Rami Malek Pretended to be His Identical Twin Brother

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Rami talks about his identical twin brother and recalls the time he pretended to be him to help him cheat in class.
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Rami Malek Pretended to be His Identical Twin Brother




2-Sen, 2015



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Kimmie Young
Kimmie Young 18 soat oldin
Omg man Rami is dreamy
Kimmie Young
Kimmie Young 18 soat oldin
Omg man Rami is dreamy
Simon Cartney
Simon Cartney Kun oldin
Hi ahkmenrah
Budah karrpuda
Budah karrpuda 2 kun oldin
So disrespectful of you Jimmy, why didn`t you invited Sami to sit down he??
Marena Gold
Marena Gold 2 kun oldin
I'm a big fan of...my mother.
FRENCHY reviews
FRENCHY reviews 2 kun oldin
I love rami he is so adorable
Ivy Panda
Ivy Panda 3 kun oldin
Anyone here after Bohemian Rhapsody
Jasmine Artates
Jasmine Artates 3 kun oldin
*I thought his dad is Freddie Mercury and his twin brother is Marc Martel :\*
Vera Djalovic
Vera Djalovic 3 kun oldin
News Letter
News Letter 4 kun oldin
Rami Malek Freddie Mercury
master Chu
master Chu 4 kun oldin
Twin my ass they are clones fkn twats
Gg Motha Fuckass
Gg Motha Fuckass 4 kun oldin
Sal2Saucy 4 kun oldin
Just realized they used this guy for The dawn game
LaLa xo
LaLa xo 6 kun oldin
So I just watched him do an interview after playing Freddie Mercury and he was totally different here.
Total Failure
Total Failure 7 kun oldin
Someone in my school are twins. They LITERALLY. LOOK. THE SAME. *p.s, this was 2014.*
Maris Gendron
Maris Gendron 8 kun oldin
you have an 'exotic' look Freddie
Ananda Padmanabhan
Ananda Padmanabhan 8 kun oldin
Heard this in Graham Norton but still funny😁😁
αvα’ѕ αveɴυe
Rami’s facial features are so sharp omg
Roblox Player 101
Roblox Player 101 10 kun oldin
Lol 😂
Noah Kawaliski
Noah Kawaliski 10 kun oldin
Jimmy Kimmel guest: he- jimmy Kimmel: OMG YES AHAHAHA
Josh Wood
Josh Wood 11 kun oldin
Just outs his brother. Loses his degree and job. Lol he looked so nervous off to the side.
Kaye Chua
Kaye Chua 11 kun oldin
el diario de Mery
el diario de Mery 12 kun oldin
I love samiiii
Someone 12 kun oldin
His brother daddy af
hornetluca 12 kun oldin
Is the Rami's brother _Mr. Robot_ ?
Trekzilla 54
Trekzilla 54 12 kun oldin
50% of these comments are about his jawline 50% of these comments are people who have a crush on him
Lilian Fernandez
Lilian Fernandez 13 kun oldin
And his brother
Lena Durakovic
Lena Durakovic 13 kun oldin
The whole interview i had a smile on my face
Julz Baby
Julz Baby 13 kun oldin
Gorgeous smile
Vidit Jain
Vidit Jain 13 kun oldin
He has that suave likable personality. Love this guy, always wanted him to get the stardom while watching him in Night at the Museum and sure enough dude pulled off an oscar playing Freddie Mercury.
Moni Oni
Moni Oni 14 kun oldin
Strong jaw line
Asian Boi
Asian Boi 14 kun oldin
*wE hAvE To geT ExPeRimEnTaL*
Paris Hoffmann
Paris Hoffmann 15 kun oldin
3:38 Sami just like: O bro,seriously🙄😂😍
Mutant Geen
Mutant Geen 15 kun oldin
He sounds like when he's in bohemian rhapsody movie
Maureen Tayquino
Maureen Tayquino 6 kun oldin
DreamersCosplay 15 kun oldin
I ve done that... he’s so handsome!!! 😍😍😍
Fina nb
Fina nb 15 kun oldin
But, I think his twin is more look like Abel the Weeknd 😅✌️
Unfairkibbles3 15 kun oldin
2:53 voice??
Daisy Corleona
Daisy Corleona 16 kun oldin
Sami looks like Freddie more than Rami tbh
Awww he’s just like Freddy mercury
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 16 kun oldin
Greatest brother story ever❗️👏🏼
Wendy Smith
Wendy Smith 17 kun oldin
bih chungus or briana
crude map 😂😪😭
_twisted_imagination _
An amazing man
I live for memes
I live for memes 18 kun oldin
The more the merrier
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 18 kun oldin
Gahd I’m so amazed by his Jaw Line...
Kylie's Corner
Kylie's Corner 18 kun oldin
He’s the best in the pacific
Joy I
Joy I 19 kun oldin
I've liked Rami since Twilight and Night at the Museum! He's come a long way.
Owen Racker
Owen Racker 17 kun oldin
And now bohemian rhapsody
Joy I
Joy I 18 kun oldin
+Lola Paccini yeah Twilight breaking dawn part 2 as a gifted vampire and.. . Night of the museum as an Egyptian prince
Lola Paccini
Lola Paccini 18 kun oldin
Joy I what..he was in those movies ?
Brynn Davis
Brynn Davis 19 kun oldin
He looks exactly like my pastor!!!!! My pastor tells me about how people comes up to him and asks him for autographs. 😂
Emily Carter
Emily Carter 19 kun oldin
I swap test papers with my sister she revises from my science papers and I use her maths papers to pass the lessons
hellokittyangel211 19 kun oldin
