Rami Malek Teeth Nose & Hair Becoming Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

James Rundle
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Rami Malek Teeth Nose & Hair Becoming Freddie Mercury Bohemian Rhapsody Movie
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This video sees Rami Malek and how he prepared for the role of Freddie Mercury the wigs he used how the makeup department altered his nose with prosthetic one.
Rami also talks about Freddie’s teeth and the size they chose for the role




12-Yan, 2019



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ELI NEFF Soat oldin
Freddie would be silly over Rami and the movie
Natali Kolesnikova
малек отстой
Angela The Angel
I Ramin now I can't Ramout Or Queenout
Shushi Mushi
Shushi Mushi 2 kun oldin
Becoming a parody. This movie is disgusting joke. Freddie would say something like "F**k you all ! "
Andrea Tiso
Andrea Tiso 2 kun oldin
They don't talk about thetts
Ariana Gonzalez
Ariana Gonzalez 2 kun oldin
jackelin De leon VLOGS
Excellent video love this.....is nice 🤗❤❤❤❤
フィーミッ 3 kun oldin
It seems that Freddy mercury is really alive.I thought it was different from Japan.
Джамиля Батукаева
Фильм не понравился,жалкая копия великого Фредди,но за попытку спасибо
タピオカオカ 3 kun oldin
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee 4 kun oldin
Colored contacts cannot cover the entire iris with color without hindering vision, unless they are those really pigmented cosplay ones. Any up close shot would have made it very obvious he was wearing colored lenses!
JetlinerDtj 4 kun oldin
Camila P
Camila P 4 kun oldin
Forgot the eyes!!
Jan Hanus
Jan Hanus 4 kun oldin
I did not know the name Rami Malek before...now I know I will know it till end of my days...thank you for bringing love of my live back to life...
LittlezombieRocker 4 kun oldin
whoa the nose looked real and can i just say he NAILED the accent?!
Katie Rutkowski
Katie Rutkowski 4 kun oldin
do u have to preorder the movie to get the behind the scenes or does it just come free?
ana ogata
ana ogata 4 kun oldin
They forgot about using lens, Freddie had Brown eyes, not blue
Stephen Higgins
Stephen Higgins 4 kun oldin
Didn't he have time to grow his own 'tashe ??
Lyda Gridneva
Lyda Gridneva 4 kun oldin
Что ему не поставили линзы? Ведь это самое главное во взгляде Фредди!
KimboGirl 4 kun oldin
When ever I look at him as Freddie I'm like oh it's Freddie then I'm like oh he's not here anymore😥😭
Aegisth 4 kun oldin
He could be Freddie's son. Lol!
Sevda Babayeva
Sevda Babayeva 4 kun oldin
Фоедди не был карликом и глазами как у жабы...клоун Мадик..
Wonderwoman Mazza
Wonderwoman Mazza 4 kun oldin
Biggest mistake they made?they didn't change Rami's eye colour! Doesn't cos much to get black/brown eye contacts lenses!
Henriqueta Almeida
Henriqueta Almeida 4 kun oldin
Com certeza tem gente que ficaria melhor e na precisaria de tanta maquiagem assim. Mas fazer o que né???
*JIMMY* *PLANT* 4 kun oldin
0:59 Angel👼🏻
Mo Mo
Mo Mo 4 kun oldin
Something about the way he smiles is very Freddie, and it's not the false teeth. Brilliant casting.
Sadiya S
Sadiya S 4 kun oldin
omg they captured the look soooo well - the nose, the teeth, the cheekbones, the eyes, the colouring and then of course Rami nails the voice too. sorry but I'm glad sacha baron cohen wasn't Freddie, he wouldn't have been as convincing
heathernicblu 5 kun oldin
Rami HUNG anyone else see that? 😂😂😂
Натали Л
Натали Л 5 kun oldin
Хреновые гримеры!Или не тот типаж!Ну не похож он на Фредди!!Хоть убейте!!Фредди наверное и скопировать нельзя!Настолько он личность индивидуальеая!!Неповторимая!!Непобедимая!!Таких нет!И не будет даже подобия!!
