Rami Malek and Nicole Kidman 'May' Have Something Planned in Response to Golden Globes Moment (Ex…

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Malek opened up about the awkward on-stage moment when he spoke with ET at the Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society 2nd Annual Awards Ceremony.




10-Yan, 2019

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Frank Nash
Frank Nash 2 kun oldin
Not, a reflection of him but I can't handle Hollywood anymore. Fake stupid. I actually feel my intelligence decline. Even those in the Hollywood world, in a sense understand. Fake fake fake
2009TalkingHead 3 kun oldin
Class act full stop.
Madison Kingery
Madison Kingery 3 kun oldin
i can’t believe he’s almost 40 . he literally looks like he’s 25 .. its insane
Azhan Nayeem
Azhan Nayeem 4 kun oldin
He will always be Akhmenrah for me!
Rita Rodriguez
Rita Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Aww, what a nice guy! He was making me blush. Say what??? Lol
paperchain 123
paperchain 123 4 kun oldin
Lovely bloke but the film didn't show the real Freddie, should have been more in your face.
Mimi Unicorn
Mimi Unicorn 4 kun oldin
My gosh he's such a cutie.. Just imagine having a amazing guy like this in your life♡️
Mo 4 kun oldin
Half Egyptian and half American... what an amazing mix!
Michael Neill
Michael Neill 4 kun oldin
He is so fascinating
ILoveMusic 5 kun oldin
He took that awkward moment with Nicole and is turning it into gold...that is what professionals do, they don't feel slighted, they understand and laugh about it. How many people would feel dissed? It's crazy. This is the kind of person who I enjoy seeing getting his accolades. What a treasure.
Skywalker 5 kun oldin
Still can't believe what Nicole Kidman did with him and what is strange is that he tapped her from behind after she moved on apparently unoticing him yet still ignored his gesture..
Ana Botticelli
Ana Botticelli 5 kun oldin
Ash's profile looks alike Natalie Portman's
dead gab nxt
dead gab nxt 5 kun oldin
“text chain” maybe he is 37
Jose Hernandez Madrid
Congratulations Rami. Best actor and better person. Thanks for Bohemian Rapsody. Where have you been til now ? Wishing to see you acting again.
Michael Winther Andersen
Well he deserved it Bohemian Rapsody is a really good flick, for me he deserves an Oscar for that role. It wasn't the role in Irobot which made me a fan because were a fan back from when he were in "The Pacific", which was a very good mini-series.
shihlin1 5 kun oldin
Could win the Big One (Oscar). Feb. 24, 2019. Frankly, I was not blown away by Rami nor Bradley. My fave performance was by Viggo Mortensen in "Green Book".
shihlin1 5 kun oldin
He has the biggest, most soulful eyes of any actor in recent years !
Irina Kuimova
Irina Kuimova 4 kun oldin
Totally agree!!🤗🤗🤗
nishtha kalra
nishtha kalra 5 kun oldin
Love Rami
Spoonface McGee
Spoonface McGee 5 kun oldin
Dude people didn’t care THAT much about this supposed faux pas 🙄The Media will capitalize on ANYTHING to get clicks. 🤮
janggut tok
janggut tok 5 kun oldin
who would hv thought tht the once pharoah akhmenrah will play freddie mercury
GILLGAMISH 5 kun oldin
Never seen the comment section so positive, not just in this clip but in all of Rami’s videos, and he’s so worthy of all of the love & support that the audience is giving to him!
Irina Kuimova
Irina Kuimova 4 kun oldin
I have such big crush on him...omg... and Im in love with his voice.. can't stop watching him... he is AMAZING in his own way🤗😍😍
Mei Yen Wu
Mei Yen Wu 5 kun oldin
Mei Yen Wu
Mei Yen Wu 5 kun oldin
Please help this House is a maniconio and I can not live more in this House for my family are three that make me sick in life by FA my mom I do not happen to please help me
DearMakeUpDiary 5 kun oldin
He’s so humble 👏🏽
Padme Amidala
Padme Amidala 5 kun oldin
When he says: “very cute! Pleasure.” For some reason my heart melts.
Nour Adel
Nour Adel 5 kun oldin
Haha.Egypt is releasing talent after talent.first there was mohammad salah then there is Rami malek💪. Good luck buddy.hope you will reach higher and higher
Hannah Vest
Hannah Vest 5 kun oldin
Does Rami know what shipping means? 😂
Comic Culture
Comic Culture 5 kun oldin
Yeah he kinda seemed confused when she said it.
