Rami Malek Had To Watch Queen Listen To Him Sing Queen

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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While preparing to star in the Freddie Mercury biopic, 'Buster's Mal Heart' star Rami Malek got some feedback from the world's top Queen experts, Queen.
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9-May, 2017



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Fikrlar 5 071
DS Gamer
DS Gamer 9 soat oldin
He really sounds freddie mercury and his manurisim
Tanya Karazan
Tanya Karazan 17 soat oldin
He’s so wonderfully weird
JesterClown 8397YT
Hmmmmmm! Foreshadowing? I think so.
Manu Marshal
Manu Marshal Kun oldin
That was a great one by Bruno Mars
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen Kun oldin
Rom-com? I think they both meant Rami-Comi.
Annabelle Elise
Annabelle Elise Kun oldin
He’s so handsome and genuine, I’m in love
Walter Chernicki
Walter Chernicki 2 kun oldin
This guy cant sing happy birthday
Wanderlust Queen
Wanderlust Queen 2 kun oldin
Most actors fall into roles that are basically their own personality but exaggerated. Maybe that's a thing for him too. He seems like a genuinely lovely person. I want to drink wine and discuss random things with him!
Jeffrey Schnoldt
Jeffrey Schnoldt 2 kun oldin
Yeah oh..
Zobear Pugs
Zobear Pugs 3 kun oldin
He’s so lovely x
JOE SHMOW 3 kun oldin
Was he high or just weird?
Cheyenne Wendegatz
Cheyenne Wendegatz 4 kun oldin
He looks like he could pull off Prince... when the time is right 🙁
Bence Csiszár
Bence Csiszár 4 kun oldin
He's high as fuck all the time.
Ava 5 kun oldin
3:12 Luv rami "What's happening "
dibolix 69
dibolix 69 6 kun oldin
Now he did the role of freddie mercury 😊
Joy I
Joy I 6 kun oldin
I love the pick up line - Stephen got lost for a second there 😀😀😀
Carlos Amaral
Carlos Amaral 7 kun oldin
He's weird, but adorable (no homo)!
ilove her but she love Pennywise
Carlos Amaral haha I understand I find him cool creepy
Kaalen 7 kun oldin
This actor is really intense to watch
salazar potter
salazar potter 8 kun oldin
Its like everyone forgot he was in night at the museum. Its ahk man rah
мама Елена дочка Анися железовы
Давай будем ведущими арла и решки перезагуски новый сезон ! Анисия поздравляю с попалнением в семье .
sarahpedeal 8 kun oldin
He's so sweet... the kindest..
Heidi Warburton
Heidi Warburton 10 kun oldin
I want him to do an audio book! His voice is heavenly
Heidi Warburton
Heidi Warburton 10 kun oldin
How the hell is he 37 when he looks 25
ilove her but she love Pennywise
Heidi Warburton most of Egyptian look like
C 10 kun oldin
Buenos Dias
Kylie's Corner
Kylie's Corner 11 kun oldin
I fell in love with him in the pacific
x0xtran9x0x 12 kun oldin
He seems so Freddie haha
ElizaLanga 12 kun oldin
Anyone see Bohemina Rap and think, oh hey, guy from breaking dawn!
Marius Mik
Marius Mik 13 kun oldin
Rami Malek ist obviously a really great actor, but this interview was effin boring. Not sure if it was Colbert's fault for uninteresting questioning or Malek's for not taking the lead in his own story. Awesome work nevertheless
Keekoh Martin
Keekoh Martin 14 kun oldin
Has everyone forgot he was in twilight.. #breakingdawn
Ranjit Chakravarty
Ranjit Chakravarty 14 kun oldin
I felt in bohemian ..he was more rami than Freddie
Lissette Marie
Lissette Marie 14 kun oldin
He’s confusingly attractive like Marc Anthony
Sienna Madrigal
Sienna Madrigal 15 kun oldin
Because of his great acting,I’m addicted to queen-like stranger things and miraculous
Penelko The Neko
Penelko The Neko 15 kun oldin
He looks like my older brother now that i think of it-
Sofia Brito
Sofia Brito 15 kun oldin
Y love the band and watched the movie soon i loved it too .... I'm from Brazil I do not know if it's written in the rigth way kkkk
Sofia Brito
Sofia Brito 15 kun oldin
Sorry if the sentence is not right
Random Super Fan
Random Super Fan 16 kun oldin
“ *Sexy Devil* “
Blue Eagle
Blue Eagle 16 kun oldin
That interviewer is such a fake
Sanya Sanada
Sanya Sanada 16 kun oldin
How strange, Rami is an Egyptian, but Malek is a Slavic surname...
