Raiding Target's Clearance Section

Rachel Ballinger
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Target is my best friend.
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3-Yan, 2019




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Shannon Martin
Shannon Martin 10 soat oldin
At 1:48 she kind of sounded like Elmo 😂
Alex Ostrzenski
Alex Ostrzenski 12 soat oldin
I once went to the clearance section It was 19.30 on clearance And 19.31 regular
girl that loves Colchester in UK
4:35 Miranda sings diary in background 😀
Natalie Vuchetich
Natalie Vuchetich 14 soat oldin
for the blue water bottle ( 6:04 ) i have the same 1 but pink
Madison Tannert
Madison Tannert 16 soat oldin
I have those cozy wings in jojo siwa
Eve Lanch
Eve Lanch Kun oldin
Sound wave is a radio/ boom box, get it, SOUND wave
LaJefa del Cake
LaJefa del Cake Kun oldin
Lol my mom bought a lunch box like that and used it at a event
Abigail Price
Abigail Price Kun oldin
11:21 Its spongebob post Thanos.
Mia Dowell
Mia Dowell Kun oldin
8:22 read the back of the plastic thing it came in
Jean Gilchrest
Jean Gilchrest 3 kun oldin
giv it to you newborn nephew
Banana B
Banana B 3 kun oldin
This title is me everyday
Naya 3 kun oldin
Does anyone remember when Blaze was really small! ❤️❤️😄😄
Cornelia Wiltshire
Cornelia Wiltshire 3 kun oldin
I have that blakit
Alyssa Vigilante
Alyssa Vigilante 3 kun oldin
I love you so much 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
Kk-May Vlogs and gaming
02:17 my life ❤
WifeMomTeacherLife 3 kun oldin
I'm a lot older than you, but when I was a kid, Trix were balls. I remember because they used to scrape the inside of my mouth!
J Fithen
J Fithen 3 kun oldin
At 8:17 ut sounded like she said "wrap around crap around and nap around
Cierra McEvans
Cierra McEvans 4 kun oldin
That’s not a box that’s the front of the car😂
Cierra McEvans
Cierra McEvans 4 kun oldin
Love watching your videos
The Random Gecko
The Random Gecko 4 kun oldin
This smells poisonous....puts it up to her mouth
comedy Crumbs
comedy Crumbs 4 kun oldin
I'm off to Target!!!
Denise Vasquez
Denise Vasquez 4 kun oldin
I need a blaze!! He’s soo sweet 💕
KAILEY BERNAL 4 kun oldin
I’m a kid and all I see is balls
Layla Keaton
Layla Keaton 4 kun oldin
Your dog and jokes dog should meet
Spuz Zy
Spuz Zy 4 kun oldin
Who lives for her intro?
Sydney Reece
Sydney Reece 4 kun oldin
Blaze is so adorable love your channel soooooooo funny
Claire Correale
Claire Correale 4 kun oldin
The water bottle is really good I am sick so I am using it and it still has ice from yesterday morning
Reindeer Sparkles
Reindeer Sparkles 5 kun oldin
I really hope you get 3 Million subscribers soon
Kate Quinn
Kate Quinn 5 kun oldin
Trix were balls before they were fruit shaped.
GymnasticsFreak333 5 kun oldin
People are being extra nice, liking all the comments ❤️
horses/Megan 101
horses/Megan 101 5 kun oldin
She laughs like her sister
jvwphotography 5 kun oldin
It looks like you are constapated
Lildawg04 5 kun oldin
rachel u make me so happy i had a horrible day bc my fr broke up with me and got with my best friend
Jade becker
Jade becker 5 kun oldin
Isabella Hairston
Isabella Hairston 5 kun oldin
75%offall rug
E Goldman
E Goldman 5 kun oldin
Did either of them vlog the actual shopping spree? 😂😂that would be hilarious to watch
Mukuma Kawesha
Mukuma Kawesha 5 kun oldin
The one that turns into snow is called a non-non-
Mukuma Kawesha
Mukuma Kawesha 5 kun oldin
It’s called a norm norm you got it wrong😂😂😂
Peter Schmalz
Peter Schmalz 5 kun oldin
Soundwave is a Walkman not a box
Ali McG
Ali McG 5 kun oldin
Anyone think Rachel is pregnant and that's why Blaze was so attached and 'weird' with her?? 😍😍😍
Extreme_Allday _Gamer
8:34 I have that got it for my birthday last year
Senpai Potato.
