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Rami Malek Teeth Nose & Hair Becoming Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

James Rundle
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Rami Malek Teeth Nose & Hair Becoming Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody Movie
Watch the entire documentary on iTunes itunes.apple.com/us/post/sa.7f73f6e0-12ce-11e9-839c-9af18e2077ec
Apple Music link t.co/DHJ5Rtjhge?amp=1
Alternative link www.macrumors.com/2019/01/11/apple-music-bohemian-rhapsody/
This video sees Rami Malek and how he prepared for the role of Freddie Mercury the wigs he used how the makeup department altered his nose with prosthetic one.
Rami also talks about Freddie’s teeth and the size they chose for the role




12-Yan, 2019



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Lauren Gregg
Lauren Gregg 28 kun oldin
He Looks Just Like Freddie
Why tho :/
Why tho :/ 29 kun oldin
The movie was REAL GOOD!
GWENT 29 kun oldin
The most overrated actor ever for the most overrated film ever for the most overrated band ever :-)
Almita O.
Almita O. 29 kun oldin
I wonder why he never fixed his teeth?
Evil Eye Weddings
Evil Eye Weddings 29 kun oldin
GOD that sucks.
OG KILLA WS 29 kun oldin
Crazy, rami doest look like freddy lmao. And the hight omg freddy looks way taller than rami
Hide girl
Hide girl Oy oldin
Also I didn't know Ben hardy was in it
Hide girl
Hide girl Oy oldin
I watched the film it's good but sad 😭
I’m petrified of Nipple chafing
He is like perfect for playing freddie
CODE Jack Oy oldin
i watched this at night with headphones on and it sounds like i don’t have headphones on
Alisa Aquino
Alisa Aquino Oy oldin
He's so handsome 😅
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar Oy oldin
He deserve oscar 😁
People are going in about rami not having colored contacts. You don't realize how uncomfortable contacts can be for some people. I dont think he should have been tortured just so they got the right color.
kazu wata
kazu wata Oy oldin
Arthur Curry
Arthur Curry Oy oldin
Overrated trash
Jay douglas
Jay douglas Oy oldin
And yet still didn’t look anything like him
eloise_draws_ Oy oldin
They went to all this extent but still didn’t bother with brown contacts
Ana _o
Ana _o Oy oldin
Rami kinda looks a bit like Bruno Mars..
Donita Monroe Denpasar BALi
Gorgeuos atuh darl
Silvia Alcucero
I m love you bohemian rapsody
Connorrow Oy oldin
Hes so into character its amazing. 'A bit high in the corners. What do you think?' Rami: 'a touch.'
Maggie Fenton Kuzawa
Freddie would be proud and I bet he is in spirit!! Also Bohemian Rhapsody beats out all of 2018's films!! People rave on about A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga but they didn't transform like Lady Gaga basically played herself, a singer!!! Rami Malek went through a BIG transformation!!! Bohemian Rhapsody should win the Oscars!!!!
Cristina Saucedo
I am sorry but those teeth are ridiculous
Jose Morales
Jose Morales Oy oldin
the most beautiful thing is the respect he has for Freddie Mercury, something that Sacha Baron Cohen didn't show.
Sonny Perez
Sonny Perez Oy oldin
They forgot to copy the jaw and how freddie mercury walk and stand.
Zelda Zedd
Zelda Zedd Oy oldin
И всё равно получился не похож..
Your Mum
Your Mum Oy oldin
And award to you for the excellent sound quality
Santiago Lara
Santiago Lara Oy oldin
La peluca del pelo corto no hacía falta
franz beck
franz beck Oy oldin
i dont think he looked like him or sounded like freddie at all. not a great performance. i think the hype is too much. he didnt even sing the songs.
Mohd Nazim Nordin
Rami make it live.. hahaha
Diego Alonso
Diego Alonso Oy oldin
Sasha Baron Cohen would be a better Freddie
Danny J.
Danny J. Oy oldin
Chris Oy oldin
i wish freddie looked like him
Jeremiah Plays All
Katie De Luise
If he looked like Freddie , he would be him , he is an actor playing him and did a good job .
