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Rams vs. Saints Week 9 Highlights | NFL 2018

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Henry Diaz
Henry Diaz 5 soat oldin
The Saints have a chance of going to the Super Bowl they're doing GREAT!!!!
Charles Wilford Smith
Gurly played ball 🏈 like a girl 👧
XX IVQZ 2 kun oldin
Great victory by New Orleans, against a powerful Los Angeles Rams...
Carson Thomas
Carson Thomas 2 kun oldin
I love that the Rams finally have some haters! Means we are a threat!!!
Randzi 2 kun oldin
We did better against the saints than the rams did, id say
Ben 2 kun oldin
Is that Squidward at 1:48? "Mmmhmmmm"
Jonny Pound-4-Pound's #1 G-O-A-T
Anybody else noticed Joe Buck completely gushed about Kamara's 24 TD's in 24 games yet completely ignored the fact that Gurley has 36 TD's in that same span yet didn't say a single word about him? Buck is such a small market kiss ass!
Ethan Hale
Ethan Hale 4 kun oldin
Michael Thomas has always been great against Marcus Peters.
Thelisha Mayfield
Thelisha Mayfield 4 kun oldin
i love saints
DJ 337
DJ 337 5 kun oldin
1:48 mmmmhmmmm
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 5 kun oldin
6:25 Kamara is Kitty Pryde confirmed.
Lydia Martinez
Lydia Martinez 5 kun oldin
cant believe ravens held that offense to 24 points still there so explosive its insane
patrick taylor
patrick taylor 5 kun oldin
second saints touchdown shouldn't have counted. A ram was being held and his arm was forced backwards at 2:04 roughly. Number 56 bottom of the line.
arilla kelly
arilla kelly 5 kun oldin
Go Saints.....How I love me some New Orleans and the New Orleans Saints because they represent my home town......504/BLACK AND GOLD FOR LIFE!!!!
Roy Corkill
Roy Corkill 5 kun oldin
SAINTS ain't no joke this year They on🔥
A True Love Official
Now the dynasty ends! Good job Saints! Drew Brees was too impressive on this match but the Rams did not let it go without a fight.
CandaceNVasquez 6 kun oldin
When are the packers going to play against saints
joshua urtis
joshua urtis 6 kun oldin
This how to know the saint team is scary. Drew Bree’s GOAT o line man it lit 🔥
Matthew Story
Matthew Story 6 kun oldin
These guys are juicers
Christian Martyr
Christian Martyr 6 kun oldin
Brees has thrown only 1 int all year, let that sink in
sactown steelers
sactown steelers 6 kun oldin
How can brees be the goat he won. One Superbow. The. Goat is TBradshaw. 4x Superbowl champion with 2MVPs the 4 Superbowls were 2 back.
Cristina Gomez
Cristina Gomez 6 kun oldin
Am i dumb or is dez here?
Brendan Geormer
Brendan Geormer 6 kun oldin
This is what happens when you have two great teams going against each other
N.I.C. Noosie
N.I.C. Noosie 7 kun oldin
seeing kamara's hurdle reminded me of zeke
WhyteLis21 7 kun oldin
All these talks about rams perfecto gets slam by the saints. Guess you can't win everything. 😁
T Clark
T Clark 7 kun oldin
This should've been a primetime game
Lotonuu Vaimasanuuop
frm ATLANTA see you saint 2 weeks....