Sevda Babayeva
Sevda Babayeva 4 kun oldin
Не Фредди,в карикатура
shonebx 5 kun oldin
For me he did look very much like Freddie with the haircut but my impression about FM was different from the videos and interviews I've seen over the years. To me he seemed more cheerful, quirky, dynamic...in this movie I didn't see that. There was a bit of intensity lacking IMHO
cr electrical
cr electrical 5 kun oldin
They really should of used Sacha baron Cohen. Rami was to small
KimboGirl 4 kun oldin
No they shouldn't rami looked exactly like Freddie it's about the face not the height you want him to look like him it does not matter if he's a tiny bit taller
Remember Greatness
Remember Greatness 5 kun oldin
‘Hair Nose and Teeth’ the supergroup that never was. Rod Stewart mentioned it once upon a time- Elton (hair), Rod (nose) and Freddie (teeth). I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Melancholy Blues (But I Don’t Wanna Talk About It)
FARRINGTON 5 kun oldin
The teeth were too big FAIL”
Chaz Coats-Butcher
Chaz Coats-Butcher 5 kun oldin
And yet they left his eyes blue. Go figure.
Karina Natalia Yamilé Ávalos Robledo
Firulais 1946
Firulais 1946 5 kun oldin
alguien le puede decir a Rami que me devuelva mi pelo?
Wendy Combe
Wendy Combe 5 kun oldin
I love every single thing about this movie including the fake nose 👃
Elissa Schornstein
Elissa Schornstein 5 kun oldin
A wonderful actor who was excellent as Freddie. A perfect choice. 🌞
Jazzy Fabbry
Jazzy Fabbry 5 kun oldin
Huilen Humacata
Huilen Humacata 5 kun oldin
I can't see more Rami's videos, i'm so fuckimg in love with him
Ivan Salas
Ivan Salas 5 kun oldin
sorry but I do not want offend anyone but I think this is the Freddy mercury Simpson, s version, 😨
Naomi Meme
Naomi Meme 5 kun oldin
Make up artist are truly amazing Not those jeffree Star kind of mUA I mean actual make up artist wow
carokat1111 Smith
carokat1111 Smith 5 kun oldin
So many comments about Rami not wearing brown contacts. He asked not to wear them because it is hard to show emotion with them in. Plus, it was a 6 month shoot so I don't blame him for not wanting them in for that length of time. He captured Freddie's essence without them.
BroHends 5 kun oldin
bruno mars???
Sofia P.
Sofia P. 5 kun oldin
0:37 The way he moves his mouth, very Freddie
NutellaTheDonut !
NutellaTheDonut ! 6 kun oldin
I had no idea he was wearing a wig for Freddie’s moustache and short hair phase
beth 6 kun oldin
Te pasaste con los dientes colega!
Jamjamtherodent 6 kun oldin
Rami looks nothing like Freddie fight me
τακης !
τακης ! 6 kun oldin
Ενας άσχημος υποδύεται τον Θεό Freddie mercury
τακης !
τακης ! 6 kun oldin
The eyes....you don't have the EYES sorry men but you don't look with Freddie at all
LivanaFaolan 6 kun oldin
I know it's a wig. But I have to say that Rami looks fantastic with long hair. *YUM!!!*
Petra Devries
Petra Devries 6 kun oldin
petra de vries he is not so goodlucking as freddy wase but rammi is a great actor and he plays the role off freddy so good. i saw the movie. i can understand that the film is a big hit. it is a fantastic movie all the actors a great. oscars the deserve it. and queen nostalgie.
Majapiraya 6 kun oldin
I'm currently obsessed with Rami Malek
TopSecretMakeup 6 kun oldin
He WAS Freddie. He was amazing! An Oscar winner!
τακης !
τακης ! 6 kun oldin
Ohh come on Freddie is Freddie
Belle R
Belle R 6 kun oldin
This is incredible
Charliegüemes 6 kun oldin
they are nothing alike
II-BadSport Vulture-II
Wow WTF He actually looks exactly like Freddie Mercury wow
simon marshall
simon marshall 6 kun oldin
Great film and performance
iris james
iris james 6 kun oldin
Wish there was a way to increase his height a bit...rest is perfect
Disney65Fan 6 kun oldin
Cool never knew about the nose.
