Rami Malek Discusses His Freddie Mercury Transformation

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Rami Malek chats with Jimmy about Mr. Robot coming to an end and the key to his successful Freddie Mercury impression in the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic.
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Rami Malek Discusses His Freddie Mercury Transformation




30-Okt, 2018



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i’m sad please help me
i’m sad please help me 36 daqiqa oldin
JIMMY FACE at 6:03 😂😂😂😂😂
Geo 187
Geo 187 49 daqiqa oldin
Love the movie just watched it. My son. Told me about it
Jordan The sad kid
Jordan The sad kid 53 daqiqa oldin
I only know him because of Until Dawn
Jan Mcintosh
Jan Mcintosh Soat oldin
That look of disgust on Jimmys face when Rami touched his hand is so out there...is Jimmy a germaphobe? If he is people should be warned. Rami did not deserve that disgust.
Gengar Soat oldin
ihatetodraw comix
ihatetodraw comix 2 soat oldin
Don't touch his hand, Rami. 😂
dick turpin
dick turpin 3 soat oldin
This man absolutely fucking nailed it. Amazing..
Thom Yorke
Thom Yorke 4 soat oldin
6:03 what an asshole ...he is almost disgusted by he touching his hand
Rich Cowan
Rich Cowan 7 soat oldin
A fantastic man portrayed fantastically. What a cracking film.
Swadhin swarup Pratap
6.06,how can people be so fake, you lose all respects jimy Fallon .#touchmattr
Debasish kutruka
Debasish kutruka 8 soat oldin
6:03 Jimmy being real
액시 9 soat oldin
I came here from the Meme of not to touch Jimmy’s hands
Panala 7 soat oldin
액시 same
Lorenzo Cabason
Lorenzo Cabason 9 soat oldin
I used to like Jimmy, but he's the fakest, cheesiest, slimiest host on TV. 0/10. The reason the show is so great is because of the band, and obviously the people behind the scenes that make it work.
Khushbu Luhar
Khushbu Luhar 10 soat oldin
Amaze, just amaze
lovelyvegan princess
lovelyvegan princess 10 soat oldin
Handsome Rami💖💖💕💕
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 10 soat oldin
He's amazing
Khushbu Luhar
Khushbu Luhar 11 soat oldin
Love the way Rami speakes
Detective In-Christ
Detective In-Christ 11 soat oldin
Just to mention guys, a potential reason Jimmy made that face at 6:04 is possibly because of his hand injury a while back. But one thing I know for sure is..... I've got to 'hand' it to you guys I'm 'fallon' out of ideas......
PascalsWager5 11 soat oldin
CelesKdian 11 soat oldin
He's hella good at lip syncing to be honest. ✌️✌️✌️
Etch Jonas
Etch Jonas 12 soat oldin
Yes... the movie and the actors (especially Rami Malek) were unbelievably incredible.
the Amiga Gamer
the Amiga Gamer 12 soat oldin
Raph 14 soat oldin
At 6:02 when Rémi touches jimmys hand, jimmy looked like he was going to kill him.
BackstageGerm 99
BackstageGerm 99 15 soat oldin
My dad was on the live aid set and in the Gillette studio to see the recording, very jealous. He was the stand in for roger
KGORE 17 soat oldin
Jimmy you're a bitch for looking so disgusted after he touched your hand.
Executive_ _
Executive_ _ 17 soat oldin
6:03 the moment you were looking for.
Canan 17 soat oldin
Idk why but I ship him with Harry Styles... they at least would have a great bromance
loveforeignaccents 18 soat oldin
Just bought this on ebay and couldn't be more excited!!
