Ranking The 10 Best Starting 5's In The NBA Today

Austin Sweatt
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A solid starting 5 will either make or break an NBA team. These 10 teams are made by their starting lineups!
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17-Sen, 2018

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JackieChan Clan
JackieChan Clan 5 soat oldin
He kinda missed the bucks a little you know the best team in the league rn
ConBro 24
ConBro 24 Kun oldin
Sarah Elliott
Sarah Elliott Kun oldin
Why no blazers
Ayo_ Ocho
Ayo_ Ocho Kun oldin
Not having the raptor make these video trash
Ayo_ Ocho
Ayo_ Ocho Kun oldin
Shit never mine I see it I miss that hole section of the video for some reason
Itz.Malone 2 kun oldin
What about Jimmy Butler?
Cowboy Ninja
Cowboy Ninja 2 kun oldin
Russell is averaging over 10 assists a game for a few seasons in a row and is letting pg13 have a mvp season he is a good teamate And why is pre jimmy butler 76ers higher than the raptors who are better than the 76ers eitger way!
Punch Boi & Rocket
Punch Boi & Rocket 2 kun oldin
And celtics over raps
Punch Boi & Rocket
Punch Boi & Rocket 2 kun oldin
And rockets over raps
Punch Boi & Rocket
Punch Boi & Rocket 2 kun oldin
Bru 76ers over raps na
AKAx Chris
AKAx Chris 4 kun oldin
This man had the WIZARDS at #5. Yikes
Lion Tiger Presents
What about when ur worst player is Draymond Green
Lion Tiger Presents
Lion Tiger Presents
Jimmy's With 76ers now So they should be ranked 1 or 2 spots higher
Lion Tiger Presents
Andrew Wiggins will turn into a star one day. 1.Said no one ever!!! Except Austin 2.Browns Have Better Odds Of Winning The Super Bowl Than Andrew Wiggins Becoming A Star
Daniel Baxter
Daniel Baxter 8 kun oldin
Covington doesnt have a reliable jumpshot? HES A 3 AND D PLAYER
Dakota Murphy
Dakota Murphy 9 kun oldin
Well now raptors are playing pascal siakam as a starting forward and has emerged as a possible future all star
Aj Ladra
Aj Ladra 10 kun oldin
Drose where
KING ISAIAH 11 kun oldin
You forgot my nuggets...
3x OG PARKER 12 kun oldin
Butler ruined the wolves chemistry
Maguire Gotz
Maguire Gotz 12 kun oldin
Not based off success , but the T Wolves r 9
DaeQuan Woods
DaeQuan Woods 13 kun oldin
I dislike because you didn’t say my fav team lineup
Enroaching Entei
Enroaching Entei 14 kun oldin
I got a mafia city ad before this video
Valencia Thomas
Valencia Thomas 16 kun oldin
Jimmy butler plays for 76ers
jonh cerlde ceralde
jonh cerlde ceralde 16 kun oldin
Jimmy butler is in the 76er
rgperk 17 kun oldin
What about the bucks?Also, I’m a wizards fan and even I admit their too high
Alvernon Jones
Alvernon Jones 18 kun oldin
I wanted to know the Warriors starting lineup but I couldn't
elgaraz 17
elgaraz 17 18 kun oldin
it should be the top 9 😂😂😂
elgaraz 17
elgaraz 17 18 kun oldin
against LeBron every body forget about the Cavaliers 😂😂
PRO-PLAYER Game ball
Golden state warriors is still yeszzz
Marissimo9 18 kun oldin
It should be updated bccs of the sixers and timberwolves the sixers would be 2nd
Isaac Yim
Isaac Yim 18 kun oldin
Did Anthony Davis die? Joel number one? Kat number two?
XxFortniteNoobxX 19 kun oldin
LOL hes like im not even gonna talk about the worriors im out im out 1 2 3 4 5 and ok im back
Drmd 12345
Drmd 12345 19 kun oldin
The wolves aka the bulls True Jimmy butler, Derrick Rose, Tag Gibson
FRE Family
FRE Family 19 kun oldin
Where’s the Milwaukee bucks?
Rahul Gowda
Rahul Gowda 19 kun oldin
How does OKC have the 10th starting 5? They are the 3 seed, occasionally 2nd or 3rd.
PKB BALLER 20 kun oldin
Where the nuggets at?
jc 8
jc 8 20 kun oldin
Whats about Indiana Pacers
Pisces Angel
Pisces Angel 21 kun oldin
Golden state
Isaiyah Scott
Isaiyah Scott 21 kun oldin
The Celtics with no injuries are the 2nd best starter right now so they got kyrie, Jaylen , Gordon , jaysom, al
Young Baller44
Young Baller44 21 kun oldin
Sir where are the nuggets
Mayeth Bato
Mayeth Bato 22 kun oldin
Walang warriors
Andy Miller
Andy Miller 22 kun oldin
You are very smart about putting in the wizard
Lanse Larsen
Lanse Larsen 23 kun oldin
So much for the wizards😂
YangW huang
YangW huang 24 kun oldin
where is warriors
KesiiGe 24 kun oldin
Washington instead if bucks?? ok just put 11th seed instead of 2nd
Forever Young
Forever Young 25 kun oldin
so telling me davis is not better than embiid so davis is not the best center by the way davis is better than curry so that means embiid is better than curry your trippin
Cara McCall
Cara McCall 25 kun oldin
Do you not like the warrior's they are my favorite team
Robert Andrei
Robert Andrei 25 kun oldin
Butler is at 76
Brett Paltzer
Brett Paltzer 25 kun oldin
Weres the bucks there the second in the east
John Nasky
John Nasky 26 kun oldin
It’s Ben Simmons not Lebron Jr.