Rami Malek Discusses His Freddie Mercury Transformation

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Rami Malek chats with Jimmy about Mr. Robot coming to an end and the key to his successful Freddie Mercury impression in the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic.
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Rami Malek Discusses His Freddie Mercury Transformation




30-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 5 867
D 2 soat oldin
I used to like this show back in the day. Then someone pointed out to me how fake Jimmy Fallon acts, and ever since I can't unsee his fakeness. He's constantly putting on an act, nothing seems genuine at all. Who knows what he really thinks of his guests and their work. I love Rami though! He is amazing.
Cristian Jimenez
Cristian Jimenez 7 soat oldin
The Movie Was Okay, But His Performance Was Outstanding! The Movie Needed A Better Director
lucia angelique
lucia angelique 8 soat oldin
He's so down to earth and real, such a mentally-stable person. Can see him doing some fantastic things in his undoubtedly, long career.
Hamdi Omar
Hamdi Omar 8 soat oldin
Who hired Jimmy Fallon,he is so fake
Nicole Ferreira
Nicole Ferreira Kun oldin
Wooooow! Jimmy Fallon just totally showed his dickhead side at 6:04. I used to really like him
Michal Walkow
Michal Walkow Kun oldin
He still moves like in the film ahaha
Mario Cajas
Mario Cajas Kun oldin
In some parts of the interview the host was disrespectful 👎
Michael Farley II
Rami is so hott!! Specially in Night of the museum!! But what the hell is he wearing!! Looks like an old Pittsburgh steelers shirt along with the pants of the Browns and then police boots!! Someone with his money should dress with style!!! 😂🤣😂🤣
Khail707 Kun oldin
He did great in BR but A Star Is Born made me cry like a baby
Stefanella Sizzarettia
6:04 is Jimmy a germaphobe? I’d get it if he was but if not that reaction was rude to sweet Rami
ARMY X BTS Kun oldin
Why the fuck did he do that face for????? I LIKE HIM AS A TV HOST AND I FIND HIM FUNNY *because everything make me laugh 🙃 ... BUT WTF I HATE THIS... I HATE HIM !!! HE'S SO FAKE... WTF
sanjeev shaw
sanjeev shaw 2 kun oldin
Wait till you actually win one
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts 2 kun oldin
Farrokh Bulsara
Fuzzy Assassin
Fuzzy Assassin 2 kun oldin
*Josh, is that you?*
sHESbrOKen 2 kun oldin
before they take this video down 6:00
Nica Rox
Nica Rox 2 kun oldin
Jimmy Tapia
Jimmy Tapia 3 kun oldin
6:00-6:04 Jimmy Reaction to Rami grabbing his hand Lmao
Vee Foley
Vee Foley 3 kun oldin
He won an Oscar for his mercury role
Vicka Jung
Vicka Jung 3 kun oldin
Me tiene enamorada.
ARMY OF BANGTAN 3 kun oldin
Rami deserves better
Grace L
Grace L 3 kun oldin
7:05 so brilliant
MrAssman93 3 kun oldin
Omg Jimmy is such a bad interviewer
Louis Sabin Show
Louis Sabin Show 3 kun oldin
He knocked it out of the park!!
emiea patel
emiea patel 4 kun oldin
He was freaking amazing in this movie! Loved every single minute of it.
Chloe Chan
Chloe Chan 4 kun oldin
Jimmy’s a big ass here
Mia 4 kun oldin
Why are all the comments dragging jimmy instead of talking about how talented rami is?? Spread love not hate💕💕
John Malone
John Malone 4 kun oldin
It' a bit naive but I never realized how fake Jimmy Fallon was, (the lie about the mail address, the hand contact) I don't think I'll watch his show again.
hellob0x 5 kun oldin
I just want the blu ray copy so bad!0
DTSDK 6 kun oldin
I saw the movie and Oh My God Malik really deserves an Oscar for his play❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Catherine Montalbano-Harris
Amazing performance by this young man
andi letri
andi letri 6 kun oldin
-📂 Documents -📁Music -📁 Queen songs -📁 Golden Globe awards.. -⚠️This folder is full!!
