Rami Malek: Becoming Freddie Mercury

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“I'm dealing with a man's life and a legacy like no other. A person people revere as not only a legend but a deity.”
Rami Malek tells Patrick Abboud about his biggest acting challenge yet.




25-Okt, 2018

QueenBiopicbohemian rhapsodyRami MalekPatrick AbboudFreddy Mercury



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Samara Morgan
Samara Morgan 2 soat oldin
What are they saying at the start?
Tomasz Sniec
Tomasz Sniec 3 soat oldin
next movie you could play is ..about.Omar Sharif
niareno316 5 soat oldin
I absolutely loved the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. I think that Rami Malek was an awesome choice, he did a wonderful representation of Freddie Mercury. I don't think anyone could have done better. What an incredible movie!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Amy Commanda
Amy Commanda 8 soat oldin
His voice almost sounds like Brad Pitt
Mech Sen
Mech Sen 11 soat oldin
Rami Malek really execute the character of Freddie Mercury. Bravo!!!!!
Nina Mule Lyons
Nina Mule Lyons 22 soat oldin
He is a beautiful man! Love e
Abby P
Abby P Kun oldin
this interview is amazing, like how they talk to each other, its intense and uplifting all at the same time
Paris Hoffmann
Paris Hoffmann Kun oldin
He's so cute
Raden Alfatah
Raden Alfatah Kun oldin
Freddie Mercury so proud of you Rami
Ema Jevremovic
Ema Jevremovic Kun oldin
Rami is such a beautiful soul.
dorito flavored bleach
he’s just a great person
Kate Oastler
Kate Oastler Kun oldin
What a wonderful interview
Emily M
Emily M Kun oldin
This is such a beautiful, genuine interview between two such genuine people.
Mo Kun oldin
What a gift you have! Looking at your face or hearing your unique voice makes me feel relaxed!
Joshua Sarrazola
Never heard or seen this dude but well acted Rami! Seems like a unique self assured and humble individual. I look forward to seeing more of his films.
Dorcas Eatch
Dorcas Eatch 2 kun oldin
Isn’t Rami lovely 😊
Study With Me Mary
Study With Me Mary 2 kun oldin
Who else know him from Until Dawn?
MakesMale HairGlow
MakesMale HairGlow 2 kun oldin
I love his jawline
anna kowalska
anna kowalska 2 kun oldin
I think Rami was the best actor to play this role,for me no one else could have done this part as he has.I'm happy he'd resived the Golden Globe,now he'll get the Oscar.I'll keep my fingers crossed.👍Greetings from Poland💓
es·o· ·ter·ic
es·o· ·ter·ic 2 kun oldin
I have a feeling Freddie is pretty FREAKING Proud of Rami🙏💜
Jo Andre
Jo Andre 2 kun oldin
He has such a pleasant voice.... I could just stay and listen for hours... and also, he has lots of charisma!!
catleesi 99
catleesi 99 2 kun oldin
He's so sweet and kind 😭💖
Kate Love
Kate Love 2 kun oldin
Eliemae Beringuel
Eliemae Beringuel 3 kun oldin
CrUsh 😘😍
Glaidhel Recha
Glaidhel Recha 3 kun oldin
Rami Malek gave justice to Freddie Mercury!!!! 😍
Boolii Crystal
Boolii Crystal 3 kun oldin
Every interview of him makes me feel “A legend still alive” after watched Bohemian rhapsody 🤔 he acted greater. Movie becoming masterpiece itself
Christina P
Christina P 3 kun oldin
Rami is gorgeous man! Beautiful soul seems like . The interviewer i suspect has a little crush on him! Lol
Ol Fpv
Ol Fpv 3 kun oldin
I thought he was faking his top lip for the film
LMNT XO 3 kun oldin
One of the best interviews of Rami, I must say.
