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ADELAINE MORIN’S BEDROOM: uzvid.com/video/video-xsWO0dRf1p0.html
Floral Chairs: bit.ly/2ysEKtU
Sofa (similar): bit.ly/2Oe7UIc
Coffee Table: bit.ly/2yrBtuU
Geometric Wall Decal: bit.ly/2OeGxxE
Leaves Wall Decal: bit.ly/2ypIM6w
Pink Dining Chairs: bit.ly/2ynJ1Pn
Dining Table (similar): bit.ly/2OflP0k
Purple Stools: bit.ly/2Oe8dTm
Drum Table: bit.ly/2ynHOaN
Rug: bit.ly/2Oeay0j
Mounted TV Stand: bit.ly/2O9UmNE
Floral Throw Pillow: bit.ly/2OeG2DM
Rattan Mirror: bit.ly/2ysFmzI
Yellow Velvet Pillow: bit.ly/2OetwnJ
Wall Clock: bit.ly/2OfS8MM
Peace Sign Hook: bit.ly/2yn0x6f
Cactus Vase: bit.ly/2OhkndZ
Macrame Shelf: bit.ly/2OfrfZg
Basket (similar): bit.ly/2yrwOJk
Creative Credit:
Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: goo.gl/BBiK9L
A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: Brandon Walowitz
Shot by: Chris Phelps, Marco Bottiglieri, Tim Banks
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith, Alecia Denegar
Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Sam Valladares, Michelle Rumaker, Jason Galvan, Tiro Rose

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9-Okt, 2018

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Tre Scott
Tre Scott Soat oldin
I took 45 paint sample cards and made a color wall and it’s a ton of different colors
Zainab Ghalib
Zainab Ghalib 3 soat oldin
Do they do this for free?? The way they redesigned her house was beautiful 😍
Lily Radley
Lily Radley 3 soat oldin
She reminds me of the chick off of trolls 😂❤️
avory johnson
avory johnson 3 soat oldin
i have and idea!!! decorate a tiny house lol
Allison Rios
Allison Rios 5 soat oldin
I’m glam
Joyeeta Rozario
Joyeeta Rozario 5 soat oldin
Mr Kate omg , you were in Sex in the city, in season 6, episode 7 in a tv mtv program asking whether he has a girlfriend or not. Please don't tell me I'm wrong, I saw you exactly!!!
Gracie Marie
Gracie Marie 5 soat oldin
I wish this could happen to me
Christina Papadopoulos
Joe's expression when she said she wanted a darker blue at 20:16 😂😂😂
Caitlyn Hartmann
Caitlyn Hartmann 5 soat oldin
Just took the test and apparently I'm 40% quirky/whimsical
Hannah Li
Hannah Li 6 soat oldin
Don’t you love when there’s a tictok ad everywhere
Mimi Karanakov
Mimi Karanakov 6 soat oldin
I fill like im just always saying "this is my favorite"
cairl robinson
cairl robinson 7 soat oldin
Can you do a another omg we’re coming over for Emma chamberlain apartment please
tricky jasmin
tricky jasmin 7 soat oldin
I took your test and said I’m Glam
Maia Sheard
Maia Sheard 7 soat oldin
OMG I took the What's My Aesthetic test and i think this is proof how crazy i am with loving waaaay to many types of things 50% glam 30% Vintage - Eclectic 10% quirky / whimsical 10% modern / dramatic
Kawaii and Random Potato
When I move can u come to my house? 😂
RobloxQween96 9 soat oldin
i wonder if Mr.Kate can do my bedroom
the ukelele girl
the ukelele girl 10 soat oldin
Me. Kate everyone!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Anna Kustal
Anna Kustal 10 soat oldin
at the end she was like "NOOOO DONT LEAVE"
Evelyn_needshelp Perez
Why is it MR Kate instead of Ms Kate I don't understand Plz explain
Kailani 11 soat oldin
I'm dying to email you so you can re-do my room and create my Vintage Vaporwave aesthetic but my parents probably won't let me. -sadness- My room is very messy too so it would be too much for you to handle xD. But, I love you guys and you guys are the best and so so good at designing rooms. Love y'all!
Baylynn Riley
Baylynn Riley 11 soat oldin
Hi love😍 😻😍😍your chanel
xRandomSoccerGirl x
xRandomSoccerGirl x 12 soat oldin
Are houses in America cheaper or something?😂
Isabella Diaz
Isabella Diaz 13 soat oldin
you should call it retro whimsical
Sammy 13 soat oldin
I was so confused when she said “my butt is vibrating!”
Judy R
Judy R 15 soat oldin
you are not a weirdo did I spell that right you two are cool love you! I NEED YOUR HELP!
Femké Wobben
Femké Wobben 19 soat oldin
I would’ve loved if Mr Kate could help us out😱😱❤️the only problem is I live in South Africa 😩😩
Søphie Darsavelidze
Søphie Darsavelidze 20 soat oldin
Isnt this a rental house tho?