RozanneMiller 6 kun oldin
They went to those lengths, but didn't have Malek wear brown contacts. It was the biggest disruption to watching Malek play Freddie, his eyes were the wrong colour.
eng shaima
eng shaima 6 kun oldin
Am surprised he didnt wear lenses to match Freddie’s eye color
Nastja Nikolaeva
Nastja Nikolaeva 6 kun oldin
Why are his eyes blue,Freddie's eyes are brown!
Michael Jackson Fan•
Frankie Nicklas
Frankie Nicklas 6 kun oldin
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clumsy_Juls 6 kun oldin
Ok but why didn't they change the color of his eyes? This question's been haunting me for months now :')
Peyton Mckay
Peyton Mckay 3 kun oldin
They irrated Ramis eyes
angela marie
angela marie 6 kun oldin
I always wonder why they never put dark brown contacts in like Freddies eyes?
Lucía Ávila García
Why they keep him eyes blue?? :v
Donna Forde
Donna Forde 6 kun oldin
Did anyone think they over did his teeth ...too goofy like ?. I do , especially at the start of the movie ..then I think they toned them down because they knew they were too over done . Brilliant. Impersonation though and brill movie 💗
SonshineLady 6 kun oldin
The Live Aid scene was shot first.
Shellina Musa
Shellina Musa 6 kun oldin
He really doesn't look like Freddie, but that shows even more what great acting talent he has! After the first ten minutes I was hooked in, and really believed him as Freddie.
Elle y la luna
Elle y la luna 6 kun oldin
Marry me Rami!
Frank Dombrowski
Frank Dombrowski 6 kun oldin
GOOD DAY🐨MATE'S! I Saw Many Fine 🎞 Last Year. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY was By Far One of the Best of 2018! The GOLDEN GLOBE Was Well Deserved For Best Picture. RAMI MALEKS Proformance As QUEENS Legendary FREDDY MERCURY Was Simply Stellar and Superb. One of the Best last Year. Golden Globe Win For Best Actor was Very Worthy. GOD Be With Y'all! ❤✌💪
Christian Candelaria
Why not the brown eyes though?
Martha Velazquez
Martha Velazquez 6 kun oldin
Guapo Rami talentoso
Big Cat
Big Cat 6 kun oldin
Welcome to the 127th episode of why is this in my recommended???
Sherwin Alviar
Sherwin Alviar 6 kun oldin
We need the raw photos from the promo shoot. 🤣
сью З
сью З 6 kun oldin
Гримёр это худшее что случилось в фильме. Не угадал ни с чем.
Victoria Jones
Victoria Jones 6 kun oldin
More behind the scenes please
Imotorium VLOG
Imotorium VLOG 6 kun oldin
They forgot about eyes, freddie had brown and rami blue
anaki uthmann
anaki uthmann Kun oldin
The stylist said that a biopic is not about perfectly matching the person, its more about their story. She said that contacts didn't seem necessary.
lill3beaniris 2 kun oldin
I thought that too. 🤔💭
Murjana M
Murjana M 2 kun oldin
+Mike Campbell i think it makes sense, like watching the film there's a lot of close up on the eyes and even slight things like changes in the dilation of the pupils which come along with emotions would not come across as well with contacts in.
Quagga Goomers
Quagga Goomers 3 kun oldin
Well on UZvid it says the contacts ar soar and the producers didn’t want him looking too much like Freddie or it would have been unreal u might say.
Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown 6 kun oldin
During the Eighties I loved going to a high impact aerobics class where one of my favorite routines was done to ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST! From there I became a QUEEN fan. Thanks to all who had anything to do with getting this to the screen! And as for Rami, he has really got a problem as I am crushing on him big time and I'm seventy six!😍
Ramiro Belmares
Ramiro Belmares 6 kun oldin
I'm surprised they didn't change much of his eyebrows
Pie Guts
Pie Guts 6 kun oldin
Is it bad I'm straight but think rami is so adorable?
