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Rami Malek Made a Gold Grill Out of His Freddie Mercury Teeth

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Rami Malek chatted with Ellen about his process of becoming iconic Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in the film "Bohemian Rhapsody," and revealed that he kept the fake teeth he wore and turned them into a gold grill.




1-Noy, 2018



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Leah Katten
Leah Katten 17 soat oldin
Like before this movie I knew who Queen was and I liked their songs because they’re on the radio 24/7. But one time I decided to watch Bohemian Rhapsody! And omg I’m so happy I watched it, I became a huuuuge Queen fan!
loveforeignaccents 17 soat oldin
Wow, didn't know Marc Martel was involved in the movie - good for him!! And hats off to Ellen for letting him speak, not like the other interviewers I have seen. But most importantly, hats off to Rami for being a spot-on portrayal of the iconic legend, Freddie Mercury!!!
Anna 2 kun oldin
How is he 37
unitato :3
unitato :3 Kun oldin
He's what now
Hope Wilson
Hope Wilson 2 kun oldin
He did an amazing job!!
StrayHyena 2 kun oldin
How does he always look 15 years younger than he actually is
Solana ;-;
Solana ;-; 3 kun oldin
Wild Rose
Wild Rose 3 kun oldin
Oof. He is somethin’ else 🙌🏼🖤
TheGamingIcon 4 kun oldin
I am so happy he gave recognition to Marc Martel it proves how humble he is
Rose Silver
Rose Silver 4 kun oldin
I adore the film. I love Queen with Fred Mercury. Congrats Malek👍🇺🇸❤️
Claire Martel
Claire Martel 4 kun oldin
2:06 I'm shook
hailey 4 kun oldin
Rami maleck definitely played Freddie Mercury perfect.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 5 kun oldin
Rami became freddy
Rahul Aggarwal
Rahul Aggarwal 6 kun oldin
Rami’s hard work really paid off, you did such an outstanding job in the movie!
Bristol’s Squishy World
You can still hear in his voice how he talked as Freddie 😍❤️ I love it
Allie B
Allie B 7 kun oldin
Dude Mark Martel is fricken amazing!
Liv M
Liv M 8 kun oldin
i love the way he talks
cristy 8 kun oldin
now serve me some spaghetti 😂😂gold!!
Lilian Fernandez
Lilian Fernandez 8 kun oldin
I love this
Jolie Wyatt
Jolie Wyatt 9 kun oldin
My dad hates queen. So to make him mad I chose a queen song for my solo at dance
Ana Kamenšek Zerbo
I'm officially a stan 😀😀😀
James Kelly
James Kelly 10 kun oldin
Now serve me some spaghetti
Mahogany NYC
Mahogany NYC 10 kun oldin
Wow you know what’s funny I was just shopping on sauce avenue and then I got the add when I clicked on this video 🤣
Yahya Khan
Yahya Khan 10 kun oldin
Marc Martell.. I knew it!
Damith Sanjaya
Damith Sanjaya 12 kun oldin
Rami malek thank you for mentioning marc martel the great singer in the show.
Nelia Bota
Nelia Bota 14 kun oldin
Beautiful movie,I love it!🙂🤗
Laura Dabliz
Laura Dabliz 14 kun oldin
I love you Rami!!! ❤
CallMeNat 14 kun oldin
Dosent this make u wonder if he was born for bohemian rhapsody?
tomy tomyhouse
tomy tomyhouse 14 kun oldin
When I see the language of his body I see that he is suffering from something perhaps a psychological knot
Faith Potts
Faith Potts 14 kun oldin
He is so talented .. he can really sing. Still Mr. Robot for me :)
aesthetic babe
aesthetic babe 15 kun oldin
he cuuuute
Lavanya tripathi
Lavanya tripathi 15 kun oldin
1:07 jawline oml
Lavanya tripathi
Lavanya tripathi 15 kun oldin
I think he's the rebirth of Freddie
Lavanya tripathi
Lavanya tripathi 15 kun oldin
His looks are very unique
Michelle Hogenkamp
Michelle Hogenkamp 15 kun oldin
I like him a lot
Black Lily
Black Lily 16 kun oldin
Rami malek wow. He is so freddie
Lyle Brown
Lyle Brown 16 kun oldin
I know someone from Egypt who really looks like Rami 😵
101 Boo
101 Boo 16 kun oldin
1:37 gosh what's with that
Sarah Jasmine Therese Macatangay Santiaguel
His voice sounds like jimmy fallon
Wanna One Choke Me With their faces
Y'all he is Harry's brother. Fight me Harry meaning Harry Styles.
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim 16 kun oldin
Krystal Coats
Krystal Coats 16 kun oldin
Such a good movie watched it today
Noor ••
Noor •• 16 kun oldin
I don't think we can look at Rami Malek and not see Freddie Mercury ever again
Richa Singh
Richa Singh 17 kun oldin
He sounds so down to Earth!
Shady Shim
Shady Shim 18 kun oldin
Y’all how can one be so attractive like the only adjective you can use is speechless. His voice melts me as if he just woke up and his eyes goddddd those eyes myan. His smile and the it creases his slightly pouting lips myanmnnnnnajaibwkq
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 18 kun oldin
Can I ask a question? Where did Rami Malek get the balls kissing guys in Bohemian Rhapsody??
