Ranking The 10 Best Starting 5's In The NBA Today

Austin Sweatt
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A solid starting 5 will either make or break an NBA team. These 10 teams are made by their starting lineups!
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17-Sen, 2018

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Wise Guys
Wise Guys 12 soat oldin
He doesn’t know the lakers starting 5 it’s lonzo Ingram Kyle kuzma lebron and McGee
Jivitesh Kaler - Red Willow PS (1433)
Do worst starting 5 in History
Remusquispuair 506
Rockets are pretty much always on top 3
Rio Teddy danar
Rio Teddy danar Kun oldin
No bucks?
M Egan
M Egan Kun oldin
This was way off
buzy6782 Kun oldin
I just realized the Warriors are literally the generation of miracles
RAY Breezy
RAY Breezy Kun oldin
I’d take Kat over embid anyday
Nick S
Nick S Kun oldin
Jimmy Butler is on Phili
Victor Cavazos
Victor Cavazos 2 kun oldin
Taylorville Is trash
Utah should be higher honestly
Nathan Tesfu
Nathan Tesfu 2 kun oldin
where is the blazers? this is so bad? the wizards over the blazers? the wizards over the nuggets and lakers? this is a joke?
Muhammad Moghal
Muhammad Moghal 2 kun oldin
Why d u hate Russ and just LOVE the warriors u bandwagon!
1,000 subscribers with no Videos?
Cavs should be top 3
Onda_Dr_Quinn 2 kun oldin
The jazz has the most complete team imo, super solid starting five that play great of eachother, with no real superstar to do all the work
minecraftgaming2000 Thevideogaming
how about the bucks???
Bivin Philip
Bivin Philip 2 kun oldin
Well now that we are in the future, lets just bring down Houston.
Terrell Washington
Terrell Washington 2 kun oldin
I think people are underestimating Jalen Brown... Btw the Celtics are the GSW of the East if they keep all them young guys together. Just watch and see
Noah Kirkpatrick
Noah Kirkpatrick 3 kun oldin
Where's the blazers they almost have a better standings the gsw
A FantastiK 4
A FantastiK 4 3 kun oldin
Cough jimmy butler cough 76ers
MORE BUTTONS 3 kun oldin
The thumbnail tho
XxJacksonroxX 4 kun oldin
This list did not hold up well. The wizards top 10? smh
Rebuildyougames 3 kun oldin
XxJacksonroxX facts
Kevin Kai-min Yang
Kevin Kai-min Yang 4 kun oldin
The golden state is too good
Brandon Quinlog
Brandon Quinlog 5 kun oldin
Warriors are number 1. Saved you the 10 minutes
Compu Panda
Compu Panda 5 kun oldin
The Nuggets should be on this list
Ggv Yyh
Ggv Yyh 5 kun oldin
U forgot The Milwaukee
gabsand72 5 kun oldin
No question nut kickin dray one with snakes and splash bros no question seriously
RebornGod 6 kun oldin
Chicken Rose
Chicken Rose 6 kun oldin
Well 76ers got butler soooooo
Valentino Nguyen
Valentino Nguyen 7 kun oldin
Wizards.... Ur funny
Ben Hill
Ben Hill 9 kun oldin
Just saying is you look at it properly Spurs have a better starting five the Celtics
tajade stewart
tajade stewart 11 kun oldin
you didnt finish
alessandro zarra
alessandro zarra 11 kun oldin
for me GSW Celtics Houston Toronto Bucks 76ers Utah OKC Minnesota Spurs
Shawn49 Bridgeis
Shawn49 Bridgeis 11 kun oldin
Dominant 💪🏾👨🏿
Noland Mcdaniel
Noland Mcdaniel 11 kun oldin
Anthony davis is a center in new orleans.. You saying embiid is better than AD. You don't know basketball if you do.
shag narrsty
shag narrsty 12 kun oldin
I don't see the pistons fr smh
Jayson Gonzales
Jayson Gonzales 12 kun oldin
You got me bro.. 😂😂😂
Jann Hernan Cuizon
Jann Hernan Cuizon 14 kun oldin
Merlin Botha
Merlin Botha 9 kun oldin
Lavine aint2 on the Wolves foo
Adam Neto
Adam Neto 14 kun oldin
If you think Philly isn’t getting past the 2nd round but Toronto will go to the ecf, why do you have philly above Toronto?
Merlin Botha
Merlin Botha 9 kun oldin
Philly has a better starting 5, not a better overall team, and experience was one of his bif points
Odnalro Adgal
Odnalro Adgal 14 kun oldin
you under estimate the bucks. let us see....
Yazn Rajeh
Yazn Rajeh 15 kun oldin
Are you sick
iF Kqpes
iF Kqpes 16 kun oldin
76ers in front of Lakers lmao
sans peur
sans peur 16 kun oldin
So how abt the Spurs?