Mohamad Ofeshat
Mohamad Ofeshat 6 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon always fake his reactions, i never belive his laugh 😞
Bonnie Over the Ocean
Jimmy looked high key grossed put when Rami touches his hand??? Like????? It was less than 2 seconds man chill out
Shabnam Khan
Shabnam Khan 7 kun oldin
Rami malek is really great actor
Ashley Daisy85
Ashley Daisy85 7 kun oldin
Shut the eff up Jimmy...why even 'interview'? He clearly would prefer to hear himself speak 🤬
Topaz Rose
Topaz Rose 7 kun oldin
Daamn Jimmy let him talk😂
Globalhell 7 kun oldin
Roxi Fenix
Roxi Fenix 7 kun oldin
He's so weird but also, so damn cute omg i can't breathe ❤️
C.O.D. B.L.U
C.O.D. B.L.U 7 kun oldin
Keka Kn
Keka Kn 8 kun oldin
Dont like Jimmy, at all..... but at 6:04, jimmy was not frowning....thats his style of making everything dramatic.
Ethan Bell
Ethan Bell 8 kun oldin
Looks like joe weller
David Sanchez
David Sanchez 8 kun oldin
What a weird looking dude
Marla Torres
Marla Torres 8 kun oldin
Because of this movie I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Queen
Machine_Gun_Kelly 8 kun oldin
he's cuuuute
New_Shopaholic 8 kun oldin
Love the movie!!!
Sandy Feet
Sandy Feet 8 kun oldin
Rami seems like such a nice guy!! Genuine and down to earth..I hope that all good things comes his way. I have not seen Bohemian Rhapsody since I was not a huge Queen's fan...Rami has changed my mind.
ilove her but she love Pennywise
Sandy Feet watch his Mr Robot it will blow your mind
Mitchell sanders
Mitchell sanders 8 kun oldin
How did he die
Mandy Manu
Mandy Manu 8 kun oldin
Reminds me of benecio del toro
Karim Soliman
Karim Soliman 9 kun oldin
Jimmy’s so annoying! Especially that look he gave him when he touched his hand!
Macie B
Macie B 9 kun oldin
I swear jimmy thinks he’s better than his guests
Yvonne Lastra
Yvonne Lastra 9 kun oldin
Anybody that has played Until Dawn, his part in the game is amazing!!! Really love this actor. He can do it all.
Jasey Rae
Jasey Rae 9 kun oldin
Rami really is a god Considering he’s Egyptian also Wait.. He’s... He’s... He’s Ahkmenrah
I HATE SCHOOL ! 9 kun oldin
Is anyone else searching the internet for Rami because they are now suddenly obsessed with him??????!!!! Just me.......😆??!!?
Karina Salviano
Karina Salviano 9 kun oldin
Why did he give that bitch face when Rami touch his arms? Jimmy suck !
Nadster 33
Nadster 33 9 kun oldin
Dame Jimmy shut the fuck up!! Let Rami talk!!!! Quit interrupting!!!
sol keegan
sol keegan 9 kun oldin
No entiendo lo que dicen pero es hermoso
Dino 9 kun oldin
Rami is always a wonder to watch in interviews, he is humble but keeps it so funny and entertaining.
vio se
vio se 9 kun oldin
I saw the movie tonight and was incredible Rami you are amaizing
Ingrid G
Ingrid G 9 kun oldin
Everyone talking about Jimmy's reaction to Rami slapping his hand. Y'all have forgotten that Jimmy has had multiple injuries to his hands and probably is dealing with chronic pain from those injuries.
LadyPeace89 10 kun oldin
So amazing to see one of the first Arab-American actors to succeed in mainstream
Jennifer Barksdale
Jennifer Barksdale 10 kun oldin
I am sorry all i see is Freddie
Slick Goated
Slick Goated 10 kun oldin
6:02 Why u make that face jimmy?