Greeny Green
Greeny Green Oy oldin
In my opinion the teeth/lips were overdone on Remi in the film, sure Freddie had prominent teeth but Remi just looks like an ape!
ENIGMA -POP- Oy oldin
If Rami had gained 10 pounds for the movie - giving him a fuller face - he'd look exactly like Freddie.
れもん Oy oldin
I wanted to know his teeth fake or not
Zoë Bell
Zoë Bell Oy oldin
he is wearing fake teeth to imitate Freddie's overbite
Lineth Gonzalez
Not only did he got the physic but the charm and personality as well he deserves all the awards...and they didn't change the eye color is because Rami said that his job wasn't to imitate him or be an exact copy of Freddy just to give his version of him and for us to focus on the emotional part
Kikusin22 Oy oldin
His eyes are too disturbing for me, too big 😲
K H Oy oldin
He looks nothing like Freddy
Belinda Aponte
Best movie of 2018 but today is 2019
Bane Basara
Bane Basara Oy oldin
He didn´t even grow his own moustache?
Mire Sanova
Mire Sanova Oy oldin
Me encantaaaa🙈❤❤❤
Jen jen de SARAPen
Hello guys im new here in youtube please please subscribe in my channel thanks alot!
Ia Kubrick
Ia Kubrick Oy oldin
Rami ❤️❤️❤️
Jennifer Garcia
They picked right actor to play freddie and make up wigs and everything..i'm amazed
Arthur Curry
Arthur Curry Oy oldin
He still doesn’t look like him
Аня А.
Аня А. Oy oldin
Синяки под глазами нужно было убрать
smriti gurung
smriti gurung Oy oldin
And a standing ovation for the makeup artist
Olivia Prechal
soooooo sexy
Bonnie Davies
Bonnie Davies Oy oldin
By far my favourite movie!
G D_fsse
G D_fsse Oy oldin
freddy did not had big fishy eyes, , djeeses, could they not picked up somebody else, at least someone with smaller eyes.
Ingrid Aguero
Ingrid Aguero Oy oldin
I thought the hair and mustache were real.
Shannen K
Shannen K Oy oldin
Boner patrol!! 01:16
lilli putian
lilli putian Oy oldin
Mina Namiki
Mina Namiki Oy oldin
Too much bohemian rhapsody, i ended up here
rachael Kwon
rachael Kwon Oy oldin
I’m sure Rami did good job 👍 but .. his portrayal the same time bothers The f**k out me. Sorry
Amy Locke
Amy Locke Oy oldin
I personally think Sacha Baron Cohen resembles Freddie a lot more than Rami.
yeet Oy oldin
yeah no
Ice 77
Ice 77 Oy oldin
Yeah. And Sacha more tall than Rami. I think Hollywood want a lot of young horny fangirls.
Robin Lofton
Robin Lofton Oy oldin
You did a good ass job 🎶 *chance the rapper song*
Windysaint Oy oldin
Great job, excellent actor Rami. ❤️ the movie so much 👍
ccaylee_ xxox
ccaylee_ xxox Oy oldin
Wow. And my friends think he just stuck a fake mustache and wig on lmao
shreya raj
shreya raj Oy oldin
It bothers me that they forgot about the eyes .
May Lin
May Lin Oy oldin
A, ahem, a *gelatin* nose? Killer
Sandy Andrews
Sandy Andrews 2 oy oldin
God I love rami malek’s voice it’s so soothing
Ka Sia
Ka Sia 2 oy oldin
..hi looks like a young Mick Jagger
Ilse Melo
Ilse Melo 2 oy oldin
Ese tipo nada q ver con fredy
Hamama Ali
Hamama Ali 2 oy oldin
But how come with all the work they did with his nose, hair , teeth they forgot to make him wear contact lenses because Freddie jad brown eyes not blue. They should have completed the work.
adriani wida
adriani wida 2 oy oldin
Rami has bigger eyes than freddie
Tiia way
Tiia way 2 oy oldin
Well boohoo
VLADA KA 2 oy oldin
dynasty 2 oy oldin
It has been stated why Rami didn't wear contact lenses. Instead of complaining about every little detail, do some research to see why.
