Rami Malek on Final Season of Mr. Robot & James Bond Rumors

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Rami talks about a friend who named his baby Freddie Mercury, the final season of Mr. Robot and addresses rumors that he will be playing the villain in the next James Bond movie.
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Rami Malek on Final Season of Mr. Robot & James Bond Rumors




9-Yan, 2019

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aurora galaxy
aurora galaxy 3 kun oldin
It looked like they were gonna kiss in the begining
Lozan Barzani
Lozan Barzani 4 kun oldin
His jaw is everything.
easy arabic
easy arabic 4 kun oldin
If you want to learn Rami's language (Arabic) , you just have to watch my videos on my channel... It's easy to learn
GRAFFITIguru29 4 kun oldin
Never has an actor won my heart and respect so fast
alondra 4 kun oldin
When he told him about the James Bond stuff he was like “oh ummm” 😏😏😏
Choo 4 kun oldin
Bless him... he's a really bad liar which a good thing!
Alexandra A
Alexandra A 4 kun oldin
OMG, Jimmy shut up and let your guests speak! Stop interrupting them!
Adam Parker
Adam Parker 4 kun oldin
Give that man an Oscar
vannessa 4 kun oldin
My 4th day obsessing over rami, watching every video of his on UZvid lol
Dumbhead 332
Dumbhead 332 4 kun oldin
S J 4 kun oldin
I wanna see Rami Malek *AS* James Bond. No doubt he'll up the standards as the big bad boss (which okay, yes... the more I think about it, the more I definitely want him to also be a major villain) ... *give Rami ALL the roles* , lol
Emilia Lastname
Emilia Lastname 5 kun oldin
He deserves an Oscar
Sy A
Sy A 5 kun oldin
So Bond 25 will have a hacker as a villain.
phuong do
phuong do 5 kun oldin
He has the cutest smile! 😍
Leon Kane
Leon Kane 5 kun oldin
He was channeling Simple Jack in Bohemian Rhapsody,
Lotte Hansen
Lotte Hansen 5 kun oldin
I’m so tired of these short clips of interviews. Why can’t we just get the whole thing in one video? Do they think our attention span is that short?
vannessa 5 kun oldin
This is my 3rd day coming back to this interview & all his interviews. I’m sooooo in love with rami call me Vanessa malek
ma lu
ma lu 5 kun oldin
He just gives me good vibes. Seems like a very genuine nice dude and he's so cute 😍
omar mhawd
omar mhawd 5 kun oldin
I can't believe relly last season of mr robot 😭😭
nordfresse 5 kun oldin
Those two had such good chemistry... could watch them for hours.
Die Silhouette
Die Silhouette 5 kun oldin
wtf is this hype about bohemien rhapsody? Rami as Elliot in Mr Robot is way more legendary imo. Cause he dont play another person there, he built a complete new godlike character. But you all recognize him just now
John Doe
John Doe 5 kun oldin
Rami as a bond villain? I don't think this would work...
Riri's wife x
Riri's wife x 6 kun oldin
Jimmy is so rude in this interview. ‘are you gonna go back and do the final season or are you too big for that?’ Jeez stop assuming that Rami’s arrogant. He’s been working for years and he’s a talented actor, he deserves all the success he’s getting
Heliax 2 kun oldin
Dude. It's a joke. Chill.
aezelle villegas
aezelle villegas 6 kun oldin
Omg if Rami will be the villain and Richard Madden would be James Bond, 😍😍😍😍😗😙😙😙
bellaboo296 6 kun oldin
Iwishyouniecelife .anddeath
I'm so sad that mr. robot is ending 😭😭😭
Sir Winston Lennon
Sir Winston Lennon 6 kun oldin
Jimmy Kimmel is a Democrat.
Eter Wael
Eter Wael 6 kun oldin
Dude's charismatic.