Susan Murdock
Susan Murdock 5 kun oldin
I love queen growing watching them and listening to their music Rami acted the role spot on as for Nicole she was bride and he's been so nice about it what more can one say x
Morita Ch A
Morita Ch A 5 kun oldin
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘 lo amo
Nora Khaled
Nora Khaled 5 kun oldin
Is this beauty normal??? He so so cute
amelia cool
amelia cool 5 kun oldin
he’s so sweet
Jain Manari
Jain Manari 5 kun oldin
He's so handsome, humble and nice
Livid Hogstooth
Livid Hogstooth 5 kun oldin
So much Grace. Congratulations!
May Shan Fang
May Shan Fang 5 kun oldin
It’s like Rami still has an invisible Freddie’s teeth in his mouth, he still has that habit covering his upper teeth with his lip. I can’t explain but it’s something Freddie used to do..
Allie C
Allie C 11 soat oldin
Yeah I noticed that too and I noticed Freddie used to do that. I think Rami might have a slight overbite too. Not nearly as dramatic as Freddie’s, but it’s still there.
Dana H
Dana H 5 kun oldin
He has always done that because his teeth are also a bit too big.
Sittie Madale
Sittie Madale 5 kun oldin
Its because he has the same teeth structure as Freddie but Rami's are not overbite. If you check his side view profile photos you will notice his upper lip is a bit bulky.
KWC 6 kun oldin
He did a fantastic job in the movie! So happy the movie and himself got the awards. Watched the movie 3 times.
Holly P
Holly P 6 kun oldin
TEXT CHAIN!!!!!!!i lovbevveveveve him!!!!
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear 6 kun oldin
i want him to be my buddy
Trev Gigs
Trev Gigs 6 kun oldin
a very kind, humble and genuine person..i love you Rami😍😘
Maja Kolar
Maja Kolar 6 kun oldin
1:58 a wild bo burnham appears
Zuzanna P.
Zuzanna P. 6 kun oldin
If one day there is a movie about The Rolling Stones, what will surely happen, Rami should totally play Mick Jagger. I mean, look at him in the 70's Queen era in Bohemian Rhapsody.
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell 6 kun oldin
He and Nicole will probably present an award at the Oscars or elsewhere and parody the moment.
ILoveMusic 5 kun oldin
Agree 100%...I can see them presenting together and her having her back to him the whole time . LOL
Cynthia Javier
Cynthia Javier 6 kun oldin
I love this guy in a way that i can't explain. Just hearing everything he has to say gives me pure joy.
Laura Garzon Chica
Laura Garzon Chica 6 kun oldin
What a cool cat!
Rami Malek
Rami Malek 6 kun oldin
Thank you guys it really means a lot, all the support and love is truly magnificent.
Eseri Anita
Eseri Anita Kun oldin
Joanne Gaumer
Joanne Gaumer 3 kun oldin
Thank you Rami for the wonderful performance in Bohemian Rhapsody! You were fantastic and Freddie would be so proud! You deserve all the accolades you are receiving and good luck at the Oscars!
Olga Atanasova
Olga Atanasova 4 kun oldin
Rami, it's a pleasure to watch every interview with you. We love you as an actor as well as a person! You're the most grounded, down to earth, intelligent, kind and respectful guy I've ever seen in the film industry. Such a great example for all of us who are watching you and also for your colleagues. Absolutely natural and smart human behavior, not to follow the cheesy media manipulation, searching for some drama. +Last but not least you're so talented! You're from the actors that when we've watched you in the earlier movies, we ask each other - why is this man still not famous and not playing the main role?! Such a treasure! So happy finally to see you get the success you deserve! Congrats & love! ❤️ Keep going!
Fabulous acting! Loved the movie... Well deserved award 👌
Nader Naser
Nader Naser 5 kun oldin
We love you man.❤️❤️ Keep going. You are a legend and an inspiration to us 😘
carolina perez
carolina perez 6 kun oldin
Rami guapo
Roberta Wilhelm
Roberta Wilhelm 6 kun oldin
A wonderful sweet man and exactly the reward he deserves!! Fantastic movie from start to finish!! Let's get an Oscar too!!!
Sofia Zavoli
Sofia Zavoli 6 kun oldin
I wish he would talk a little bit more about Lucy, I love them together
cortney miller
cortney miller 6 kun oldin
Rami is such a kind, gracious, respectful guy. 😘💕
H Nova
H Nova 6 kun oldin
Exactly, she didn't see him, because she had started moving ahead and her attention was in people in front of her. Media outlets, grow up a real, inspiring story, for goodness' sake! Gee!
Carolyne Geng
Carolyne Geng 6 kun oldin
Exactly! Rami's win actually broke some records-- he's the second Arab actor to win a Golden Globe for Best Actor, Drama. And it's been over 50 years since the first one.
