Rami Malek Reveals What Freddie Mercury Memorabilia He Kept from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Set

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On Sunday night, Rami Malek sat down with “Extra’s” Tanika Ray backstage at the Golden Globes to reflect on his win for playing late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody"!
In an upset, Rami took home the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama, defeating Bradley Cooper in "A Star Is Born."
Rami also revealed what he kept from the “Bohemian Rhapsody” set, saying, “I have a sequined leotard, I have some of his tennis shoes, I have a Jimi Hendrix jacket that Freddie was a big fan of, and I have the teeth that I wore... and I also have those teeth cast in gold.”




7-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 123
Neurov 7 kun oldin
ever since the first season of Mr robot aired I had no doubt in my mind that this man was talented
Abigail 7 kun oldin
Rami is the best!
Steph Cast
Steph Cast 8 kun oldin
Protect Rami Malek at all costs 💕💕💕
jmie lyn
jmie lyn 8 kun oldin
AUSTINtatious girl. ❤️
jmie lyn
jmie lyn 8 kun oldin
Very humble man that's why he is blessed. Lucy is very lucky.
Julieta Diaz
Julieta Diaz 9 kun oldin
If Rami Malek plays Michael I will love him even more😩😍
Diane Siddons
Diane Siddons 9 kun oldin
I am so thrilled for Rami, it was well deserved. Such an authentic man... it can't get any better than this!!!
Maria Fons
Maria Fons 9 kun oldin
Rami you did a fabulous performance. Congratulations you deserve every award!
ana sanchez
ana sanchez 9 kun oldin
Good for you Rami. Fedy must be happy on the sky watching you o him. Amazing actor, amazing character Fredy love you. Rami Thanks!!
Claudia White
Claudia White 9 kun oldin
I hope he never changes and always stays humble and grounded!!!👍👏
Erdenetsetseg Khuderchuluun
Nice job thank you all and thanks Freddie and Queen
Gary M
Gary M 10 kun oldin
He talks a lot like a new York socialite lol
izzy tube
izzy tube 10 kun oldin
love him so much. such a humble guy
Edel Kirke
Edel Kirke 10 kun oldin
Adore him, so humble so talented so hot 🔥 legend!!!
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 10 kun oldin
Genius kid.
Daniel Wormald
Daniel Wormald 10 kun oldin
He's the closest to freddie
nay rod
nay rod 10 kun oldin
Funny his mouth is a bit like Freddie's, weird!
fab alvarez
fab alvarez 10 kun oldin
Rami i love you, you are just great!!!!!!!!! and now you desreve the Oscar award!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!!
da96103 10 kun oldin
He should play Elio's boyfriend in CMBYN. OMG!
Evelyn Marisol
Evelyn Marisol 10 kun oldin
Just love him to pieces ❤️
Emily Walker
Emily Walker 10 kun oldin
Yes we still love you Freddie Mercury
Omar Borg
Omar Borg 10 kun oldin
I`m extremly over the moon for his win,he totally deserved it and looking foward to see him having his Oscar as well. I remember seeing him for the first time as a mummy in Night at the museum. Such a brilliant actor and he seems very down to earth too
Beneditch Cratesofbooze
You deserve it, man! My heart is still jumping all over the place i'm soooo happy!!
KARTHIK BOYA 10 kun oldin
Brain May interviewing Rami
bing smith
bing smith 10 kun oldin
so humble and talented
Cherry Abonite
Cherry Abonite 10 kun oldin
Rami is so sweet ❤️❤️❤️
Caleb Grill
Caleb Grill 10 kun oldin
Rami Malek is the kind of guy Id like to smoke weed with while eating a good Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.
Ericka Mercadejas
Ericka Mercadejas 10 kun oldin
He is so genuine, and you’d literally feel how great and kind he is through the way he speak. Eloquence at its finest. Love you Rami, well-deserved!😻
Irena Druzba-Lobsenz
So well deserved ,I loved the movie ,l love how Rami played the part .Long live the Queen
Jose  Antonio Delgado
Just happy he won, it's well deserved.
uhh kyla lol
uhh kyla lol 10 kun oldin
Sooooo much BoRhap content. Thank you golden globes
sticksman1979 10 kun oldin
He’s going to be huge.
