Rapper ‘50 Cent’ Had Enough Of Joy Behar’s Race-Baiting And Dismantles Her On Live TV(VIDEO)!!!

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Rapper 50 Cent had enough of Joy Behar’s race-baiting and dismantles her on live TV. The View co-host Joy Behar pathetically attempted to bait rapper and actor Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson with an absurd racial question. But it didn’t go as she planned, with 50 Cent shutting her down on live television with his no-nonsense response.
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23-Iyl, 2018

Joy BeharRapper 50 CentThe View



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Linda Adelleio
Linda Adelleio 8 daqiqa oldin
RED WAVE ~~~~~~ RED WAVE~~~~~~RED WAVE~~~~~~~RED WAVE~~~~~~
Basir Phillips
Basir Phillips 3 soat oldin
This is bs and he fell right into the white supremacy mentality and defended them.
Benji 1M
Benji 1M 13 soat oldin
Handled himself with high etiquette.
K Matt
K Matt 14 soat oldin
I can’t stand joy Behar. I can’t wait till she gets taken off the air. I would love to see a pair of knuckles in her ugly face
Williamz Puzo
Williamz Puzo 15 soat oldin
50 fat
dlbiininja 17 soat oldin
Nice lie! No one was dismantled here and there was no race-baiting!
Proud Daddy me
Proud Daddy me Kun oldin
This video was a total waste of time
Paige Leigh
Paige Leigh Kun oldin
Aerial Sky
Aerial Sky Kun oldin
Joy makes me sick..sorry joy, just saying. I mean you tried but it didn't work. As far as you whoopi...same thing. It's funny how ya get "gangsta" or "black" slang when certain people come on and then just the opposite when the typical white person comes on board. Idk...but y'all make me sick to my stomach
Sandy Solomon
Sandy Solomon Kun oldin
50 very politely shutdown Joy Behars rant about race before she could really get started. You could easily miss it. The man is a diplomat.
Rhonda Dortch
Rhonda Dortch Kun oldin
He’s not nice in person
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson Kun oldin
She didn’t get the answer she wanted 😀
James Blythe
James Blythe Kun oldin
I like him 👌🏻
smowkdaddy Kun oldin
Savage Racist Joy Beyhar! Curtis still high on Coke! Nothing to see here!
David Taylor
David Taylor Kun oldin
it only gets reported when its white on black anythinh
CF VISUAL Kun oldin
can't help but love that guy LOL
Preston Bean
Preston Bean 2 kun oldin
Is it just me or is he talking like he got lock jaw....
Django Lachlan
Django Lachlan 2 kun oldin
He did dismantle what she said, he just did it politely and with class.
John Miranda
John Miranda 2 kun oldin
Bunch of losers
maryjane amaral
maryjane amaral 3 kun oldin
Awwwwe, I Love 50!!! He is CUTE!👍🤗❤😘
K M 3 kun oldin
He very nicely told her that it wasn't a race thing, it's a people thing like Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched people! Nosey Rosie's just like the HAGS on the VIEW! Anyone would hate to be their neighbors because these HAGS would always be up in your SHIT!
Nikki Arocha
Nikki Arocha 3 kun oldin
“Why so much cursing!” Is she 4 real!?
John Qualls
John Qualls 3 kun oldin
I get so sick of whop and joy they are both racist
Cassidy Michael Wall
Well he sure put her in her place why don't you get your freaking headlines right and stop trying to get views idiot
A A 3 kun oldin
joy behar should be arrested for talking while stupid, whoopi too.
Jimits123 3 kun oldin
He seems slurred speech...
Tamara Ryan
Tamara Ryan 3 kun oldin
He doesn’t even answer her question. The question at first was about the me too movement and music!!
daz6704 4 kun oldin
50 telling joy to calm down trying to make something out of nothing
kriss bbyxo
kriss bbyxo 4 kun oldin
like sitting at the table with yo auntie's, he's very respectful to the women
Ms.1111 R
Ms.1111 R 4 kun oldin
The more he talks, the sexier he is!
MsDroidGirl 4 kun oldin
STEPHEN MORAN 4 kun oldin
Not a Dam thing
gkeys23 5 kun oldin
He needs to chill on the Botox. His forehead never moved.
absolute757 5 kun oldin
Rick Baldwin
Rick Baldwin 5 kun oldin
Global news sets clickbait as news... got it, noted for the future.
Garry Miller
Garry Miller 5 kun oldin
He looks really nervous
Ramjet ejmar
Ramjet ejmar 5 kun oldin
No respect for the Rapper just for the fact that he appeared on that crappy show.