Olivia Shell
Olivia Shell 3 kun oldin
Every time I see him I think of him in night of the museum
Marian Nyhan
Marian Nyhan 4 kun oldin
Rami comes across across as such a humble and kind man! It was only a few years ago I watched him Twilight and played the game Before Dawn in which he's a character. He nailed this part! I hope he gets an Oscar!
L 4 kun oldin
He seems to have the same kind, genuine, calm character traits like Freddie had
Beste göden
Beste göden 4 kun oldin
I think after this interview a friendship is born
barbarnyak 4 kun oldin
This was a very moving interview. I loved it. Thank you so much for this experience ;)
avaspoketome 4 kun oldin
This was a wonderful interview. Intelligent questions and genuine connection to Rami's story as an Arab navigating Hollywood. Wonderful work!
idontcare0953 4 kun oldin
This man just makes me smile
Azra Humayra
Azra Humayra 4 kun oldin
In Shaa Allah he'll receive an Oscar.
Winged Thing
Winged Thing 4 kun oldin
Lovely chat!
FX LTD 4 kun oldin
What an excellent interview! The interviewer was incredible, great job!
E Balla
E Balla 5 kun oldin
What do they say? Askla ma za? What???
Patricia Lunsford
Patricia Lunsford 5 kun oldin
I just love his humility and dawn to earth beautiful actitud!
Mohamed Ragab
Mohamed Ragab 5 kun oldin
We are all proud of you in Egypt, Rami
A K 5 kun oldin
This is 21st century, still there are so much hate, in the passed people thought education can change human, but look how wrong they were, sad that people are discriminated, because of the skin colour, faith, or a part of the world they are born into, there are so much resentments, fear & insecurities, that is installed in our brains by the media. & the top cats living on the cream, on the blood of average people, that's how they rule, divide & conquer.
D 5 kun oldin
Rami has the most remarkable, amazing vibe about him. It's like he's enlightened in a way, he just exudes inner balance and wisdom. What a beautiful person, inside and outside.
Bunga Seroja
Bunga Seroja 5 kun oldin
Congratulation on your Golden Globe Rami!
blanchefan 5 kun oldin
Rami has real magnetism; he's awfully easy to love (as a fan, not a stalker!). You need those qualities to be a major movie star, and I'm quite sure he will be; is now! :)
Isaias Torres
Isaias Torres 6 kun oldin
what a refreshing interview loved every minute of it goes to show smart intelligent people exist everywhere people making the right choice people helping other people. Helping their fellow man because that's what we are humans and we all strive for the same thing love ,peace happiness, joy and the fruitful future great interview
Mohammed Abusamra
Mohammed Abusamra 6 kun oldin
Beautiful interview
Suzanne Oldenburger
A great actor!!!!😍
Sophia and youtube
Sophia and youtube 6 kun oldin
So excited for the DVD to come out!!!!!📀📀📽📺
Tammy lee
Tammy lee 6 kun oldin
Rami boy, don't put coffee there.
corinne apple
corinne apple 6 kun oldin
This is such a good interview.
Taxi's Capati
Taxi's Capati 6 kun oldin
He look more ozil arsenal
Matt Tv
Matt Tv 6 kun oldin
Em Jay
Em Jay 6 kun oldin
Shout-out to the interviewer.
Danielle Denis
Danielle Denis 6 kun oldin
Rami seems to be a lovely gentleman....extremely genuine and humble.....I really enjoyed this interview and their point of view.
Samke Makhoba
Samke Makhoba 6 kun oldin
Rami is going to be a legend.
Anita Rosie Ross
Anita Rosie Ross 6 kun oldin
He's an Egyptian, not an Arab.
