Rami Malek & Gwilym Lee: Nothing else we do will ever be as good as Bohemian Rhapsody

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Rami Malek and Gwilym Lee tell us what it was like transforming into Freddie Mercury and Brian May in new Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody.
From wearing genuine costumes, to recreating the Live Aid set they give us an insight into making the movie, and also tell us they've all become such good friends, their experience is unlikely to ever be topped.
We also tested them on their Queen song knowledge - getting them to guess the track from just three words.
Bohemian Rhapsody is out in UK Cinemas from 24th October
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23-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 524
Ravenpicks 14 soat oldin
I never really heard of Gwilym Lee but he was so good in this movie. Rami wining a Golden Globe Award blew me away. So Glad!
danka hlavata
danka hlavata 20 soat oldin
Without subtitle, I don´t understand
Karen Burden
Karen Burden Kun oldin
I always wonder what it’s like for the twin of Rami. Having such a famous brother who is an identical twin may make it difficult to leave your own mark. Wouldn’t he have the paparazzi and fans following him around as well. 🧐
Sheila Loren
Sheila Loren Kun oldin
It's funny- the way they talk about their friendship- when I watched Bohemian Rhapsody I really felt the family camaraderie and connection. It felt so real and that equated to a very successful film.
Barbara Fox
Barbara Fox Kun oldin
They did not do the WHOLE Live Aid set, at least not in the final cut of the movie. Just to be clear.
Lea T
Lea T 2 kun oldin
*_cArD tRicKs?_*
bloodsling 3 kun oldin
I find it strangely beautiful that Rami/Freddie and Lucy/Mary are now a couple,art imitating life,life imitating art.
CATHERINE READ 3 kun oldin
Just listening to them you can see why the Movie was such a sucess, they were AWESOME!!!
Hannah Vest
Hannah Vest 4 kun oldin
The fact that they're so close melts my heart 😂❤️
Marathon for Truth
Marathon for Truth 4 kun oldin
I absolutely adore Rami’s fashion sense. He always looks so cool and trendy.
GAY GOC 4 kun oldin
i cant just see rami telling gwilym "you've got a big one of these too!" and not thinking OH THIS IS GAY!!!!
Lea T
Lea T 5 kun oldin
wait did you know they shot live aid on the 1st day???
likescountry114 5 kun oldin
I listen to Queen everyday! Yes I'm obsessed! They all did such a great job portraying Queen! An amazing movie!
Ivy Chan
Ivy Chan 6 kun oldin
Love to see the kind of chemistry they have during that game play. U know they have really connected as they said they were. Authentic
Ella E
Ella E 6 kun oldin
BlanTheBunny 6 kun oldin
Mama~Nyaa 7 kun oldin
Gwilym calling them "the band" without even realizing he'd done it!
CRAZYKATE 9 kun oldin
“You’ve got a big one of these too”😂😂😂
ally 9 kun oldin
*/cArD tRiCkS/* */yOu’Ve gOt a biG oNe oF tHeSe ToO!/* I can not 😂
Rishika Shetty
Rishika Shetty 9 kun oldin
Their friendship is so pure
Payton Blesy
Payton Blesy 10 kun oldin
Wow, love having an interview that actually lets them talk... unlike...*cough* kimmel *cough* Fallon *cough* *cough*
george somerville
george somerville 10 kun oldin
I still think rami is still in character honestly Freddie would’ve loved him
Maisie Elle
Maisie Elle 11 kun oldin
let me guess buefore i watch the video that gwil is gonna say about how brian saw him for the first time and then ajusted his wig or rami saying about how they filmed live aid on the first day or both
chia ra
chia ra 12 kun oldin
Don't do my mans Ringo like that
Mandy-drums 13 kun oldin
Rami should try asmr
Anne’s Vlogs
Anne’s Vlogs 15 kun oldin
I really see and hear Freddie through rami I think if Freddie was still alive I think he would have loved rami
bella roja
bella roja 15 kun oldin
Rami was too puny and bug eyed. To be honest. LUV the guy, but Freddie was a tower of a man and carried himself even larger and had piercing slit eyes.
Leonardo Dicaprio Edits
3:35 talking about Brians clogs - is it literally just me who has at least 100+ pictures of bri in clogs
MJlover2300 16 kun oldin
The interviewer looks like my psychologist !!
Squidly Squish
Squidly Squish 16 kun oldin
You’ve got a big one of these things too... me: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT
Black Soul!
Black Soul! 17 kun oldin
Gwilym will know what he would look like when he's old. The similarities between them is just magical and uncanny.
Baracchina 17 kun oldin
Rami, i love you!