AT_Edits101 17 kun oldin
Chin Game Is strong. Rami Platinum Chin Malek
Agent Fungus
Agent Fungus 17 kun oldin
If someone told me he's Ross Martin's son, I could believe them.
thalia 17 kun oldin
he’s so cute what the fuck
Loyalty Cat
Loyalty Cat 17 kun oldin
Oh look. Joshua Washington.
0gDr1pK!ng 18 kun oldin
I’m sorry, and this is a real question. Does he have some form of autism? Or like social anxiety
Fallinupintolove 19 kun oldin
so... does anyone else feel like him and Harry Styles would be best friends?
yousuf hussain
yousuf hussain 19 kun oldin
Rami is so humble and shy, honest and obedient.
Refat Rabadi
Refat Rabadi 21 kun oldin
Malek in Arabic means King..as Queen Freddy Mercury...and wins an Oscar...
TheAbes1982 21 kun oldin
You can sharpen a samurai blade with that jaw
Truth sam
Truth sam 22 kun oldin
Wake up sheep, this is a propaganda for homosexuality!
Andrew Hauser
Andrew Hauser 22 kun oldin
He looks like he got picked on in high school...guess he showed those dickweeds
gloria cooper
gloria cooper 23 kun oldin
My god he’s gorgeous
D Muskett
D Muskett 23 kun oldin
Should play Prince
Davina 24 kun oldin
Can't stand Colbert...but I love Rami, and thank him for accepting the invitation to play Freddy Mercury. A privilege offered to none and he did a great job. I saw QUEEN in 1977.....I knew. Thank you Freddy and thank you Rami for playing one of the greatest band musical genius like Freddy Mercury....Rest in peace Freddy.....WE LOVE YOU!
Mika Yariv
Mika Yariv 24 kun oldin
Are we sure he knows he’s famous or
Sydney Side Pest Control
someone mentioned akward, that far better than fake and pretentious.
Fahmida Islam
Fahmida Islam 24 kun oldin
Rami Malek reminds of the Egyptian super star Omar Sharif.
ChilledOreo 24 kun oldin
ah you can see his freddie popping out here, he must have been prepping for it or starting filming process???
ChilledOreo 23 kun oldin
Nea Emrys ah thank you Nea that makes sense. So we had prepping for it that’s awesome
Nea Emrys
Nea Emrys 23 kun oldin
They were only a couple of months away from starting filming.
KRN Aenlle
KRN Aenlle 25 kun oldin
i feel like he is high with drugs
LulzRoyce 25 kun oldin
I don't know if this is always how he's like but he seems to still be channeling some of Freddy's "Dah-ling" cadence in his voice still - like it never left him
bread butter
bread butter 25 kun oldin
he looks like the old star trek character
Tali Bahi
Tali Bahi 25 kun oldin
Wow did not know Freddie was Pakistani . Crazy good.
Kevin Alay
Kevin Alay 24 kun oldin
Persian Iranian but hes family move to India before he was born
Joselito 25 kun oldin
The dude looks like he hasnt slept in a while.
Maggie Colney
Maggie Colney 25 kun oldin
Head over heels in love with u Rami Malek
Caitlin Laing
Caitlin Laing 25 kun oldin
i only see him as the egyptian from night at the museum
Mona M
Mona M 25 kun oldin
He wore red better than Rihanna 💖
epic wheelman
epic wheelman 25 kun oldin
He always seems high. Not there's anything wrong with that.
