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Rami Malek shares Bohemian Rhapsody Funny Moments

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Rami Malek shares Bohemian Rhapsody Awesome and Funny Moments
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2-Noy, 2018

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PhantomSavage 2 oy oldin
The editing on this video deserves an oscar as much as the movie does.
r3medy5 4 kun oldin
Agreed this was well put together! subd!
Damens Le Rennetel
Damens Le Rennetel 7 kun oldin
Full Movie Online Bohemian Rhapsody Watch Now : t.co/zzCLonYu3t
Skidd Lidd Andy
Skidd Lidd Andy 10 kun oldin
And the casting. Whoever put these guys together were amazing at there job.
Joseph Fasi
Joseph Fasi 18 kun oldin
You are so very right on with this comment. The editing is the best I have seen one You tube
WaapRepeat 18 kun oldin
well said
Jana D
Jana D 6 soat oldin
Rami is so humble and adorable, I wonder if he even realises how talented he is.
RZ Nb 11 soat oldin
He immersed his self so much into the role of Freddie he actually contracted aids.
Jay Young
Jay Young 12 soat oldin
He played the shit out a this character. He totally gave us Freddie mercury. Love love love this movie
Ernest Angoluan
Ernest Angoluan 20 soat oldin
serve me some spaghetti XD
Madi Madeline
Madi Madeline 23 soat oldin
He did an amazing job playing Freddie 😭❤️
Bubba Thedog
Bubba Thedog 23 soat oldin
Great movie. It broke my heart.
A Film Company
A Film Company Kun oldin
This has been cut really well
David Houma
David Houma Kun oldin
Rami Malek should play Prince as well.
sacconner Kun oldin
I agree 100% with dq hario! If Oscar doesn't pic Rami for an Oscar they are BLIND!! The entire movie was beyond outstanding!
Alleyne Warner
Alleyne Warner Kun oldin
@PhantomSavage Agree! ... is this a new genre? Excellent format ...
Miray Doğan
Miray Doğan Kun oldin
0.39 Bucky?
Kuriboh Kun oldin
I love the movie but stop, he doesn't deserve an oscar
Primal Instinct
Primal Instinct 2 kun oldin
The hardest part for Rami would be getting AIDS for this movie .
Mihkel Roogna
Mihkel Roogna 2 kun oldin
nice , you made something for world
Lindabulsara Curtis
Rami, you've done your Freddie homework and you're an amazing actor... However, you're now part of us Freddie fans realm. God bless you and thank you so much for your HARD work.
Mo 2 kun oldin
Very proud of our Egyptian Rami and our Egyptian soccer king Mohamed Salah :) :) thank you to Europe and USA for making them shine :) :).
Anouja M
Anouja M 2 kun oldin
excellent performance the only comment I have is they should have Rami wear brown contact lenses
Fuadas Marius Alijevas
serve me spaghetti :D
library gary
library gary 3 kun oldin
Stitching together the best bits of these canned interviews is so heplful
Autumn fleming
Autumn fleming 3 kun oldin
I saw the movie in theatres and pre ordered it on amazon. Super excited
David Vincent
David Vincent 4 kun oldin
He was amazing. Good job
BEARDEDYAKER 4 kun oldin
His real name is "Faroq" being he attended and grew up in India.
Iris Ioannou
Iris Ioannou 4 kun oldin
His performance on Bohemian rapsody was amazing!!! RESPECT
Aphrodite Lee
Aphrodite Lee 4 kun oldin
I have the biggest crush on him... geez...
Bia Oliveira
Bia Oliveira 4 kun oldin
Thank you, mr editor!
Sude Karameşe
Sude Karameşe 4 kun oldin
Jerry Sisneros
Jerry Sisneros 4 kun oldin
After winning a Golden Globe Rami remains so humble. I hope Hollywood doesn’t ruin him he did a fantastic job.
Ms Havrot's Canadian University Math Prerequisites
I am SO in love with Rami Malek. He's a genius!
R a m
R a m 5 kun oldin
Saw the movie last night......I can guarantee you Rami will win an Oscar for this role........ I'm not being hopeful, I'm being honest. He literally rocked this movie. Quite amazing actor he is. It's really chilling how he acquired the persona of Freddy. Great job, Rami.
FreakySalamander 5 kun oldin
He looks like such a down to earth dude. Hes such a bean.
Angry Goblin
Angry Goblin 5 kun oldin
From now on I will watch everything this man does. He is a genius.
Ruth Fan
Ruth Fan 6 kun oldin
A Great Actor.