Restu Utami
Restu Utami 11 kun oldin
My godness! Better I watch Rami Malek than polygamy documentary. Thank God I scroll then find this.
julieta7684 11 kun oldin
Rami, is a honey handsome !
Cat B
Cat B 11 kun oldin
Get it right up you Sasha baren cohen
lindowan123 10 kun oldin
Cat B : Absolutely!! The thought of him using the memory of Freddie as a platform to promote himself and his over-inflated ego gives me the shudders. It's little wonder Brian and Roger vetoed that move.
toothy hogwartz101
toothy hogwartz101 11 kun oldin
He also has the live aid arm band
sphanlon1 11 kun oldin
Was he always just like this? I'm really seeing some idiosyncrasies of Freddie's as he's talking that apparently he may never lose.
jtmichelle 10 kun oldin
I noticed too
Lila The Cat
Lila The Cat 11 kun oldin
He's ADORABLE. Lucy is a lucky woman.
Palmina Morello
Palmina Morello 11 kun oldin
And now OSCAR
Leila Radovic
Leila Radovic 11 kun oldin
This is cute
Jenn T
Jenn T 11 kun oldin
Why 7 thumbs down......crazy asses
da96103 10 kun oldin
from Bradley.
Jenn T
Jenn T 11 kun oldin
He is just the most humble guy ever I just adore him.....and his handshake at the end wow.....and I love the Freddie gold teeth
Olga Marunenko
Olga Marunenko 11 kun oldin
Why people think his looks like Freddy Merkyri.his not even close.his face ,voice to far for Freddy Merkyri.
Mercedes Campos
Mercedes Campos 11 kun oldin
Adelaide Delgado
Adelaide Delgado 9 kun oldin
i just 😍💘😍 to see Rami malek smile on youtube.
Mercedes Campos
Mercedes Campos 11 kun oldin
+Judy Barkey yes😊😊
Judy Barkey
Judy Barkey 11 kun oldin
Just enjoy looking at him. !!!
BOSS95 11 kun oldin
2:58 she says to have Brian May in audience, and then Rami corrects her and says both of them, that was soo nice
Rie Maxwells
Rie Maxwells 11 kun oldin
Congratulations, RAMI!!! You’re god!!!
mouloudo 11 kun oldin
Chaka khan interviewing Freddie Mercury
Paula Teixeira
Paula Teixeira 11 kun oldin
I have to admit: I'm in love with Rami!
MalsDoxy Glambert
MalsDoxy Glambert 11 kun oldin
So articulate, so humble, what a lovely man and so handsome, love Mr Malek
Dorothea Sudibyo
Dorothea Sudibyo 11 kun oldin
So humble and genuine kind human!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Alysia Mer David-Wasser
OM-SAM ! i am SO happy to know he was there!!
Brooke Jackson
Brooke Jackson 11 kun oldin
I'm so happy he won! Congrats to him and to the cast & crew!
Benjamin Gräf
Benjamin Gräf 11 kun oldin
Hey Rami! Are you ready for the Oscars and Part 2 of Bohemian Rhapsody?
SunyiSideUp 11 kun oldin
She did a great interview. Some of the other interviewers made it awkward and weird, but she just talked to him like a person.
clang theo
clang theo 11 kun oldin
Love him so much! You deserve it all Rami! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ You and BoRhap!
Rada 800
Rada 800 11 kun oldin
Naturally charismatic much like Freddie. 💖 Congratulations Rami! Well deserved. 😊
JR Pacer
JR Pacer 11 kun oldin
My new Favorite person 👍
lindowan123 11 kun oldin
What is it with Queen that even the people that get to play their parts in a film ARE (and not just seem to be) really nice people devoid of over-inflated egos, bad manners, suspect opinions and basically just well-up their own arses. One has to wonder if a lack of those traits was deemed to be an essential requirement for casting?
da96103 10 kun oldin
To answer your question, they just simply rejected SBC.
