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Rami Malek Made a Gold Grill Out of His Freddie Mercury Teeth

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Rami Malek chatted with Ellen about his process of becoming iconic Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in the film "Bohemian Rhapsody," and revealed that he kept the fake teeth he wore and turned them into a gold grill.




1-Noy, 2018

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nemesis 30 daqiqa oldin
I am absolutely enamoured
Jana D
Jana D 5 soat oldin
Does this adorable humble guy even realise how talented and amazing he is?
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh Kun oldin
And the oscar for best actor goes to........ Rami malek
小玛丽 2 kun oldin
I liked him since night at the museum 🙃he did have something different 🙃
Alle TATA Kun oldin
小玛丽 I loved him since war at home
Parisa Reaz
Parisa Reaz 3 kun oldin
1:34 what is that? Behind his back?
Mark Nobody
Mark Nobody 3 kun oldin
Oh thiago Alcantara became a actor 😜
Eugene Danker
Eugene Danker 4 kun oldin
I love his voice
Mari Cantabile
Mari Cantabile 4 kun oldin
I love him he's so calm and kind
Nicole Malek
Nicole Malek 5 kun oldin
only love for that cast and that band!!!!
Annesha Masters
Annesha Masters 5 kun oldin
Wait he sang in the movie ??
Cigarettes 6 kun oldin
omg I love him
Bonnie Over the Ocean
It's refreshing to watch Ellen interview him after the disaster of that Jimmy Fallon one
mohamed mm
mohamed mm 7 kun oldin
Jessie Pinkman
Jessie Pinkman 7 kun oldin
He knows he is a meme.Hackerman
MONI 8 kun oldin
He such a cutie pie!
salma ahmed
salma ahmed 8 kun oldin
Ya'll say that he is awkward...well mostly, all of the egyptians have similar personality like him..like we get shy and stressed out so fast bcoz we are a emotionally very sensitive people
Issa Sanchez
Issa Sanchez 8 kun oldin
He's adorable
Arguta New York
Arguta New York 8 kun oldin
He is adorable 😊❤️
vannessa 8 kun oldin
I’m obsessed with him
vannessa 8 kun oldin
I love this man sm
vannessa 8 kun oldin
My husband 😻😍😻😍😻
Elfa Stenghel
Elfa Stenghel 9 kun oldin
''Now serve me some spaghetti''
Gabriella Lopez
Gabriella Lopez 9 kun oldin
His voice sounds like if Harry styles was American.
Aydan Yıldızhan
Aydan Yıldızhan 9 kun oldin
i like his voice
jojo be
jojo be 9 kun oldin
He kinda changed he started bcming freddie and not rami
Mohamed Ragab
Mohamed Ragab 9 kun oldin
who’s here after rami won at the golden globes and the movie won best drama
LadyPeace89 9 kun oldin
So amazing to see one of the first Arab-American actors to succeed in mainstream
Carolyne Geng
Carolyne Geng 6 kun oldin
yes!!! and few media are covering that. it's incredible for the scope of Hollywood.
BlankSpace123 10 kun oldin
He's so.... Exotic! 😍
all we
all we 10 kun oldin
Ohh I think I fall in love ...
Naya SHEIKHA 10 kun oldin
Valeria A
Valeria A 11 kun oldin
I really think playing Freddie made him more confident
Cesar marquez
Cesar marquez 11 kun oldin
Liz //
Liz // 11 kun oldin
Ellen is one of the few interviewers I've seen that didn't interrupt him or act awkward around him, she was nice and spontaneous.
1 baba
1 baba 12 kun oldin
Awesome! I love it
Ginny Alderson
Ginny Alderson 12 kun oldin
Classic moulding the teeth in gold 😂 so Freddie!
Msn 10
Msn 10 12 kun oldin
He is Egyptian
Emcy Osias
Emcy Osias 13 kun oldin
You know What Should He Do Next? Bruno Mars Movie
Alice Burton
Alice Burton 13 kun oldin
Is it a coincidence that I just saw it for the 3rd time 20 minutes ago
Bebé Bollito
Bebé Bollito 14 kun oldin
Aileen Puga
Aileen Puga 14 kun oldin
Ugh I’m obsessed with him 😍
Philip James
Philip James 15 kun oldin
He was awesome on Twilight!
Bridie 15 kun oldin
nagubruce 007
nagubruce 007 15 kun oldin
He is deserve an Oscar.
Titanium Curlee
Titanium Curlee 16 kun oldin
I looked it up on the internet rami is likely nominated for an Oscar for best actor in bohemian rhapsody
Billie Silvia
Billie Silvia 17 kun oldin
Jimmy, take notes.