Suleyman Muradov
Suleyman Muradov 16 kun oldin
Ben Simmons is not Lebron JR just because his freethrows and 3pt shooting
HarambeIsMyRelative 17 kun oldin
uh, no.. lbjs is in the west. this is where the bigs dog r at. prepare to miss or get eliminated in the playoffs lbj
LanceN Flores
LanceN Flores 17 kun oldin
Number one is pg curry sg klay sf durant pf green C cousins
Kyle Valentine
Kyle Valentine 17 kun oldin
I would put tatuma at the 3 and hayward at the 4
Simon & Marianne Organ
why did you say covington is not consistent
Simon & Marianne Organ
where are the bucks and why the wizards
Simon & Marianne Organ
why you dissing GSW well done to them for making a superteam and winning all of these championships
23 NBASUPERFAN 20 kun oldin
I’m sorry butt the wizards just ain’t better than the Jazz
Kirk Bridgewater
Kirk Bridgewater 20 kun oldin
I like turttles
Norman Elacion
Norman Elacion 22 kun oldin
just so you know raptors are going to the finals cuz kawhi the better player then kyrie
Jordan Janasik
Jordan Janasik 22 kun oldin
Don’t sleep on Detroit
xXJohannTheGachaLover 888Xx
You're A Warrior Hater....
Jeffrey Lagrosa
Jeffrey Lagrosa 23 kun oldin
Ang vovo mo.
Golden State Warriors
TDB11 26 kun oldin
Raptors got the best bench though
TRAX 26 kun oldin
Dwight is not an option
TRAX 26 kun oldin
DeMarcus cousin lesbian soccer mom
Zion Silv4
Zion Silv4 27 kun oldin
Steven Adams is the best centre, he does the job properly
Prince Rodney Torillos
Suryawii 28 kun oldin
When I see this vid, even before I clicked it, I've already know that GSW will be On number 1
dxniel lxwis
dxniel lxwis 29 kun oldin
Yeah um, raptors beat Celtics sooo
Ossei Boateng
Ossei Boateng 29 kun oldin
Did you just say Covington lacks a reliable jumpshot?
Cade Reimer
Cade Reimer Oy oldin
Bruh kat is not a top 2 center
ZinoAmare Oy oldin
At the pace curry goes he will be the best 3 point shooter of all time a lot including me consider him already that. I’m not a gsw fan I hate them! xD
Peter Gaudio
Peter Gaudio Oy oldin
Covington is a really good shooter wdym
artis ambus
artis ambus Oy oldin
The Golden State Warriors can even beat Thanos
Lá Rue Martin IV
He really left out the Bucks...
J R Oy oldin
Did u just say that Gerald green can guard a teams best player? Lol what?
TheXbox BlackBelt
The Denver Nuggets have a pretty good team too: PG: Isaiah Thomas SG: Gary Harris SF: Michael Porter Jr PF: Paul Millsap C: Nikola Jokic
Shalom Sezerano
Hold up u called Simmons LeBron jr
Krishiv Kumar
Krishiv Kumar Oy oldin
GSW is the best
Howard Davis
Howard Davis Oy oldin
Wizards really
Anaye Abernathy
Where are the wizards??
Ewol Tayao
Ewol Tayao Oy oldin
LAkers - LJ, Rondo, Stephenson, McGee, Ingram
J Bobko
J Bobko Oy oldin
They just got Davis, so lakers are gonna make the top 5 if not 3
Demartel Gilbert
Bucks with Giannis alone is Better then most of these team
Yony crepin Mezong
Love your intro and the back ground music
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller Oy oldin
Andre Drummond - Center Blake Griffin - Power Forward Reggie Bullock - Small Forward Langston Galloway - Shooting Guard Reggie Jackson - Point Guard Willie Cauley-Stein - Center Zach Randolph - Power Forward Bogdan Bogdanovic - Small Forward Buddy Hield - Shooting Guard De’Aaron Fox - Point Guard Montrezl Harrell - Center Tobias Harris - Power Forward Danilo Gallinari - Small Forward Mike Scott - Shooting Guard Lou Williams - Point Guard Best starting teams in the NBA don’t @ me
Cecil Raynor
Cecil Raynor Oy oldin
lmao ...the ad came in right before he started talking about Wiggins
Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips Oy oldin
Why did you not say anything about the warriors? I know there the best team on that list but you should still say something
GOOD GUY Oy oldin
Bro I'm laughing so hard once you got to #1 Go WARRIORS
Kyokxz Alcaraz
He literary didn’t say anything about GS. There’s nothing to say 😂😂🤦‍♂️
Italian Stallion
76ers fan?
Drew Obert
Drew Obert Oy oldin
Hey yo I love KAT but he isn’t a top two center. At the very least, AD and Embiid are better. And AD is now a center instead of a power forward after boogie left. Don’t @ me
Drew Obert
Drew Obert Oy oldin
Hey yo I love KAT but he isn’t a top two center. At the very least, AD and Embiid are better. And AD is now a center instead of a power forward after boogie left. Don’t @ me
EddietheYeti Oy oldin
Celtics is packed
cris caballero
I hate to be called LBJ Jr.. I'm not a selfish player who plays 1vs5..
Alex Marks
Alex Marks Oy oldin
Emibed or KAT is better than AD you’re nuts
Bret Lee gaming and more
Pope isn’t a starter josh hart is
The main mann
The main mann Oy oldin
Kuzma will be the sixth man of the year
Cutecoolkawaii 88
Rockets are the best!! I’m a rockets fan for life
Cutecoolkawaii 88
Celtics are not better than rockets Austin
Cristiano Ronaldo
Towns isn't top 2 centers ur smoking crack
rpa khawlhring
You forgot cavaliers
TheMarcial781 Oy oldin
I instantly closed the video after you put wolves at 9 but thunder at 10 lmao what you smoking I want some?
Ninja Warriors
Covington is an amazing shooter wtf