Rami Malek on Becoming Freddie Mercury

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Rami talks about playing Freddie Mercury in his new film “Bohemian Rhapsody,” getting the role, what it took to look like Freddie, pranking one of his cast mates, working with Mike Myers, and reveals what it was like meeting Freddie Mercury’s sister.
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Rami Malek on Becoming Freddie Mercury




5-Sen, 2018



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Fikrlar 4 274
ming sun
ming sun 3 soat oldin
The host is so annoying.
loveforeignaccents 17 soat oldin
Jimmy needs to chill... working his way up to a heart attack!!
Sky.and.banjo 22 soat oldin
0:30 little did they know
Rahul Das
Rahul Das 23 soat oldin
And Mr Jimmy wins a dislike for his exceptional skill of interrupting when people talk!! Let the poor man finish his sentence you dilhole!
BeagleBanditx Kun oldin
3:41 *Me:* Don’t- Please don’t *Rami:* .. *Rami:* oN dAy OnE
73V3N ATE Kun oldin
Earth brother
Fawaz Rob
Fawaz Rob Kun oldin
His only job is to let the guests speak... you would think.
RedSoxKal Kun oldin
Kimmel was the first to predict Rami Malek’s Oscar. And he won all 3. BAFTA, Golden Globe and Oscar.
Jc W
Jc W Kun oldin
Rami is adorable! He was amazing playing freddie
Anna Reiter
Anna Reiter 3 kun oldin
*annnnd guess who won the Oscar.....*
Bernadette Urban
Bernadette Urban 3 kun oldin
Awkward. 😒😕😑
cristy base
cristy base 3 kun oldin
Wow Rami... We ( whole family watched ur movie) such a great movie we've ever seen. Kind hearted and down to earth man. Keep it up Rami.(from Phil.)
Ainsley Ruth
Ainsley Ruth 3 kun oldin
I thought this was from like 3 years ago 😂
ᴍᴏᴄʜɪ ʙᴜɴ TM
Idk why. But I feel like after the movie Freddy Mercury took over his body 💜😔 he did such a wonderful job playing as him.
Princess Caty
Princess Caty 3 kun oldin
Ben locking himself in his trailer reminds me so much of Roger locking himself in that cupboard....
Antonio Goodman
Antonio Goodman 4 kun oldin
I’m here from the future. You called it.
Arvin Depaudhon
Arvin Depaudhon 5 kun oldin
freddie would have loved rami.
queen marvel borhap
Their jawlines can't cut me deep
Darlene Cartile
Darlene Cartile 6 kun oldin
Rami talking: 5% Jimmy talking: 95%
Tanya Roberts
Tanya Roberts 6 kun oldin
I saw Queen with Adam Lambert 2 years ago
kyle price
kyle price 6 kun oldin
Tbh he looks nothing like him
Kitz,Katz,and Kraziness
* Watches this after the oscars * Me:HE WON AN OSCAR!!!!!
dude bro
dude bro 9 kun oldin
i love MR ROBOT one of the best illuminati shows out there! so cool he played Freddie so damn good! :D :D :D
Claire S.
Claire S. 9 kun oldin
spoiler, he got the oscar
asal P.K
asal P.K 11 kun oldin
Omg jimmy is so annoying never like that man let your guest talk damn it
Yours Truly, 。kiki 。
The Sufi M.D
The Sufi M.D 12 kun oldin
lol at Jimmy he wear a mouth thing and thought he could find someone else to have that in common with ..Nope. lol jimmy ur a loser.
owais 99
owais 99 12 kun oldin
why the hell jimmy cutting him every single second man let him speak.
Spy IOS 12 kun oldin
Poor Rami Roger said that he didn’t put enough seriousness into the role, not true
Sarah’s lame Vlogs
Aw rami is so adorable
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 13 kun oldin
God sculpted Rami's jaw and it took him a whole century
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 13 kun oldin
Yeah rami really won the Oscar.... Now I can happily die:)
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 13 kun oldin
I believe now bohemian rhapsody is the most successful movie in the history of movies ... And queen is most successful band in the history of music.....
Sumaira T.
Sumaira T. 13 kun oldin
Rami Malek getting interrupted for 10 mins straight...
Rami Malek Fan123
Rami Malek Fan123 13 kun oldin
first forward 5 months he won an Oscar! yay he definitely deserved it!