Sydney Cusick
Sydney Cusick 18 soat oldin
that movie changed my life. First of all before i didn't even know that we will rock you was a queen song, and well I hated the song bohemian rhapsody (now i legit know all the words and it's one of my favourite songs) like my parents showed the song to me and i left the room. (partly because I hate actually liking something that my parents show me) now I'm obsessed with queen and Rami too. the only music I ever listen to is queen and I have the biggest crush on Rami Malek. Rami has inspired me even more to work hard to achieve my dream of becoming an actress, I mean i'm only 11 but I know that is what I want to do with my life, no matter how hard I have to work for it. I really love queen and rami malek soooo much and I hope I get to meet them all someday (of corse not freddie due to reasons)
Karl Kelly
Karl Kelly 19 soat oldin
2:34 there’s something mysterious out there called acting
DatBoiShadow 20 soat oldin
6:03 gtg💀💀💀💀
RougePO YT
RougePO YT 20 soat oldin
Did u see the way this nigga jimmy looked at ramy after he grabbed his hand
L0rdC4ts GT
L0rdC4ts GT 21 soat oldin
When justin bieber commented Justin:i cant perform because i have cold Freddie:i cant perform i have aids Peanut:Hazzle Nut Hotel:Trivago
Penetrated Anus
Penetrated Anus 15 soat oldin
VoiD Rumble II
VoiD Rumble II 21 soat oldin
Is the actor from bohemian the josh from until dawn?
VoiD Rumble II
VoiD Rumble II 21 soat oldin
Is that that one dude that’s from until dawn?
chooch 22 soat oldin
I still see freddy in him rn
George Pitt
George Pitt Kun oldin
At 6:03 Jimmy was like " *I can't believe you've done this* "
Djtrickyyy Kun oldin
He seems like he is constantly mewing even when he is talking
Kat Kun oldin
Watch him get Aids for glamourizing that sodomite. I will laugh.
Lily Sheprie
Lily Sheprie Kun oldin
he says spoiler alert but how the fuck you spoil a biopic thats like saying spoiler alert when someone says the ship goes down in titanic
Jed Maegraith
Jed Maegraith Kun oldin
What's up with all these fucking snowflakes complaining about how he looked "disgusted" because he touched his hand? So what?? Do you like it when people just touch your for no reason without warning? I bet if he grabbed a woman's hand you'd be screaming sexual assault like a bunch of autists. Quit being hypocrites. Don't go around grabbing and touching people without their consent.
Noodle Warrior
Noodle Warrior Kun oldin
Anyone else see that reaction after rami touches jimmys hand ?
Isaac Zammit
Isaac Zammit Kun oldin
6:04 Jimmy looking down at his hand in disgust was kinda rude
He shouldn't have grabbed his hand dumb fuck.
DarkStaR Kun oldin
wheres the part, where he gets hes hand grabbed, and made a face like a complete SNOB?
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey Kun oldin
6:04 Ol' NPC Fallon looked like he was gonna have an aneurysm because someone dare touch his hand.
Christian Kun oldin
And I know him as Kenny at ‚the war at home‘. :D
anonymous girl/boy
Who new Josh from Until Dawn will become Freddie mercury
Fawaz Rob
Fawaz Rob Kun oldin
His only job is to let guests speak...who gave a job to Fallon?
That's not true at all and you people are ignorant.
mad ison
mad ison Kun oldin
jimmy why are u lowkey disgusted by rami touching ur hand
Because it's weird to just grab someone's hand like that. What is up with all these kids saying "disgusted" like they are judging him? Snowflake generation.
Random Person
Random Person Kun oldin
Am I the only one who don’t like jimmy Fallon
Nate Higgers
Nate Higgers Kun oldin
I can see Freddy’s body language stayed with this dude
D. Rüesch
D. Rüesch Kun oldin
He's definitely gay
kamyrn k
kamyrn k Kun oldin
wow i love him (rami, definitely not jimmy)
Purple Guy
Purple Guy Kun oldin
Omg like others have said, as an interviewer you’re supposed allow your guest to speak. I’m pretty sure he’s just excited but he needs to let guests talk more and interrupt less.
Dylan Caesar
Dylan Caesar Kun oldin
6:02 Fallon didnt appreciate being touched
Rocci Berrini
Rocci Berrini Kun oldin
6:04 jimmy freaked out when he touched his hand
heyvanessa 3 soat oldin
Nick 02
Nick 02 10 soat oldin
Such a prick
Abovetheclouds /
Letícia Payer
Letícia Payer 2 kun oldin
Gente não tem legendado em Português?
IRON MAN MK 50 2 kun oldin
Dont touch jimmy's hand!!😂😂😂
Hugo Sutherland
Hugo Sutherland 2 kun oldin
*the hand touch*
Kyle 2 kun oldin
Jesus Christ Jimmy shut the fuck up
Kyle 2 kun oldin
Jesus Christ Jimmy shut the fuck up
Hijo de Yeshuah
Hijo de Yeshuah 2 kun oldin
Proud to have your last name Rami
John Spence
John Spence 2 kun oldin
6:03 this odd moment is what brought me here.