Spam Spams
Spam Spams 21 soat oldin
Get me a room
Being Nikomo
Being Nikomo Kun oldin
I had today off and I've literally been binge watching Mr. Kate videos since 9:30a! Truly AMAZING!!! 💜🧡💚💛❤
Stella Davis
Stella Davis Kun oldin
You’re such a generous person... EVEN MY MOM LIKES YOU!!!!
Dorian Adams
Dorian Adams Kun oldin
I watched you losing your wisdom teeth
aliza omu
aliza omu Kun oldin
I just come here to relax ... you are just like nature 😍
Kelly Zhang
Kelly Zhang Kun oldin
She sounds like ariana grande sometimes
Jenna G
Jenna G Kun oldin
Hi Mr. Kate I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I know this probably won’t happen but I want you to do my bedroom but the problem is I don’t want you to video it and put it on UZvid. I also just typed this whole thing with one hand.
Avaireal Vlogs
Avaireal Vlogs Kun oldin
Can I hire u?
Raena Chow
Raena Chow Kun oldin
I LOVE that room!
Jackie’s Camera Roll
you bes believe i took the quiz already p.s. i’m a small youtuber :)
Goji Geography
Goji Geography Kun oldin
I love those purple earings
Is anyone going to mention how you caught one drum stick with one hand and caught the other one with the other like a true pro does(: Hahhahahaaaa Love you
MusicGirl101 #VbJordyn
I took the test of WHAT'S MY ASTHETIC and I got beachy/farmhouse wich I love!!!!
jasmin bergadà
jasmin bergadà Kun oldin
Pleeeeeease come to Spain (Europe) I need you in my lifeeee! You're great 😍
Black Jack
Black Jack Kun oldin
Black Jack
Black Jack Kun oldin
Black Jack
Black Jack Kun oldin
lil Taylor
lil Taylor Kun oldin
If u did my room i would do girly pinterest bed room
Mogae shithead 입니다
yall should decorate shane and rylands new place
Nadia Smith
Nadia Smith Kun oldin
her reaction was priceless, this video really made me happy
Dotnit productions
29:20 the guys holding the camera is on TV screen
ItzMonica Playz
ItzMonica Playz Kun oldin
Can you makeover meh room in January?
Krystal Bogle
Krystal Bogle 2 kun oldin
This girl makes me happy
Melanie Deysenroth
Melanie Deysenroth 2 kun oldin
What a fun space!. I especially love the floral chairs.
Sissy Bug
Sissy Bug 2 kun oldin
I like everything but the disco ball..
unicornbuckaroo booboo
I subscried i am now a creative weirdo
Summer Grodeon
Summer Grodeon 2 kun oldin
Why is mr Kate a mr I’m confused
Annie Miller
Annie Miller 2 kun oldin
Not my cup of tea but still so impressive. Theyve done it again!
Marbella Rosa
Marbella Rosa 2 kun oldin
I took the test
cairl robinson
cairl robinson 3 kun oldin
Can you do a omg we’re coming over for jeffree star beauty room/office
- d i i v s y -
- d i i v s y - 3 kun oldin
*jojo siwa has left the chat*
Roblox Cheez-it
Roblox Cheez-it 2 kun oldin
- d i i v s y - lol
Hailey Hill
Hailey Hill 3 kun oldin
I feel really bad commenting this on this video and I don't normally do this but I wasnt sure where/ hiw eles to do this.... i think Mr. Kate should redo Gabbie Hannah's apartment!!!
syrahlover 3 kun oldin
just subscribed, i have been binge-watching for days ... moving to new place, a blank canvas and it is so much fun watching the two of you .... you inspire my own creative weirdness, thanks!
Paige Schneider
Paige Schneider 3 kun oldin
I could never pull off your style you look good in everything and let alone you can make any room cute Also I took your Quiz kinda not entirely surprised about it but I got 22% farmhouse/beachy, 22% glam, 22% bohemian, 11% quirky, 11% Minimalist and 11% traditional I'm struggling to find a way to put it all together but still make it teenish and Pinterestish I need some help for my bedroom
Tessa Maye
Tessa Maye 3 kun oldin
Love it so much! I definitely embrace the whimsical style with some 70s vibes too
The Llama fam
The Llama fam 3 kun oldin
I love Mr. Kate
King Jene
King Jene 3 kun oldin
I love this room it reminds me of the trolls movie because of the colors and the style nice job
Davy Heinecke
Davy Heinecke 3 kun oldin
Hey mr. Kate Can you make a small room make-over? I soon get a litlle tiny bedroom like i mean so tiny! If i have written somthing Wrong i come from Denmark😜😀😍😝
mlsflamingowi 3 kun oldin
I really want that flamingo shirt she's wearing at the beginning!
