Rami Malek: Becoming Freddie Mercury

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“I'm dealing with a man's life and a legacy like no other. A person people revere as not only a legend but a deity.”
Rami Malek tells Patrick Abboud about his biggest acting challenge yet.




25-Okt, 2018



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Dan the Panini Man
Dan the Panini Man 5 soat oldin
A great guy indeed
Queen D
Queen D 21 soat oldin
He’s so hotttt
Noah Seaton / Muffin
Κ Λ Kun oldin
Good job mr malek. U made me cry when i saw the moovie. Love and respect from Greece
active boy
active boy Kun oldin
You rock bro 👍👍👍
Sir Ronin
Sir Ronin Kun oldin
Probably already made, but freddie mercury turning into rami malek
Secret Friends
Secret Friends Kun oldin
Keep opening doors
Angry Barbarian -Clash of Clans and Clash Royale
Nobody: Rami: ( o ) (o )
Calli Papadakou
Calli Papadakou 2 kun oldin
Rami was an excellent choice, he did an amazing job!
Robert Seals
Robert Seals 2 kun oldin
A bio pick that was full of false facts. Yep sounds like history.
Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!
ChaosController316 2 kun oldin
Why am I just now finding out that Mr. Robot was this movie's Freddie Mercury?
niel galang
niel galang 2 kun oldin
He look like bruno mars
Helen Nagooyen
Helen Nagooyen 2 kun oldin
“I thank my lucky stars” he’s so humble ugh so sweet
isabeł ‘
isabeł ‘ 2 kun oldin
something about rami is so handsome
Grape 2 kun oldin
Interesting sentence structure in these comments.
cristy base
cristy base 3 kun oldin
You two... Are talented and kind hearted.. Vow to you... RAMI.
cristy base
cristy base 3 kun oldin
He is soooo down to earrh man. Wow...
Ur Mom gay
Ur Mom gay 3 kun oldin
The weird thing is that Rami Malek actually looks like Freddie Mercury
Anime Scout
Anime Scout 3 kun oldin
U know what ,ur the best actor ramy
Lina 3 kun oldin
Rami is sooooooo hot here!!! 😍😍😍😋 He’s hot, and his performance was absolutely extraordinary! So electrifying. He deserves an Oscar.
havah w.
havah w. 3 kun oldin
truly a legend, freddie was. rami is becoming one himself, i think.
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton 4 kun oldin
The way he acts in general just reminds me of Freddie so much, it’s crazy
sooz hart
sooz hart 4 kun oldin
And the OSCAR goes to.......🏆👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻
Jack Marshall
Jack Marshall 4 kun oldin
as we say back home , انشاءالله
David Skog
David Skog 4 kun oldin
He did a great job in the role as Freddy. Truly a great actor.
Jocelyn Aspella
Jocelyn Aspella 4 kun oldin
Rest in peace Freddie,Also Rami deserve an oscar.
Alex Gzz
Alex Gzz 4 kun oldin
Jocelyn Aspella he won one lol
Julia .J
Julia .J 5 kun oldin
I'm literally crying.
Christian and Gabby’s Channel!
He is the next Freddie 100%
melissa Trace
melissa Trace 6 kun oldin
May God bless you and grant you many years, Rami. Four hours with incense really ain't so bad 😉
Backstreet_ Boiii
Backstreet_ Boiii 7 kun oldin
*"Ayye Oh!"*
leo messi 10
leo messi 10 7 kun oldin
Even if his not acting he still sounds like Freddie
Patrik Pálffy
Patrik Pálffy 7 kun oldin
The character from Until Dawn is him(Josh) or am I wrong?
Paulina P
Paulina P 8 kun oldin
Rami the best actor. Freddie the legend. Love them both
jdult 8 kun oldin
I’m so happy Rami got to play Freddie. Seems like a humble lad.