Makayla Sherwood
Makayla Sherwood 25 kun oldin
He’s too adorable omg 😂🥰😍😍
darko galic
darko galic 25 kun oldin
Snafu form ''The Pacific''
olivia dodge
olivia dodge 26 kun oldin
"you like messed up characters?" *AHEM* uNtiL dAwN
fandie42 26 kun oldin
my cousin looks like him and it's kinda disturbing
Michelle Harrison
Michelle Harrison 26 kun oldin
Sexy . I love Him in Mr Robot
JAF Daily
JAF Daily 26 kun oldin
My Egyptian boy 💕
Lily in red
Lily in red 26 kun oldin
And his life was about to change...forever. The role of his life performing Freddie Mercury👏🎤🎶 and winning an Oscar 😄
Misssparkles 27 kun oldin
EDIT, awards season he won the lot 2019 SAG GG BAFTA and OSCAR. wow !
《 n a t 》
《 n a t 》 27 kun oldin
3:10 well shit Rami turned him gay
Mark J
Mark J 27 kun oldin
His jaw landed him the job.
isabelle chavez
isabelle chavez 27 kun oldin
bella noelle
bella noelle 28 kun oldin
he is a god sent from heaven
Sumaira T.
Sumaira T. 28 kun oldin
After watching a couple of interviews from this guy I realised that 1) His memory is incredible 2) He has such a unique & outstanding vibe to his personality
Fiona 28 kun oldin
Rami won the oscar
Abu Bakar Mohd Aris
Abu Bakar Mohd Aris 28 kun oldin
I knew it..he'd became a star...
Mr Tariq
Mr Tariq 28 kun oldin
all pot heads are cool calm AF ... fact
Silvana Vizcarra
Silvana Vizcarra 28 kun oldin
Exotic man
Pamela Clare
Pamela Clare 29 kun oldin
He was amazing in "The Pacific," a true stand-out performance.
Rinke Meester
Rinke Meester 29 kun oldin
He looks SO much like Dominic Cooper.
Vicky Oliver
Vicky Oliver 29 kun oldin
He was also in twilight a vampire
zsu262 29 kun oldin
Love him.. he is so humble.
Guitars rcool
Guitars rcool 29 kun oldin
Odd Oscar's keep going down hill.
Mahin Siddiqui
Mahin Siddiqui 29 kun oldin
And now an oscer winner
Yazmin.Nicole832 29 kun oldin
I remember when i saw him in Twilight i fell in love with his face and character instantly hes so handsome !
Darryl mcneill
Darryl mcneill 29 kun oldin
Congrats on the oscar Rami 😊
Aprille Joy Jandayan
He is a witty man, funny and humbLe.
From Robot to Mercury to ... Prince! Rami's next tour de force role should be the mysterious and profoundly sensuous musical artist, Prince.
I’ve watched many Rami Malek interviews. I find this guy totally fascinating, what a legend. As a Queen fan for 45 years I both cry and laugh during his interviews. Thank you so much Rami for bringing Freddie back. 💙🎤🎼.
If women think Rami is ugly, there's no hope for the rest of us regular lookin dudes.
Paislee Carter
When they were taking the picture I smiled...
Robyn Hurley
Robyn Hurley Oy oldin
I like that he's not perfect. He's cute and that voice..
Shelly Lake
Shelly Lake Oy oldin
I'm in love
Emily Hughes
Emily Hughes Oy oldin
is no one gonna talk about how they had bill nye as the next guest...
Della  Rianadita
I hope he wouldn't end up as a gay just because filming FM 🙏
The Official Andy Saenz
So I missed the part where he sings. Clickbait title. 🤔😒🤨😑
Madi Day
Madi Day Oy oldin
Somehow he is so socially awkward that it makes everything not so awkward...
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