Bee Villa
Bee Villa 18 kun oldin
Thank you Rami..for bringing Freddy back to life for us...
meshal altukhaim
meshal altukhaim 19 kun oldin
until dawn
eleni 19 kun oldin
i want to see a queen concert with rami malek
Kate 19 kun oldin
1:36 awwww
Jessica Ocasio
Jessica Ocasio 19 kun oldin
He is so adorable!
Mouth Fulla Gold
Mouth Fulla Gold 19 kun oldin
Really good movie. Well done.
Lightwing 2506
Lightwing 2506 20 kun oldin
Flick my bean for queen
middle first
middle first 20 kun oldin
Who else remember him from mr. Robot
Mohamed Wahied
Mohamed Wahied 20 kun oldin
If he in egypt No Rami Malek.
DonoTheGamer 20 kun oldin
Not going to lie, when I saw the film, I didn't see Rami Malek. That shows how great he was. So glad he won an Oscar.
Love love
Love love 20 kun oldin
While watching Bohemian Rhapsody not for a single moment I thought this was Rami Malek. All through the movie I only saw Freddie Murcury. Really mind blowing performance he did there.
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 20 kun oldin
Oh dear , he made me a big fan a Freddie Mercury
Tyrande 20 kun oldin
I love the movement coach’s directions. 😆
Melissa Graham
Melissa Graham 21 kun oldin
He brings me joy for no reason!!!
DerManar 21 kun oldin
I love him ❤️
Adrian Villaber
Adrian Villaber 21 kun oldin
Amazing 1like=1subscribe
Elena Smile
Elena Smile 21 kun oldin
1:33 o m g look how adorable he is sitting like that aww my baby
dali dali
dali dali 22 kun oldin
1:36 s o c u t e he gets shy😂😂
Alin Karabet
Alin Karabet 22 kun oldin
Omg his voice is sooooo attractive 😍😍
Silence The Truth
Silence The Truth 22 kun oldin
Malik Miah
Malik Miah 22 kun oldin
Oscar for malek
Malik Miah
Malik Miah 22 kun oldin
Bond villain anyone
Shabana Zool
Shabana Zool 23 kun oldin
Wow; this guy acted in breaking dawn part 2 now he got way more popular than Robert Pattinson and got Oscar too... woohoo
Jali Sa
Jali Sa 23 kun oldin
I was shook when i heard marc his cover of bohemian rhapsody
JEFFGUITAR 23 kun oldin
He eats babies apparently. Google it
Angie MontoyaCuri
Angie MontoyaCuri 23 kun oldin
I think he'd be tickled by this Freddie's voice in my head: PUT THOSE TEETH ON ME RIGHT *NOW* DARLING!!!
Rhea Lyn
Rhea Lyn 23 kun oldin
he’s so cute 🥺🥺🥺
Penelko The Neko
Penelko The Neko 23 kun oldin
If someone serves u spaghetti like that, be concerned, but seduced.
Francis Campbell
Francis Campbell 24 kun oldin
She was right you know wether your a Queen fan or not your going to love it, I wasn’t a Queen fan and watched Bohemian Rhapsody I fell in love with the movie.
Michaela Street
Michaela Street 24 kun oldin
He’s really great. Great movie. All those awards are very well deserved.
Deb Daugherty
Deb Daugherty 24 kun oldin
He's such a humble guy. You don't see that in Hollywood actors.
mike eat it
mike eat it 24 kun oldin
This movie changed everything I thought about Queen I love them even more !!! This guy did a great job portraying a master
Emo Mado
Emo Mado 24 kun oldin
I love youuu our Egyptiooon..❤❤❤
acho 1803
acho 1803 24 kun oldin
Unbelievable acting hats off rami
B Major
B Major 25 kun oldin
Marc Martel!!!!! Awesome
Prakhar Mishra
Prakhar Mishra 25 kun oldin
He can play mj too
Rye Cota
Rye Cota 25 kun oldin
Ya know what... I love him.
Arora Alvonich
Arora Alvonich 26 kun oldin
Chand ka tukda
MelDy Pieces
MelDy Pieces 26 kun oldin
Jada Miller
Jada Miller 26 kun oldin
Who has been with him since night at the museum
Jager Babe28
Jager Babe28 26 kun oldin
He's is soooooo dreamy!
Erin Vankoughnett
Erin Vankoughnett 26 kun oldin
He’s so cute
Mona Makram
Mona Makram 27 kun oldin
WOW 😮 beautiful actor and beautiful personality . Love him Thank you Ellen
leaxis ackles
leaxis ackles 27 kun oldin
he is so tall and he is so fine
Aakamsh 27 kun oldin
The Man behind Freddie's voice is Marc Martel! Stop taking the credit of other people
Miss Youtubebe
Miss Youtubebe 27 kun oldin
The Official Andy Saenz
WWFD-What Would Freddie Do? 😂🤣
ckat609 27 kun oldin
Mr. Dibiasi!
Sofia Karli
Sofia Karli 27 kun oldin
he is special in a good way
C K 27 kun oldin
"whether you're Queen fan or not you're going to love this movie", how can someone not be a Queen fan?
Danielle Hendricks
Danielle Hendricks 27 kun oldin
He had the teeth on him 😂🤟🏼
R C 27 kun oldin
My Egyptian lovers you are is best
alicia ali
alicia ali 28 kun oldin
One of the best actor so far, even if Freddie was alive , he would have not doubt . He mirror imaged him so well . What a treat watching this movie. Actually the movie name supposed to be star is born .
Dajana xxoxx
Dajana xxoxx 28 kun oldin
Who's here after he won the Oscar?
Krittika Sengupta
Krittika Sengupta 28 kun oldin
This is what I call nerdy hot
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