Now I know why guys get so excited, by twins. I mean these two are dessert and breakfast all wrapped into one (I would say dinner and dessert, but mama likes being playing lumberjack, if you know what I mean, and Rami looks like a cuddler, lol), 😍😍😘😘😍😍😅.
Dimitris Mallios
Dimitris Mallios 19 kun oldin
Hmm Mr. Malek. I would like to see you in my office and discuss about that.. DEGREE of "YOURS"!
vbella 1777
vbella 1777 19 kun oldin
Why does he kinda look like fin baler
Meem 19 kun oldin
He reminds me of Freddie too much. I still can't get out of his character lol
SamySmallCat Vlogs
SamySmallCat Vlogs 19 kun oldin
Imagine if rami was actually his brother...
JustASmallOtter 19 kun oldin
Who remember when Rami was in night at the museum? My childhood right there.
Mario Padron
Mario Padron 10 kun oldin
Yeah, it took me up to a few days ago to realize he was in those movies 🤦‍♂️😂
Star Clouds
Star Clouds 12 kun oldin
I knew him thereeee, he’s so cute
Charlotte Mies
Charlotte Mies 16 kun oldin
That's exactly what I was thinking 😂
xpoltas satlop
xpoltas satlop 20 kun oldin
His brother is better looking but rami is sexier
Cooking Channel
Cooking Channel 20 kun oldin
One day my husband and I saw twins in a convertible car , they looked identical and had same clothes on and they were about 30 years old 🤣 It was so strange
The 8pn
The 8pn 20 kun oldin
Bohemian Rhapsody
Plazll 20 kun oldin
He went to college where I live
Gianna Viggiano
Gianna Viggiano 20 kun oldin
How are they identical????
Rose A
Rose A 21 kun oldin
مصر يا مصر😍
magno 21 kun oldin
I like this Rami Malek much more than the current one.
Marjorie Freeman
Marjorie Freeman 21 kun oldin
His brother is like nooo stop lying 😂😂
MYST-_-Rush Shiflett
When Rami Malek's mom tells the two identical twins to go get their supper:*Rami! Iami!*
Randi Magee
Randi Magee 22 kun oldin
Are they both actors or just one
Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 22 kun oldin
He did so good Freddie Mercury
ellectricc 22 kun oldin
hes so CUTE
Brandy Holloway
Brandy Holloway 22 kun oldin
I can’t be the only one that has found this dude attractive since The Night at the Museum.... Now he plays my absolute favorite person to ever live. ❤️
TheXroman 23 kun oldin
Brother looks pist
Stewie 23 kun oldin
And now he has an Oscar!
Littlewhisper 23 kun oldin
He’s gorgeous 😍❤️
Terlor Skitch
Terlor Skitch 23 kun oldin
You cannot love this gentleman omg he is so pure and innocently honest dammit I love this kid!
aime Castillo
aime Castillo 23 kun oldin
Dora Malej
Dora Malej 23 kun oldin
Damn hot jawline
Miss Marvel
Miss Marvel 23 kun oldin
They are so *CUTE*
Shree Shetty
Shree Shetty 23 kun oldin
Okay but both of them are fine af
CaliaAdam vang
CaliaAdam vang 23 kun oldin
It's like hot bruno Mars but white!!!
D P 23 kun oldin
Hmm 2 Freddie Mercuryies (Mercuries?)
lunarosa321 23 kun oldin
He is so handsome to me like my dream guy. 😍😍
quinlan teague
quinlan teague 23 kun oldin
he went to my parents college and they tell this story all the time
llamacringe 23 kun oldin
Rami's brother is so shy
Swe Gamer
Swe Gamer 23 kun oldin
He will always be mr freddie untill dawn fall on mr robot of Mercury
Amir Alm Eldin
Amir Alm Eldin 24 kun oldin
Who's watching after the Oscars?
Yass Tomi
Yass Tomi 24 kun oldin
now all his borother students can I bring my brother to do a exams for me
callisto623 24 kun oldin
his brother is beautiful omg
Josue Vasquez
Josue Vasquez 24 kun oldin
I wonder if his twin came out in the movie Bohemian rhapsody.
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Natalie Zayas-Bazan 24 kun oldin
His brother looks their age. Rami looks in his 20’s. Lol
Vijay Dasari
Vijay Dasari 24 kun oldin
I still feel sad looking at him lol😂😂😂
FUCKING PERFECT 24 kun oldin
No waaaaay
salima semo
salima semo 24 kun oldin
AHH SO WE GOT TWO OF THEM!!!! but lets be honest his bro is hotter lol :3
Taylor Swift cool page
VEN 24 kun oldin
His brother looks like the weeknd
Paula Safira
Paula Safira 24 kun oldin
Wow, His brother looks like Freddie Mercury more than Rami !
Zaraeah Hardin
Zaraeah Hardin 24 kun oldin
His brother He looks like Freddy Mercury older
mister frog
mister frog 25 kun oldin
XXlV kmagic
XXlV kmagic 25 kun oldin
I love this guy had me smiling the whole video
ellechim liag
ellechim liag 25 kun oldin
I just freaking love this guy. I never ever had admire any other actor before him. Now it's very weird I find myself just rooting for him and looking for more videos about him. Lol.
Family Tree
Family Tree 25 kun oldin
I'm a twin and I feel so bad for the twin questions....twins typically hate them.
Jennise Jones
Jennise Jones 25 kun oldin
Mr Robot
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