Rapper ‘50 Cent’ Had Enough Of Joy Behar’s Race-Baiting And Dismantles Her On Live TV(VIDEO)!!!

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Rapper 50 Cent had enough of Joy Behar’s race-baiting and dismantles her on live TV. The View co-host Joy Behar pathetically attempted to bait rapper and actor Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson with an absurd racial question. But it didn’t go as she planned, with 50 Cent shutting her down on live television with his no-nonsense response.
Joy Behar @03:30



23-Iyl, 2018

Joy BeharRapper 50 CentThe View



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Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin 33 daqiqa oldin
There is absolutely NOTHING in this video even remotely tense from anyone. I wish death on you cocksuckng fucking pieces of shit who mislead people with the titles of your videos just to get views. I want to see an accurate titled clip called person beat to death for being a fucking liar . That’s a video worth watching
Alan Brooks
Alan Brooks 9 soat oldin
At what point did he "dismantle "her
Shaye 98
Shaye 98 11 soat oldin
Joy B. is one of the bidders waste of skin as a person there is.
Matthew Turvey
Matthew Turvey 14 soat oldin
When and where guess I missed it lol
Tramaine Moore
Tramaine Moore 21 soat oldin
mjberndt76 Kun oldin
"I splurge, a little. I bought a Rolls Royce".
Thomasine Miller
Did he really say the " ANGRY BLACK WOMAN SYNDROME " ! I can't stand that stereotype 😠
Choff C
Choff C Kun oldin
5 dumb twats and a smart black man,,!!!!
Robert Wood
Robert Wood 2 kun oldin
Behar is a fat ass,loudmouth,pig
Ike Johnson
Ike Johnson 2 kun oldin
Where the fuck is this nigga eyebrows?....
Frankie Irish 68
Frankie Irish 68 2 kun oldin
Piece of shit page
Philly Sports!
Philly Sports! 2 kun oldin
What happened to his fucking eyebrows
Captain Jack
Captain Jack 2 kun oldin
50 cent is fuckin cool
Dunn arbuckle
Dunn arbuckle 2 kun oldin
Boooooo fuckin lies
Kyle Fpv
Kyle Fpv 2 kun oldin
Mother fucking being controlled to fuck....Americans.still in the 20,s wtf
Cwick Yo momma
Cwick Yo momma 3 kun oldin
Joyless joy is a hater
Peter Ranscombe
Peter Ranscombe 3 kun oldin
It was your bday last week...why are people clapping ffs
owl3031 3 kun oldin
He looks like he had a stroke.
C. M.
C. M. 3 kun oldin
He did dismantle her because he didnt feed into her delusions of the racism in America which doesnt exist to the degree the left thinks it does. Good job for him not to energize her hatefulness.
stephen odero
stephen odero 3 kun oldin
you do inspire me in everything you do keep it up my big bro
stan harp
stan harp 4 kun oldin
Nice try Joy.....
Allan Shady
Allan Shady 4 kun oldin
Really? Piece of f****** s*** liar
Danielle Snezchik
Danielle Snezchik 4 kun oldin
Where's the dismantling?
Ty Ty
Ty Ty 4 kun oldin
He had a clever way of addressing not addressing a touchy topic! He left his emotions out and stayed balanced with the response. Very tasteful 50!! This is one time I can say I enjoyed your vibes. They were clean non judgmental and attractive. Stay like this yo!!!
SLY SPY 4 kun oldin
I'm impressed by his social graces and his ability to answer with in depth insight , Handled himself like a champ
Dekroxx Kroxx
Dekroxx Kroxx 4 kun oldin
50 has a different personalities
Darian Fuller
Darian Fuller 5 kun oldin
Fucking clickbait, when does he dismantle her...oh wait, he doesn't
SatanicCommunist 5 kun oldin
What a bunch of nonsense
James mcquoid
James mcquoid 5 kun oldin
50 cent keep it going great show power baby and rock a mother fuckin glock
YearOfTheDog 5 kun oldin
He looks nervous lol. Like he doesn't like public speaking in front of all those women.
mrtrex01 5 kun oldin
Notice how liberals dumb down their language when talking to black people. They are the biggest racist in America.
bigbobvub 5 kun oldin
Just the sound of joy's voice makes me want to bury my fist in her ugly mug!!
zdrumdude 6 kun oldin
Whoopi Goldberg and Joey behar are not only dumb.....there voices are so annoying I can’t get through a video. How does one watch that whole show when they all start cackling? As bill burr would say I don’t hit women....but there are plenty of reasons one might. Behar and Goldberg are two good ones!
