Rami Malek As Kenny In The War At Home Being A Gay Disaster For 11 Minutes and 6 Seconds

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watch bohemian rhapsody now!!



10-Noy, 2018



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Rae_ 744
Rae_ 744 3 soat oldin
I want to protect Kenny at all costs
• V • E • G • A • N •
Which ones the gay *FlaVor*
Shelvia Maharani
Shelvia Maharani 11 soat oldin
wHat?mE?gAy? *laughing just a little bit longer to make it bELieVabLe*
Disco Deaky
Disco Deaky 20 soat oldin
this is the best
aya soussi
aya soussi Kun oldin
kenny makes everything a gay disaster and i’m *aLl* for it
Forge Comet
Forge Comet Kun oldin
I kinda feel bad for rami
SugarSweetSofia Kun oldin
Rami Maleks practice for Bohemian Rhapsody
Cjstar01 Jones
Cjstar01 Jones Kun oldin
Intensityツ Kun oldin
I would go gay for Rami Malek
_-JAY-_ Kun oldin
Lukey Wojo
Lukey Wojo 2 kun oldin
I guess I just figured out who the voice of Chris Griffin is
The Golden God
The Golden God 2 kun oldin
Who Agrees with me that Rami deserves the oscar
Yannis Mensah
Yannis Mensah 2 kun oldin
Well I guess we know why he was picked to be Freddie Mercury
lila kid
lila kid 2 kun oldin
Darkness Soul
Darkness Soul 2 kun oldin
7:26 is this Freddie Mercury?
Bohemian_Killer Queenie
FrogDadd 3 kun oldin
“Does Larry say you have the most soulful eyes he’s ever seen?” his reaction istg he must be protected
FrogDadd 3 kun oldin
Istg I will seriously damage someone’s brain if someone tries to hurt this precious boy
Sophia Strand
Sophia Strand 3 kun oldin
Rami Malek: the king of playing gay guys
That Anti Social
That Anti Social 3 kun oldin
show ???
Louisa fitzgerald
Louisa fitzgerald 3 kun oldin
Abby Gines
Abby Gines 3 kun oldin
8:04 “BuT i jUsT cAmE oUt” my god this boi is so precious
Abby Gines
Abby Gines 3 kun oldin
6:56 me entering any room
Mango Tango
Mango Tango 3 kun oldin
He’s always the gay guy
Grammar Nazi
Grammar Nazi 3 kun oldin
Grammar Nazi
Grammar Nazi 3 kun oldin
Grey Hubbard
Grey Hubbard 4 kun oldin
Freddie is that you
Mr. Penguin Party
Mr. Penguin Party 4 kun oldin
Why is the gay name always Dylan
H Wollberg
H Wollberg 4 kun oldin
buzzums mEEEEow
Evelyn 5 kun oldin
i feel like this should now be titled ACADEMY AWARD WINNER RAMI MALEK
devhcf2nvr3gxs4xw rbnugewcnfrhvr
Omgg he is so cute 😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌
Ivan Corvea
Ivan Corvea 5 kun oldin
This video is from Satan because this is 666 seconds long.
Bruce Grossman
Bruce Grossman 5 kun oldin
He’s very good at playing these roles it seems ;)
Makuta Depresserix
Makuta Depresserix 5 kun oldin
Big mood
DevilsLoveHotdogs 6 kun oldin
Lol my names Dylan
StrayHyena 6 kun oldin
Protect him
Akabubi 6 kun oldin
3:37 The way he gets up from the sofa 😂😂😂
gabriela sanchez
gabriela sanchez 6 kun oldin
and so was freddie mercury!(he was gay)
I Love Lea Thompson
Me: So how do you look 14 and 30 at the same time? Rami: yes
Raina Trujillo
Raina Trujillo 6 kun oldin
This videos just brings the biggest smile it my face at 11:03 I never felt so happy!!!! 😁😍😅
Cloat Meal
Cloat Meal 6 kun oldin
“So, were you born in New Yor-“ “I DON’T WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU!”
Maura Gavazza
Maura Gavazza 7 kun oldin
I love him.🤤❤️
Rona Ronis
Rona Ronis 8 kun oldin
Omg is marijuana
Alrie Aquino
Alrie Aquino 8 kun oldin
He sounds so blank but hes so cute hahahaha
Tommy Moreno
Tommy Moreno 8 kun oldin
i’m not gay. i came here cuz i saw rami malek having some weird LSD trip. i leave here far from disappointed
Scribble Squad
Scribble Squad 8 kun oldin
11:02 damn it I love Kenny so damn much. He is me!
Milkyy🥛 9 kun oldin
Why is kenny oogling over Larry, Freddie oogling over Jim?
Mike's Bakes
Mike's Bakes 9 kun oldin
Its actually 11 mins 5 seconds idiot
Dudemyguy 9 kun oldin
Oh my god that last scene is so adorable
Mouse 9 kun oldin
rachael 9 kun oldin
the last scene is so wholesome
josharyono 9 kun oldin
You're not gonna believe he's an OSCAR and EMMY winner for Best Actor
sxdness xx
sxdness xx 9 kun oldin
Omg, I love that man so much
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 9 kun oldin
His lips.. His teeth.. His hair.. His eyes... His voice .... *And most importantly his sculpted jaw*
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 9 kun oldin