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell 11 kun oldin
sure, you didn't specify that type of ego though
lindowan123 11 kun oldin
+Mike Campbell: Surely there is the ego of the loud and otherwise empty vessel, aimed at the outside World, and the internal egos of 4 people striving for THEIR collective perfection?
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell 11 kun oldin
Queen was full of egos, you can't be rock stars striving for perfection without it. The band members comment on it in interviews, Freddie mentions them all being like strutting cocks even lol But they are genuinely lovely guys too.
it's like the same but different
lindowan123 - i think the reason is because Queen were always the people’s band. Like they said in the movie “we’re a bunch of outcasts who don’t belong anywhere playing to other outcasts who also don’t fit in anywhere... we belong to them”. They were of the people, for the people and by the people. I think that’s why they resonate with every generation, every sex and every ethnic background.
Mona Winn
Mona Winn 11 kun oldin
Big congratulations Rami!!!!
Amaiso Nensy
Amaiso Nensy 11 kun oldin
Everyone seems loves Rami somehow ... ❤
Aeshna Verma
Aeshna Verma 11 kun oldin
I want to fix his bowtie a little bit.. 😁
lehcaraz1 11 kun oldin
Me too! Everything else is so perfect! He is so cute and sweet I just feel a little motherly!
Mirriam Costalar
Mirriam Costalar 11 kun oldin
Good,talented actor with good movie is success!!!!🤗😘💓
OSIAM FILMS 11 kun oldin
Both of them
arieshema 11 kun oldin
my friend always fall asleeps in the middle of watching a big screen movie or walkout the room. But it was different when we watched BoRhap, she watched it till the end & occasionally opened her phone to search for information on each character. it really was the first time she didnt do anything funny..
abigael 9 kun oldin
tell her next time not to check her phone inside a theater smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
Judy Barkey
Judy Barkey 10 kun oldin
I love him too!!! What is not to love?
Enid Newton
Enid Newton 11 kun oldin
What a sweet awesome guy and he LOVES QUEEN and worked so hard to honour Freddie !!!
Marianna Vilkaja
Marianna Vilkaja 11 kun oldin
You are the champion of the world my dear mr.Mercury!!!! Keep smili g!!!yoy have Golden Globe!!!!!! Love jou!!!!
Vegan and Spicy
Vegan and Spicy 11 kun oldin
He’s super sweet couldn’t asked for anyone better to portray Freddie
Animationss 11 kun oldin
Love him so so so much❤️ Congratulations!!!
awarenessvillage 11 kun oldin
So happy for Rami and the movie!!! He nailed Freddie!!!
superlibbyanne 11 kun oldin
“I can’t believe they are my friends”...Smiles
Katrina Cacal
Katrina Cacal 11 kun oldin
how can anyone not love rami malek?!
Naiya Upadhyay
Naiya Upadhyay 11 kun oldin
Literally a genuine and innocent person, I swear
Ana Laura Torres Campos
He doesn’t use Instagram girl! 😂 he has just like three photos, hopefully, after this he starts using it!
Ajay101 11 kun oldin
The interviewer seems like an amateur. Rami just won best Actor, yet she's talking about other film stars. Rami Malek is the star! Focus on him.
Ajay101 10 kun oldin
+esquibelle You are right AND wrong. Rami Malek was the fav to win Best Actor. Do the research. The Cooper/Gaga movie was, however, the fav to win Best Drama. So the Best Picture was a surprise.
esquibelle 10 kun oldin
+Ajay101 Bradley Cooper Gaga [hat tip to Queen again] and Star is Born were the heavy favorites to sweep awards season so it absolutely was a huge shock that not only Rami won but also BohRap
da96103 10 kun oldin
Disagree, interviewer know Rami would be uncomfortable talking about himself only for the duration of the whole itnerview, so she's is doing so by using other stars as proxy. Sneaky girl.