Tanner Family Farms Farms
Joy is so happy for an ex black drug dealer, but against a white business man. Something is wrong with that.
Kay Kae
Kay Kae 6 kun oldin
50 Sure ugly if he didn’t have that bag he would’ve been A dub🤣🤣🤣
Fred Williamson
Fred Williamson 6 kun oldin
Maker of this will be dismantled.
brian hammer
brian hammer 6 kun oldin
what a mush mouth
Paul Underwood
Paul Underwood 6 kun oldin
Damn 50 getting fat
Juliana Thompson
Juliana Thompson 6 kun oldin
50 needs that every day to b nice. If he doesn't get this then he trolls social media.
Gabriel uewouw
Gabriel uewouw 6 kun oldin
I have a lot more respect for 50 now, I like the way he handled Joy Behar
Aaron Young
Aaron Young 6 kun oldin
I missed the dissmantling her.
Mom Mom
Mom Mom 7 kun oldin
Why would anyone want to listen to any of this B S The View is no good there she is talking about whites and blacks those old hens got nothing but lies
Tino Rapp
Tino Rapp 7 kun oldin
50 got chunky
Shannon Rose Vlog's
To bad he didn't shoot her
Danny Reeves
Danny Reeves 7 kun oldin
all of em, including 50 are rich ass snot nosed bitches!
leo stack
leo stack 7 kun oldin
F*** all you worthless pieces of s***
Yakima Ellison
Yakima Ellison 7 kun oldin
He is so far removed from regular black people..congratulations to him I guess
Eric Pfaff
Eric Pfaff 7 kun oldin
He dismantled her, with grace, curtousy, intelligence and tact. If you didn't see it, to bad for you.
Jake 333
Jake 333 7 kun oldin
Y'all some lying mother fuckerz....fuck all y'all
tee meeks
tee meeks 8 kun oldin
What’s on his face?
Joseph Locantore
Joseph Locantore 8 kun oldin
James Ingram
James Ingram 8 kun oldin
There is no joy in Behar....and Whoopie tries to act like she lives in the hood....what a joke
Matthew Mckinney
Matthew Mckinney 8 kun oldin
Cancel the view
DENNIS Kousto 8 kun oldin
Who is this gentleman?
mark allen
mark allen 8 kun oldin
I actually enjoyed watching the show. I didn't know 50Cent was such a cool dude. What I did catch was the way he put his hand on Joy's hand and gave her some warm hearted love. Nothing more. Global News....get a life!!!
Charkene Sparklingeyes
Waist of time!!!!!!!
Jason Michael
Jason Michael 9 kun oldin
Fuckin dumb
Rory Murray
Rory Murray 9 kun oldin
Thanks for lying, asswipe. Rich people and their Rolls Royces?! This is 8 minutes I'll never get back.
5spottedbass 9 kun oldin
This man is very intelligent.
simplekindafriendy 9 kun oldin
Wow, love that response. She wanted him to respond a certain way and he told it like it is.
Trish McLemore
Trish McLemore 10 kun oldin
OMG Joy is fucking STUPID..
Ed Wharton
Ed Wharton 10 kun oldin
Got rick-rolled again! damn!
Mark Daniels
Mark Daniels 10 kun oldin
These asses should get thrown from the GW Bridge
Kenny Scott
Kenny Scott 10 kun oldin
Ummm why the fuck did I watch that
Adrian Wolfe
Adrian Wolfe 10 kun oldin
Only Race Baiter is the person who posted the video... shame
Dan Bruffell
Dan Bruffell 10 kun oldin
I see nothin in the video that matches the description... Stop measurin your life on views of a video. Its pathetic.
Corn flakes
Corn flakes 10 kun oldin
Omar Drakeford
Omar Drakeford 11 kun oldin
50 is well rounded,raised properly,funny,well mannered,intelligent,and articulate.Gotta love this dude.
