Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, close friend of Roseanne Barr, discusses fallout from her tweet | The View

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27-Iyl, 2018



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Cassandra D
Cassandra D 25 kun oldin
Roseanne is not even Jewish she did a photo shoot dressed as Hitler pulling burned Jewish cookies out of an oven. She has had a long history of racism toward blacks. Screw both of them.
WhyNotTruth 2 oy oldin
I think Schmedly Biotech makes some good points.
James Allaire
James Allaire 3 oy oldin
He didn’t forgive Lorde!!!!
James Allaire
James Allaire 3 oy oldin
He looks saTanic
Tony Lange
Tony Lange 4 oy oldin
Roseanne should Expect nothing. It's not Yom Kippur and Rosanne is not dealing with fellow Jews who are obliged to extend the same 'forgiveness'....
Colleen Garlow
Colleen Garlow 4 oy oldin
So glad I have never wasted any time watching a full episode of thos joke of a show
Milica Djukich
Milica Djukich 5 oy oldin
GodGanji's TreeOfLife
So no one's going to talk about her dressing up like Hitler putting Jewish cookies in the oven......
Jon Ron
Jon Ron 5 oy oldin
lol A rabbi talking about forgiveness? crazy jew
L. Moore
L. Moore 6 oy oldin
Are they loving people?... The people on the "View" are wrong. Hating Roseanne Barr for hating someone else, it's an ugly vicious cycle. And they feel justified in doing it because they don't Like her. It's wrong not to forgive her! You don't have to Like her, support her opinions, or associate with her in anyway. But they could lead by example by forgiving, and by agreeing to disagree. This is America, we should be able to get along with each other. Stop cat fighting, because wrong is wrong and hate is hate!
FE Grace
FE Grace 6 oy oldin
I am very disappointed in the Rabbi's response. There isn't enough words or time to express my thoughts on this matter but I think Roseanne's actions are self-serving, and less about forgiveness, reconciliation, and repair... If she is sincere she should go beyond seeking forgivness and repent, which involves being intentional not repeating the same offense!
Harith Anti Bully
Yeah right..its misunderstood twit.
Robert Michael Todd
"god's children" LOL A rabbi or a priest etc. is just a person like you or me and has no ordained powers or special knowledge.
jetnight 88
jetnight 88 6 oy oldin
Oh get over it with Roseanne thing ffs
RASKL 48 6 oy oldin
Bleached Blonde Millennial, you are so obviously part of the problem. Grow up, and stop taking everything so personal and then crying because someone hurt your feelings. Joy is a comedian, she gets it. The Rabbi understands, and Roseanne has never been Racist, she’s been a COMEDIAN, Maybe a dictionary would help you Understand that, an quit complaining. I can’t believe your generation.
Michelle Davidson
i love roseanne barr xxx
Susie Anderson
Susie Anderson 6 oy oldin
I love learning about forgiveness. “He who is without sin, cast the first stone. I am grateful to the Rabbi for his teachings.
s w
s w 7 oy oldin
Rabbi with respect, she did not and will not acknowledge she made a mistake. She says "it was a movie" "I thought the b was white" "I thought she was Iranian" "I didn't called her an ape, it's a movie"
True Gent
True Gent 7 oy oldin
Was I the only one who did a double take after the Mega Red commercial?
Regena LEVY
Regena LEVY 7 oy oldin
I didn't BELIEVE nothing that came out of her # 45 MOUTH she is a fan of donald Trump's, doesn't she know there are Black Jews Educate Yourself rb Blame it on Obama that's what they all DO!