*.......so you were born in New York?* i dOnT wanNa HaVe sEX wITh YOu....
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 9 kun oldin
Omg i just can't stop playing it on and on...😍😍😍😍
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 9 kun oldin
He's good comic timing is good as well... Guys you need to accept this man is a whole package of talent 😍
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 9 kun oldin
I'm gonna faint help me he's so cute and sexy at the same time 😍
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 9 kun oldin
His jaw has been slaying since forever!! 🔥
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 9 kun oldin
I'm seriously confused between Rami malek and Eddie redmayne Anyways both don't know I exist..
Citlally Moreno
Citlally Moreno 10 kun oldin
“i’m only gay in theory”
Stormi Tunes
Stormi Tunes 10 kun oldin
Josh? You're alive?
Abigail Drake
Abigail Drake 10 kun oldin
Sid Walker
Sid Walker 10 kun oldin
I will never forget that hilarious scene when Larry visited Kenny and Kenny told him that he was only allowed to watch 10 minutes of tv a day so he asked Larry if he wanted to watch the first or last 10 minutes of That’s 70 Show 😂
Margo Bettigole
Margo Bettigole 10 kun oldin
3:24 omg
Braeden Flynn
Braeden Flynn 10 kun oldin
I love figure skating It’s called Hockey
Sara Ghafar
Sara Ghafar 11 kun oldin
I’m in love with this man, I love raimi and I love Kenny
Zo3_the_ wierd
Zo3_the_ wierd 11 kun oldin
What show is this from
fly like a butterfly
the war at home
Mac and Cheese
Mac and Cheese 11 kun oldin
Why is Rami playing just gay roles?!
Thot repellent
Thot repellent 12 kun oldin
I love how he always plays gay people
Sarah Jedi
Sarah Jedi 12 kun oldin
I wonder if Rami remembers this show?
hanna hammouda
hanna hammouda 12 kun oldin
omfg this is mad funny why haven’t i even HEARD of this before
Jamisyn Larmon
Jamisyn Larmon 13 kun oldin
I Iove this
Cloat Meal
Cloat Meal 13 kun oldin
w h e r e d o I w a t c h t h i s ?
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 13 kun oldin
What a fag
Sammy Pineda
Sammy Pineda 13 kun oldin
I've seen him in interviews and this is pretty much how he acts in real life
Kylie Kilbourne
Kylie Kilbourne 14 kun oldin
Chase Frances
Chase Frances 14 kun oldin
I've never heard of this show or the character or literally anything about this but I love Rami and this character oh my g o d
Theodore Mask
Theodore Mask 14 kun oldin
Im crying best boy
Jung Kook
Jung Kook 14 kun oldin
this is so cringey but _fucking cute_ i’m so gay :(((((
thot destroyer
thot destroyer 14 kun oldin
i love this so much omg😂😂
Jojo490 14 kun oldin
Jesus, I've never seen a homosexual with such distain for woman
Vollmond 14 kun oldin
Rami has the most soulful eyes I've ever seen. I think I'm gay now
Cas Harris
Cas Harris 15 kun oldin
Most of this is pretty problematic (especially the fact that Kenny being gay is treated as a joke) but at the same time Kenny is a whole ass MOOD
Arthur Curry
Arthur Curry 15 kun oldin
What awful stereotypes
Some guy Named Alex
Some guy Named Alex 15 kun oldin
So this is not Rami Maleks first time playing a gay guy
Alfredo Ochoa
Alfredo Ochoa 15 kun oldin
I was Kenny my whole life till college. I even had only straight friends I never told about me. I faked liking girls and having sex with a lot of girls lol Rami is so precious. I love him
Crummy 15 kun oldin
I love this part of bohemian rhapsody
Saimaan Norppa
Saimaan Norppa 15 kun oldin
pansexual! at the disco
6:57 as a distinguished bisexual, *_same._*
pansexual! at the disco
5:33 *my name is Alyssa and tbh i feel slightly offended*
VeryCool22 15 kun oldin
omg rami malek is the best
Z- past
Z- past 15 kun oldin
Best title
Kishi Chad
Kishi Chad 15 kun oldin
Hilarious, love it!
Lauren Elder
Lauren Elder 16 kun oldin
um excuse me..what is this? And why haven't I heard of it?
Cardboard Ben
Cardboard Ben 16 kun oldin
Imagine if “I want to break free” started playing when the rainbows shot out of his ears
Metzo2701 16 kun oldin
He fits the role so well
Marthknight 16 kun oldin
Dude, he's better at being gay than I am... I'm not even gay.
voon 16 kun oldin
Rogerina Taylor
Rogerina Taylor 16 kun oldin
11:05 😂😂😂😂
Inside Rami Malek's Very Private Life
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