Meiyan Laforme
Meiyan Laforme 2 kun oldin
Rami definitely did Freddie justice
corneliusperiscope 2 kun oldin
Rami malek was wonderful but by god was that movie generic as hell!!!
lol lol
lol lol 2 kun oldin
When he touched His hand..
Edward Nigma
Edward Nigma 2 kun oldin
Wow....I am such an idiot. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody last night and my first initial reaction was "OMG It's Mr. Fantastic from the old Fantastic Four movies!!" I haven't seen it in so long, I mistook him for Ioan Gruffudd. But you have to admit...they look very similar in the face! Sorry Rami.
t w i l i g h t
t w i l i g h t 2 kun oldin
All I can see is Jimmy's reaction to him touching his hand at 6:03
Shaggy Fries
Shaggy Fries 2 kun oldin
Lol he was terrible as freddie
TheeVanillaface 2 kun oldin
Jimmy's life ruined at 6:03
rameen jawad
rameen jawad 2 kun oldin
I just see freddie mercury when i see him now.
Calli Papadakou
Calli Papadakou 2 kun oldin
Ηe was soooooooo amazing as Freddie!!!!
Ann Friks
Ann Friks 2 kun oldin
What about the moment 6:04? Why the interviewer look like this when Rami take his hand?
Saurabh Chawla
Saurabh Chawla 2 kun oldin
6:03 Total bruh moment
Jennifer Oldham
Jennifer Oldham 2 kun oldin
Rami Malek is incredible. Looooved his performance - he’s the chibi version of Mercury. ❤️
RustyACE 2 kun oldin
I’m not crying your crying 😭
Keith M
Keith M 2 kun oldin
jimmy fallon is amazingly unlikable
yashwini maniar
yashwini maniar 2 kun oldin
Jimmy shut the fuck up
Natasha Bella
Natasha Bella 2 kun oldin
BUCKY??? 4:33
Angela Kainulainen
Angela Kainulainen 2 kun oldin
I soooooooo loved the movie 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 Never had Queen at such deep level in my heart. And now I do. entirely thank You💜
NoobyDinosaur 2 kun oldin
6:01 jimmy looks so confused
WigglyTurdMan 2 kun oldin
6:03 What's wrong Jimbo?
Andre Diaz
Andre Diaz 2 kun oldin
6:03 Jimmy hates touching hands
Joey McKenzie
Joey McKenzie 2 kun oldin
6:02 Jimmy must be a fucking germophobe or something. Look how disgusted he looks when Rami grabs his hand.
cristy base
cristy base 3 kun oldin
Sooo handsome and very down to earth man... Wow... We love u Ramiiii.
shahad 3 kun oldin
I love him so bad
Gia Blonde
Gia Blonde 3 kun oldin
great movie, great job! I fell in love with Freddie for the first time b/c of Rami Malek
asal P.K
asal P.K 3 kun oldin
Freddie is smiling from heaven ❤
Zehra Ahmed
Zehra Ahmed 3 kun oldin
This guy is so pure❤️❤️❤️
Popinjay 3 kun oldin
I love how Jimmy is fangirling🤣💗
Nfksjfkjdjfjd 3 kun oldin
man i wasnt even alive when freddie passed. but i miss him❤️💔
Devanshu Mishra
Devanshu Mishra 3 kun oldin
6:03 never touch jimmy's hand
r 3 kun oldin
The movie was made of great music, everything was perfect, and now Freddy, my love, let's rest in peace on two occasions that I listened to when I listened to him ... for having consoled myself in his voice. I relaxed this.
rierios0106 3 kun oldin
What the freck jimmy
Keondre Burrell
Keondre Burrell 3 kun oldin
God he’s so beautiful
Antonio Javelosa
Antonio Javelosa 3 kun oldin
1:51 Akmenrah from Night at the Museum
Kimble Gaming
Kimble Gaming 3 kun oldin
Mr. Fisheye not Freddy
Áine McKenna
Áine McKenna 3 kun oldin
How come no tv show host lets him talk 🤣😂
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