Racist Attorney Faces Avalanche Of Criticism, Disbarment After Viral Video | The View

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Marcel Miller
Marcel Miller 20 kun oldin
Funny part is he speaks spanish
Louis Mcarthur
Louis Mcarthur 22 kun oldin
Now I speak two other languages I learned because I found out MF be talking about your in a tongue that assume you can't speak I'm just here for the anti-trump hate fanatics oh before you ask I didn't vote for him but y'all no better you giving the ones that support him more ammo though
matthew kirton
I speak Spanish, English and a little Apache I dare somebody tell me to only speak English. That person will get one answer, kick to the face.
vertdell Solovely
As long as Trump is in office racism will be shown by all types of white ppl
Honest Opinion
Evangelical Republicans = RACISTS!!
ceo los
ceo los 2 oy oldin
So is Sonny black or not
Kaitlin Rachel Baumgarten
You know it was good when they had to bleep the whole tirade
Bob 2 oy oldin
Hes a jew he cant be racist.
Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia 2 oy oldin
The part when he said "this is my country", boy, I believe this country belongs to the native Americans. The English people just found it and bought it. Respect for native Americans.
R Pena
R Pena 2 oy oldin
You guys are all wrong you need to go READ THE REQUIREMENTS TO BE A US CITIZEN. After your educated then talk about whether what he said is wrong. Because fact is he is absolutely right!
R Pena
R Pena 2 oy oldin
No way!!!!! he is entitled to uphold the Law which is that you speak English. I never heard anything about Trump except the ignorant redhead who said it was.
R Pena
R Pena 2 oy oldin
He is uoholding the requirement to be a citizen which is the speak ENGLISH
Gabby Hendrickson
America is a racist country
Gavin Regan
Gavin Regan 2 oy oldin
These woman judge people so well. Sad
Anthony Kirkwood
Anthony Kirkwood 2 oy oldin
Slap a racist and have a great day
Empire Jackson
Empire Jackson 2 oy oldin
Most people around the world speak more than one language. Except Americans.
Timelessmusic Familymusic
I notice the sign said, "French Kitchen". I wonder if the employee's & customers spoke French instead of Spanish that he would had a problem with that?🤔
Marie James
Marie James 3 oy oldin
What white European ethnicity is this attorney? We can all go there with biases and prejudices as well.
Jonathan Quinonez
the way white people think just like hitler only one language and one color
John W
John W 3 oy oldin
Megan McCain is a schmucky IDIOT. Go back home you TRUMP apologist.
Spiral TV
Spiral TV 3 oy oldin
Yesssss Alyssa
Roger Reed
Roger Reed 3 oy oldin
Sher Lizz
Sher Lizz 3 oy oldin
Pathetic POS
Sakata Gintoki
Sakata Gintoki 3 oy oldin
if i was the guy i would've hooked that racist mother fucker on the jaw
HortonKansas 3 oy oldin
Why did no man beat him into a coma?
Joel Marte
Joel Marte 3 oy oldin
Plus we live in n.y.c u have to learn both language if u dont then u f-ing f-ucked😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joel Marte
Joel Marte 3 oy oldin
I hate those latinos who speak both language and dont want to speak spanish only English im spanglish and i speak english to ppl who only knows English ill speak English and ppl who only know Spanish ill speak spanish😀
L.B. Martinez
L.B. Martinez 3 oy oldin
The White House set the standards for these whites to come out as racist .
Serial lova/MARCL
Not in my 🏠 will I let this happen remember that ya'll! 👌🥋✊
D. A.
D. A. 4 oy oldin
He's a New York Jew! But they won't bring that up because anti semitic.
Nature Boy
Nature Boy 4 oy oldin
why Dont Americans speak american. stop speaking English. its not england is it.
Better Dzynes
Better Dzynes 4 oy oldin
Stop this s.... People are going crazy. Beware.. if you want to shoot the mess.. look out for the camera. Yo hablo Ingles y spanish Ha ha.