Mini3005 17 kun oldin
I read that Freddie did not want to show his privacy to the public, so I think he did not want a movie to be shot about his private relationships.
Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward 18 kun oldin
When rami wore the white jacket I automatically thought of a frilled-neck lizard 😂😂
JCbodoque [ARMY]
JCbodoque [ARMY] 18 kun oldin
I’m in love with Rami Malek’s voice. It is so slow and relaxing, and i feel like... is a super warm voice. I love it 😊🤤 (*sorry for my bad inglish*)
Carl Hursh
Carl Hursh 18 kun oldin
It is a great movie!
bri 19 kun oldin
lmao those mics have like proper asmr vibes the audio of this whole video is like... _crisp_
Serenity M
Serenity M 19 kun oldin
the ad i got was an Amazon music one and it had Queen - Somebody To Love :) that made me happy
Unimportant Person
Unimportant Person 9 kun oldin
Serenity M ik I get that add and I love it
Jean Valjean
Jean Valjean 20 kun oldin
I’m just realized that I have the same jacket as Rami 😮
wheels Gaming
wheels Gaming 20 kun oldin
On day one
ELIN sörmark
ELIN sörmark 21 kun oldin
I could listen to these three talk for hours. All of their voices are so relaxing and beautiful.
Lord Of The Biscuit
Lord Of The Biscuit 24 kun oldin
Someone should make art of Gwilym Lee being mentored by Brian.
Highlandcoffee1 26 kun oldin
Amazing movie about an amazing band and their extra special front man The word synergy could have been formed to describe Queen
Alastair Meiklejohn
Alastair Meiklejohn 26 kun oldin
Gwilym Lee is so like Brian May, it's uncanny
Carole von Aarberg
Carole von Aarberg 26 kun oldin
Costumes yeah! May or Gwilym in tight white shorts! People were so much thinner in the 70s. Sigh.
mbom 27 kun oldin
"You've got a big one of these too." That's eight words Rami.
SaBi NuKi
SaBi NuKi 27 kun oldin
Can’t get enough of Rami. It’s unbelievable. He's just so inspirational...
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown 28 kun oldin
He sounds so much like Brian!
Isabella Papa
Isabella Papa 28 kun oldin
Does anybody think that Gwilym is the hottest human being on this 🌍?
Tya Oktaviani
Tya Oktaviani 28 kun oldin
love them both
Rami Malek Fan123
Rami Malek Fan123 28 kun oldin
lmao i love them
Lorena Bolson
Lorena Bolson 28 kun oldin
Mientras tnto en Argentina...hablamos de Viky Sipolitakis...
Stephen Friedberg
Stephen Friedberg 29 kun oldin
She is a superb interviewer. She actually listens to her guests! Usually they don’t listen, they’re thinking of their next question. And of course these actors are a total joy to get to know. 👏👏👏👏
Megan Gaukroger
Megan Gaukroger 29 kun oldin
Love Gwil's reaction when the interview calls him on calling the boys "the band"
Ron Knox
Ron Knox Oy oldin
Gwilym, Ringo did write a couple of songs and got co-writing credits on a couple more but probably only Octopuses' Garden is known to most people and I don't think it charted except as a B side. So probably only Queen as you say.
Crystal A
Crystal A Oy oldin
Rami literally destroying the mic when Gwilym gets Fat Bottom Girls correct is such a mood
Dey Knight
Dey Knight Oy oldin
Chloe Alby
Chloe Alby Oy oldin
The look Gwilym gives Rami when he points at himself and says "FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS!"
Nadežda Višňovská
I think Freddie is proud for Rami and all of the cast of the movie. Rami is the type of human who Freddie enjoyed, I think. I love Rami and Freddie so much ❤❤❤
Rebecca Watson
10:50 that’s the meanest thing anyone has ever said about Ringo 💔😭
Jenny Golfier
Jenny Golfier Oy oldin
This is the best interview i have ever seen!! Love it
Dip Shit
Dip Shit Oy oldin
1:19 RAMI, DON’T 😍😂
Larry Lachmann
Carla de Souza
Gwil is f. hot.....
s_a.n_d.i Oy oldin
3 words: you have got a big one of these too
Isabella Grace
byuhbbhu why are they shaking hands
giraffe edits
giraffe edits Oy oldin
ok i’m literally so obsessed with this cast. like i’m in love with all of them and i’m in love with the actual band and i cry thinking about it and i’m going to see the movie for the SIXTH time in two weeks today
Ben Oy oldin
“You got a big one of these too”... all sorts of things came into my head
Ben Oy oldin
Please do an audio book Rami. Your voice is very calming
I was hoping they would talk about their preparation, learning to play piano, and guitar as good as Freddie and Brian.
renata rosa
renata rosa Oy oldin
Brian May cover was just amazing!!!
