Rare Japanese Snake FOUND!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew are in one of the most remote stretches of wilderness in all of Japan searching for forest creatures! They find one snake that is VERY rare and lives underground, the Japanese Ground Snake!
Get ready, you’re about to see how the Brave Wilderness Crew found a RARE Japanese snake! And stay tuned for Part Two, coming this Friday!

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28-Noy, 2018

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Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez 23 soat oldin
A snek
Ester Norman
Ester Norman Kun oldin
Aww it's so cute!!!
Rachel Lalite
Rachel Lalite Kun oldin
Rare Snake can die in sunlight White ppl: holds in sunlight for tv
Kiwi Fairix
Kiwi Fairix 2 kun oldin
I have a baby noodle. His name is Sutherland and he's a spider morph ball python.
LT. Duckman
LT. Duckman 2 kun oldin
I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m going to hit my ankle against a razor scooter
*** Sgt WarDaddy98 ***
But how does it taste?
Polar Crate
Polar Crate 2 kun oldin
This snake is fragile Streches it and saying it translucent
Bananamanzz 3 kun oldin
theres a spider on his hat 3:10
Bon Bon de Purple
Bon Bon de Purple 3 kun oldin
ice swallow come
ice swallow come 4 kun oldin
Thats a cute snek!
artoru vidal2
artoru vidal2 4 kun oldin
Coyote : Is this snake venomous ? Cameraman : I don't know Snake : Omai wa mou shin dairou
kaytlyn anime
kaytlyn anime 5 kun oldin
We had these all over our yard when I was about 6-7
Alex Waters
Alex Waters 5 kun oldin
Saved a weeks worth of videos to watch. They are all NEW yay!.
Queena Sings
Queena Sings 6 kun oldin
Him:slides down hill of dirt Me: *I to afraid to touch a worm*
Charles Seo
Charles Seo 6 kun oldin
whats the vid at 0:35
Rhian Evas2410
Rhian Evas2410 6 kun oldin
He's so cute I give the snake
Rhian Evas2410
Rhian Evas2410 6 kun oldin
toxic girl
toxic girl 6 kun oldin
I just love how he asks if it's venomous AFTER picking it up lol
Ronand Raveche
Ronand Raveche 7 kun oldin
Blaise Wagner
Blaise Wagner 7 kun oldin
This is one of the only people to actually get excited at finding a snake
ZORFIZORD 8 kun oldin
Wonderful looking snake🐍 and so cool. I wonder what their fangs look like. Thanks for such a unique episode once again coyote and crew. I totally have a new favourite snake 🐍. Good job 👍😎
Zantagiro7 8 kun oldin
such a brave man!
Sergio Zuñiga
Sergio Zuñiga 9 kun oldin
The suicide forest
rox star08
rox star08 9 kun oldin
Hey cayoty!!! I'm a big fan
Nick elliott
Nick elliott 9 kun oldin
More praying mantises
Quite Indeed
Quite Indeed 9 kun oldin
Next on pokemon go, catching a penguin.
kingofzero 9 kun oldin
Coyote with that Wikipedia knowledge on the snake lmao.
Funo Mabugana
Funo Mabugana 9 kun oldin
shisan chayakot
shisan chayakot 9 kun oldin
Innocent Snake
Sypher Ti
Sypher Ti 10 kun oldin
The snake is so cute !
Valentina Bunny
Valentina Bunny 10 kun oldin
is the end snake a worm snake I've seen em in Florida or a subspecies of it
Valentina Bunny
Valentina Bunny 10 kun oldin
its so cute
julia h
julia h 10 kun oldin
3:10 who else saw the spider crawl across coyote's hat!!!
Dragon Lotus
Dragon Lotus 10 kun oldin
Ooo you got a blessing from Buddha..snake temple and then coming across a rare snake..good fortune
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere 11 kun oldin
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere 11 kun oldin
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere 11 kun oldin
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere 11 kun oldin
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere 11 kun oldin
Maria Garay
Maria Garay 11 kun oldin
is it wierd that i find it cute?
Pobin Rex hapila
Pobin Rex hapila 11 kun oldin
Will the japanese snake bite
kawaii milkshakes
kawaii milkshakes 11 kun oldin
Japan yes! I love Japan 🇯🇵❤
Vegas 11 kun oldin
dont step on snek
M C A 11 kun oldin
It’s tongue is cool
Cloudy Does ROBLOX
Cloudy Does ROBLOX 11 kun oldin
Wait that was where he got stung by the giant hornet right?
numaTruehome 100
numaTruehome 100 11 kun oldin
Well somebody binged Stranger things
Denise Brown
Denise Brown 11 kun oldin
Dude just fried the snake... He says the snake trys to avoid the sun, but he holds it up to the sun???