80 shatri
80 shatri 2 kun oldin
I thought you were about to start the debate of us Egyptians are the Descendants of pharoes & we are part of Mediterranean civilization before being Arab. You may think that Arabs only come from the Arabian Peninsula only. Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Algeria & Mauritania are African countries with Arab dominated population mixed with a percentage of other ethnicity despite the fact of being located in Africa. We share same culture &habits thats why the interviewer &Rami had such pleasant cosy interview. It's a fact that we as Egyptians are not 100% Arab but we close to Arabs genetically. We belong to the Arab identy more than other civilizations that had invaded Egypt: Roman, Greek, French, British & Ottoman Empire. Rami's father comes from upper Egypt. People over there dress traditional s'aidi/flahi clothes like vails for women & Bedouin clothes. To sum up, some Egyptians definitely Arab or with Arabic ancestors or mixed with arab. There are Arabic tribes in Egypt also small minorities from neighboring countries Greek, Turkey & Europe. the official name of my country is "THE ARABIC REPUBLIC OF EGYPT" though the word MASRY actually derived from ancient Semetic. after all, I would like to see us as a beautiful mosaic living together in peace and harmony❤️❤️
Anita Rosie Ross
Anita Rosie Ross 5 kun oldin
+80 shatri : The Egyptians are Arabic-speaking, but they're not Arab, and even both of them are aware of this fact. The Egyptians are genetically North African and they did not speak Arabic until the Arab conquest of Egypt in the 7th Century. The Egyptian Arabic("Masri") was developed only after the arrival of the Arabs.
80 shatri
80 shatri 5 kun oldin
My dear Egyptians are Arab.
LLM !!
LLM !! 6 kun oldin
He will always be a tiny Egyptian emperor to me 😍😍
Sheila Cota
Sheila Cota 7 kun oldin
This was such a great interview, he’s so humble, he seems like such a wonderful person, he will be a big star 🌟
Arina 7 kun oldin
Wendy Maddock
Wendy Maddock 7 kun oldin
All am going to say rami you rocked the film is amazing I’ve been to see it 3 times I love queen and Freddie Mercury is ace xxx
Joe st. george
Joe st. george 7 kun oldin
look, the first bohemian rhapsody interview where Rami didn't mention filming live aid on the fist day
tulipchic34 7 kun oldin
He seems like a real sweetheart
Suma Shreya
Suma Shreya 7 kun oldin
I somehow feel Rami was Freddie in his last life. :D
Donna Khethiwe Nkosi
He's so calm 😍😍😍
EXODIA weightloss
EXODIA weightloss 7 kun oldin
Interview guy I don't like him . he is trying to push Muslim agenda too much and not just stick with what this should been.. just an interview about the Rock God.
EXODIA weightloss
EXODIA weightloss 7 kun oldin
this guy looks alot like Fredie Mercury when all mustach atc comes along. the actor doesn't look like typical Arab. he is very handsome and comes of as very kind and not agresive soul.
EXODIA weightloss
EXODIA weightloss 6 kun oldin
+monika oh i didnt know he was egyption .
monika 6 kun oldin
we egyptians aren't arabs the interviewer here say arab but rami say egyptian our ancestors are pharaohs not arabs
kristinarayart 7 kun oldin
I love him :D
danisa mandisa
danisa mandisa 7 kun oldin
This interview is just outright beautiful 🙂
Kathy Dretske
Kathy Dretske 7 kun oldin
I watched this interview two months ago and coming back to it gave me a new perspective. I've watched a lot of interviews of Rami, and sadly most of the people interviewing are shallow and talk over Rami. This was different in such a positive way. Patrick really listened to Rami, and I could see how much more relaxed he was. This interviewer asked different questions and allowed Rami the opportunity to expand his answers. This is my favorite interview of Rami during this entire press tour for Bohemian Rhapsody. Congrats on Golden Globes win!
Irina Kuimova
Irina Kuimova 5 kun oldin
Totally agree.. Ive enjoyed this interview many times. There's something special in it.
Bay Kl
Bay Kl 7 kun oldin
dar 7 kun oldin
"Doors were opened for me, I'm gonna keep opening those doors for others, and then you will too; and if we just keep that domino effect, we might actually move the world in a positive way. I know that's lofty, but hey, why not try?" Such beautiful words from Rami. A forever fan!
