Rami Malek Met Older Woman While Delivering Pizza

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Rami recalls his days as a pizza delivery boy while he was growing up in Los Angeles and he reveals that he dated an older woman who was a customer.
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Rami Malek Met Older Woman While Delivering Pizza




14-Dek, 2016

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Mia 40 daqiqa oldin
vannessa 4 kun oldin
Ugh I want to marry this man. I’m 18, it’s legal. I want to find him and introduce myself, but not say I watched every interview of his lol
kristinarayart 4 kun oldin
I love him :D
Naomi Meme
Naomi Meme 5 kun oldin
Now he’s telling his age 😭😭😭 omg
Greta Myklegard
Greta Myklegard 5 kun oldin
He looks about 27. Ten years younger than he is, so I can’t imagine that woman believing for a second that he was 28 when he was 16 😂😂 I don’t trust her
Fernanda Malone
Fernanda Malone 5 kun oldin
jimmy kimmel is without a doubt he funniest tv host currently oml,
Daniel Shevchenko
Daniel Shevchenko 5 kun oldin
WHO IS from 2019????
Das1963 6 kun oldin
Rami is so stinkin cute!!
Antonia Long
Antonia Long 6 kun oldin
She grabs her period 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rami Malek... I love you ❤️
Poriyo Santoso
Poriyo Santoso 6 kun oldin
His talking voice sounds like he is breathing and talking at the same time. Does that even make sense ? Lol
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. 6 kun oldin
I hope this woman realised what a wonderful pizza delivery guy she met
David Furios
David Furios 6 kun oldin
Parasite! ))
Despina Chrisanthou
I'm in love!!!
Leilani Gadson
Leilani Gadson 7 kun oldin
His jaw has more structure then my life.
Gwendolyn Brooks
Gwendolyn Brooks 7 kun oldin
”I was sweating balls - oh yeah she came” DID HE NOT REALISE
hayden lockhead
hayden lockhead 8 kun oldin
love this guy
ALLY S 10 kun oldin
2:39 “she goes to the door, she grabs her perio- uhh... pizza” 🤣
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. 11 kun oldin
What did he say at thr end? 'I was to nervous......???
Joanna Castillo
Joanna Castillo 12 kun oldin
He's so cute, stop.
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. 13 kun oldin
What did she give him? A rose?
Dean limitsfree
Dean limitsfree 13 kun oldin
He makes me doubt my sexuality
trash can
trash can 14 kun oldin
“Oh you ordered the smoked chicken pizza!” *with real cancer!*
LaurenTheAndroid 19 kun oldin
Rami is so cute!!! It’s like God put cute and sexy into a mixing bowl and we got Rami.
Marisa Mancini
Marisa Mancini 20 kun oldin
he's so beautiful
Alexa M
Alexa M 20 kun oldin
He’s so adorable aaaaaa
Ekaslim 20 kun oldin
i love this guy.....
Kennah Dumont
Kennah Dumont 21 kun oldin
If he showed up at my door with a pizza I'd sure as hell invite him inside
cloud Bacardi
cloud Bacardi 23 kun oldin
The way he talks 😍😍
Marchaan Is Here
Marchaan Is Here 27 kun oldin
“Letter de forum?” What did Jimmy say at the end?
Hipro Onverse
Hipro Onverse 29 kun oldin
He looks just like Freddy from queen
David Loughnane
Flipn James Bond 🏆
Olosnah Crafts and More
Thank you very much Jimmy Kimmel! -ONO MY COMMENTS MY SPACE
Estefanía Fariñas
I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant after that noise at 2:54
Яна Умеренко
Estefanía Fariñas 😁😁😁😁
Smyrlin Oy oldin
Where is she rn?
Maryam Maaood
Maryam Maaood Oy oldin
What did the person from audience shout?
Sarah Kelly Baker
Such a funny guy. I could listen to Rami’s stories all day. Such a charming man.
Dangles Monkey
Having graham crackers with milk
I LOVE this guy! I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE this guy!
Matthew Ellul
Matthew Ellul Oy oldin
She probably died of shock knowing she banged ''freddie mercury''
Dany Wise
Dany Wise Oy oldin
Is Rami just like the best person in the world rn ... just saying
Mikeé Garzon
Mikeé Garzon Oy oldin
From all the interviews that I’ve watched so far.... i think Rami is a natural flirt! I’m not complaining though. He has all the rights to be a flirt!
harini devi
harini devi Oy oldin
He speaks like he still have freddie mercury's teeth.
Oh Rami. You and Hiddleston are just ridiculously charming. Be still my heart.
Ridiculous Pigeon
Gowannn Rami ye mad yoke
Kezia Oy oldin
damn, i actually have a lil crush on him 😀😀 and btw, that "no" on 2:47 was soo cuteee
Nayeonnie 21 kun oldin
Kezia Pemerena and him laying his head on the table.. he’s so cuteee
Mel. Oy oldin
“You ordered the smoke chicken pizza didn’t you” Hahhahaa
Xavier Gong
Xavier Gong Oy oldin
Can we order Pizza? (from Until Dawn)
Akid Myself
Akid Myself Oy oldin
1987 car with issues? Also like me!
Maxmillan Maxmillan
Great as Freddie Mercury!
Lisa Lemon
Lisa Lemon Oy oldin
He is the cutest little thing ever omg..& he deserves the world for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody..one of the all time great performances!