LOIZE V. 6 kun oldin
I wonder when will you stop with this silly news. The fact that Rami Male has won the GG is greater than the stupid moment with Nicole k. I have seen many channels showing the same ridiculous news and journalists asking the same to poor Rami. How hideous!
Dark Lady
Dark Lady 5 kun oldin
Starting shit about nothing!
rebecca dowd
rebecca dowd 6 kun oldin
Mohammad Ashraf
Mohammad Ashraf 6 kun oldin
we are proud of this guy in EGYPT ❤️🇪🇬
Mostafa Elmadany
Mostafa Elmadany 6 kun oldin
الف مبروك يا سيدى
jamie utitus
jamie utitus 6 kun oldin
Beautiful soul ♥️🙏😇
Morita Ch A
Morita Ch A 6 kun oldin
You became a ''family Queen member''my friend...A lifetime privilege !!!!YOU earned my friend..enjoy!!!
M ca
M ca 6 kun oldin
I stan
Esther Diley
Esther Diley 6 kun oldin
Srsly talk about relatable! He has to be one of the most genuine, down to earth actors in the industry. Love Rami! 💕
Rick Rude
Rick Rude 6 kun oldin
Why he's acting like he's gay??
Nour Adel
Nour Adel 5 kun oldin
Why are you so familiar with acting like a gay?🤔
Silver Fox
Silver Fox 6 kun oldin
Rick Rude thats his personality thats how he acts hes not gay
Izabella Ursuliak
Izabella Ursuliak 6 kun oldin
K N 6 kun oldin
Go to sleep kid you're tired
Amie Bajalieh
Amie Bajalieh 6 kun oldin
What does a “acting gay” mean to you exactly?
Gay Emo Noob
Gay Emo Noob 6 kun oldin
He looked so confused when the interviewer said "shipping". These are the only times i remember he's almost 40
buble258 3 kun oldin
I guess it's from worship. Not sure though. +Laura Garzon Chica
Jorg 1206
Jorg 1206 4 kun oldin
Nah, Rami knew what she meant but does not like it at all when he's being asked about his love life! Thus... he changed the subject quickly.
JamieZarr 4 kun oldin
+Alek Yeah, just wait and soon you'll be gross, too... and only if you're lucky.
Alek 4 kun oldin
neuralmute 4 kun oldin
+Laura Garzon Chica They are realms of horror that I wouldn't suggest any sane-ish human ever visit.
Maylin Martinez
Maylin Martinez 6 kun oldin
Yes is true, he is so sweet..
Martina Blasius
Martina Blasius 6 kun oldin
Rami is such a treasure. How can you not love this guy? In a world, which often seems to be ruled by guile, envie and manipulation to be successfull, it is so refreshing and giving me hope, that you can be a nice, decent, humble person relying on your talent alone and still be so successfull. You are an example worth following Rami!!
Patrick Ziliax
Patrick Ziliax 5 kun oldin
True! That is what I am looking for in life. Humble people. Hope he stays this way. I agree that this industry is hard to deal with, but still you can make it without all this being fake stuff. Life is a gamble. Fame is also not easy to deal with. I love the natural approach of Rami.
Martina Blasius
Martina Blasius 6 kun oldin
+carokat1111 Smith Well you see, if it is not just a whim and her heart is really set on it and she's got talent, you should encourage her. It will not be an easy way and take a lot of perseverance with no garantee. But let me tell you about my husband. When he was Young, a friend working at a theatre took him there to do bit-part player and he loved it. His eyes were always shining, when he told me about that time. He was doing pretty well and was given a letter of recommondation for a drama school, which his parents denied him. He was not aiming at screeplaying, but he loved theatre. Being denied to pursue what he loved, in a way soured his whole life. He might never have been a famous or overly successfull actor, but I think, that was not even his ambition. He just wanted to be on stage, as that was, what made him feel happy and alive. And yes, Rami is the perfect role model
carokat1111 Smith
carokat1111 Smith 6 kun oldin
Beautiful words. My daughter wants to be an actress. I’ve asked her to look to Rami as a role model.
Martina Blasius
Martina Blasius 6 kun oldin
+Vicki Reynolds Of Course it was not just talent taking him to where he is now, but a deep love for his profession, devotion, confidence in his abilities and a tremendous amount of effort, similar to Freddie, which made him just perfect for this role
Martina Blasius
Martina Blasius 6 kun oldin
+Vicki Reynolds Of course, I forgot to add, that it is not just talent bringing him to where he is now, but devotion, love for his job, confidence in his abilities and a tremendous amount of effort he invested. features he is sharing with Freddie, making him perfect for this role
simon marshall
simon marshall 6 kun oldin
I ain’t seeing Queen with Adam Lambert . Rami did an amazing job as Freddy Mercury . The film is my my favourite
Veronica Matchett
Veronica Matchett 6 kun oldin
are you aware that Adam Lambert is in the movie ? he's driving the huge Mack truck - he will be touring with Queen again next Summer, the greatest vocalist for Queen since the crossing over of Freddie Mercury IMO
Vicky Pierce
Vicky Pierce 6 kun oldin
Adam Lambert is one of the few people with the voice and swagger to pull it off. He's good with Queen and they love him. I loved Rami as Freddy Mercury, too. Great film. Made me laugh and cry and dance in my seat.