These two. The chemistry between the actors was just amazing. Freddie died on my birthday. Gwilym Lee & I share the same birthdate. I'm actually developing this huge crush on Gwilym, he's quite a babe!
Laura Souza
Laura Souza Oy oldin
gwilym and Brian may have the same fucking voice. its surreal
Josy Carrera
Josy Carrera Oy oldin
look at that little eyebrow flip at 1:18 with that smile, he's so proud hahaha i love him
María-Fernanda Gallegos P.
All 3 of their voices, pace and entonation are soooooo soothing!
angie stimson
angie stimson Oy oldin
Omg! I thought it was just me being obsessed, seen it 4 times , going again tomorrow, so happy see these post, I seriously thought there was something wrong with me 🤗🤗also become hooked into watching reaction videos of peopl, mostly young hip hop artists watching and listening to Queen for the fist time. It’s magical how they react
91clarie Oy oldin
I can't even decide on which one I'm crushing harder.....well I've been obsessing over Rami since S1 of Mr Robot so Imma go with him I guess 😂
Mini3005 Oy oldin
"The genius can not be imitated." Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues (1715 - 1747)
Mieke Riphagen
Can't Rami be the new leadsinger of Queen ? I dont care if he playbacks!
edith vazquez
edith vazquez Oy oldin
Love that part 4:24 😍
Amanda Pans
Amanda Pans Oy oldin
Rami should do asmr💆🏻‍♀️
Sandwich Thief
I’ve loved Freddie Mercury for maybe half of my life (as a kid I was singing to their songs but not as appreciative of them as when I became an adult) and I particularly love listening to “Don’t Stop Me Now” for years whenever I am inspired doing things I am passionate about. Now I find myself in love with “Love of My Life” as well. And after watching Rami as Freddie, I am now as obsessed with Rami as I am with Freddie! Believe me, the Queen / Freddie addiction is hard to break! Now even harder with Rami!
Keenna Cid
Keenna Cid Oy oldin
That Ringo joke from Gwilym😔😂
Juana Corona
Juana Corona Oy oldin
I just got the somebody to Love Alexa commercial before this video 👏
Ellie O'Neill
Ellie O'Neill Oy oldin
rami can shake my hand any day
SkInNy LeGeNd
SkInNy LeGeNd Oy oldin
Rami would be great at ASMR..
Babylon Rocker
Gwilym Lee sounded and looked so much like Brian May, i thought they CGI'd him heavily for the movie...
I’m the Winner.
Rami as Freddie was brilliant 100% credit and in this interview he looks shattered 😏✌️😔❤️😊 and Freddie would of love Rami. He would say I’m looking at myself in the pass
Soph’sLife Channel
Rami is so cute and the way he looks and talks is so adorable. I love you rami xx 😘
남윤하 Oy oldin
I love 3 words quiz.... they look like child~~ so lolvey....^^
the bronxite
the bronxite Oy oldin
All 4 of them were so integral to the band. Some bands have forgettable members but I can’t imagine Queen without Joe’s bass work or without John’s solos or Freddie’s electric voice or Roger’s dynamic work on the drums WHILE singing. I mean, they’re all crazy talented
LeeTasya Manaf
I think you're mistaken deacy with Joe there mate and leave Brian's name 😊😊 but I totally agree
Nelli Seriously
Gwilym is hot
Mind Over Batter
It’s so cute to see Rami has taken to his part so much that he can’t shake the Freddie mannerisms 🤣🥰
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly Oy oldin
They were amazing in the film - but they didn't play the whole Live Aid set.
They filmed all of it but had the edited version in the film due to timing issues I think.
Fairyking M
Fairyking M Oy oldin
It's pretty interesting how people loved Queen and love the movie, but neither the band nor the movie got amazing reviews
I think it's almost a little ironic given the big nod to critics essentially "getting it wrong" within the movie. I expected it might be something fans loved and critics and academys hated but it has some nominations!
Lucas Edward
Lucas Edward Oy oldin
I wish they did a scrabble scene like bro that would’ve been so damn funny
MakeupByCovi Oy oldin
Love the bromance
Is Rami a gay?
Eli Romero
Eli Romero Oy oldin
MrsDolores1408 No, his girlfriend is Lucy Boynton
Ishika Singh
Ishika Singh Oy oldin
if you’ve come from Tumblr, rami trying to form a phrase is 11:46-12:06
Panna Anna
Panna Anna Oy oldin
Rami is the sweetest! ❤️