Rami Malek Met Older Woman While Delivering Pizza

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Rami recalls his days as a pizza delivery boy while he was growing up in Los Angeles and he reveals that he dated an older woman who was a customer.
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Rami Malek Met Older Woman While Delivering Pizza




14-Dek, 2016



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nana lo
nana lo Kun oldin
He is way too cute😍🤗
Alvin Jebaraj
Alvin Jebaraj Kun oldin
From a pizza boy to an oscar winner
clarheit 3 kun oldin
this hairstyle tho
Hannah Couture
Hannah Couture 4 kun oldin
“Hey there’s that guy that won an Emmy and I molested him at a very young age.” 😂😂😂
Naomi Wolf
Naomi Wolf 6 kun oldin
Wait, I'm confused. How did the story end?
Rosamaria Bautista
Rosamaria Bautista 7 kun oldin
Why does this story remind me of the movie "Lover boy" 😂 that's what I was thinking this entire video! If you don't know it... Watch it its really similar to this .
Angela Cruz
Angela Cruz 9 kun oldin
I think... I'm falling in love. Hahaha. He's soooo adorable.
Purba Mukherjee
Purba Mukherjee 10 kun oldin
How adorable is he! Ugh.
Sadra Adalaty
Sadra Adalaty 10 kun oldin
When you're rewatching Rami's interviews✋💜🍍
Annie Johnson
Annie Johnson 12 kun oldin
champ flowahbomb
champ flowahbomb 13 kun oldin
When I first saw him years ago, I honestly didn't think he was Egyptian or Arab at all. He looks just white or could pass Hispanic/Italian.
Abel & CAIN
Abel & CAIN 13 kun oldin
Anyone here after Rami won the Oscar for Bohemian Rhapsody?
Svetlana Olsen
Svetlana Olsen 13 kun oldin
Adamu Maymunah
Adamu Maymunah 13 kun oldin
look at that jawline
ayow wash poppin
ayow wash poppin 15 kun oldin
He has so much energy here I hope he is getting enough sleep right now
Nadzo 15 kun oldin
Title makes it seem like something ELSE lmao
Leigh Lyric
Leigh Lyric 15 kun oldin
I think this is the first time for me to say "He's so hot!" I'm not a crushy person, I don't find guys without shirts with abs hot so yeah, Rami is incredibly hot to my eyes down to my heart❤❤❤ Or maybe I'm just too desperate or devastated to see Freddie Mercury😭😭😭💔
yousuf hussain
yousuf hussain 16 kun oldin
Well, now Rami has won the Oscar, well done Rami & the whole world welcomes you.
ravi anand
ravi anand 18 kun oldin
He won best actor!
North Wind
North Wind 18 kun oldin
*He is good.*
Emma Kundalini
Emma Kundalini 18 kun oldin
More pizza conversations from Jimmy and the gang...
Q Teague
Q Teague 19 kun oldin
rami: she grabs her per- *eyes widen* SHE GRABS HER PIZZA jimmy: so she wasn’t pregnant rami: nOoOoOo
Lura 20 kun oldin
He has a really nice smile.
Christian Beaton
Christian Beaton 20 kun oldin
What a delightful chap !
mhvsh khan
mhvsh khan 20 kun oldin
Rami u have money now ...go for braces...
Danni Wills
Danni Wills 20 kun oldin
He look 25.
Gabby c.
Gabby c. 21 kun oldin
2:39 best part 😂 lmao
Farag Mikhail
Farag Mikhail 21 kun oldin
Rami 16 or 17 years old and driving. ??????
KHALDUN ALQAISI خلدون ع. ع. القيسي
I worked a petty job soon after graduation
pickle rick
pickle rick 22 kun oldin
Ham Dan
Ham Dan 23 kun oldin
Anyone here after RAMI MALIK got an OSCAR ..!
The Real Scorpion 84
kimmel says the word 'molested' n Malek is like..."nothing happened...it didn't go that far".....HE NAILED THAT ASS.....if u a pizza boy down on your luck you taking what you can get when it rolls by lol
Attentive Stupid
Attentive Stupid 24 kun oldin
last night ,i saw the movie !! to be honest its PHENOMENA !! what a realistic charecter was playing by RAMI MALEK
Yasmin Ram.
Yasmin Ram. 25 kun oldin
Humble asf if you ask me! ❤️
Litzi Sanchez
Litzi Sanchez 25 kun oldin
He’s so adorable.
Samuel Davidson
Samuel Davidson 27 kun oldin
Strange guy
Ryan Flinch
Ryan Flinch 27 kun oldin
Jimmy kimmels outro sounds like some UZvid comments 😂😂
Jai_xox 29 kun oldin
He is serving some serious side part.
Aaron Levario
Aaron Levario Oy oldin
818 represent!!
hille422 Oy oldin
I have that Toyota Camry. It's still hitting the streets.
Finesse Princess
His eyes are so pretty💙
Anthony Jonas
Anthony Jonas Oy oldin
No you didn't.
Jade Shepherd
Jade Shepherd Oy oldin
He was a bad, bad, bad, bad boy ;)
Will Turner
Will Turner Oy oldin
i wish i could tell stories like this man
lyn :-/
lyn :-/ Oy oldin