Khalid A
Khalid A 7 oy oldin
blond lady owned the Rabbi in 2:30 .......big time
Maria Angela
Maria Angela 7 oy oldin
Roseanne is being cruicified way to much for a Public Opinion in Which she Publicly Apologized many times! What more does the people want? America is so divided and Hollywood is Evil. Roseanne is Human! Let's move on from this. America stay's stuck on the Wrong Topics and aren't focusing on more Serious issues in America and the World! Let's focus on Human Trafficking, Homeless People, Etc! This Country will not be fixed by All the Hate that is in it, instead a lot of people need serious help and everyone is in a uproar over a Opinion! What happened to Freedom of Speech? Yes let's not forget MLK died to stand for Equality and we still are struggling today with that and there is no Equality in this Nation. So what are we doing what are the Big People Politics, Entertainers etc what are they doing!? Since they have a Big platform to fix things little by little! Instead everyone is Judgmental! Yet they can downgrade Roseanne and Many Other's on this Show without getting fired! Oh Please! #GTFOH
longgroove 7 oy oldin
Is it just me or does Shmuley sound like a slur?
Kevin K
Kevin K 7 oy oldin
Barr ran for The Green Party in 2012. She is doing this on purpose
bat-sheva gilin
bat-sheva gilin 8 oy oldin
You know what if she really is a racist, then the African American people shouldn't be hypocrits and don't take her money!!!
bat-sheva gilin
bat-sheva gilin 8 oy oldin
Not just VJ but Obama as well will go down in history as people who harmed the middle east and the people who live here
bat-sheva gilin
bat-sheva gilin 8 oy oldin
You don't deserve a woman like Roseanne you people are worse than the devil... You have no forgiveness in your hearts.. You Americans are crazy in that way extremists in your blood and that's why you are where you are.. If any one is to blame for trump getting elected its shows like the view and you don't even get that! And yes she looks Arabic...
bat-sheva gilin
bat-sheva gilin 8 oy oldin
What you are doing to Roseanne is unforgivable.. I wonder if you would want to feel the same cold heart Ness towards you
Jimmy Jim
Jimmy Jim 8 oy oldin
what a sad and perverted men,
applcnamon 8 oy oldin
It is not Valerie's job to absolve Roseanne.
Peaceful Bliss
Peaceful Bliss 8 oy oldin
Didn't she pose as a Nazi? Why is he defending her? Oh please!
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore 8 oy oldin
What Roseanne Barr said was terrible and it should not be defended. However, she should be forgiven because, well, none of us are perfect. Even Kathy Griffin's gross act should be forgiven because we are all imperfect beings in need of Christ's forgiveness. If you don't want to be associated with Roseanne Barr or Kathy Griffin, then don't associate with them. Further, I must say Meghan McCain's view on this is spectacularly hypocritical since she wouldn't even be here if her father wasn't an adulterer. Senator McCain deserves forgiveness, but I refuse to associate myself with him in any way.
Heather Lusk
Heather Lusk 8 oy oldin
Came here from their interview with Leslie Jones and wow. Hypocritical much. Roseanne is a comedian, they give other liberal comedians a pass for their inflammatory jokes but not Roseannes?
FreeWorldChannel 8 oy oldin
Roseanne's so racist she colors her black hair, blonde.
sunny robinson
sunny robinson 8 oy oldin
Im not convinced
Sun Yellow
Sun Yellow 8 oy oldin
Roseanne Barr is crass, crude, disturbed, wreckless, selfish and self-absorbed. No wonder she supports the current president. They are two of a kind.
Frenchie 8 oy oldin
Roseanne is NOT racist! Come one! Give it a break already. I did not vote for Trump, but I despise liberals. This is what is going to make Trump re-elected.
Yokie Miller
Yokie Miller 8 oy oldin
Sara, once again, with the best answer. Her "cuteness" makes people not really hear and respect her. I am going to miss her on this show.
Liz Killeen
Liz Killeen 8 oy oldin
Valerie Jared deserves the time to be angry or hurt or whatever! She doesn't have to forgive Rosanne Barr on Rosanne's time!
midtownjohn 8 oy oldin
I think if Rosanne made guest appearance on the Connors, ratings would go thru the roof.
Beautiful Woman
Beautiful Woman 8 oy oldin
First off all rabi smuley shame on you for milking Rosie for 5 minutes of Fame. You did the same thing with MJ. Ride the wave, milk the train. Sad. NOW on to Roseanne. She's very beautiful first of all. Second of all we white people have said way worse than "monkey" I know first hand. The people who are so shocked acting like angels when we've all said way worse when we thought we were alone. Let go and forgive Roseanne. Stop it.
rrr ccc
rrr ccc 8 oy oldin
the rabi says Roseanne has no history of being racist. CLEARLY, SHE DOES NOW. 🙄
Put Jesus First!!!