Anne’s Vlogs
Anne’s Vlogs 18 kun oldin
He literally is the only one I can see play Freddie Mercury he still sounds like him
advenia sabiana
advenia sabiana 19 kun oldin
Maybe Rami not look like Freddie Mercury but his performance is amazing Oscar waiting for him 🙏💕
Gina Yt
Gina Yt 20 kun oldin
I know him from Until Dawn
Tea with Sister shane #sisters
*Now serve me some spaghetti😂*
Nora Khaled
Nora Khaled 25 kun oldin
He so quite really 😅😍
Fluffy Jimin
Fluffy Jimin 26 kun oldin
he is the cutest little bean ever
MyLife WithMe
MyLife WithMe 26 kun oldin
1:36 HOW CUTE HE WAS?! 😍❤And 3:29 that smile when she told him he is amazing. Like ohhh my heart melting jesus help
CamZod 27 kun oldin
Love the Marc Martel shoutout (aka the guy who should replace Adam Lambert)
Kimmy Fangirl
Kimmy Fangirl 28 kun oldin
Yup... I knew it... he’s still a puppy😩
Zoey Elowen
Zoey Elowen 28 kun oldin
My Babbbyyyy 💕😭😭
Ummi Ramli
Ummi Ramli 28 kun oldin
I love Rami Malek's voice. It is a rich tone. My husband's is low and like a kid. Rami seems to talk a bit like Freddie .... Please correct me if my thought is wrong. He is the closest to Freddie.
Vghtp1234 29 kun oldin
He’s so cute wow
Rami Malek Fan123
ahh i love him! such a kind and talented man
Juzou Suzuya
Juzou Suzuya Oy oldin
i like ellen, she doesn't interrupt him
Rosie W
Rosie W Oy oldin
He is oddly handsome.
krw_cut Oy oldin
its Josh from Until Dawn
Lisa Horgan
Lisa Horgan Oy oldin
Grammy alman gereken bir konu var kardeşim
Mariah Anna
Mariah Anna Oy oldin
1:34 omg he Is So cute i cant What Is this im in love okay
Dayna Morris
Dayna Morris Oy oldin
We don't deserve Rami Malek
Liah France
Liah France Oy oldin
Their teeth are look like Fred's teeth already. 😄
Mr. Fahrenheit
Now I see Freddie in him
ZaNiTy Oy oldin
Cough cough Oscar
Casiopea Mae Delgado
I see Freddie. Ohmay.
someone Oy oldin
he's such an adorable human being.
Alexandra Alvarez
I love him
Mia Larrigy
Mia Larrigy Oy oldin
I am so attracted to him
Dip Shit
Dip Shit Oy oldin
Dis man is eXoTiC
ELI NEFF Oy oldin
I think Freddie would like Rami I can picture him looking down and smiling at the work Rami does in the movie
Brooke Williams
the most beautiful soul and man
Thailys freites-Chaly
Best movie in a long time
Candy Manson
Candy Manson Oy oldin
So handsome 😍
silviarambles Oy oldin
Rami is so cute and humble and his performance was AMAZING. Also Ellen is such a great interviewer because she never interrupts and she always looks interested in what the host’s saying.
Handsome man
Prarth Jay
Prarth Jay Oy oldin
If he doesn't get an Oscar next year then what's the point of Oscars any way.
Emma Schaffran
he did amazing in the movie
squids bitch
squids bitch Oy oldin
they could have not possibly chosen a more perfect fit to play freddie than him, im glad they dropped the clown(s*ch* b*r*n) and went with rami malek instead
Eliza Navales
Eliza Navales Oy oldin
I just loved him more
Angela The Angel
I feel like Freddy would do something like this
Akkie Oy oldin
1:33 what's that sound
Vanessa Tania
Vanessa Tania Oy oldin
Tatiana Ten Jua
1:37 Awwn ☺️
M Cassis
M Cassis Oy oldin
Hi Rami! Thank you for raping Freddie! :(
Annie Holmes
Annie Holmes Oy oldin
i want to kiss him
M Maat
M Maat Oy oldin
Such a warm & kind person. ❤️
Miss Conceiteality
Love himmmm
mallory lockwood
he’s so attractive
Ivy B.
Ivy B. Oy oldin
I'd like s.b. serve me pasta like him😍
sunshine and moonlight
I wish he gets an oscar for bohemian Rhapsody..
honeysweet Oy oldin
1:11 shy Rami
Rami Salameh
Rami Salameh Oy oldin
Very nice 😊
He’s a great actor.
jasmin song
jasmin song Oy oldin
At least Ellen doesn’t cut him off every second....
Ishrit Chavan
Ishrit Chavan Oy oldin
How many of y'all looked at his teeth when he was talking about Freddie Mercury's Teeth?😁😂
beanieboochlo Oy oldin
Like if Rami is hot
Stephanie Deet
Is it just me, or does anyone else feel the need to push his phone further into his pocket? I just imagined him dropping his phone and getting all embarrassed. Hugs ♥