Carmen'Jessie dfer
Carmen'Jessie dfer 8 kun oldin
I just love Rami is a legend. He done Freddie proud
Caitlin Laing
Caitlin Laing 8 kun oldin
this interview is gorgeous
itsGamer tiff
itsGamer tiff 8 kun oldin
He’s really handsome that’s why people loves him very much ❤️❤️❤️
its ur gurl gerty
its ur gurl gerty 9 kun oldin
he's so cute and attractive
celine smith
celine smith 9 kun oldin
Ok so i watched this last night(bohieman rhapsody) and it was like being re-born. 😋
Nina 9 kun oldin
I think Rami was so genuine in this interview and serious and reflective ; the interviewer asked some great questions.
Steve Grandy
Steve Grandy 10 kun oldin
The concern I have for Rami Malek now is that he did Freddie SOOOOO well that got him the Oscar that some people may have issues or even not be able to see past it . Harrison Ford to this day is still viewed as Han Solo
Nina 9 kun oldin
I wouldn't worry ; Rami is very very talented; he will have a huge career ahead of him.
rhian milligan
rhian milligan 10 kun oldin
How is rami 37 lol he looks like 24
emiltyne 10 kun oldin
i've loved him since kenny and snafu and i'm so proud of him getting and DOMINATING this role.
PewDie Pie
PewDie Pie 10 kun oldin
Now that's simple living high thinking
dihwen 10 kun oldin
I just became a fan
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat 10 kun oldin
The first time i saw rami malik i was like : wait ive seen this guy before, JOSH FROM UNTIL DAWN!
Rundelhaus Code
Rundelhaus Code 11 kun oldin
Can I get 1 like? Thanks :))
bailey 11 kun oldin
i just finished watch bohemian rhapsody for the 928392 time....this video is gonna make me watch it again
Z Daisy
Z Daisy 11 kun oldin
He looks like Bruno Mars
Cam 123
Cam 123 11 kun oldin
Ramis greatest performance will never be noticed, the pacific mini series, he played a crazed marine snafu. And he played to most believable part
chrispchicken313 11 kun oldin
Very great job sir.
Shirley Sylvester
Shirley Sylvester 12 kun oldin
Rami channeled Freddie in that movie, brilliant! I want to see more of him
Harry Glynn
Harry Glynn 13 kun oldin
He's the messiah of Queen.
Ari 13 kun oldin
He’s such a genuine person
Selena Ruby
Selena Ruby 13 kun oldin
i love rami so much
Megan LOPEZ 13 kun oldin
He Definitely deserve that Oscar!!
Milana Plutko
Milana Plutko 13 kun oldin
Everyone in the comments are soo thirsty. 😂😂😂
Dasimah Dasimah
Dasimah Dasimah 13 kun oldin
He is look like freddie mercury
Chevy Aitken
Chevy Aitken 14 kun oldin
Is Rami wearing lippy? Is he turning into Freddie now?
James McManus
James McManus 14 kun oldin
Never even heard of Rami before Bohemian Rhapsody but he’s a fantastic actor and has a great personality! Also good that he’s bringing diversity to acting and showing anyone can make it.👍🏼
Mark Farrier
Mark Farrier 14 kun oldin
Great guy makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed brilliant in the film too . . .
Lekha Pratap
Lekha Pratap 14 kun oldin
Awwwww what a guy.
Burak C
Burak C 14 kun oldin
He is magneficent actor i will die omg
MichaeL CoronA
MichaeL CoronA 14 kun oldin
Amazing actor
Natasha Wynn
Natasha Wynn 15 kun oldin
He was PERFECT for that role! Loved it so much!! That Oscar was well deserved!
Madina Khan
Madina Khan 15 kun oldin
He looks so much like Bruno mars Woow
Thyra Gabatino
Thyra Gabatino 15 kun oldin
When i was a child i heard a Queen songs, and most of the songs are famous until i heard one of them in the movie the "mighty ducks", we are the champion and in manny pacquiao's fight, his entrance song, "we will rock you". Until i watched bohemian rhapsody, so I got interested on freddie mercury's life..
Brontolina27 15 kun oldin
The journalist is nice and polite, he knows the backstage of the real life but look at Rami he has a beautiful soul, he is so sweet, clever and modest. He is not aggressive even if he feels that there is a discrimination. I will try to follow his beautiful mind.
brandon 15 kun oldin
I sincerely hope this guy gets to be a movie legend. Hes the type of celebrity i could have respect for
Journie Campbell
Journie Campbell 15 kun oldin
So I’m 13 and I just want to point out how inspiring Queen is! I don’t think a lot of people see that, but Freddie Mercury was so talented and so grateful for what he had and his fans and his music really reflected how passionate he was.