Senpai Potato. 6 kun oldin
*"just be black man!! match mah soul!!"*
Isabel Rincon
Isabel Rincon 6 kun oldin
When I got a nom noms snack ambles I got green apple 😶and whoever is reading this doesn’t care 😶
hannah kuck
hannah kuck 6 kun oldin
He thought you were heving a anxiety attack
gamer girl
gamer girl 6 kun oldin
she doesn't know her transformers 😂😋
Madelyn’s Nursery Steps Birchler
Her dog noted YES when she asked if the blanket was nice
Samantha Garcia
Samantha Garcia 6 kun oldin
You spelled rating wrong in your caption
DANICA DAHMER 6 kun oldin
3:07 me when i get new clothes then go to school and think like everyone's going to like my new shirt and then they don't give an absolute frick because i have no friends
Devon Ireland
Devon Ireland 6 kun oldin
At 11:50 if she read the instructions it say to fine water to fill line and it is like 2 centimeters from the top lol
Kristin Elliott
Kristin Elliott 6 kun oldin
I have the purple slime, it is fun and all until its old and melts together to make a disgusting smelling, dark color.
Stally Lover
Stally Lover 6 kun oldin
you should collab with ally hills
Hayden Mcnutt
Hayden Mcnutt 6 kun oldin
Actually the unicorn pencil things..... my friend has one and all the pencils are different sizes and it works perfectly fine
Chloe Higgins
Chloe Higgins 6 kun oldin
Rachel buzz is smaller then you and so are kids.
Christine kor
Christine kor 6 kun oldin
how old are you I am your biggest an
Bob EgoFreeko
Bob EgoFreeko 6 kun oldin
U know Jojo?!?!?!?!
Taylor Murphy
Taylor Murphy 6 kun oldin
Your favorite one of them I have one of those but mine is jojo siwa
Steve Wiczek
Steve Wiczek 6 kun oldin
I HATE JOE JOE SIWA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kalaya Konrad
Kalaya Konrad 6 kun oldin
Anyone else live that she still has Christmas decorations up?
Chona Bognot
Chona Bognot 6 kun oldin
Romie Cusack
Romie Cusack 6 kun oldin
You should make a slime review video😋
jen _del04
jen _del04 6 kun oldin
i think the box part of the transformer is the front of a truck/car
CHEY_FAYE 820 6 kun oldin
Blaze is making sure your 9k and don't faint they do THAT when your about to faint
Georgina Coulter
Georgina Coulter 6 kun oldin
I thought she said “just be a black man”lmao😂
Shahzad Hussain
Shahzad Hussain 6 kun oldin
His tail tho ha ha
newfiechick75 6 kun oldin
I have a metal Steven Universe lunch box that I use as a purse! I even brought it to Disneyland with me. I always get compliments when I use it.
pookidookie 6 kun oldin
_hop up on my stump!_ -rachel
Amani Via
Amani Via 6 kun oldin
Your dog was talking you what he wanted for Christmas😂😂😂
Isabella Reed
Isabella Reed 7 kun oldin
I'm a kid and I don't see fruits in trix
Horses 123
Horses 123 7 kun oldin
Like if she should change her intro
Wolfie_games !
Wolfie_games ! 7 kun oldin
It’s one of a kind millions sold read that again slowly.
