Raiding Target's Clearance Section

Rachel Ballinger
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Target is my best friend.
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3-Yan, 2019



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Amy Newman
Amy Newman 9 soat oldin
The snow is a toy
Adison Dye
Adison Dye 13 soat oldin
For the slime to make a bubble stick your finger in it to make a whole leave a thin part of slime at the end and blow into it
Lillian Culbertson
Lillian Culbertson 23 soat oldin
Elasti( elastee) plasti
Liz Canas
Liz Canas Kun oldin
3:57 " We have a wiener"
marco sifuentes
marco sifuentes Kun oldin
Si am a kid
Alycia, Amilya, and Azalea sisters
Katie Linck
Katie Linck Kun oldin
"Smells poisonous" *immediately puts it to her mouth*
Aaron Owen
Aaron Owen Kun oldin
Soundwave (the transformer that cost .48) turns into a boom box that houses mini-cons like rumble and ravage
Denise Moreno
Denise Moreno Kun oldin
Tell jojo that i saw her stuff at barns and nobles
Kitten Productions
Kitten Productions 2 kun oldin
Please do a part 2! Maybe a Walmart edition??? Like if you wanna see part 2!
Puppie Magpie
Puppie Magpie 6 kun oldin
My little brother has Flarp. Luckily we moved so he can stop blaming me that I farted.
Livvy Gaming1234
Livvy Gaming1234 8 kun oldin
I’ve got the unicorn pencil holder and have never opened it XD
ღBlack_ Barbieღ
I have one like the slime that you bought and is reallllyy satisfying to play with it
littlecakes pikul
littlecakes pikul 11 kun oldin
I see balls and ima kid
cadie connellan elf on the shelf channle
Your dog is really cute
Xxsnowy_wolfxX #wolfix
i am a kid and i see balls
Julia S
Julia S 15 kun oldin
lol the “snow” is the stuff that goes in baby diapers. They use it bc it inflated and retains water. Nice that they make it scented now lol
Briston Plymire
Briston Plymire 17 kun oldin
Your laugh sounded a lot like Colleen’s 😂
Balraj Pradhan
Balraj Pradhan 19 kun oldin
U r the beta person in the whole world (maybe) and i would give u every thing u want if i could
NotSoLadyLike Gaming
your dog is the best :)
Elaina Palka
Elaina Palka 20 kun oldin
I dropped my phone and Rachel in the video said “woah what is happening?” While it was falling and I thought she was talking to me it was really weird timing 😂
Cutie dog 18
Cutie dog 18 21 kun oldin
I have the magna pink one
Charity Taber
Charity Taber 22 kun oldin
Is it just me or does the slime she played with reminder anyone of iven ooze from the mmpr movie
Abigail H.
Abigail H. 23 kun oldin
You should do another store brand vs. name brand at target. Ps. The target brand is Market Pantry
caitlin rients
caitlin rients 23 kun oldin
blaze is so freaking adorable
Lego my eago !
Lego my eago ! 23 kun oldin
I love how you give the unicorn and blanket to your dog and he can chew up the unicorn lol
ffion fox
ffion fox 24 kun oldin
I have that Lazer game Its legit
Geno Stoko
Geno Stoko 24 kun oldin
How old are you
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens 25 kun oldin
How dare you think something transformers was something Star Wars you are a disgrace to the republic ! And yes transformers are cars from outer space watch both series to get an education on both
Cherianne Bowen
Cherianne Bowen 25 kun oldin
Trix brought back the fruit shaped cereal!! Bought me 2 boxes at Walmart lol
dragon in human form
Soundwave he transforms into a boombox
dragon in human form
Racheal Trix cereal is just now bringing back the fruit shapes
Ava Leshinskie
Ava Leshinskie 26 kun oldin
I grew up with flarp 😭😂
Frozen Rainbow
Frozen Rainbow 26 kun oldin
Me too lol
Sharon Meek
Sharon Meek 27 kun oldin
Your so funny your the best person ever
aeisa larkins
aeisa larkins 27 kun oldin
Armenia Dermentjian
Armenia Dermentjian 27 kun oldin
Daizie D
Daizie D 28 kun oldin
Hi babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Daizie D
Daizie D 28 kun oldin
Hi can you ask. Jo jo
EeveeVaporion 1
EeveeVaporion 1 29 kun oldin
Im a kid and I see the balls
Brooklyn Clary
is that a lindsey stirling warmer in the winter beanie
Memetastic Kaylan
4:39 , you can see Miranda Sing’s diary
Dyche Davis
Dyche Davis Oy oldin
Did you know that Starbucks supported a place where people kill their babies while they're still in their stomach
Eleana Buckel
Eleana Buckel Oy oldin
My Bobo is a cat
Zeebia LPS
Zeebia LPS Oy oldin