Cleeve Pakeel
Cleeve Pakeel 11 kun oldin
First of all I could care less who's in office. liberals or conservatives. BUT the rediculous name calling is pretty childish. Second, people on talk shows are there for ratings so there will be tough or uncomfortable questions. Its also funny that people think they know celebrities. You don't know. because someone articulates and present themself in an adult or professional way they are a sellout? Then most of you are just children or hates something or someone that is different. free your minds and all our lives will be better.
Carol Benson
Carol Benson 11 kun oldin
I wish Joy Behar would just die. She’s the most hateful creature ever. Here’s a shock Joy: look in the mirror, Numbnutz! YOU ARE WHITE TOO! God take these awful women & awful boring show to the trash compactor. They were awful when the show started years ago. Shame on Bawbwa Walters! I quit shortly after this hot mess started.
nycjin816 12 kun oldin
didn't he used to have a neck
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid 12 kun oldin
surgickalstrike 12 kun oldin
50 shut her down! She was whimpering like a small puppy
Tonia Furr
Tonia Furr 12 kun oldin
She is a trouble making bitch! I would love to smack her ugly face!
dj1200 13 kun oldin
clickbait, thumb down, but what's wrong with 50? It's like he got a touch of unintelligible Trump going on, where he can't speak all of a sudden.
Sin Cere
Sin Cere 13 kun oldin
Wow, 6 million other ppl were suckered into this BS too!!?!?
Tanya Knipe
Tanya Knipe 13 kun oldin
This Joy Behar is a lose cannon and just as crazy as the rest of the left side (Democrats).
Ronald Moore
Ronald Moore 13 kun oldin
50 cent stop selling out if the Republicans are giving you compliments SIGN OF A SELLOUT!!!!!
Dean Whitehurst
Dean Whitehurst 14 kun oldin
Yeah, I didn’t see anything of the sort. This was a waste of time.
Elise miller
Elise miller 15 kun oldin
A perfect gentleman
greasebob 15 kun oldin
He didnt buy into the "woe is me, Im black" agenda she was looking for. Mad props to him for keeping it real.
jiveAt5 15 kun oldin
50 bitch
Crystal LaGrave
Crystal LaGrave 15 kun oldin
Epidemic? Omg Joy you have severe TDS and need to be institutionalized. Everything you mentioned except the bbqing (that woman was an idiot) is being done to white people too. White children get their lemonade stands shut down too!
James Raymond CreativePhotography
The use of uneducated English language, "dit dat, hapinin, hade der, do dat. Oh well in these times it just sounds stupid. Or is dat supitt.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 15 kun oldin
jeff vrba
jeff vrba 15 kun oldin
Joan is clearly bringing it up, and is not destroying anything. What a waste of 10 minutes of my life.
pappy schon
pappy schon 16 kun oldin
joy is a lier
Virgo Baby
Virgo Baby 16 kun oldin
Laughing my ass the f*** off I've never seen 50 look like this he look like he just wants a f****** hug hug
Gretta Vein
Gretta Vein 16 kun oldin
Wow, I’m impressed with 50!! Behar is such an idiot
brandon davis
brandon davis 16 kun oldin
He so funny looking without a hat
Janet Williams
Janet Williams 17 kun oldin
Jason Cade
Jason Cade 17 kun oldin
I think you posted the wrong vid or you just took something entirely different from that. You’re part of the problem if you think there was beef there
WHFan1990 17 kun oldin
SMDH I guess this video was made by a republican....don’t waste your time watching this BS
Dave Broad
Dave Broad 17 kun oldin
What a cool guy.
Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons 17 kun oldin
Corny he did not do any such thing
deedee kay
deedee kay 18 kun oldin
fifty cent drinking coffee with grannies wtf
Darren Withers
Darren Withers 18 kun oldin
slim teck
slim teck 19 kun oldin
What a joke
Nazz Gull
Nazz Gull 19 kun oldin
I dismantled my phone waiting for him to dismantle her...and i gotta' say...50 Cent is a well mannered person.
Christine Renee
Christine Renee 20 kun oldin
THIS IS BULLSHIT. He didnt call anyone out...he was holding her hand...FAKE shit....