Ro ss
Ro ss 16 kun oldin
Omg his mouth I'm obsessed
caitlin hq
caitlin hq 16 kun oldin
*if I go any higher only dogs would hear me*
Marcella McKnight
Marcella McKnight 16 kun oldin
Bad choice...
This was a really cool interview, and I love that Rami was interviewed by a fellow Arab and they could have an open and honest conversation about representation
All About Spanish
All About Spanish 16 kun oldin
There is something about rami's eyes
ilove her but she love Pennywise
All About Spanish the eye bags of hard study and hard work...LOL
Hema Sookram
Hema Sookram 16 kun oldin
Ppl love to judge what they don’t know. Thank u Rami for doing this movie. 😘
G G 16 kun oldin
Great interview! I feel both of them could be good friends in real life. ♥️
Podo Jeff
Podo Jeff 16 kun oldin
Sarah Jedi
Sarah Jedi 16 kun oldin
Don’t forget the Oscar! Lol jk I know this was made before the Oscars
jess 16 kun oldin
No one can replace him, it's never the same. Good job though.
Rick Hand
Rick Hand 16 kun oldin
0:38 "Real"
Nilly K
Nilly K 16 kun oldin
Yeah but it seems like US Americans only want to let people open doors who also speak English or grew up in the States, they are pretty xenophobic when it comes to artist who are worldwide but don't speak English. Luckily some of their youth is not as xenophobia as the rest are.
Nilly K
Nilly K 16 kun oldin
Do you eat babies? 👀
ilove her but she love Pennywise
Nilly K judge it for yourself...this guy is a family oriented person who's study and work hard to mold his craft in acting job...he's old classmates, professor, and his school praised him, he even praises by the people he work with,..he doesn't have any record in doing unlawful crime...he promised to his father to be the head of the his family and bring them along with all of his success..(those are stated and publicly said from the people who really witness this man hardship)....and then there is just one unfairly accussitorial post from someone Rami doesn't even encounter with..who has a background of doing drugs that probably having a problematic mindset...so if you believe in that...it's sad... fsociety really
Harley Smith
Harley Smith 17 kun oldin
Who else is here after watching the movie?
Raymundo Pliego
Raymundo Pliego 17 kun oldin
Crazy he won the Oscar for best actor
sadyeeyee _
sadyeeyee _ 17 kun oldin
i love rami so much 😭🧡
tyrone williams
tyrone williams 17 kun oldin
Rami is a real brilliant actor, as love his parts in need for speed and playing freddie murcury, a actor exellence
yoginder singh
yoginder singh 17 kun oldin
Rami u hv done a fabulous job,no one can match ur performance
Ian Stanojevic
Ian Stanojevic 17 kun oldin
Am i the only one who think they should mention untill dawn
mee meee
mee meee 17 kun oldin
mee meee
mee meee 17 kun oldin
I LOVE HIM😭❤️❤️❤️
Div-E Sepid
Div-E Sepid 17 kun oldin
the reporter is gayer than Freddie
cute cat 96
cute cat 96 17 kun oldin
Who else went straight to the comments?!😂
Rezacipta Laksana
Rezacipta Laksana 17 kun oldin
Rami malek Islam?
julietbriefs 17 kun oldin
It’s not easy to play a biopic character. I’ve seen many Steve jobs biopic movies and none of the actors could ‘act’ like steve jobs. I’ve only seen one freddy mercury biopic and this guy did a really great job.
Memes and weird stuff Daily
imaging rami becoming josuke
Adam Lavigne
Adam Lavigne 17 kun oldin
He can play bruno mars than freddie mercury
Bam Boozle
Bam Boozle 18 kun oldin
Freddie Mercury a legend and a true one of a kind!
Alicia Westfall
Alicia Westfall 18 kun oldin
Anyone know queen way before this movie... Grew up listening to them and I've never stopped loving them ❤️
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