Chivukula Bhavana
Rami is the kind of a guy about who I would be like you are my best friend ever...but on the inside i am screaming I LOVE YOU please make me yours😢😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kanna - chan
Kanna - chan Oy oldin
Probably one of my favorite actors. He is so charming and talented
yee yee
yee yee Oy oldin
Okay but just imagine 17 year old Rami delivering u pizza
Katarzyna Łuczak
After that story I want to order a pizza.....with the delivery man
Aminka Alinka
Aminka Alinka Oy oldin
He looks younger, than his age
R.M Oy oldin
Cute shy boy 😍😍😍❤
marilyn glascock
Vicky 12
Vicky 12 Oy oldin
Oh my I would so have said yes!!! Delivery guy or not, you can instantly tell what a kind man he is. 🙊 And I never quite noticed when he was on _The War at Home_ , but so handsome actually!
Julia Oy oldin
his jawline just cut me
Abigail Oy oldin
he is so adorable- his personality!
Vedat Veziroğlu
How can you convince someone you are 28 when you are 17 years old?
Angelica Tarango
I love his little lisp 🥰🥰
Markus Mulder
Markus Mulder Oy oldin
Not only she went, she came!
Vinmar Magto
Vinmar Magto Oy oldin
Rami: "Oh she came" YEAH SHE DID LMAO
Riri Mimi
Riri Mimi Oy oldin
I can't get enough from him, damn funny😂👍
Levy Debarbo
Levy Debarbo Oy oldin
Hahahahaha "I was.... 28"
Mexi-CAN'T Oy oldin
“Pizza Time”
cristina maria kassama bag
I know Malek is Muslim name. I read that his parents are from Egypt. And Freddie Mercury was born in Tanzania. But Rami did good work. And he is so polite. So funny when he said that he lied about his age when met the older woman😂😆😅
cristina maria kassama bag
+Ms Sunshine I did not know, so thanks for the information
Ms Sunshine
Ms Sunshine Oy oldin
As an Arab myself let me tell you something Malek is not Muslim name there are a lot of Chritians named Malek it means "Owner" in Arabic. His Parents are Egyptian he is the first generation American
he is so charming
Dahye8935 Oy oldin
If Rami malek delivered me a pizza then I don't neet the pizza anymore
dru66u Oy oldin
Rami is so adorable when he's embarrassed omg he's so adorable 💞
yoyoyoholla1 Oy oldin
Homeboy looks 27 when he's actually 37 so imagine how full of crap he looked when he said he's 28.
Devon Payne
Devon Payne Oy oldin
Wowwww hes adorable
She grabs her period! Then gets embarrassed. Hes to precious! 😍
Francisca Ruelas
Subtítulos en español por favor
maple syruppp
maple syruppp Oy oldin
i was just smiling the whole time watching this :') can just listen to him telling stories all day omg
lololee24 2 oy oldin
He made this story up right on the spot now, that's what I call improvising while under pressure. Although, he could have made the story a bit more interesting.
mellikaaa 2 oy oldin
he's literally the cutest omg
Lisa Lemon
Lisa Lemon 2 oy oldin
Seriously in love with Rami..is he not the most adorable sweetest little thing ever, who could say no to him..
Febe Marcella
Febe Marcella 2 oy oldin
i could listen to his voice my entire life, and would eventually ask for more in the after-life.
clang theo
clang theo 2 oy oldin
His interviews give me LIFE!
salty springs
salty springs 2 oy oldin
" *and She goes, 'how old are You?'* " *"uhhaha TwEnTy EiGhT"* Sjsksjsjwjs
salty springs
salty springs 2 oy oldin
It was so cute how he was like "nooo" after Jimmy asked if she was pregnant. Akjdjskskd
salty springs
salty springs 2 oy oldin
"She grabs her period- uhh pizza." WHAT
salty springs
salty springs 2 oy oldin
I imagine him in his Mr robot outfit with his hoodie up and a backpack and ringing the doorbell and struggling to find a quicker way out😂😂
Gabrielle Kelly
Gabrielle Kelly 2 oy oldin
JIMMY: “So she wasn’t pregnant?” RAMI: “NoOoO!!”
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. 13 kun oldin
What did she give him? A rose flower?
selin akkız
selin akkız 2 oy oldin
I love him
Of course she came
kim_ coco
kim_ coco 2 oy oldin
I really love how he speaks, sorry to say this but he is the first ever Egyptian that I really like and to let you know that I live in a country filled with Egyptians !!!
Yla Ine
Yla Ine 2 oy oldin
did he make out with the lady?
Bryan Sith'ari
Bryan Sith'ari 2 oy oldin
I had a buddy in high school who delivered pizza. He was no Rami Malek, but he had stories... You meet all kinds I guess.
Lily Raimey
Lily Raimey 2 oy oldin
His lisps is kinda cute.
vanessa.52 2 oy oldin
im here after bohemian rhapsody
Watching The Bees
he is so adorable
Prophets Of Rock TV
Some middle aged woman is in hiding somewhere
ester ferreira
ester ferreira 2 oy oldin
Awwww he was all shy and sweet
L Riley-Wilson
L Riley-Wilson 2 oy oldin
I would order pizza every night if it meant he’d show up at my door Yanowhadaimsayin
Febe Marcella
Febe Marcella 2 oy oldin
i'm obsessed with his "...what?"