Xenia Dukic
Xenia Dukic 7 soat oldin
I was scrolling the comments and this one came up at the exact point when he was saying that:)))
Para 7 kun oldin
This guy doesn’t have typical ethnic looks. So him making it does not mean that the ethic look is being accepted now.
Maximilian C
Maximilian C 7 kun oldin
It is very interesting that in this day and age people could still be judgmental of others.
valeria [spl]
valeria [spl] 7 kun oldin
josh from Until Dawn?
Persiansweetcat1 7 kun oldin
I love how he talks... so tender, so beautiful, so heartwarming. Plus he has beautiful eyes. I’m a bit in love with him I think
cara flory
cara flory 8 kun oldin
Rami Malek, you are pure light!!! ✌️💖🌟⚡🔥✨🎆
Jessie Dowlah
Jessie Dowlah 8 kun oldin
This is what an interview is supposed to be about, not the gossip.
TeamAtFort 8 kun oldin
He nailed it
socalisurfer13 8 kun oldin
With over 2/3 of the video about race why not title this an Arab in Hollywood ethnic enough instead of becoming Freddy Mercury and piggybacking off of a roll to just bring up a topic. Do you want change or don’t you because bitching out and not titling a video based on the meat of the interview makes it seem as if something is wrong or your not allowed to have certain conversations.
Ramicoo 8 kun oldin
You love this guy so quickly he's too humble and calm and positive
vannessa 8 kun oldin
His face, his body, his teeth, his smile, his voice, his eyes, his laugh, his personality. He is so fineeeeee I’m in love
Edward WoTv
Edward WoTv 8 kun oldin
That interviewer kept on and on about race what a passive aggressive race baiter.
Omara Oliver
Omara Oliver 8 kun oldin
His eyes are so magnetic. His personality so charismatic. What a fascinating, interesting and unique guy. I like his vibe and energy!
Priscilla Jiron
Priscilla Jiron 8 kun oldin
i wonder what book hes reading
liv faye
liv faye 8 kun oldin
He gas grey eyes 😍
Diane Evans
Diane Evans 8 kun oldin
He went to college in my home town as a Theater Major and look at him NOW! Our town and the University of Evansville is so proud of his accomplishments and his Golden Globe win and we are 90% sure Oscar win for his role as Freddie Mercury!💖
Amee Grace
Amee Grace 8 kun oldin
Rami Malek is such a sweet person
Candiss Hubbard
Candiss Hubbard 8 kun oldin
He was perfect for the role so gentle and clam I hope more doors continue to open up for him he’s such a good actor and person
cem9967 8 kun oldin
The movie world talks today about Farrokh Bulsara and Rami Malek. Freddie is an Iranian of origin and Rami is an Egyptian. Weird ha ?
C M 8 kun oldin
Freddie's parents were zorastrian...
YetiintheSun 9 kun oldin
I'd love to hear what that book is called, that Rami says he's reading, about a love story between an israeli woman and a Palestinian man.
Latifa Hajar
Latifa Hajar 9 kun oldin
Wow love this guy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brooke Hudgins
Brooke Hudgins 9 kun oldin
Rami has a kind of mysterious aura that surrounds him and it's absolutely mesmerizing and it can't help but be respected. I definitely think that with more successful films, Rami Malek will become a film icon. He just has that kind of energy, stature, and charm to him. Cheers to him for his performance in this film, Bohemian Rhapsody, and I wish him much more success in the near future.
cleosmom7 9 kun oldin
So many people don't get parts because of reasons other than what happened in the audition room. It hits everyone not just for ethnic reason.
Sislove 9 kun oldin
such a genuine soul, and that interviewer knows how to do his job.
Kate Steinfort
Kate Steinfort 9 kun oldin
Love this interview. Well done Patrick
Tsakane Rikhotso
Tsakane Rikhotso 9 kun oldin
Wow his just a very super Good Energy... Rami his a gift from heaven😇😇😇 may God be with him and to the person who's reading this 😇😇
Steve O
Steve O 9 kun oldin
Good on you Rami. Keep opening doors.
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