Jun P
Jun P 7 kun oldin
imagine drew working with obj X_X
ProKiNg LiL B
ProKiNg LiL B 7 kun oldin
Drew Brees is FINALLY going to when his first ever super bowl🕺🏽🕺🏽🥳🥳🥳🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Albert Jimenez
Albert Jimenez 7 kun oldin
Lmao all this talk about who’s the GOAT but only one of them has 5 rings 🤣🤣
DBZGamerV5 7 kun oldin
Idk why but I just have a feeling that teams that can beat the saints is The Falcons or Kanas
SenorScrewSchool 8 kun oldin
As an OSU fan, I can't help but think we wasted Michael Thomas. Especially in 2015 after Devin Smith left. Good to see him doing well in the NFL though
Bryan Washington
Bryan Washington 8 kun oldin
To all the Saints haters, SUCK IT
TheBlackSuper Saiyan
my boy Kamara will be in the HOF one day bet that #WHODAT
Oioioogsnvz Fshbvah
Jogo lindo
Druggin Woppo
Druggin Woppo 8 kun oldin
1:48 "Mmhmmm"
DnizzLe Ng
DnizzLe Ng 8 kun oldin
Michael Thomas tried to call Marcus Peters, but Marcus Peters had no coverage.
Marcos Medrano
Marcos Medrano 8 kun oldin
So no body bringing up how joe horn cell phone celebration ..joe had the first celly
Cole Hillenbrand
Cole Hillenbrand 8 kun oldin
Peters' tackling is comical!
FilipinoSlugger 8 kun oldin
Talk about how both Brady and Brees beat their respective unbeaten teams (Chiefs and Rams) on their home court, have a huge lead at the half and then resulting in a shootout afterwards.
Mo Rehman
Mo Rehman 8 kun oldin
"full ahead steam"
BamBam Machida
BamBam Machida 8 kun oldin
And let the bandwagoning begin.
Anthony Malinak
Anthony Malinak 8 kun oldin
remember in 2014 when heath Miller ladanlian Tomlinson and some other guys on NFL network said the door was closing for drew brees and Sean Payton to make another playoff run...... yea me to
TTR Pow3r
TTR Pow3r 8 kun oldin
Saints use Rams fan silence it’s very affective Rams use try to comeback it’s not very affective
J D Kent
J D Kent 8 kun oldin
heck of a game!!! Go Saints!
Today Football Match
great game so amazing :D
Gil Ojeda
Gil Ojeda 8 kun oldin
Man...Dez to saints..i see Superbowl Saints again...anyone but the pats
The Cleaver Podcast
Saints/Rams Superbowl 53
Nicholas Johnson
Nicholas Johnson 9 kun oldin
They blew that cell phone celebrations way outta proportion just like any celebrations
Young God
Young God 9 kun oldin
The Saints are the Patriots of the NFC and the Rams are the Chiefs.
FettyGamer 9 kun oldin
Drew Deserves another super bowl. I’m happy for him
Derek Croom
Derek Croom 9 kun oldin
Great play call on both sides 2. Great minds payton, mcvay & both defenses.
Derek Croom
Derek Croom 9 kun oldin
Dam no sacks. Heck of a job o- line
Leon Roberson
Leon Roberson 9 kun oldin
Bruh 🤣hear the mhmm at 1:48
AJ Pierce
AJ Pierce 9 kun oldin
Saints could’ve easily put up 52
Boss Man
Boss Man 9 kun oldin
Best team in the league can’t wait until Dez Bryant starts playing
club tv channel
club tv channel 9 kun oldin
Christopher Ramirez
this fire bru!!!
PUNK FACE 9 kun oldin
I'll be rooting for the saints in the playoff Cuz my team aint going
Phenom Azure
Phenom Azure 9 kun oldin
Absolutely amazing
Clément Travers
Clément Travers 9 kun oldin
Bienvenue au Nouvelle Orléans ⚜️
The Mask
The Mask 9 kun oldin
The 539 dislikes are all from Rams Fans
vincent manning
vincent manning 9 kun oldin
Colin Lee
Colin Lee 9 kun oldin
Where y’all at Saints fans?! Who Dat Nation
big slim
big slim 9 kun oldin
The Saints are hungry!!!
armfrosting 9 kun oldin
GUEAX SAINT!!!! Who Dat, Bih!
Adds Mads
Adds Mads 9 kun oldin
Shirley Henderson
Shirley Henderson 9 kun oldin
The best game of week 9
Shirley Henderson
Shirley Henderson 9 kun oldin
That one touchdown by brown was awsome
Jay Park
Jay Park 9 kun oldin
*W H O D A T*
Chasady Remedies
Chasady Remedies 9 kun oldin
Who Dat?! Proud of my Saints!! ❤
Matthew Eats.