Le Balakrishnan
Le Balakrishnan 4 oy oldin
How dare you speak Spanish in my stolen country ! So what if our ancestors killed the Native Indians. Its our white country now and we are to lazy to pick a book up an learn Spanish. F.Y.I Most Africans know over 25 different languages. 😂
Phoebe Congloebe
Phoebe Congloebe 4 oy oldin
It's sad that we as Latinx can't speak Spanish or just embrace their Latinx culture without wypipo becoming berzerk and bent on the "I'm gonna deport you Spanish speakers... this is Murica, amigo" attitude towards us.
T t
T t 4 oy oldin
Back in 2006, I worked during the summer in Virginia, on lunch break I went to a McDonalds. A gal there looked fairly young. I started ordering, she look confused. A guy working there came up behind her and asked me in English "Do you Speak Spanish?" I blinked and let that process for a bit. He was asking if I spoke and understood Spanish so it would be easier for the cashier who apparently spoke and understood Spanish. I said "no, I don't, why would you ask that??" To that, the guy said "oh, nevermind". I said "No... why honestly would you ask me that, this is America.. I don't think I should have to speak or be asked to speak Spanish at a fast food place in America..." I don't think what I said makes me racist, I don't think anyone of any particular color is better than anyone else. But I'm sure liberals would have labeled me as racist. There are clear cases of Racism and this seems to be one of them, but liberals take it too far. Saying, for example, that I believe in legal immigration. Liberal's love labeling anyone who doesn't agree with them a racist.. it's their trump card ( pun not intended). Identity Politics and labeling is why the GOP controls the POTUS, House, Senate, and now SCOTUS. For the record, I didn't vote for Trump.
Afawag Farnao
Afawag Farnao 4 oy oldin
Educated but not a learned one.... theres a big difference.....
Blaq Betty
Blaq Betty 4 oy oldin
Sunny Lunasoul
Sunny Lunasoul 4 oy oldin
Native. And spanish has priority in usa..spit in his food
Erasmo Ruvalcaba
Erasmo Ruvalcaba 4 oy oldin
thank you
shivering man
shivering man 4 oy oldin
trumps new lawyer
Mark OnTheBlueRidge
I didn't hear any racism. Maybe you people who are crying "racism" should learn the difference between race (which is a matter of DNA) and language or behaviour.
Catalina Ortoljo
Catalina Ortoljo 4 oy oldin
Leonaza7 7 Me too! Because I don't "look" Hispanic, I've been privy to disgusting, ignorant racist remarks. That's when I come forward, both barrels loaded. I try to stay out of the fray re: this topic for the most part. People who such biases aren't interested in being enlightened. But when it's time to speak....I. SPEAK.
TAMMY BETTIGA 5 oy oldin
polite critique
polite critique 5 oy oldin
Another racist Jew. See how they act innocent when they always cry when they accuse others of antisemitism
Blog of The W3st
Blog of The W3st 5 oy oldin
Nothing he said was racist at all.
DOWLA BOMBZ 5 oy oldin
Welcome to the mind of our justice system smh.
NYC 777
NYC 777 5 oy oldin
Megan Husband is half Puerto Rican.......
NYC 777
NYC 777 5 oy oldin
I speak Spanish because it is my first language and I was born in NYC.
truth truth
truth truth 5 oy oldin
Now match this one with the African American who was denied service at taco bell because she didn't speak english, in a California city.
Ghostie K
Ghostie K 5 oy oldin
No. This does not work. He should be dealt with by the law for his transgressions, according to the law. This system of ceaselessly harrassing a man and acting to completely destroy his life under the guise of social justice sets a bad precedent. He has been shamed, elected representatives have taken action. How much more blood will satisfy you?
Ha Ns
Ha Ns 5 oy oldin
That's not cool! Meghan McCain is about to make the astute observation that racism can be found even in NY, and then she is cut across with a remark about that Schlossberg voted for Trump and then it spirals down to the White House... Really! Not cool!
xeb edy
xeb edy 5 oy oldin
Such utter drivel, you should be ashamed if you watch this show!
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 5 oy oldin
People who speak two or more languages are intelligent and have more exposure to the world
Bozok TRZ
Bozok TRZ 5 oy oldin
If people that are racist say that they should learn English, they should learn how to get a life.