lindowan123 6 kun oldin
I wonder if the experience of playing Freddie and being in the company of Roger and Brian for two years enabled him to "rise to the occasion" and let the Nicole Kidman thing roll off his back with total Class. His response only makes her look a total laughing stock to everyone else. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!!!!!
lindowan123 6 kun oldin
+barbee0715: Get real. She was up on the stage and knew the award had been announced and who had won it. Rami was body frozen out by Nicole for all the World to see........except it seems for you.
barbee0715 6 kun oldin
Why? She didn't see him-she looked like she was trying to get out of the way up there-and they've worked together before.
Laima 6 kun oldin
1.59 gorgeousness in the background detected 😅😅😅
Joy I
Joy I 6 kun oldin
Great guy- I can tell he is not the kind that will go and dive with this whole Nicole snub drama. 😄
lc11214 6 kun oldin
He will always be Mr. Robot to me.
Mercedes Campos
Mercedes Campos 6 kun oldin
Amo a Queen❤❤❤❤amo a Rami❤
Dokka Bae
Dokka Bae 6 kun oldin
Shame he earned all this success at his late 30s
Dana H
Dana H 5 kun oldin
If he was white he would've gained popularity earlier but he was typecasted a lot
Dokka Bae
Dokka Bae 5 kun oldin
+treintaydiez I didn't say late 30s is late.I am saying he has been acting for so long,he only got recognized after mr robot.
Sittie Madale
Sittie Madale 5 kun oldin
Some Known actors from the Hollywood did not even won Best Actor until today!
Dank Memer
Dank Memer 5 kun oldin
Why is it a shame
dizzigrey 5 kun oldin
Does it matter if he still looks so young though?
cécilia slepmet
cécilia slepmet 6 kun oldin
do you think rami knows what shipping mean?
Neths Ki
Neths Ki 5 kun oldin
i wonder if the interviewer were kpop fan lol
neuralmute 5 kun oldin
I hope he doesn't know, for the sake of his own peace of mind.
Eduardo Corrochio
Eduardo Corrochio 5 kun oldin
I often think that shipping should be another word, even though it's already a "thing", though it's sort of a cult word for now. I mean, you automatically think about a package being sent, so a newbie hearing it can be thrown off. There should be a new word made, or a seldom-used word chosen, or a combo/mashup of two existing words relating to love, that mean wanting two people to be a romantic pair. I don't know when ship started being used this way, nor do I know why that word was chosen. It'd be interesting to learn, so maybe I'll look it up. I first noticed it when people online were discussing Supernatural characters Dean and Castiel from the CW show ... and it really made me scratch my head, LOL (not as much as when I first saw the word "creepypasta" and found out what that new word meant; it smacks of a frightening Chef Boyardee or Olive Garden meal). 😁
Alexis Randle
Alexis Randle 5 kun oldin
Emily Lidiak i know what “woke” means but didn’t know what “shipping” meant until today lol
cécilia slepmet
cécilia slepmet 5 kun oldin
+Emily Lidiak true
Eileen Pizarro
Eileen Pizarro 6 kun oldin
I love love love this man! Rami Malek is just the sweetest down to earth man ever. With such a huge talent. I am enjoying all the accolades and awards he recieves. 😘😘
Pamela Swan
Pamela Swan 4 kun oldin
+Rami Malek Big hug's 💜
Betty Popp
Betty Popp 5 kun oldin
I am OBSESSED with him!!!
Liam Moore
Liam Moore 6 kun oldin
Eileen Pizarro yes he is
Rami Malek
Rami Malek 6 kun oldin
I love love all of you sweethearts with positive comments.
BiberceAllure 6 kun oldin
and he is so intelligent and warm person
Merlin l'Enchanteur
How many teeth that browny have
Christopher Byrne
Christopher Byrne 6 kun oldin
Retarded racist prick
Very Cool
Very Cool 6 kun oldin
Lol browny coming from an Xbox user, very fitting 😂
K N 6 kun oldin
Amie Bajalieh
Amie Bajalieh 6 kun oldin
Nynke Posthumus
Nynke Posthumus 6 kun oldin
+Stiller Ann not the same like freddie, rami was wearing those fake teeth in the movie