Carissa Carns
Carissa Carns 6 kun oldin
read the caption and thought he was actually going to be james bond
Ant B
Ant B 6 kun oldin
I want a friend like Remi
Marcia Pze
Marcia Pze 6 kun oldin
Rami I love you seriously!
teppolundgren 6 kun oldin
Phew! I thought they'd actually cast an American to play Bond! That should never happen.
Lakshay Punj
Lakshay Punj 6 kun oldin
Been watching him since the premiere of Mr. Robot Good for him now where he’s at
kayla slack
kayla slack 6 kun oldin
“I have no idea. That’s online. On the internet? Who knows about that...I’m not saying anything.” OH RAMI 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carol Delgado
Carol Delgado 6 kun oldin
He’s adorable MY GOD! That smirk ❤️
Nomad _1819
Nomad _1819 6 kun oldin
Lily Newman
Lily Newman 6 kun oldin
I need this rami content
MyNameItsMatthew 21
I swear every time Rami is on jimmy’s show, jimmy is always annoying. He could’ve made a good interview about movies he’s done before but instead he’s asking him about Him in a James bound movie like what the heck bro?
Georgia Pollock
Georgia Pollock 6 kun oldin
Rami better get an Oscar
Gabi Amador
Gabi Amador 6 kun oldin
3:00 your ears are blessed
Zaha Singh
Zaha Singh 6 kun oldin
He’d be so cool in a now you see me type movie
vannessa 6 kun oldin
This shirt really pops his eye color out 😍😻
vannessa 6 kun oldin
Can I marry him please and can he have my children please
vannessa 6 kun oldin
I want to watch more and more about rami
vannessa 6 kun oldin
Yo i want to marry him.
vannessa 6 kun oldin
I love this man 😻😻😻😻
Cindy 6 kun oldin
Rami should BE JAMES BOND!
Phinehas Marse
Phinehas Marse 6 kun oldin
is that the guy from until dawn?
Heather O'Brien
Heather O'Brien 4 kun oldin
+Alex M. he played Benjamin.
Alex M.
Alex M. 6 kun oldin
Yep its Josh
Gabrielle Nebel
Gabrielle Nebel 6 kun oldin
Tag yourself im blake naming his child freddie mercury
Let's travel!
Let's travel! 6 kun oldin
OMG this cutieee he's a chicken nugget 😍😍
Bob Sullivan
Bob Sullivan 6 kun oldin
This guy seems so down to earth, doesn't he? My favorite moviegoing experience all year! I'm thrilled for him.
ant mrówa
ant mrówa 6 kun oldin
dude U're amazing :D
Cami Ferrell
Cami Ferrell 6 kun oldin
Look at this man. Love of my life. So proud of everything he’s doing!
Rodrigo Schramm
Rodrigo Schramm 6 kun oldin
I have recently heard of a rumour that I could be the next James Bond.
Amelia 6 kun oldin
Such a gorgeous beautiful human
Mercedes Campos
Mercedes Campos 6 kun oldin
Mercedes Campos
Mercedes Campos 6 kun oldin
michael adams
michael adams 6 kun oldin
no disrespect. but do we really need a yank playing james bond?
VKDragonFire 6 kun oldin
You didn't watch the video did you? XD
M. E
M. E 6 kun oldin
Rami and the movie are winning the Oscar ! mark this comment and come back later after it happens!
keenen august
keenen august 6 kun oldin
Rami you beautiful beautiful man
Nina's World
Nina's World 6 kun oldin
And the oscar goes to... Rami Malek 🥳
Rana Safi
Rana Safi 7 kun oldin
This is so embarrassing omggg 😂😂😂
Dayna Morris
Dayna Morris 7 kun oldin
He's too cute
Skyler Ramos
Skyler Ramos 7 kun oldin
I never watched mister robot but now I have catching up to do! Can’t wait for the last season.
ks stan
ks stan 7 kun oldin
he’s so cute
ME Y 7 kun oldin
Never seen him so relaxed and open about things in an interview... It's either Jimmy did a great job or because I got used to seeing him as Elliot Alderson!