Dmm Dmm543
Dmm Dmm543 6 kun oldin
That mook really looks out of place and uncomfortable in those civilized surroundings and the shit eating grin shows it. Speaking clear english seems like a labor for him.
Delilah Rainelle
Delilah Rainelle 6 kun oldin
Joy Behar needs me to dismantle her!
Roger Borroel
Roger Borroel 6 kun oldin
Never heard of the guy! Is there a .25 cent rapper too?
Lusha Crowley
Lusha Crowley 6 kun oldin
....I mean...he held her hand. Im creeped out. :/
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 7 kun oldin
Worthless video. And a plug for some show I don't care to see. Clickbait for sure.
Senzo Majola
Senzo Majola 7 kun oldin
This Fiddy is gay!
Aaron Plummer
Aaron Plummer 8 kun oldin
Is it me or what fifty looks fat hey fifty hit that gym brother lol
Robert Crittenden
Robert Crittenden 9 kun oldin
The view sucks
nobody d
nobody d 9 kun oldin
Democratic Party race baits all the time. Chicago which has always been Democratic run is the most segregated city in the US. They tore down Cabrini Green when the property became valuable saying , how can we let people live like this. If you look at the protest down south the protestors are over 30 and white. It is funny that the majority of Black officials in Washington are for President Trump. Even most blacks down south were asking why are they trying to start something.
Joe Kasprzak
Joe Kasprzak 10 kun oldin
Whoopi is a disgusting wilderbeast
Lloyd Campbell
Lloyd Campbell 10 kun oldin
Never seen this guy smile so much in my life. We're looking at a media trained man whose business minded & very careful not to offend future employers or partners aka white people.
daddy Lee
daddy Lee 11 kun oldin
Joy Behar- "What do you think about black people being suppressed in America? Btw that's an awesome Rolls Royce you got there, ain't it Whoopi and Sunny?!" SMFH.....
minecrafter459 11 kun oldin
God everyone of them, including 50, are absolute idiots
EBAY SELLER 11 kun oldin
What bull, "dismantle". Surprised you didn't say "jaw dropping". What a waste of time, another person getting paid for clicks.
Peter Walsh
Peter Walsh 11 kun oldin
Just a pack of no tallet pigs sitting in chairs telling bullshit lies. If Trump is elected I am leaving the USA fucking crackhead lying scumbags
TJ W 11 kun oldin
SHOULD CHANGE THE VIEW TO Talking💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👎👎👎👎
its UNrat3d
its UNrat3d 12 kun oldin
Dude take this shit off you ass wipe I get it you love to watch the view like a stay at home mom lol now go suck the dick for a new outfit
Colin Griffin
Colin Griffin 12 kun oldin
Who goes to these dumb cunts for info anyway? Classic fail!
BeZerka Viking
BeZerka Viking 12 kun oldin
Joy is blacker than 50....
Bill Hunter
Bill Hunter 12 kun oldin
I didn't see any race baiting only love all around, what a view to behold
Malaika Ameerah
Malaika Ameerah 12 kun oldin
32 millions in american dollars??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Laura King
Laura King 13 kun oldin
Can't stand Whoopi or Joy. Can you show an actual clip of someone really tearing them up this wasn't it.
Emmanuel Martindale
Emmanuel Martindale 13 kun oldin
i knew that never happened so i was like wtf did i miss that
dynamitecrip 13 kun oldin
I think he respectably told her whats what, I don't think he really "dismantle" her. he did it the gentlemanly way.
Dorian Greene
Dorian Greene 13 kun oldin
Miss Morgue
Miss Morgue 13 kun oldin
I wish some of that eloquence of his would rub off onto the women of the view.
Brett Gozdeck
Brett Gozdeck 13 kun oldin
he may never have partaken in abusing drugs or alcohol - but he sounds hammered, or retarded in this interview. not sure why or which one.... but he definitely doesn't seem very on point
Desi Cryer
Desi Cryer 13 kun oldin
tiferet israel
tiferet israel 13 kun oldin
You suck liar how about i want a million views for a check. Smh.
Karl clark
Karl clark 13 kun oldin
he just woke up
zabfly 1616
zabfly 1616 14 kun oldin
Very smart man!