Mallory Hunt
Mallory Hunt 7 kun oldin
Wait what? You see balls for trix?? What? They’re obviously shapes
Cat lover Cute
Cat lover Cute 7 kun oldin
I GOT A TURD...... what is this
Katie bell Settlemier
Rachel's thoughts... It smells poisonous, let me know a bubble in it!
Cute Unicorn756
Cute Unicorn756 7 kun oldin
Who else loved Rachel’s outfit
Sarah & Kate
Sarah & Kate 7 kun oldin
Tresha Seepersaud
Tresha Seepersaud 7 kun oldin
The snow come one there are 8 of the little things and you needed more water for better snow.
Aubrey LaFredo
Aubrey LaFredo 7 kun oldin
I saw balls and Im 11
Na’s random Thoughts
Wow the video game thing she looks so funny doing it
Arturas Opulskis
Arturas Opulskis 7 kun oldin
Buzz lightyear or Buzz Ballinger
Damon Rowells
Damon Rowells 7 kun oldin
Why hasn't bowbow and blaze met yet
Keelyn Berrey
Keelyn Berrey 7 kun oldin
I I l I lo I lov I love I love y I love yo I love you I love you R I love you Ra I love you Rac I love you Rach I love you Rache I love you Rachel I love you Rache I love you Rach I love you Rac I love you Ra I love you R I love you I love yo I love y I love I lov I lo I l I
Crystal Horton
Crystal Horton 7 kun oldin
you druke
XxXlanisaXxX Buddies
rating* 😂🤦🏽‍♀️😂💀
Emma Grace
Emma Grace 7 kun oldin
I have the unicorn but a rainbow tape dispenser
Maddy Austin
Maddy Austin 7 kun oldin
Is ur dog a pit bull I had twenty4
Catcrazy 73
Catcrazy 73 7 kun oldin
Tbh if I have to share water with my friends we drink out of the bottle normally none of the “water fountain”
Alyssa & Audri Vlog channel
I was looking through comments to find anyone that says “pit bulls are bad” so I could beat them for being a jerk but there was any soooooooooo YAH
Jasmine Burnett
Jasmine Burnett 8 kun oldin
Jojo went for all the kid toys in her own reach....hahahaha
Jalyn Canady
Jalyn Canady 8 kun oldin
Are you a Lindsey Stirling fan Rachel? The warmer in the winter hat is from her collection.
Kailee Walden
Kailee Walden 6 kun oldin
+Jalyn Canady Lindsey sent Colleen (Rachel's sister) a box of Warmer in the Winter merch in December, so there's a good chance Colleen gave it to Rachel. But Colleen and Lindsey are friends, so there's also a good chance that Rachel is at least acquaintances with Lindsey, so maybe she bought it herself.
Elizabeth Shattuck
Elizabeth Shattuck 8 kun oldin
Sound wave is a Boombox ,Transformers transform into things so people don't find them and often it happens to be cars and tanks and things like that
Gaming With Omqitsmeducky!
Omg. I just love looking at the date and its says 3 Jan 2019!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!
Derek Kellett
Derek Kellett 8 kun oldin
Ummmm..... i have the unicorn pencil holder
Sophia Moore
Sophia Moore 8 kun oldin
Love this
Trinity Owoeye
Trinity Owoeye 8 kun oldin
Your mini intro looks like Keith from The Try Guys XDD
billy 77
billy 77 8 kun oldin
I have that gun
Mackenzie Deaner
Mackenzie Deaner 8 kun oldin
8:52 I found a flaw in the video😂 oh Rachel
Yoanne Creates
Yoanne Creates 8 kun oldin
is it raiding or rating
LadyBug Lover
LadyBug Lover 8 kun oldin
Flarp is life.
Shawna Bingham
Shawna Bingham 8 kun oldin
when you posted this it was my sisters birthday
Ava's squad
Ava's squad 8 kun oldin
Three ways to say by- Buy Bye By Subscribe!
Keliese Black
Keliese Black 8 kun oldin
My aunt has a tree stump chair pad...i never knew where she got it...now I know...
Meet Blaze!
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