Ms Naida Co21
Ms Naida Co21 7 kun oldin
I'm cry to end of mr robot
Dragoness of Fire
Dragoness of Fire 7 kun oldin
For God's sake Jimmy, SHUT UP! Ugh.
getabettername 98
getabettername 98 7 kun oldin
I have to clarify that I really do like jimmy but somehow in this interview I’m having the feeling he’s kind of intimidating Rami. Idk why but he’s always interrupting him and making awkward comments. Rami on the other hand is so sweet and kind but also seems to feel a bit attacked. It’s just a thought.
Jupiter Jewelz
Jupiter Jewelz 7 kun oldin
His face is cuddly
clang theo
clang theo 7 kun oldin
He always gives the most authentic, endearing interviews. So proud of him!
Alex Cisneros
Alex Cisneros 7 kun oldin
I fuckin hope he does 007!
cuchelo1 7 kun oldin
His performance from beginning to end of that movie is truly extraordinary.
Brooke Duncan
Brooke Duncan 7 kun oldin
he was a star before this role. i am so immensely proud of you, rami malek.
Zeko Ezz
Zeko Ezz 7 kun oldin
You and mo salah proud Egypt ❤😘😘
Neptune Solo
Neptune Solo 7 kun oldin
For some reason I never liked Mr Robot
Yara . H
Yara . H 7 kun oldin
I love him even tho if he's in ma mum's age ❤
Clara Rodriguez
Clara Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
Wow rami malek. Sorry about your haircut.
Jaymi A
Jaymi A 7 kun oldin
I’m so proud of my baby
xalbatross1 7 kun oldin
The way he speaks and looks it’s a little odd.. but that jawline and the eyes are so hot... I am conflicted
xalbatross1 7 kun oldin
The way he speaks and looks it’s a little odd.. but that jawline and the eyes are so hot... I am conflicted
Richardson Sorokhaibam
Rami Malek & Bohemian Rhapsody well deserved !!! Hoping for the Oscars
Nope 7 kun oldin
What does Rami deserve- EVERYTHING
Tamlyn Adolph
Tamlyn Adolph 7 kun oldin
It's amazing to be here for the rise of Rami. This is wonderful.
lc11214 7 kun oldin
I love him as a person. I’ve seen a couple of episodes of Mr. Robot. It’s ok. He’s genuine and humble.
pewpew Fett
pewpew Fett 7 kun oldin
I believe Rami Malek became so enthralled, so mesmerized, so intrigued by studying Freddie Mercury that he kinda has this I don’t know aura around him of Freddie. Noticing his mannerisms, reaction, and body language it has a reminiscence of Freddie Mercury. Just thought I’d point that out. Hope he and the movie gets Oscars.
Dino 7 kun oldin
I can't stop smiling. He is adorable and so humble.
KP35 7 kun oldin
Pooja Barathithasan
Cutest little bean 😘❤
DOODLE HEAD 7 kun oldin
The former host of the man show said that he didn't know that they made trailers for p0rn
Sunny R
Sunny R 7 kun oldin
Wow!! He's so likeable. The audience lovesss him 😍
Coco White
Coco White 7 kun oldin
I am crushing so hard on him
Kennah Dumont
Kennah Dumont 7 kun oldin
This man DESERVES an Oscar
R 7 kun oldin
I really love him a lot
Tas T
Tas T 7 kun oldin
“Hello, are you still there” was a mr. Robot reference ahhhhhh jimmmmyyy
Arica Stewart
Arica Stewart 7 kun oldin
He is the sweetest most beautiful human omgggg
B Jeon
B Jeon 7 kun oldin
Tommy 1975
Tommy 1975 7 kun oldin
Bro, that laugh @2:59 was priceless! 😂
Marissa Alexander
Marissa Alexander 7 kun oldin
*True or False* *..WOW*
emiltyne 7 kun oldin
emiltyne 7 kun oldin
my babe elliot alderson has G R O W N