Pie Guts
Pie Guts 6 kun oldin
+Jane Katalane thanks
Jane Katalane
Jane Katalane 6 kun oldin
nope, not bad at all. he IS adorable. i'm female but i'm sure i'd still find him adorable if i was male. some people are just adorable looking, as well as personality wise, that gender and/or sexual preferences becomes pointless :) i'd actually be more concerned if you didn't find Rami to be adorable. lol. so, no worries, Pie Guts. it's not bad at all...
takenbysleep21 6 kun oldin
look how in character he is at 0:34. absolutely stunning, he is still in hair and makeup yet is taking on freddie’s mannerisms
Denise Armstrong
Denise Armstrong 6 kun oldin
I got dentures not implants but good old fashioned ones you take out it’s a miracle that Rami could get used to fake teeth over his natural teeth
SonshineLady 6 kun oldin
@Denise Armstrong - I've thought the same thing! I got dentures two years ago and it felt like I had a hockey puck in my mouth!! About the time I was getting used to them, my gums began shrinking. My dentist doesn't use temporary dentures so now the plates are too big for my gums and I sometimes choke a bit when eating. (Don't have the money at this time to get another set.) So yeah...getting used to the prosthesis OVER his teeth, which already have an overbite, would be hard.
Tan Siying
Tan Siying 6 kun oldin
THE NOSE HAHA omg never knew that 😱
Alison Sheehan
Alison Sheehan 6 kun oldin
Thank you for this video!!!!
Elena Joyy
Elena Joyy 6 kun oldin
Never noticed the change in the nose! Rami was amazing at acting as Freddie 💕
elizabeth luz LoveOfMyLife
Well Done to all involved in Bohemian Rhapsody!
Maia Ruch
Maia Ruch 6 kun oldin
good maia is unicon mom dod
Neh-Bih Sangbong
Neh-Bih Sangbong 6 kun oldin
lydia venema
lydia venema 6 kun oldin
it surprises me that with all the effort they put into the nose, the teeth, and the hair; they didn’t give him coloured contacts
Snow Pascual
Snow Pascual 6 kun oldin
He said that he can't wear contact lenses because they irritated his eyes and will affect his performance when he is filmed in close up frame!
Secret crush on glam
Not everyone can deal with contacts. Like.. I try often, have been trying for years, but my eyes are just way too dry for them. Eye drops don't help long enough.
JAXON 1111
JAXON 1111 6 kun oldin
Amazing job Rami !! 😍 & crew on set, and of course Queen ❣ Great cast! ...LY 😘🎶🎤🎹
hide yo
hide yo 6 kun oldin
wooow すげえー かっこいい
High Quality
High Quality 6 kun oldin
I just went to a bohemian rhapsody sing along! Yass
989 Ta
989 Ta 6 kun oldin
Wow 😍
deevums 6 kun oldin
It bugs me that they didn't have him wear brown eye contacts
Evand Eirenikos
Evand Eirenikos 6 kun oldin
You'll never be Freddie Mercury, but you lived Freddie's performance on the movie, thanks Rami, and congratulations for the globe awards ..
Giuluana Elizabeth Heinsohn Sedano
I love Freddie!!
Limore Shakar
Limore Shakar 6 kun oldin
Such structure .... his jaw is amazing 😉. I predict good things in the future for Malek 👏
Will Dwyer
Will Dwyer 7 kun oldin
Rami Malek is overall a smaller person than Freddie was. That's why Freddie size dentures didn't fit him.
SonshineLady 6 kun oldin
Freddie and Rami are the same height - 5'9". They have different body shapes but, as one who has had major work on my teeth beginning at age 3, body size and teeth size are not necessarily connected. I'm 5'10" - I had to have quite a few permanent teeth pulled before I could get braces (my teeth were very crooked and some overlapped). The dentist said I had inherited a small mouth AND large teeth.
Silver Spaulding
Silver Spaulding 7 kun oldin
I just heard a version of "Killer Queen" on our local top 40 radio station this morning......Who TF is singing it? Is it Rami and Queen? It was incredible. I was like" Oooooooo, they be tryin....sounds great tho !!!!!!"....Was I dreaming ????? Let me know Family....please and thank you !!!!! It wasn't Freddie....or Adam....❤️ Edit: 😃
Devin Reagh
Devin Reagh 5 kun oldin
Silver Spaulding it might be a cover from 5 seconds of summer
Keely 6 kun oldin
The movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" s soundtrack is like 70% Freddie 25% Marc Martel and like 5% Rami Malek.
Rami Malek Speech
11 kun oldin