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Rams vs. Saints Week 9 Highlights | NFL 2018

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Willcc19 -
Willcc19 - Soat oldin
I thought this was the highlights for the championship game 😂
Brendan Kapp
Brendan Kapp 2 soat oldin
I watched this thinking it was the divisional game... I'm so dumb
Willcc19 -
Willcc19 - Soat oldin
It was the championship game, but yea I did the same
Killing Machine
Killing Machine Soat oldin
Brendan Kapp There was no divisional game between these two you dumbfuck
Glasseye Offical
Glasseye Offical 3 soat oldin
So in the end will we take away from this game is that Benjamin Watson has damn near Eight Kids 🤔
Ninja 9 soat oldin
Anyone wondering why Rams have 8 won games and saints have played 7?
Willcc19 -
Willcc19 - Soat oldin
Ninja saints had a bye week and the rams didn’t yet
Jangler333 13 soat oldin
wow, can't show the end....lol I wonder what happened....
Woyam Chny
Woyam Chny 15 soat oldin
F*** the St. Angeles Scrams.
Schola Gee
Schola Gee 6 soat oldin
TheFXDC 16 soat oldin
1000 subscribers with one video
Who’s here after the rams beat the saints in overtime
Jordan Mayfield
Jordan Mayfield 18 soat oldin
whos here after the saints got robbed ?
brancereal264 18 soat oldin
ah yes, i love me some sportball, homerun! Am i right?
Goldsboro NC
Goldsboro NC 19 soat oldin
Rico Cerros
Rico Cerros 20 soat oldin
Why do they keep deleting top comments about how bad the officials were?
mincraft battle royaleytytyt
This wouldve been better than the no call
Jay K.
Jay K. 23 soat oldin
Gucci Sosa
Gucci Sosa 22 soat oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣 in brotherhood we laugh at the saints
Camehere Justtowatch
Camehere Justtowatch 23 soat oldin
As a FALCONS FAN... Glad the "AINTS" will NOT be able to WIN a CHIP on ATLANTA SOIL 😂😂😂 . Great PRODUCT you had out there NFL ( People get ready for a CHALLENGE REPLAY RULE within 5 YEARS ) ...
Gucci Sosa
Gucci Sosa 22 soat oldin
Let's congratulate the refs for their upstanding officiating
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim 23 soat oldin
100% pass interference!!!!!!!!
Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson Kun oldin
3 of them are the goat.
I don’t know a name
Who here after the rams beat the saints
Kylian Tatum
Kylian Tatum Kun oldin
I back here searching for a comment of a guy who predicted this as the conference final. Can't find it though.. Anyone?
Bass Nugget
Bass Nugget Kun oldin
Oof, didn't go as planned last night😂 did it lmfao
sergio diaz
sergio diaz Kun oldin
Fourth quarter robbery 9:38 left on the clock and there granted a timeout the rams ! Even on a free play that should have counted ! Goff did not call a timeout with hand jesters ! Or the couch on the sideline ! These refs were definitely paid off large amounts to make bad calls !
ur really salty
ur really salty Kun oldin
Glad the aints lost shouldn’t have beaten my Eagles Hell shouldn’t even be the 1 seed BUMS!!!
jackals1982 Kun oldin
that's right plus their coach is a S O B - POS. ha ha.
aisha ibrahim
aisha ibrahim Kun oldin
Am I the only one who clicked this thinking it was the nfc championship game?
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve Kun oldin
Fml I thought I was watching the nfc championship
247K 뉴스 TV
247K 뉴스 TV Kun oldin
Go Saints !
Chris Kun oldin
The refs most of have thought this was a set and they were walk on for The Purge next sequel bc I believe muder might have been legal out their
Smiles Yancey
Smiles Yancey Kun oldin
At 12:19 remember how the saints miss the tackle last year and now that why they miss that catch
Void Monkey
Void Monkey Kun oldin
Suck it saints fans. Steelers should’ve beat you, it’s just referee karma 😈
oriolesravens52 Kun oldin
1:50 “mhmm”
Joshua Herrmann
Joshua Herrmann Kun oldin
58 yard kick was epic
eddie kim
eddie kim Kun oldin
Rams never should've won. Referees were so trash this game.
LeMan Booker
LeMan Booker Kun oldin
1 play
Victor Ramirez
Victor Ramirez Kun oldin
Buckwheat. Kun oldin
Well NFL how can you claim to be such a great league with poor reffing like that.
Chevelle_ 504
Chevelle_ 504 Kun oldin
The refs screwed the Saints big-time. They cost us going to the Super Bowl.
LeMan Booker
LeMan Booker Kun oldin
foh. 1 play
KingCobra007 Kun oldin
If you like my comment I guarantee you your team is going to win the Super Bowl next year 😃
T Sal
T Sal Kun oldin
Rigged game....NFL is a bust, so obvious. Controlled by the refs
LeMan Booker
LeMan Booker Kun oldin
not even
David Textle
David Textle Kun oldin
Didn’t see saints complaining when the refs let them slide in 2 delay of game missed calls 🤷🏽‍♂️after one of which they scored their 2nd touchdown.
south side Strider
How was that one hit when he didn't even have a chance to catch the ball before regulations time was out how was that not a flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rhode Island
Rhode Island Kun oldin
@Rams fans_you guys should create go_fun_me account for the Refs without them your team will never go to super bowl this year, Great job Refs
Jonathan Requena
The saints tried to ice the kicker j. Overtime but they couldn't maybe sent time
Isaac Washington
Too many missed calls by the referees and bad coaching by Sean Peyton on that last Saint's drive cost them the game.
Yung Supr3mE
Yung Supr3mE Kun oldin
If this happened today. Saints should have won.
mega man
mega man Kun oldin
RAM IT DOWN, RAM IT DOWN, straight through the heart of Saints town. Let me say even though I wanted Rams to win, the pass interference should have been a call against the Rams. That was shitty. It wouldnt guarantee the saints a win or loss but should have been called. Sorry reffing!
Mc William
Mc William Kun oldin
Saints should have won that game. Y’all cheated just to see the rams go. That was a pass interferences bullshit not to call that
Tim D
Tim D Kun oldin
Being a Lions fan its nice to see another team get screwed for once
Abdul Qwfan
Abdul Qwfan Kun oldin
I’m sorry I’m sooo disgusted with this game the Rams Are A freaking JOKE, Guff suck the ref gave This game and the Cowboys game, Cranky the Rams Owner Basically bought this season with the billions$ move to LA. Guff is A Bust and all of the sudden their In the super bowl, I’m not a saint fan done really like them, to see the Ref gave them this season it’s a dang shame, boycotts NFL
marty uribe
marty uribe Kun oldin
Where are all the saints fans at now??? Made fun of all the eagles fans last week, so guess what you lost!!! All those thought this was the year well not really!
Mr. Charizard
Mr. Charizard Kun oldin
Who’s here after the conference championship?
daone billygunnz
Like I said it’s Rams vs Chiefs SB
love jones
love jones Kun oldin
😂😂😂 HA HA CAM JORDAN HAD TO NERVES TO TALK ABOUT BEN Roethlisberger how many rings cam got 😂😂😂 NUN