Diya S Nair
Diya S Nair 3 kun oldin
I cant believe that even after watching a tonne of your videos and making you my inspiration,I haven"t subbed you guys! Now I did and I just want to say that you're so AMAZING!! I love you so much!!! Please do more celebrity collabs! My request is can you do a collab with Wengie or Rosanna Pansino please??? That will be literally insane!!! Love ya!!! ( Please can I get some likes, just cause I've never gotten even one)
Pearl Coelho
Pearl Coelho 3 kun oldin
I really love you. You are my inspiration 💖. Please come to India 😭😭😭😭😭
Haaziq Bhatti
Haaziq Bhatti 3 kun oldin
You should do Emma Chamberlains house because she bought a new house
Tyarrah Jimenez
Tyarrah Jimenez 3 kun oldin
DaringCat _
DaringCat _ 3 kun oldin
She reminds me of Bridget from Trolls
Cas Faith
Cas Faith 4 kun oldin
Mr. Kate please answer... my family is most likely doing an add-on to our house to get me a new room and my dream is to get it decorated by you. I was wonder how far you travel because I live in Pennsylvania and feel like you won't make a special trip over just for me. Thank you for reading and please reply so that I can know if my dream will be possible!
Keith Kelly
Keith Kelly 34 daqiqa oldin
Cas Faith I will pray every night for you so she answers everybody that sees this go on mr.Kates instagram and tell her about this girl and her house
Gabriella Quiroz
Gabriella Quiroz 4 kun oldin
Hello mr.kate my name is gabriella I was wondering when you do people's rooms do they have to pay after you redo it? When I get my new room I was going to ask my mom I'd I could have you come and do it up for me I love and I mean love your channel I love how you did mila"s room and beakets room. I Also love your guys's creative weirdo poster its awesome. Even tho you might not read this I was just going to say it any ways.love you guys bye.😍 The Creative Weirdo, Gabriella.😋
Dawn Keb
Dawn Keb 4 kun oldin
WAIT A SECOND why is she Mr. Kate she is a girl 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Myia Fitz
Myia Fitz Kun oldin
She chose to go by Mr. Kate because it’s unconventional
Roblox Cheez-it
Roblox Cheez-it 2 kun oldin
Dawn Keb Mr as her husband and Kate as Kate
leah Palmer
leah Palmer 4 kun oldin
Super talented girl!
aleena aziz
aleena aziz 4 kun oldin
You know who’s bedroom you should do jojo siwa cause her is for a three year olds room re make it
Aung Aung
Aung Aung 4 kun oldin
This is my fav episode yet!! ❤️👍😍😍😘
Emma Evans
Emma Evans 4 kun oldin
how do you get up with those people to get you to do there rooms
Lizzie Toast
Lizzie Toast 4 kun oldin
Can you plz come to England and not just London go some where small Ps love the room ✨💜💜
Moon Doll
Moon Doll 4 kun oldin
Me and my boyfriend broke up and I'm going to be moving out on my own for the very first time and getting a studio apartment. I've got like, no idea how I'm going to go about decorating and managing my space and everything, so I'm just watching a lot of these videos to get inspiration because these are just amazing and done so well. 🖤
divi veera
divi veera 4 kun oldin
Hai Mr.kate...i love your videos ... couldn't stop myself from watching your makeovers..wish you would fly to India❤️❤️ and I would love to experience the revealing moment with the counts😍😍
Emily Schowalter
Emily Schowalter 4 kun oldin
You should bring back the shopping vlogs
Giem Malayao
Giem Malayao 4 kun oldin
Kailani Capelouto
Kailani Capelouto 4 kun oldin
Mr. Kate could you please do more of these small room makeovers. I use my bedroom for sleeping & studying as well as running my online depop store(shooting images and packing orders). I need to figure out how to balance a calm bedroom as well as workplace/studio. I need some organization storage tips SOS
Milan B.
Milan B. 4 kun oldin
Please do Trisha Paytas home!
Lizzeeh 4 kun oldin
Kate your brain is so beautiful!! How do you come up with these cool ideas!!
Elle Urie
Elle Urie 5 kun oldin
I wish you guys could help me with my room because I have been having trouble with my room and spacing my room around it would a dream come true if you could come to my house and do a makeover in my room
Abbi Kk
Abbi Kk 5 kun oldin
If i had a carpet like that i would lay on it to. Dont feel wierd.
Vegan Glenda
Vegan Glenda 5 kun oldin
i have the same rug 😅 i love her style im the same !!
Ranee James
Ranee James 5 kun oldin
I Wang to World with you some day i am ver y crea tuve and crazy
Student Charleigh Grismer
Debbie Rosa
Debbie Rosa 5 kun oldin
I just...❤️❤️❤️ you guys are so GOOD!!!
Emma Cristina
Emma Cristina 5 kun oldin
I wish you can re do my room I live in Puerto Rico ❤️❤️🇵🇷🇵🇷
Mia Brash
Mia Brash 5 kun oldin
I am 10% everything from your quiz!
Faye Altman
Faye Altman 5 kun oldin
Love the beginning.
wendy loves donuts
wendy loves donuts 5 kun oldin
Give a like if you want Mr. Kate to decorate your room
Sadie Roussell
Sadie Roussell 5 kun oldin
She reminds me of Pandora from Skins and I love it!
vicky.queen 5 kun oldin
Ok right now I’m begging you to come to my house which is in England because I have a messed up family I don’t even know who my dad is and my mum is in hospital and I live with my Nan I really need a room makeover pls come
MoonChild _15
MoonChild _15 5 kun oldin
I took the quiz and good glam!
This is it...
Kun oldin