Sean Chambers
Sean Chambers 6 kun oldin
Jimmy please shut up you always do this
Linda Hollingsworth
LLM !!
LLM !! 6 kun oldin
He will always be a tiny Egyptian emperor to me 😍😍
Sarah Berkner
Sarah Berkner 7 kun oldin
I will always think of him as... Akmenrah from Night at the Museum :) He does a great job though, as far as I can tell from the trailer.
Blair Macdonald
Blair Macdonald 7 kun oldin
0:05 Freddie has a clear lesion under his arm. I can find no discussion on it, but this is before he came out with the news of his AIDS to the world - other than the band - right?
bjo sch
bjo sch 7 kun oldin
Guys ... check out 4th Impact’s amazing homage to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody ... uzvid.com/video/video-buFP4t7a05U.html
Misheel Tamir
Misheel Tamir 7 kun oldin
That editing tho-
Lemonlimewhale 7 kun oldin
I love rami soooooooo much! ❤️
QwakeyQwak 7 kun oldin
Globalhell 7 kun oldin
joseph Traff
joseph Traff 7 kun oldin
Mr. Robot ....👍👍👍
Keith Stinnette
Keith Stinnette 7 kun oldin
Dude, this editing job is fantastic!! You just got yourself a new subscriber!
Belle Masc
Belle Masc 7 kun oldin
MW MW 7 kun oldin
There can be 100 people in a room and only one will make you shoot live aid on day 1
veggiesaremurder 8 kun oldin
"Rami Malek talks about his teeth for eleven minutes".
A Dejong
A Dejong 8 kun oldin
Love this Guy... Freddie would be proud
Philippa Cork
Philippa Cork 8 kun oldin
I love him so much ❤️ He’s such a good actor Queen will forever be the “Best Band Of All Time” tbh 😊 Who has watched “Bohemian Rhapsody”? 🙃
Alberto N.
Alberto N. 8 kun oldin
This guy is great! That´s better than winning an Oscar.
ReaganPatriot 8 kun oldin
outstanding editing my friend!
cosmic voyager
cosmic voyager 8 kun oldin
RAMI comes across as a really nice guy. Not afraid to poke fun at himself. I think it would be awesome for him to be nominated for an Academy Award and then hear the words "The OSCAR Goes To -- Rami Malek!" 🙌!❤🙌!❤🙌!❤🙌!❤ Thanks for this great edit of all these videos!👍
Ratih Giovanna
Ratih Giovanna 8 kun oldin
Can't wait my husband get Oscar 😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩... go go go....
Wisewoe Tiswell
Wisewoe Tiswell 8 kun oldin
I remember that Live Aid at Wembley concert, the whole world watched and we all totally lost it when Queen came on. That was legendary, the fact that we're still talking about it today proves that. Freddy Mercury was a legend.
William Smith
William Smith 8 kun oldin
Freddie Mercury was spontaneous, raw, passion and Rami Malek, endearing.
Donna Maki
Donna Maki 8 kun oldin
Very Talented Actor
Lovely Abundo
Lovely Abundo 8 kun oldin
Watched movie last night FANTASTIC
Goo Goo
Goo Goo 8 kun oldin
Stupid jerk....he's a little sweatier....what a fool
miaconcerto 8 kun oldin
Loved the movie. Thanks for posting this video. Rami Malek strikes me as being very intelligent & articulate. He deserves an Oscar for his performance.
angel83119 Fiona
angel83119 Fiona 8 kun oldin
He is so adorable...Love him...
Shadow Rares
Shadow Rares 8 kun oldin
I still like Freddie Mercury better -~-
nder hazza
nder hazza 8 kun oldin
Best promoter ever
Tulpen23 9 kun oldin
Well cut video! Bravo!
Mariabo75 9 kun oldin
He talks about Freddy like he is still alive Beautifully done ! Love love this video. Thank you so much!!
jedsart jedsart
jedsart jedsart 9 kun oldin
Great video thanks well done.
Archie Frazer
Archie Frazer 9 kun oldin
The editing is awesome, Keep Up The Great Content!
dnice 9 kun oldin
rami my mother is turning 80 and she loved the MOVIE and freddy and YOU!! she saw it 3 times - her party is freddy themed- if you are n ct sunday jan 13- please come!!!
dnice 9 kun oldin
is rami gay? just curious
Kombat_King 9 kun oldin
Josh from Until Dawn has talent.
F*****G Tubular Dude
A hell of a lot of work went into making this video
Ravenclaw Girl
Ravenclaw Girl 9 kun oldin
I think there’s still a little bit of Freddie in him after playing that 😂 great actor loved bohemian rhapsody
Donna M Bee
Donna M Bee 9 kun oldin
Give him the Oscar already! His performance in this film was simply brilliant!