Amiya Rana
Amiya Rana 14 kun oldin
and now hes won the oscar
Heidi Warburton
Heidi Warburton 14 kun oldin
I love this shirt
Mia M.
Mia M. 16 kun oldin
this was posted on Freddie's bday! ❤️❤️❤️
mester syrian
mester syrian 16 kun oldin
Lit him speak god damit
IranianTV 16 kun oldin
Little did he know that he will be winning the Oscars
Abel & CAIN
Abel & CAIN 16 kun oldin
Freddy's real name and family name is " Farrokh Bulsara " which is a Persian (Iranian) name. Freddy's ancestors were Persian (Iranian)
Nadim Kazi
Nadim Kazi 17 kun oldin
Oscar nomination?? He won it!
Sara Santos
Sara Santos 17 kun oldin
Jimmy shut the F up! Let him speak! You are asking stupid questions we want to hear intelligent Rami
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit 17 kun oldin
“He’s a little sweatier than you”
Sea Jay
Sea Jay 17 kun oldin
God bless spread his word!
Zayn Malek ? Rami Malik ?
RobbieUrban 17 kun oldin
Thank you Jimmie. This is what we like to see more of. Nicely done .
Craftdan 17 kun oldin
Why did Jimmy say 'you could wear the teeth to scare your children' as if it was a big joke? He obviously knows that they were modelled specifically to look like Freddie Mercury's teeth - so he just made a joke that Freddie's teeth were scary to kids. Did Jimmy miss the entire point of the movie? Did he not hear Rami saying 'they called him bucky'.. what is going on in this interview?!
Michael Still
Michael Still 18 kun oldin
Dude Jimmy is one of the most annoying interviewers ever lol ! Jimmy: “What did you do with the teeth??”...Remi: “well, I..” Jimmy: “that’s crazy, how many people from the band did you meet?” ...Remi: “all of...” Jimmy: “wow and how did it feel working with mike Meyers?”...Remi: “oh it wa...” he’s always interrupting lmao
SUCHISMITA DASH 18 kun oldin
Jimmy is so annoying in this one
Davina Demers
Davina Demers 18 kun oldin
He won the Oscar, how about that? 🥰🥰
Green Gecko
Green Gecko 18 kun oldin
Shut up Jimmey!
Bee Villa
Bee Villa 18 kun oldin
Rami is a great actor...Pretending to actually be happy while being on this jerk's show proves that
Aaron Leatherman
Aaron Leatherman 19 kun oldin
Rami: Freddy Mercury as a kid was called "Bucky" Jimmy: oh that's pretty mean (A hot second later) Jimmy: (about the fake teeth) or maybe one day you want to scare your children...
Doo Doo
Doo Doo 19 kun oldin
And that's happened & not only nomination he really won his totally deserved Oscars 😍🙏🙏👑👑🙌🙌 👌
Ben Johnatan
Ben Johnatan 19 kun oldin
cool guy he seems.oh by the way what's with the home alone kid insinuating he eats babies on Twitter?! A joke or what?!
ilove her but she love Pennywise
Ben Johnatan Rami is very hard working dude...and I think sueing this guy...take too much time...plus if he do really sue him....the guy can make excuse like "what kind of baby are we talking about here? I didn't specify it as human or animal in my post"....so it's gonna be shallow court...and probably ridiculous...
Ben Johnatan
Ben Johnatan 17 kun oldin
+ilove her but she love Pennywise I'd sue for defamation of character if i were him for sure
ilove her but she love Pennywise
Ben Johnatan but sadly some people have shadow mindset...they can't think of anything against him until that shitty post came...for human law this can be in libel for sure...but pretty shallow in court... fsociety
Ben Johnatan
Ben Johnatan 18 kun oldin
+ilove her but she love Pennywise May be it's just pure "envy" .who knows
ilove her but she love Pennywise
Ben Johnatan judge it for yourself...I watched all of this man interview and I've seen he's family oriented guy and very professional to his work...his old classmates and co worker praised him...then there is this post from a once famous turn drug addict kid...for my perspective I think it's just pathetic...
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 20 kun oldin
Most people forget Rami was in the HBO series The Pacific
Rudy Cooper
Rudy Cooper 20 kun oldin
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 20 kun oldin
He win a oscar
Love love
Love love 20 kun oldin
While watching Bohemian Rhapsody not for a single moment I thought this was Rami Malek. All through the movie I only saw Freddie Murcury. Really mind blowing performance he did there.