Edward Garrido
Edward Garrido 14 kun oldin
he sounds very gentle and nice,
Aaron Ritzenthaler
Aaron Ritzenthaler 14 kun oldin
doll maleficent
doll maleficent 14 kun oldin
his eyebrows are gone why
doll maleficent
doll maleficent 14 kun oldin
she's racist Jew sitting by a gorilla what do you think
HaztaLaVista BaBy
HaztaLaVista BaBy 14 kun oldin
She tried [Creepy Sad Joy Baher] Making blacks a victim by being black and 50cents reputed her iniciation of Race Baiting blacks. Out of a sudden the other moron interrupted with his birthday question. These people are STUPID
HaztaLaVista BaBy
HaztaLaVista BaBy 14 kun oldin
The View? Ah hahaha! Those five will be yelling & welcoming their viewers by the Gate of Hell. Yelling for help
Salvatore Cusumano
Salvatore Cusumano 14 kun oldin
Rightwing bullshit
Harry Thomas
Harry Thomas 15 kun oldin
Typical Liberal race baiting. Nothing more disgusting than watching social justice warriors trying to out virtue signal each other. First prize always goes to the self hating white beta male who insist he knows more about the struggle of others than they know themselves. Thank God more and more people are leaving the Democrat cult every day. It only takes one time of seeking the truth out instead of following the party line to awaken from the slumber of mental slavery that the leftist Democratic leaders have chained millions with over the last 50 years.
Default Nezha
Default Nezha 15 kun oldin
50 smart asf
Robert Sickinger
Robert Sickinger 15 kun oldin
Curtis is not gonna be out smartedby Joy the Cow!Not today stupid stupid subject matter.Waste of time.
J Wool
J Wool 15 kun oldin
He is mature now and with age comes wisdom. He is a man now. Plus he is eating more since he has money to eat. Plus he has the show power. With all that you still need to take care of your son and give respect to his mom because she was there when you had nothing. Just make sure that she is living in a nice townhouse. Now if she has a man he has to provide for her not move in a place you provided for your son and her. That's not right on so many levels.
Vincent Bruno
Vincent Bruno 15 kun oldin
Clickbait shit
jrmatix 15 kun oldin
most dislikes i have ever seen here........ Why?
Toncor12 15 kun oldin
I am white and I am sick and tired of being targeted by fuck-wit liberals for doing something wrong. Give it a rest, black halos slipped a long time ago.
Toncor12 15 kun oldin
I am English and I have become horrified at how poorly Americans speak English, it's almost as if another culture has been invented and the clarity of words and pronunciation, grammar etc is appalling!!
Mayweather Money
Mayweather Money 16 kun oldin
You are so young and beautiful Whoopi!
Mayweather Money
Mayweather Money 16 kun oldin
32 million peso
Mayweather Money
Mayweather Money 16 kun oldin
Does Whoopi ever gets old or that's not her?
Miguel McQueen
Miguel McQueen 16 kun oldin
Seeing 50 be so "diplomatic" is so strange everytime 😫 still not used to it
Jennifer Walton
Jennifer Walton 16 kun oldin
Lmao @ Whoopi saying to Sunny “you do remember the neighborhood ?!” when she asked why all the cursing
racerxc70 16 kun oldin
The drama queens complain the lack “drama” ask yourself if 50 made the point that it’s been going on all along by everyone, it’s just that now it’s being captured on video.
Paul Blouin
Paul Blouin 17 kun oldin
I'm not even going to watch this I might watch 50 Cent but how can anybody deal with this Joyce Behar Pig is she a kosher pig is Joy Behar a kosher Pig post me if anybody knows
Mal Bruni
Mal Bruni 17 kun oldin
What a nice man
Pastor L
Pastor L 17 kun oldin
No substance whatever in this show. Hard to watch, so I don't.
patrick tseng
patrick tseng 17 kun oldin
wow, retarded woman has a show talking none sense.
Richard Hankla
Richard Hankla 17 kun oldin
The VIEW is a JOKE!!!!
Miss MUNROEAFCxx 17 kun oldin
As if.... he just politely responds to her question but doent give her the sound bite she wanted....
Yvonne Ross
Yvonne Ross 17 kun oldin
False advertising just to get view's
NinaSpark31 17 kun oldin
hey the white bitch with the black dress on and blonde hair at the end of the table gone suck 50 dick when the show is over white smut bwahah
magicfox 18 kun oldin
Dear white man, since you are having such a big problem with white women, the American-born black men have a very large abundance of black women, American Born Black Men are willing to give away, to you at no cost. It is time for you to stock up for your Christmas gift for your friends. There will be no problem from the American-born black men, if you take some of their Surplus off, of their hands. If you pick one that is a queen you are entitled to return for three more. We have a very strict no return policy!! All giveaways are final!!
Yolanda McInnis
Yolanda McInnis 19 kun oldin
That was a shitty ending to that video