1 baba
1 baba 10 kun oldin
He’s so lovely man😍
diaz iqbal
diaz iqbal 10 kun oldin
Nick Shelton
Nick Shelton 10 kun oldin
Rami did the role extreme justice and then some! Phenomenal, just absolutely phenomenal!
danverslunatic 10 kun oldin
Love Rami - he was amazing as Freddie! But damn it Jimmy Fallon is such a tool!! Is he ever real??
Cupcake Peace Life Peace
I love Jimmy Fallon's show. #Fallon4Eva
Emmy May
Emmy May 11 kun oldin
I saw two nights ago I saw it again last night I just booked tickets to see it again What is wrong with me?
Sophie 11 kun oldin
Rami's incredible. He did such a great job. Well deserved Golden Globe! I hope he will get an Oscar nomination.
katia de luca
katia de luca 11 kun oldin
Jimmy in this interview disappointed me
l F
l F 11 kun oldin
He is gay
Mia Jaksic
Mia Jaksic 11 kun oldin
That transformation was easy....he looks a lot like him....i prefer his acting in new Papillon....he could stay in the que....so many others are also very good...Bradley had so many nominations....it is not fair...thank God that Glen got over Gaga and the others....and Madona was nominated for Evita...and nothing...sooo....what i say...wait...wait.....
werideatdusk 11 kun oldin
Fallon is drunk
jack Morgan daniels
jack Morgan daniels 11 kun oldin
Amazing job done by rami went and seen it twice ❤️ Freddie would have been proud ❤️ surely an Oscar next....
Fatima Mijares
Fatima Mijares 11 kun oldin
jimmy’s sigh after 6:03 smh
Food Culture
Food Culture 11 kun oldin
There is just something off about this guy.
Kathy Vasquez
Kathy Vasquez 11 kun oldin
Anzi Dong
Anzi Dong 11 kun oldin
Jimmy inner: asdfjkgjllklklgkl
Mikial G Productions
anyone notice at 6:05 jimmy’s face after he grabbed his hand. idk what jimmy’s prob was tbh
444musicmusic 11 kun oldin
That sweater tho
Aline Nunes
Aline Nunes 12 kun oldin
Rami Malek performance was fantastic in Bohemin Rhapsody! Kisses from Brazil!
Gigi Killinni
Gigi Killinni 12 kun oldin
Rami ..You're my Hero😘😘
Milos Losmi
Milos Losmi 12 kun oldin
Yeep that is an Oscar!
Shoking Gaming
Shoking Gaming 12 kun oldin
6:03 OOF
Cosmic Goddess
Cosmic Goddess 12 kun oldin
Geez Jimmy is such a fake douch.
Brandi Pritt
Brandi Pritt 12 kun oldin
He has adopted some of Freddie's personality and traits lol
julia pergjoni
julia pergjoni 12 kun oldin
jimmy is such a fake host
lily aloa
lily aloa 12 kun oldin
Thumbnail 🤩
elaine amorim
elaine amorim 12 kun oldin
Muito bom!!!Amei o filme e sua Performance!!Parabens,Rami!
K A 12 kun oldin
WTF! Even if you don’t like your hands touched (around 6:00) you don’t act like he has the plague! Incredibly rude and unprofessional. If it’d be Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johansson he’d be all over them I’m sure of that.
SMITHTUBER906 12 kun oldin
Never touch jimmy Fallon hand!
Christine Abunda
Christine Abunda 12 kun oldin
Best movie ever! experienced goose bumps while watching this for twice. I love you queen! Malik!
Mr.J 12 kun oldin
He is an enigma.
jasminne mcdonald
jasminne mcdonald 12 kun oldin
#RamiForOscar! Pass it on!
emilio medina
emilio medina 12 kun oldin
skskskskksksksksksksksksks omg 6:03
Payton Blesy
Payton Blesy 13 kun oldin
🥰Rami Malek🥰
levent tosun
levent tosun 13 kun oldin
rami malek arapmı
Arianna Costanzo
Arianna Costanzo 13 kun oldin
Am I the only one who has a crush on him?🙊😍
neoh3000 13 kun oldin
Phenomenal movie
Alison Sarah carroll
Wonderful movie
btsnacc 13 kun oldin
wtf happens at 6:03 ? what the actual fuck
Rami Malek Speech
11 kun oldin