Violeta Cogorno
Violeta Cogorno 20 kun oldin
they interrupt him all the time, I get annoyed watching
Tiara Galang
Tiara Galang 21 kun oldin
Mentally shushing Jimmy Kimmel 😔
Manuel eagleman
Manuel eagleman 21 kun oldin
I wanted to comment how Jimmy can't stop interrupting Rami all the time, and then I saw the comment section, and I see I'm not the only one bothered by that. In fact 90% of comment are about that. It really is annoying as hell.
sophia s
sophia s 21 kun oldin
jimmy asks such meaningless questions...and his interrupting is obnoxious af
LLAMA Glitter
LLAMA Glitter 22 kun oldin
So happy that he won the Oscar! He truly deserved it👏
Manali Gosavi
Manali Gosavi 22 kun oldin
And he won an Oscar
Jacob Vlogs
Jacob Vlogs 22 kun oldin
Jimmy was cutting himself off!😂😂
Ayushmann _
Ayushmann _ 22 kun oldin
I wish my jawline looked like Rami
Hanna Moore
Hanna Moore 23 kun oldin
I love how humble he is and how grounded. I love that he was more concerned about getting the approval of Freddie’s family and band mates than the awards. Obviously he was pretty stoked about those but he’s got his priorities straight.
Tim Fox
Tim Fox 23 kun oldin
Jimmy's producers were right
FantasyLover365 23 kun oldin
“Is Mercury really their last name” -_- Oh come on Jimmy stop embarrassing yourself
Wahyu Setiawan
Wahyu Setiawan 23 kun oldin
Give rami opportunity to talk please. -_-
vatsal srivastava
vatsal srivastava 24 kun oldin
Which song is on 6:25?
vatsal srivastava
vatsal srivastava 23 kun oldin
+Sophie Snyder thankyou.
Sophie Snyder
Sophie Snyder 23 kun oldin
vatsal srivastava bohemian rhapsody by queen
ajeth gowtham
ajeth gowtham 24 kun oldin
He got it 💥
Mike Arnaldo
Mike Arnaldo 24 kun oldin
Kimmel is a horrible host, he just speaks over his guests.
Spoiler Alert
Spoiler Alert 25 kun oldin
Who's after the Oscar......????
Dael Ki
Dael Ki 25 kun oldin
alhosni316 25 kun oldin
And he won an Oscar
DexezPlayz 25 kun oldin
Who is here after he won the Oscar?
FunnyThings61 25 kun oldin
lol who can back and say that jimmy kimmel cast predicted the future
A Dose Of Me
A Dose Of Me 25 kun oldin
Both Jimmy’s didn’t let him speak😂😂
- SruchCinemas -
- SruchCinemas - 25 kun oldin
and he wins the oscar, heck yeah.
Se ba
Se ba 25 kun oldin
Shannon Bedore
Shannon Bedore 25 kun oldin
And now he won!!👏🏻👏🏻
Self Made Millennial
Love his happy-go-lucky personality :)
Nathan Lukeson
Nathan Lukeson 25 kun oldin
He Got the OSCAR !!!!
Nice Sauce
Nice Sauce 26 kun oldin
jimmy k worst interviewer - a hole -
Rahaf Foustok
Rahaf Foustok 26 kun oldin
And he did take an Oscarrrrrrrrr
Joshua Beckwith
Joshua Beckwith 26 kun oldin
If only Jimmy knew at that moment he called it hahaha
Rana Salem
Rana Salem 26 kun oldin
And he won the Oscar!
Deepak KM
Deepak KM 26 kun oldin
Kimmel needs to dial it down a bit . Was hoping to hear how other real Queen played a part in the casting, and then he cuts Rami off midway.
agatha mistery
agatha mistery 26 kun oldin
Aaand...he got the Oscar
Nataland 26 kun oldin
Not just a nomination!!!! He won!!!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😆😆😆😆
M Zaher
M Zaher 26 kun oldin
Rami is unbelievable actor, I think he's gonna get an Oscar.
Aleena Patrick
Aleena Patrick 26 kun oldin
Kimmel got very excited😅
pelle x
pelle x 26 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel... none of these guys are even half as great as Ellen. They don't even let the guests speak smh
Aleen K
Aleen K 26 kun oldin
Ali 26 kun oldin
He did get nominated and WON!!!
irfan reddi
irfan reddi 26 kun oldin
Jimmy you were right 😍😍
Emi Coury
Emi Coury 27 kun oldin
0:39 and he won!!!
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