Ming Moon
Ming Moon 6 oy oldin
I been waiting for someone to get him
sachorna brissett
Spanish is the world's second language, it should be an honor to know it and English which is the first. I wish I knew French as well which is the third.
MO MO 6 oy oldin
Racist jew.
dreams 6 oy oldin
when he's a LAWYER but doesn't understand undocumented immigrants can't receive welfare lmao
KAV FlyLadyVillery
To the person who pointed out how education doesn't equate to common sense: sadly, neither does it equate to intelligence nor compassion nor understanding nor empathy.
Jokoya 6 oy oldin
He’s pressed he’s too educated to speak Spanish
Jokoya 6 oy oldin
246 racist mad
China Doll
China Doll 6 oy oldin
You actually get paid more from employers for being bilingual, or trilingual etc...
Electra Storm
Electra Storm 6 oy oldin
Out of my country last time i checked his from europe🙄🙄🙄🙄
Ellie Harwood
Ellie Harwood 6 oy oldin
You're all speaking a foreign language, English.
comer pickles
comer pickles 6 oy oldin
try going to Cuba and speaking English. Would you like being ridiculed?
Joshua S
Joshua S 6 oy oldin
Several points were made first they all right we are the only country that expects everyone to speak English or just one language. I like to add to that that we all came from different backgrounds. Second thing and Megan was right this can happen anywhere and that is the most amazing thing about. Thirdly and finally Alyssa was right people or wearing hatred and racism on their sleeves loud and proud. I honestly don't know where we went wrong. Was it thinking that this vile atrocity didn't happen no more and we stop talking about it or was it when we all started just ignoring everything that was going around us
Tony Delgado
Tony Delgado 6 oy oldin
Betta Blue
Betta Blue 6 oy oldin
It’s very interesting that M. McCain always want to clarify what the other ladies say but with her twist. And stop asking if you can say something, just say it! That is your job! Dives me crazy.
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz 6 oy oldin
Its true. I agree with the guy who got into trouble. I always hate when they speak spainsh in a work setting around people who do not speak Spanish it's rude and unprofessional.
Ana Maria B
Ana Maria B 6 oy oldin
What if I come to USA like a tourist, for 10 days for example and speak Croatian? I can only hope that no one will verbaly attack me or worse? Or I should not worry cause I'm blonde, with blue eyes? Wtf
Danie Bernavil
Danie Bernavil 6 oy oldin
😂😂😂I wonder what language those idiots bigots speak when they move to other countries. DUMB JUST LIKE THEIR PRESIDENT
polite critique
polite critique 6 oy oldin
All whites are racist
edmundo oliver
edmundo oliver 7 oy oldin
I used to only speak english but after driving a bus in los angeles for 25 years I've learned spanish now I enjoy mexcan music try linda Ronstadt ranchera.
buzzin1975 7 oy oldin
Murder all white people immediately.
Britney Melgar
Britney Melgar 7 oy oldin
And this is why you investigate the lawyers you hire...this might explain why we lose so many cases
Lord Cooler
Lord Cooler 7 oy oldin
How is he a idiot if he's asking people in their staff to speak English how's that races if I have a company and I told employees you got to speak English to work here does that make me racist since I have for my own company if I go to Mexico if I go to Japan if I go to Russia I'm going to have to learn their language so I can communicate what happened to learning other languages so I can understand what you're saying how is that racist you got to learn English not a lot of people understand Spanish I don't understand it that's why I tell my girlfriend to speak English
Mx. Periwinkle
Mx. Periwinkle 6 oy oldin
Lord Cooler ... he is an idiot, in the way he behaved, it bothered him that people were speaking in a different language. He didn't complained about people not speaking to him in english or unable to communicate with him. And because they were speaking in spanish he assume they were illigal, all his remarks show his poor professionalism and low education. Plus, spanish is one of the two U.S.A languages, second to english.. Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., their native language is spanish.. as a employer I can well ask my workers to speak in english only, a language that ALL of my employees understand and communicate in, it is not racist. However, this is a food place, all kinds of people come in, and don't forget that New York is a hot spot for tourism, the superviser should not have to ask, it should be on their work application, as graciously and politely as can be, "english is our language of choice under our policy", but you know how everyone likes to lawyer up and get a big fat check.. the U.S.A is the land of the lawyers, the land of the free is our history now.