If you add more water to the 'snow' then it will become more 'snow-ish'
Tess Holcomb
Tess Holcomb Oy oldin
You could start a new trend😂👍👍
Manny Vallejo
Manny Vallejo Oy oldin
i have the unicorn tape despenser
Slime Is Life
Slime Is Life Oy oldin
“Smells poisons” hahaha love it
Alexis' Bizarre Videos
I see balls And I am 9
Minecraft & roblox and stuff
I have no school
Ama NoneYourBusiness
“. It smells, poisonous.” *puts mouth on it😂😂😂
Lynn Kerber
Lynn Kerber Oy oldin
Davy Land
Davy Land Oy oldin
I actually have a funny story… When I had no cable and I just had to use an antenna for the TV commercial cozy wings came up so much it was annoying and I can’t believe it actually can be sold in stores that’s funny 😂😜. Edit my aunt has that unicorn Pencil holder
Unifox Yt
Unifox Yt Oy oldin
I have the unicorn holder its kinda hard to get the pencils out tho
Make a video of blaze
Luella and Jax
U try to be like ur sister
Alicia Sue
Alicia Sue Oy oldin
They are nom noms idiot
AB Wolf
AB Wolf Oy oldin
Pearl the rebel
4:36 Colleen’s laugh
Kaylee Reed
Kaylee Reed Oy oldin
I see balls not fruit seriously and I'm 10
Hey_its_Ariana 21
Rachel is the best lol 😊
Meaghn Smith
Meaghn Smith Oy oldin
I whant your Chanel but smash stuff
The lunchbox had the illustrations on the boxes in the 1960s
valletta tawhai
React to colleens second video plz
dance lover13
dance lover13 Oy oldin
It's a it's a Transformer that turns into a semi
Emberlie Strickland
I got Elasti Plasti for Christmas
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown Oy oldin
The yellow snow yes you can not eat yellow snow
Brooklyn Malert
Brooklyn Malert 2 oy oldin
o come on rachel no i am craving cereal
°• :*:Sophia_Turtle_Lover:*: •°
It's smells like poison. 2 seconds later puts on mouth 😂
Shannon Martin
Shannon Martin 2 oy oldin
At 1:48 she kind of sounded like Elmo 😂
Alex Ostrzenski
Alex Ostrzenski 2 oy oldin
I once went to the clearance section It was 19.30 on clearance And 19.31 regular
girl that loves Colchester in UK
4:35 Miranda sings diary in background 😀
Natalie Vuchetich
for the blue water bottle ( 6:04 ) i have the same 1 but pink
Madison Tannert
Madison Tannert 2 oy oldin
I have those cozy wings in jojo siwa
Eve Lanch
Eve Lanch 2 oy oldin
Sound wave is a radio/ boom box, get it, SOUND wave
LaJefa del Cake
LaJefa del Cake 2 oy oldin
Lol my mom bought a lunch box like that and used it at a event
Abigail Price
Abigail Price 2 oy oldin
11:21 Its spongebob post Thanos.
Mia Dowell
Mia Dowell 2 oy oldin
8:22 read the back of the plastic thing it came in
Jean Gilchrest
Jean Gilchrest 2 oy oldin
giv it to you newborn nephew
Naya 2 oy oldin
Does anyone remember when Blaze was really small! ❤️❤️😄😄
Cornelia Wiltshire
I have that blakit
Alyssa Vigilante
Alyssa Vigilante 2 oy oldin
I love you so much 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅
Kk-May Vlogs and morw
02:17 my life ❤
I'm a lot older than you, but when I was a kid, Trix were balls. I remember because they used to scrape the inside of my mouth!
J Fithen
J Fithen 2 oy oldin
At 8:17 ut sounded like she said "wrap around crap around and nap around
Cierra McEvans
Cierra McEvans 2 oy oldin
That’s not a box that’s the front of the car😂
Cierra McEvans
Cierra McEvans 2 oy oldin
Love watching your videos
Space Ink
Space Ink 2 oy oldin
This smells poisonous....puts it up to her mouth
comedy Crumbs
comedy Crumbs 2 oy oldin
I'm off to Target!!!
Denise Rangel
Denise Rangel 2 oy oldin
I need a blaze!! He’s soo sweet 💕
KAILEY BERNAL 2 oy oldin
I’m a kid and all I see is balls
Layla Keaton
Layla Keaton 2 oy oldin
Your dog and jokes dog should meet
Spuz Zy
Spuz Zy 2 oy oldin
Who lives for her intro?
Sydney Reece
Sydney Reece 2 oy oldin
Blaze is so adorable love your channel soooooooo funny
Claire Correale
Claire Correale 2 oy oldin
The water bottle is really good I am sick so I am using it and it still has ice from yesterday morning
Reindeer Sparkles
I really hope you get 3 Million subscribers soon
Kate Quinn
Kate Quinn 2 oy oldin
Trix were balls before they were fruit shaped.
People are being extra nice, liking all the comments ❤️
horses/Megan 101
horses/Megan 101 2 oy oldin
She laughs like her sister
jvwphotography 2 oy oldin
It looks like you are constapated
Lildawg04 2 oy oldin
rachel u make me so happy i had a horrible day bc my fr broke up with me and got with my best friend
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