Bobbie Lepore
Bobbie Lepore 9 kun oldin
Loved the movie it was Great! He was outstanding as Freddie. He really should get an Oscar ❤
Tracy Dailey
Tracy Dailey 9 kun oldin
He reminds me of a young Tom Hanks
mistersurrealist 9 kun oldin
There's something so strangely attractive about him.
lindowan123 9 kun oldin
If the truth ever comes out, probably the reason Brian, Roger & Co hired Rami Malek at 2:49 to 3:10 mins, "...................here we have a humble actor for once". As Roger said in another interview about why Sasha Baron Cohen wasn't considered, " he never took being Freddie serious enough." Loyalty to the eternal memory of their friend trumped everything else.
CokeCph 9 kun oldin
Respect for Rami portraying Freddie. But i really think that Sacha cohen Baron could have done it better. dont get me wrong Rami is perfect. But Sacha would have been the best choice
lindowan123 9 kun oldin
CokeCph : Roger Taylor ( and one has to assume Brian and the rest) is on video record as saying Sasha playing the part of Freddie Mercury "was never really on as he didn't treat Freddie serious enough". I reckon they got that spot on, as while Freddie was a showman on stage he was very humble and gracious off stage. Sasha Baron Cohen would have used the film to showcase himself and the "real" Freddie would have got lost somewhere on the cutting room floor.
Melissa jones
Melissa jones 9 kun oldin
Rami is clearly in absolute awe of Freddy.
otolith5 9 kun oldin
class act
David Summer
David Summer 9 kun oldin
Elliot who? This is his master piece d resistance
Lisa G
Lisa G 9 kun oldin
Why did they have some American playing him 😒
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl 9 kun oldin
I find it odd in these interviews how Adam Lambert never comes up. He’s been touring with Queen for years
lindowan123 9 kun oldin
Amazing Supergirl : Adam toured WITH Queen but he always had a separate Title Billing ie., Queen + Adam Lambert and Adam's role was to capture the essence of Freddie's songs and performance, but in his OWN style and not to imitate Freddie. Rami's role was to portray, as near as humanly possible as an Actor, the real Freddie Mercury.
Sandra Oaks Hallock
Sandra Oaks Hallock 10 kun oldin
Loved his golden globe thank you speech. What a great tribute to Freddie Mercury..you beautiful man and he threw gorgeous a kiss. Loved it.
Petrillo123 zbornak
Petrillo123 zbornak 10 kun oldin
God this man is utterly adorable.
Emily Rose
Emily Rose 10 kun oldin
If I were rami I would take all the clothes and live out my life as freddie
Jmae 10 kun oldin
Loved the movie and love Rami Malek
Laura Navarro
Laura Navarro 10 kun oldin
Why im so fucking in love with Rami it hurts!
Bruno'sBaBySquirrel 10 kun oldin
2:10 'I know what you're saying by that and I appreciate it' - I will never be able to accept a compliment so graciously. I don't think we realize how incredibly smooth and lovely that was.
Marta Parkinson
Marta Parkinson 10 kun oldin
I have to say, the editing is AMAZING! so smooth!
Monica Jugdaohsingh
Monica Jugdaohsingh 10 kun oldin
He's good
Man of beard
Man of beard 10 kun oldin
I really enjoy Rami in Mr Robot. But in Bohemian Rhapsody he absolutely excelled as Freddie Mercury. Really hope he wins an Oscar. Great guy to.
Olivia Buchanan
Olivia Buchanan 10 kun oldin
HAHAHAHAHA 9:11 I thought he said “That’s when my niece starting shaking the most” 😂
Marcel Venter
Marcel Venter 10 kun oldin
Awesome video!
Alena Harshchuk
Alena Harshchuk 10 kun oldin
Ну да, Мальвина обожает его одного!!!😂😂😂
Alena Harshchuk
Alena Harshchuk 10 kun oldin
Спасибо, Немо.)))
Emmy May
Emmy May 11 kun oldin
Marry me Rami?!!?!
chikkinoof gabby
chikkinoof gabby 11 kun oldin
Wasn’t this the guy that rejected that girl who wanted him to say her friends names ? That’s how I know this guy.
Fatima Rodrigues
Fatima Rodrigues 11 kun oldin
Clara nunes
damn yankee
damn yankee 11 kun oldin
I know his real name saw queen 1980
Rami Malek Speech
11 kun oldin