Ajay101 11 kun oldin
While Rami was the Fav to win, she made it seem like it was an absolute shocker.
SunyiSideUp 11 kun oldin
Completely disagree. She was great. Compared to, like, Nancy O'Dell, who made it awkward... Rami seemed really relaxed and comfortable, here, and so gave a great interview. That's what a good interviewer can bring out.
Alma Brooks
Alma Brooks 11 kun oldin
You know Rami ain’t gonna Instagram it. Lol.😉 So happy he won!
Alma Brooks
Alma Brooks 10 kun oldin
ilove her but she love Pennywise yeah I know he doesn’t like social media. To be fair if I was that famous I’d probably avoid it too. I’d feel too much pressure to please everyone. Lol.
ilove her but she love Pennywise
he doesnt know his password..LOL...from what ive heard he's not the one who made it...and his not into social media
Izabella Ursuliak
Izabella Ursuliak 11 kun oldin
I thought maybe since it's a "once in a lifetime occasion" but maybe Rami's criteria for that is pretty high. I think the Oscars maybe? Or... Only if someone asks him to take a picture. He really doesn't like social media. Besides, we saw him go for that award on video. I'm the same way I don't like to post too much. I wonder how he decides when and what to post but it probably has something to do with someone twisting his arm. 😂
Starlise Jun.from.17
He's so cute
María Isabella
María Isabella 11 kun oldin
Love the interviewer! ❤️ but love me more some Rami noodles! 😋
María Isabella
María Isabella 10 kun oldin
Mike Campbell yes! Most of them talk over him or make plain comments. 😒
Mike Campbell
Mike Campbell 11 kun oldin
I thought she was a great interviewer, not as vapid as many
cortney miller
cortney miller 11 kun oldin
Rami is such a humble, gracious guy. So deserving of all the recognition that he is receiving for playing Freddie Mercury. Congratulations Rami on your win and hope many more awards for you.
barbee0715 11 kun oldin
Gosh, he gives such great interviews! It's how I got hooked on him. Congratulations!
Keyaira malek
Keyaira malek 10 kun oldin
barbee0715 me mine youtuber had me hooked on him
Maria Cade
Maria Cade 10 kun oldin
Me too!!
Tina Babeena
Tina Babeena 10 kun oldin
barbee0715 same!!
Audrey Caruso
Audrey Caruso 11 kun oldin
Way to go Rami congratulations well deserved!
K S 11 kun oldin
It is soooo like Queen to surprise everyone and cause controversy 😂
Spickle Nick
Spickle Nick 10 kun oldin
True queen is no stranger to critics and press controversy.
K S 11 kun oldin
Lulu me too so happy for them! I felt certain after all the critic reviews I didn’t think they’d do it but you get the impression they really put their heart and soul into this and definitely deserve it 🎶🕺🏻💙
Lulu 11 kun oldin
K S to be honest, I was shocked they won two awards, too. And I am a Queen fan. Happy for them!
lehcaraz1 12 kun oldin
What a wonderful authentic person. You can tell he is so real and so humble. What a sweetheart he is. I just love how close to tears he seems to be. He has worked so hard for so many years to get to this moment. How sweet it is to see him succeed in such a big way!
Edel Kirke
Edel Kirke 10 kun oldin
Totally agree!
Paula Teixeira
Paula Teixeira 11 kun oldin
you've said everything. I feel the same!
Patsy Powers
Patsy Powers 12 kun oldin
Love him so much, great actor and seems like a very nice human being!! Congratulations!!
Skeet Freak
Skeet Freak 11 kun oldin
Patsy Powers Yes Rami is great seems nice
Nora Khaled
Nora Khaled 12 kun oldin
I love Rami so so much 💘💘💘💘💘
Eileen Pizarro
Eileen Pizarro 12 kun oldin
I just love him love love him!!! Congratulations Rami Malek.
tix 12 kun oldin
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