his slight speech impediment is so cute
Hazel Wayne
Hazel Wayne Oy oldin
He's so funny and handsome He's perfect.
Eva Deleon
Eva Deleon Oy oldin
The no at 2:47 ❤️
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. Oy oldin
2:05 It DID happen! NO! NO!
Hinderson Toffano
Fells like bs 🤔
Lara Gubbels
Lara Gubbels Oy oldin
“She grabs her period”
Fernanda Malone
Leslie Cardenas
He looks like Freddie Mercury he'd be a great actor for a Queen movie
Almaz .D
Almaz .D Oy oldin
"The pizza man" , inside joke .. Do you get it?
Nicole Petrica
Fascinated by this guy!!!RAMI💖
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. Oy oldin
Even today he doesn't look 28 haha
Queen & VS
Queen & VS 2 oy oldin
Omg they were roommates
Queen & VS
Queen & VS 2 oy oldin
She grabs her per- 😂😂😂
Traci Pinelli
Traci Pinelli 2 oy oldin
He’s adorable!!! ❤️
Roboute Guilliman
I thought he was at least bisexual
Dear Lord, is it even allowed to be that handsome?
Mia stylinson
Mia stylinson 2 oy oldin
vannessa 2 oy oldin
Ugh I want to marry this man. I’m 18, it’s legal. I want to find him and introduce myself, but not say I watched every interview of his lol
kristinarayart 2 oy oldin
I love him :D
Naomi Meme
Naomi Meme 2 oy oldin
Now he’s telling his age 😭😭😭 omg
Greta Myklegard
Greta Myklegard 2 oy oldin
He looks about 27. Ten years younger than he is, so I can’t imagine that woman believing for a second that he was 28 when he was 16 😂😂 I don’t trust her
Fernanda Malone
Fernanda Malone 2 oy oldin
jimmy kimmel is without a doubt he funniest tv host currently oml,
Daniel Shevchenko
WHO IS from 2019????
Das1963 2 oy oldin
Rami is so stinkin cute!!
Antonia Long
Antonia Long 2 oy oldin
She grabs her period 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rami Malek... I love you ❤️
Poriyo Santoso
Poriyo Santoso 2 oy oldin
His talking voice sounds like he is breathing and talking at the same time. Does that even make sense ? Lol
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. 2 oy oldin
I hope this woman realised what a wonderful pizza delivery guy she met
David Furios
David Furios 2 oy oldin
Parasite! ))
Despina Chrisanthou
I'm in love!!!
Leilani Gadson
Leilani Gadson 2 oy oldin
His jaw has more structure then my life.
G-Dawg B
G-Dawg B 2 oy oldin
”I was sweating balls - oh yeah she came” DID HE NOT REALISE
hayden lockhead
hayden lockhead 2 oy oldin
love this guy
ALLY S 2 oy oldin
2:39 “she goes to the door, she grabs her perio- uhh... pizza” 🤣
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. 2 oy oldin
What did he say at thr end? 'I was to nervous......???
Joanna Castillo
Joanna Castillo 2 oy oldin
He's so cute, stop.
Wojciech Z.
Wojciech Z. 2 oy oldin
What did she give him? A rose?
Dean limitsfree
Dean limitsfree 2 oy oldin
He makes me doubt my sexuality
rk kwc
rk kwc 2 oy oldin
“Oh you ordered the smoked chicken pizza!” *with real cancer!*
LaurenTheAndroid 2 oy oldin
Rami is so cute!!! It’s like God put cute and sexy into a mixing bowl and we got Rami.
Marisa Mancini
Marisa Mancini 2 oy oldin
he's so beautiful
Alexa M
Alexa M 2 oy oldin
He’s so adorable aaaaaa
Ekaslim 2 oy oldin
i love this guy.....
Kennah Dumont
Kennah Dumont 2 oy oldin
If he showed up at my door with a pizza I'd sure as hell invite him inside
cloud Bacardi
cloud Bacardi 2 oy oldin
The way he talks 😍😍
Marchaan Is Here
Marchaan Is Here 3 oy oldin
“Letter de forum?” What did Jimmy say at the end?
Hipro Onverse
Hipro Onverse 3 oy oldin
Jed Padgett
Jed Padgett 3 oy oldin
He looks just like Freddy from queen
David Loughnane
David Loughnane 3 oy oldin
Flipn James Bond 🏆
Olosnah Crafts and More
Thank you very much Jimmy Kimmel! -ONO MY COMMENTS MY SPACE
Estefanía Fariñas
I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant after that noise at 2:54
Яна Умеренко
Estefanía Fariñas 😁😁😁😁
Symirlin 3 oy oldin
Where is she rn?
Maryam Maaood
Maryam Maaood 3 oy oldin
What did the person from audience shout?
Dangles Monkey
Dangles Monkey 3 oy oldin
Having graham crackers with milk
MUSIC LOVER 3 oy oldin
I LOVE this guy! I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE this guy!
Matthew Ellul
Matthew Ellul 3 oy oldin
She probably died of shock knowing she banged ''freddie mercury''
Dany Wise
Dany Wise 3 oy oldin
Is Rami just like the best person in the world rn ... just saying
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