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Rami Malek and the Bohemian Rhapsody Cast On Queen, Mike Myers and More

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CinemaBlend's Sean O'Connell talks to Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton and more of the Bohemian Rhapsody cast about Freddie Mercury, what it was like to work with Mike Myers, Live Aid and whether or not Queen gets the respect it deserves.

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27-Okt, 2018



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Orhan Kaunis
Orhan Kaunis Oy oldin
Too bad Omar Sharif was not around. He'd be Freddie Mercury. :)
SamyUltron Oy oldin
I got an ad for the DVD :3
Low cal Life
Low cal Life Oy oldin
Absolutely fantastic movie!
Roger Edgerton
Roger Edgerton 2 oy oldin
Every kind of genre? So they play actual jazz, rather than just naming an album that? No. Country? No. Western swing? No. Opera? No, and don't even try to claim that song as such. Delta blues? Hell no. Reggae, dub, ska, rocksteady? No. Someone shut up the millennial chick.
Bailey Combs
Bailey Combs 17 kun oldin
Obviously they dont do every genre, but they have a wide range. And they had a little opera with bohemian rhapsody.
melbury 7
melbury 7 2 oy oldin
I think you are to opinionative Queen are amazing
Roger Edgerton
Roger Edgerton 2 oy oldin
Tough shit. If Queen wants to be higher on that list of great rock bands, then they should've been better. They are NOT the equal of those bands he listed, nor a good many others. Tough. Too many writers writing too disparate of styles that didn't coalesce well into a collective whole that made any all-time uber-classic albums. There's no real cohesive feel to any Queen albums after Queen II. How many bands over the years have covered numerous Queen songs? Nowhere near as many as a good number of better bands.
Jaclyn Bierman
Jaclyn Bierman 3 oy oldin
Ben sounds like Heath Ledger.
Jan Rigby
Jan Rigby 3 oy oldin
I've seen this video a hundred times but I still like watching it
Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown 4 oy oldin
"I pity your wife if you think 6 minutes is forever "
William Smith
William Smith 2 oy oldin
@Carolyn White He's a cutie.
melbury 7
melbury 7 2 oy oldin
Lol. He just roasted Mike Myers
Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown 2 oy oldin
Because he thought 6 minutes was forever , so he probably didn't last very long in bed lol
Ann B
Ann B 2 oy oldin
M Cassis What don't you find funny about it? It's hilarious!
M Cassis
M Cassis 3 oy oldin
+Marta Olmedo Could you please tell me what you find so funny with it?
Jackie Vaca
Jackie Vaca 4 oy oldin
More interviews with Ben!!
Khesya Kim
Khesya Kim 4 oy oldin
This Deacy talks a lot . I love it!
Khesya Kim
Khesya Kim 4 oy oldin
Ben Hardy
Juana Corona
Juana Corona 4 oy oldin
I hope I get to see this movie
5GreatDays WithHim
I so hope they actually pull this off. I can see it going either way.
Bailey Combs
Bailey Combs 17 kun oldin
5GreatDays WithHim it's been four months so you've probably seen it by now... How did you like it?
Wendy Combe
Wendy Combe 4 oy oldin
5GreatDays WithHim twat
5GreatDays WithHim
+Nay Lynn Tun Ko Oh, I'm a die hard Queen fan and I love Rami's work too, I'm just hoping the two can merge beautifully. It's a poetic tale to tell and all pieces need to fit perfectly to pull it off. I'll go see it for sure!
Nay Lynn Tun Ko
Nay Lynn Tun Ko 4 oy oldin
go and watch it ,man. Whether you're a queen fan or not.
Maric Dee
Maric Dee 4 oy oldin
5GreatDays WithHim go watch it!
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