Jesus said Forgive. Everyone makes mistakes I don't care who you are. Forgive this world really needs to repent. God will judge this earth .. And its coming in your lifetime
WEJCYN p 8 oy oldin
like the whole panel on this show is so holy they can never make a mistake. this show is terrible.
jukodebu 8 oy oldin
thats sasha baron cohen in makeup
Tom Kash
Tom Kash 8 oy oldin
Oh please look who is talking sunny is bigger rasist on the planet, she does even hide it, she is female version al Sharpton and Luis ferakan
Francesca King
Francesca King 8 oy oldin
This wasn't the first time Roseanne used racist comments. I'm not sure what her other issues are nonetheless we need to address it and not just "move on". Also, Megan this issue is a human issue and not a political issue. Please stop using your partisan politics where they don't belong.
Surah Online
Surah Online 8 oy oldin
*He looks like Bradley Cooper* 😐😳
Benjamin Gill
Benjamin Gill 8 oy oldin
Also the Hitler baking cookies thing was a political statement on the Israel/Palestinian conflict. The cookies were supposed to be Palestinians. But she knew that the shock of it would garner attention. It’s funny how much we want to shame and demonise people. In a few months it will be the next thing and people will have moved on but we aren’t dealing with this reactionary mob mentality. We just pick and chose who gets to be punished for bad behaviour.
Maurice Harriott
Maurice Harriott 8 oy oldin
Can we move forward and leave Rosanne Barr to her legacy !!!
Raja1938 8 oy oldin
Rabbi Shmuley illustrates perfectly why religion is complete garbage.
docwonder hoffmann
What is Schmuly short for? Honest question. I’m part Jewish and never met anyone with that particular name.
Darreyl Henderson
Am i the only one that glanced at the Rabbi's last name and thought it was "Biatch" ? LOLZZ
Delacy Howard
Delacy Howard 8 oy oldin
The age of the spin
Saniya Jackson
Saniya Jackson 8 oy oldin
Why are they talking to this fake Jewish man?????
BB McKinlay
BB McKinlay 8 oy oldin
Fake Rabbi
Sharon W
Sharon W 8 oy oldin
These View women are the MOST condescending, arrogant, unforgiving c*nts on television today. They spew hate everyday and then cry that our country is so divided!!?? They might want to take some time to reflect on their own behaviors to start with.
k j
k j 8 oy oldin
God wants us to forgive and pray plain and simple
Lucky C
Lucky C 8 oy oldin
This Rabbi is a sell-out and because Roseanne gave him money he won't say anything bad about her
jazzyfaye0602 8 oy oldin
This dude went on TV lying
jazzyfaye0602 8 oy oldin
Rosanne was neither the first multi racial OR multi political families to be on TV...like what TV does he watch.
Sarah 8 oy oldin
Why is he so red
whosdatgyal 8 oy oldin
Sarah is so wise 😍😍
jazzyfaye0602 8 oy oldin
Why would you forgive someone who never asked for forgiveness tho?
Obey Amma
Obey Amma 8 oy oldin
Anytime white people quote Martin Luther King ... i have to laugh
Kitty King
Kitty King 8 oy oldin
Thank you Sarah for the "great" last word.
molokoid 8 oy oldin
This rabbi is a joke. Roseanne says truly evil things consistently!
greenmean1 8 oy oldin
Ed Sullivan" We have a really big shoe tonight folks really big, we have Tojo Gegeo and the comedy of Rabbi Smiley Shmuley"
Gary Haase
Gary Haase 8 oy oldin
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is such a smart and articulate guy, but is too often on the wrong side of an argument.
Farrah J
Farrah J 8 oy oldin
Holly fire crotch face
themarbleking 8 oy oldin
Ginger Jew?
