneaks into their home at night and leaves them gifts?? That's called breaking and entering. Because there's presents involved it's okay?? Santa is so creepy. The song "Santa Claus is coming to town"...he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake....great now I'm paranoid and being stalked by Santa. If you are a parent and you are buying you child Xmas gifts, tell me, "This gift is from us. You're parent. I your parent bought you these gifts because I love and am proud of you. " No I completely oppose the idea of Santa Claus. As a character, fine, but telling kids to believe in him that's he's real, nope nope a world of nope.
Chanel -Segura
I'm an atheist and I really enjoyed pastor Adams responses
Austin Chandler
If you're going to let your kids be on Facebook and be exposed to things on Facebook, don't get mad when they come across things...
Austin Chandler
They should've put a muslim in there too.
nimzy rolyat
nimzy rolyat Oy oldin
I’m not really religious, but I agreed with everything in this video and I love the 3 people speaking 🤗
Sara Lafrance
Sara Lafrance Oy oldin
I see no point in lying to your kids about who gets them Christmas presents. It makes no sense to me. They'll find out the truth eventually. I wouldn't tell my kids about Santa. They don't need to be lied to enjoy Christmas or have an imagination.
Brad the Pitts
The FIRST time I ever questioned what my parents told me was when the older kid across the street told me there was no Santa Claus.
Kee Oy oldin
When it came to the homosexuality case it went downhill .............😐 it’s a difference you can LOVE your child but you DON’T have to ACCEPT their SIN ..Period
Maksie0 18 kun oldin
There's no good reason to not accept your child's non-hetero sexuality.
What's That Pussycat?
This was a great topic! I really applaud jubilee for stepping out of the boundaries but being respectful about it.
Ashley Thompson
"People of 3 different faiths" Atheism is NOT a form of faith.
Wesley Simpson
My first thought at this start of the video
Farzaan Ali
Farzaan Ali Oy oldin
I feel like Atheism is being used as something people can attach themselves to, which shouldn't be the case. We need to stop with the tribalistic thinking man.
Debo Datta
Debo Datta Oy oldin
6:32 like that homeland LMFAO
Wow... the 3rd question REALLY hit home for me. I was molested by my grandfather as a child. I never told my family but my best friends knew. It wasnt until after he died & I was an adult that I finally decided to tell my family about it & they abandoned me telling me that I was lying & If i was telling the truth, why would I wait to long to speak up & why would I wait until he was dead so he couldn't defend himself. Needless to say, I no longer have a family over this which is fine. It hurts but do I really want people like that in my life? No. I love this channel! Everyone is so unique & different... but there's always going to be someone out there who can relate. This time it was me & it was totally unexpected .
Shallow Stream
3:45 noo my mum is Christian but she told me there is Santa and then when i was 11 my 13 year old bro told me there was no santa. And it wasn't damaging at all lol it 😡 at me have a great, magical, whimsical childhood
Tabitha Elisabeth
That woman is probably the first nicest atheist I've seen.
Bethany Runyon
I really appreciate this series. There is so much negativity towards religion these days, in all its forms, and it's so good to see the respect and dignity that's portrayed here.
Annavvg Oy oldin
I don’t think I ever believed in Santa, I grew up with both the “traditional” Coca Cola Santa dude, and the 13 Icelandic Santa’s, so I think I realized at a very young age it was just something for fun and good times
Keara C
Keara C Oy oldin
Who still believes in Santa at 13? That’s grade 8 or 9 lol
Simply Tiff
Simply Tiff Oy oldin
Keara C - it can also be grade 7
Blither box
Blither box Oy oldin
Spiderman isn't real and yet he's had a massive impact upon our lives. That's a lot of energy. We don't know as much as we think about beings from other dimensions. What is the spirit of a thing? Its probably the first thing we ask. Subconsciously at least. In reality Santa Claus would freak most of us out.