Matthew Eats. 10 kun oldin
Im a pats fan and brees is playing better than brady right now
Giovanni Cervantes
Giovanni Cervantes 10 kun oldin
This was a great game!
Burrell Stouffer
Burrell Stouffer 10 kun oldin
that fake field goal again with the Rams was a first down the referees cheated the Rams right there because of the Saints and Drew Brees what Rams could have won that game boy points up all the way in the playoffs we are coming back 100%
Black inferno
Black inferno 10 kun oldin
You St.rams or La.rams y'all fan base is lost don't know who to cheer for LoL #WHODAT #number1power rankings
Burrell Stouffer
Burrell Stouffer 10 kun oldin
My Rams will come back to leave me
Willie Gamer
Willie Gamer 10 kun oldin
Rams 9-1 😎
Black inferno
Black inferno 10 kun oldin
Undefeated no more #WHODAT
marty Slay
marty Slay 10 kun oldin
best game ive seen all year.dolphins still perfect.
DJ KO 10 kun oldin
Helluva game glad saints won tho
Lightning Bullet
Lightning Bullet 10 kun oldin
Can't we just say How useful taysom hill is
dbev519 10 kun oldin
Drew Bree’s is the best quarterback to play the position, but at the bottom half of best winning qbs
Halfmonsterman 10 kun oldin
So, after two of the worst teams in the NFL play each other we get two of the best NFL teams playing each other and my what a game! Saints really do look like a team, and the Rams are just good and tough.
Bitchy_ Bitch!
Bitchy_ Bitch! 10 kun oldin
NFL is not American! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Nathan Lindstrom
Nathan Lindstrom 10 kun oldin
As a die-hard Rams fan, I ain't even mad. I liked what I saw from my team, they played good football, but the Saints just played *really good* football. GG Saints, see ya in the NFC Championship game ;)
Your HUCKLEBERRY 10 kun oldin
Go Saints Go !!!! The best French team! ;)
Benjamin Herbst
Benjamin Herbst 10 kun oldin
Hi Patriots fan here: wow ok what a game by both teams great effort in offense for the rams but wow the saints crushed them
console gaming
console gaming 10 kun oldin
chiefs are taking it this year
JT vlogs
JT vlogs 10 kun oldin
Dennis Taylor
Dennis Taylor 9 kun oldin
awww c'mon JT, don't be like that.
Awesomeman 365u
Awesomeman 365u 10 kun oldin
The first part of the highlights are basically the saints first drive
Natali Bondarenko
Natali Bondarenko 10 kun oldin
Hunter Papillion
Hunter Papillion 10 kun oldin
Who dat!! Who dat!! Second superbowl trophy in new Orleans soon!!
GDV 10 kun oldin
Both elite teams. The rams showed what they are made of by making a come back and tying the game, Don't know of any other team that could have done that in that atmosphere. A play here or there and that game could have gone either way. Don't forget the rams beat them last year in LA and Brees was the QB.
Elvin Ferdian
Elvin Ferdian 10 kun oldin
Insane Man........
ricky v
ricky v 10 kun oldin
Rams defense got EXPOSED
Mr. Fabulous
Mr. Fabulous 10 kun oldin
Now this is what you call "Smash Mouth Football" All my football heads gone know what I'm talking about! Hats off to both teams
AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6
Carson Montz Christian Music Channel Fantastico
probably the best game ive watched in a decade
Carson Montz Christian Music Channel Fantastico
these two teams are playing high level ball
Carson Montz Christian Music Channel Fantastico
brees literally through an insane pass before the half
Danny Eledge
Danny Eledge 10 kun oldin
What a battle of two smart coaches! Loved the play calling by both teams in this game
Jeff Osorio
Jeff Osorio 10 kun oldin
If it were in LA itd be different for my Rams