Peips 11 kun oldin
"This snake dies when out in sunlight..., ...hold on.. here, lets bring the snake more into the light to see its irridecent scales..." XD
Jeleu Acadea
Jeleu Acadea 11 kun oldin
Like Logan Paul?
ian farago
ian farago 11 kun oldin
Why does the sunlight hurt this snake?
ian farago
ian farago 11 kun oldin
In Japan this videos called “Rare Snake Found”
PEZAVE Small Channel Productions
Put it back!!!! LoL 😂🤣
Angry Fish
Angry Fish 11 kun oldin
oh that's a ground snake a ground snake Japanese must watch FOUND? yeah a Japanese ground snake. its pretty rare *REALLY..*
sushislayer 11 kun oldin
If only that hat was never found before.
Arbok Charmer
Arbok Charmer 11 kun oldin
if you guys can't find it in google try grey burrowing snake or Japanese odd-scaled snake.
Vented ,
Vented , 11 kun oldin
E A 11 kun oldin
Rare Japanese *DANGER NOODLE* Found!
E A 11 kun oldin
"Tries to avoid sunlight" *PUTS IT IN THE SUNLIGHT*
TomTom 11 kun oldin
This guy isnt dead yet?
doug trosper
doug trosper 11 kun oldin
these animals are here because of the lack of humans so humans go there and f with them
Elvin Ortiz
Elvin Ortiz 11 kun oldin
I feel like he made the name up lol
abhishek singh
abhishek singh 12 kun oldin
Trump kiss him.
Leishla Rodriguez
Leishla Rodriguez 12 kun oldin
Its so cute😭❤❤❤
Ruaz Ural
Ruaz Ural 12 kun oldin
it looks like worms
Bill Stone
Bill Stone 12 kun oldin
2 cameramen, and an extra cameraman just to video the cameramen.
Lily vyle
Lily vyle 12 kun oldin
So cool. while you were talking about the rare Japanese snake there was a little cute spider on your hat
MoNo K
MoNo K 12 kun oldin
Who wants to go on a real adventure with Coyote and his gang 🤪
jack schwab
jack schwab 12 kun oldin
Finds a dead body Instead of a snake
JellyMan11 12 kun oldin
That snek looks so cool
NolantubeHD 12 kun oldin
Rare? Rare like a real brave wilderness video?
justin bebear
justin bebear 12 kun oldin
jc14drix boi
jc14drix boi 12 kun oldin
that intro gave me goosebumps
Urboi JB
Urboi JB 12 kun oldin
Who else noticed the bug in his hat at like 3:00
Zachary Goslin
Zachary Goslin 12 kun oldin
13 million subs. Give this guy an episode on Tv
Luke Faucheux
Luke Faucheux 12 kun oldin
2:21 *finds strange snake and picks it up and only after the fact he asks if it’s venomous or not*
vertyxx 12 kun oldin
Congrats being on trending
Emery Levrets
Emery Levrets 12 kun oldin
0:45 good reference!
21e Jonathon
21e Jonathon 12 kun oldin
Not everyone records dead people in Japanese Forrest’s
Luke Hurst
Luke Hurst 12 kun oldin
how long does it usually take to catch creatures like this ground snake?
SpaceGoji 12 kun oldin
3:18 notice how there is a bug minding his own business on coyote's hat
Pygmo 12 kun oldin
3:03 *"This is a snake that needs to completely stay out of sunlight, if it was to find itself out of sunlight, it would die"*
Moussa Hamadou
Moussa Hamadou 12 kun oldin
Ich dachte schon
k- rash
k- rash 12 kun oldin
You should see my mom after showing her this
HAN XU 12 kun oldin
Searing pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maite ruiz de buhan
maite ruiz de buhan 12 kun oldin
at 3:10, there's a spider on his hat
ASMR Chêne/channel
ASMR Chêne/channel 12 kun oldin
I’m just a small youtuber please show support if you can
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart 12 kun oldin
This is a garden snake 🤦🏽‍♂️
Bicth prado
Bicth prado 12 kun oldin
kim firth
kim firth 12 kun oldin
The snake hate having the camera in its face
jack leahy
jack leahy 12 kun oldin
Guys it’s suicide forest, where’s Logan paul
Ruth Betremariyam
Ruth Betremariyam 12 kun oldin
It's ........ I have nothing to say
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV 12 kun oldin
Snake? Snake? Snaaaaaaake!
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV 12 kun oldin
Japan, where everything is kawaii XD
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV 12 kun oldin
Very Cute looking snake compared to most snakes i have seen so far
Pickles Rick
Pickles Rick 12 kun oldin
it's true
it's true 12 kun oldin
The closest I can get to bugs is this video :)
esther 12 kun oldin
danger noodle found
Justin Mireles
Justin Mireles 12 kun oldin
The sun will kill it... You can see as I hold it into the light 😂
Golden Golem / GG
Golden Golem / GG 12 kun oldin
oh yea
White Maxine
White Maxine 12 kun oldin
SIZER CHOWDHURY 12 kun oldin
Yil oldin