Freddie Mercury My Reason
I do not want to offend either Rami Malek, nor the film and the cast of Bohemian Rhapsody but sincerely both with makeup and wigs Rami does not look like Freddie at all. obviously it is impossible to make someone like Freddie, with makeup, but at least one of his age, with the features a little 'more similar could be found in my opinion. however Freddie was, is and will always be unreachable. I love you so much Freddie, and I miss you like the air 💕 bye
Blister Monde
Blister Monde Oy oldin
Looks more like his character than other biopics. Compare his look to Val Kilmer as Jim Morrision, Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious or Joaquin Phoenix as Johnn Cash. I was sceptical at first, but he is as close as you can get.
Exciting Marmot
Pokémon VioliZ Sacha Cohen Baron will suit Freddy body size..but they chose Rami maybe because Sacha is comedian
Arpy Kalep xd
Arpy Kalep xd 2 oy oldin
Brisa Mosqueda
Brisa Mosqueda 2 oy oldin
Like si amas el rock
ELI NEFF 2 oy oldin
Freddie would be silly over Rami and the movie
Natali Kolesnikova
малек отстой
Angela The Angel
Angela The Angel 2 oy oldin
I Ramin now I can't Ramout Or Queenout
Shushi Mushi
Shushi Mushi 2 oy oldin
Becoming a parody. This movie is disgusting joke. Freddie would say something like "F**k you all ! "
Tiia way
Tiia way 2 oy oldin
Your opinion. I love the movie.
Andrea Tiso
Andrea Tiso 2 oy oldin
They don't talk about thetts
ArilovesP!ATD Gonzalez
jackelin De leon VLOGS
Excellent video love this.....is nice 🤗❤❤❤❤
フィーミッ 2 oy oldin
It seems that Freddy mercury is really alive.I thought it was different from Japan.
Джамиля Батукаева
Фильм не понравился,жалкая копия великого Фредди,но за попытку спасибо
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee 2 oy oldin
Colored contacts cannot cover the entire iris with color without hindering vision, unless they are those really pigmented cosplay ones. Any up close shot would have made it very obvious he was wearing colored lenses!
JetlinerDtj 2 oy oldin
Camila P
Camila P 2 oy oldin
Forgot the eyes!!
Jan Hanus
Jan Hanus 2 oy oldin
I did not know the name Rami Malek before...now I know I will know it till end of my days...thank you for bringing love of my live back to life...
whoa the nose looked real and can i just say he NAILED the accent?!
Katie Rutkowski
Katie Rutkowski 2 oy oldin
do u have to preorder the movie to get the behind the scenes or does it just come free?
ana ogata
ana ogata 2 oy oldin
They forgot about using lens, Freddie had Brown eyes, not blue
Stephen Higgins
Stephen Higgins 2 oy oldin
Didn't he have time to grow his own 'tashe ??
Lyda Gridneva
Lyda Gridneva 2 oy oldin
Что ему не поставили линзы? Ведь это самое главное во взгляде Фредди!
KimboGirl 2 oy oldin
When ever I look at him as Freddie I'm like oh it's Freddie then I'm like oh he's not here anymore😥😭
Aegisth 2 oy oldin
He could be Freddie's son. Lol!
Wonderwoman Mazza
Biggest mistake they made?they didn't change Rami's eye colour! Doesn't cos much to get black/brown eye contacts lenses!
Henriqueta Almeida
Com certeza tem gente que ficaria melhor e na precisaria de tanta maquiagem assim. Mas fazer o que né???
*JIMMY* *PLANT* 2 oy oldin
0:59 Angel👼🏻
Koala 2 oy oldin
Something about the way he smiles is very Freddie, and it's not the false teeth. Brilliant casting.
Sadiya S
Sadiya S 2 oy oldin
omg they captured the look soooo well - the nose, the teeth, the cheekbones, the eyes, the colouring and then of course Rami nails the voice too. sorry but I'm glad sacha baron cohen wasn't Freddie, he wouldn't have been as convincing
heathernicblu 2 oy oldin
Rami HUNG anyone else see that? 😂😂😂
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