Tavon Fenwick
Tavon Fenwick 7 oy oldin
Did the one lady say it’s awful ppl are allowed to be proud of their race?????? Black always have been stung shut like “black pride”, well the dumb Ives that is. So does that mean only black ppl can say that??? So hypocritical but so typically AmeriKKKan
Tavon Fenwick
Tavon Fenwick 7 oy oldin
I guess Megan has already sent this lawyer a bouquet of flowers and a sympathy card for loosing his job and license... she loves the kind of rhetoric he was spewing
Nancy Sorto
Nancy Sorto 7 oy oldin
You know what's sad, when so-called proud Americans don't do their research or study their own history; English is from England and is technically a foreign language. If anyone ever said to me "speak American" I'll simply tell them that I am, I'm speaking Latin American......you racist tw*t!
RA DRAVEN 7 oy oldin
WAYNE FG 7 oy oldin
This guy should get a Medal of Honor, shouldn’t we expect anything from immigrants??....I’m sure libs will say no, but that’s incorrect....the price to pay and investment you must make to be here and all the benefits of America is that you must assimilate and become an American,....always been that way and not much to ask
Wayne Dooley
Wayne Dooley 7 oy oldin
He would NEVER do that if he heard two italians, germans, russians, greeks or dutch speaking in their native tongue.
Sheem Universal Shabazz Allah
They Couldn't Wait for the View to Be Light an Bright a Everything WHiTE
Yogendra Gangwar
Yogendra Gangwar 7 oy oldin
Some idiots talking about another idiot.
Barbara Debel
Barbara Debel 7 oy oldin
AMERICA es un CONTINENTE compuesto de 35 países y más de 1000 millones de habitantes y el idioma más hablado de AMERICA es el ESPAÑOL no el inglés yanquis idiotas ignorantes
Brenda LaprinceGoogle next
I don't think he should lose his license. I think people should stop using him.
Raymond Dodd
Raymond Dodd 7 oy oldin
Joy called him an idiot. Takes one to know one.
Blackmage456 7 oy oldin
Where is Whoopi to speak on this?
Marshayne Grant
Marshayne Grant 7 oy oldin
Since he has the mind of a 5 year old and can't stand the fact he is not in control of what he hears. He should have given a 5 year old response and plugged his ears with his thumbs while waving his hands saying 'I can't hear you'. FYI little man how are you paying for their welfare when you yourself are walking into their place of EMPLOYMENT!?!?! This is in fact the mind of a 5 year old!!
Fereshta 7 oy oldin
What an *idiot*
Vadoseharpy 3025
Vadoseharpy 3025 7 oy oldin
Right there some schools who teach other language in America? Now this is the big question why do they teach that EVEN THOUGH THOSE “PEOPLE” *cough* racist people TELL US TO SPEAK IN ENGLISH.
Bec Thumma
Bec Thumma 7 oy oldin
Hate to tell ya this girls, but I grew up in PA, we got lots of racist in PA, lots. The south doesn't own the racism card, it's everywhere, and Trump is telling all of them "hey, it's okay, your President is a racist, it's okay if you are one too."
Kristine Grace  Sarabia
How to lose your job in 5 minutes...
Sharon Schubert
Sharon Schubert 7 oy oldin
He’s an idiot! How is it they’re working, paying taxes, yet on welfare? Send him to the White House his racist rants would fit in there. I love Spanish music, language, culture.
Adam C
Adam C 7 oy oldin
Aaron is exactly what white men are. ALL ARE THE SAME. PERIOD!
pokchop 7 oy oldin
They keep bleeping out certain things that the lady's are saying
Lesley Allinson
Lesley Allinson 7 oy oldin
He should be fired
TB 7 oy oldin
America idsnot the only bilingual nation on the planet. Pleasssssse! Come to australia
Karen Brank
Karen Brank 7 oy oldin
Kris Roberts
Kris Roberts 7 oy oldin
Oh they like the internet now its this idiot who's being socially lynched not when its your typical loony leftist showing liberals right up then its oh we must stop free speech, your all so predictable!
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