Deborah Gharakhani
Roseane: I thought she was WHITE? So you say things like this. Wrong!!!!Black people are like a BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW of colors, stop the ignorance.
Deborah Gharakhani
Roseanne you are pathetic!!! Shut up Meghan, I dont like to hear your voice. Who cares about the Republican Party?
Deborah Gharakhani
Valerie Jarret is BLACk born in IRAN. So what does Roseanne''s words, have to say with what this cow said and did?
Deborah Gharakhani
Meghan is a idiot, She dares to say that she hates Hillary, but cals lying Trump, President when he lies everyday that he is awake. hmmmmm
greenmean1 8 oy oldin
2000Betelgeuse 8 oy oldin
I have some sympathy towards Roseanne the human being, but I honestly find offensive how some in the lobby are making a campaign to salvage her career, they even got the supposedly conservative Hannity to help her out a socialist of all people, I honestly believe even Shmuley is tired of defending Roseanne's actions
Deba Dev
Deba Dev 8 oy oldin
You can’t say sorry and beg forgiveness then continue your bad behaviour.I don’t know Sunny’s political view but she is exceptional
James Baldwin
James Baldwin 8 oy oldin
Thank you, Joy and Sunny, thank you for defending Valerie Jarrett. How dare this idiot suggest that she, as the victim of a racist attack, is obligated to "forgive" that racist heifer. And then, like so many racists and racism apologists, he has the nerve to evoke and misrepresent MLK. Ugh.
Cheryl Young
Cheryl Young 8 oy oldin
He's gross
Pareidolia 8 oy oldin
The thumbnail alone tells me this is highly problematic video 😂👎 yuck, not gonna watch
AliM 8 oy oldin
You can't reconcile anything Roseanne.... she is just hateful and IGNORANT!
Nennie C
Nennie C 8 oy oldin
And yet again Meghan brings it back to her!!
Nennie C
Nennie C 8 oy oldin
Comedy? She either took too many meds or has not taken her meds at all! It was uncomfortable to watch.
Nennie C
Nennie C 8 oy oldin
What does the color or race have to do with the Iran deal? Her comment was disgusting. Period!
Sandra Dee
Sandra Dee 8 oy oldin
" Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is an attitude......When we loose the capacity to forgive, we loose the capacity to love...(Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)..Thanks Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, for the reminder.... that is so Powerful!
Jeanne Beanie
Jeanne Beanie 8 oy oldin
Love Sarah and Sunny!
Weevil Entertainment
Keep your votes private till the water clears.
sickdolphin more
sickdolphin more 8 oy oldin
So her dressing up as an Nazi is cool?
Susan Fuller
Susan Fuller 8 oy oldin
You do NOT decide when someone forgives...
BAN X 8 oy oldin
Roseanne is looking and sounding more and more like Paula Dean
Rodolfo Santos
Rodolfo Santos 8 oy oldin
Hes wrong about MLK. MLK was killed he didnt finnish his work to bring the country back to its founding ideals. When this was founded we were slaves.
godfrey johnson
godfrey johnson 8 oy oldin
Roseanne is getting way to much publicity, a wealthy and clueless bigot who should be ignored.
Suzann Flowers
Suzann Flowers 8 oy oldin
oh so you can't be a racist if you have black family...oh please..i used to really appreciate her comedy, i no longer find this amusing, you are sad that this has been such a backlash...
Cece Phillips
Cece Phillips 8 oy oldin
all im saying is its a really blurry line when she blamed her comment on ambein...when everyone knows your truest self is when under the influence :)
Stefanie Rene
Stefanie Rene 8 oy oldin
9 children? poor wife of his and no one owes you forgiveness only god does
Dee Rich
Dee Rich 8 oy oldin
She is a scholar of Judaism? Stop. You just embarrassed that entire religion.
Rell Clinton
Rell Clinton 8 oy oldin
Every time white people disrespect black people they want the black oriole to forgive and start bringing up Martin Luther King
L S 8 oy oldin
D Mc
D Mc 8 oy oldin
Roseanne also made racist tweets about Susan Rice. This guy doesn't seem to know his good friend's history.
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