Raveena - Honey (Official Video)

Raveena Aurora
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Directed by: Raveena & Weird Life Films
Director of Photography: Jackson James
Producer: Laura Gordon
Screenplay & Casting: Raveena Aurora
Editor: Ryan Ohm
Set Design & Styling: Laura Gordon
Makeup Artist & Hair: Mollie Gloss
Makeup provided by: Milk Makeup
Assistant MUA: Vivian Wang
Wardrobe Design: Reena Aurora, Orseund Iris & Free People
Colorist: Ryan Ohm
Cast (in order of appearance):
Simran Randawha
Vish Singh
Priya Dadlani
Jordan Carter
Nali Henry
Dylan Camp
Lee Armoogam
Harshvardhan Shah
Hao Chun Chang
Song written by: Raveena Aurora
Song produced by: Everett Orr
Filmed at Dune Studios in Tribeca, NYC
Shot on Kodak Film in 35MM
Film processing at Cinelab in MA

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Special thanks to Adam Reyna, Dune Studios, Emily Elizabeth Thomas, Mike Monachos, Reena Aurora, Emily Gaynor, Milk Makeup, Free People, Orseund Iris, On-Est, and Everett Orr!




2-May, 2018

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Paul Fuller drum study
who ever directed this is a dope genius!😲🤓💆‍♂️👳‍♂️👳‍♀️
Peter Ganovsky
Peter Ganovsky Kun oldin
Paulette King
Paulette King Kun oldin
🍷just ran up on this artist nice music
Jonathan Daniel
Jonathan Daniel 4 kun oldin
got me in my uwus
Taylor Tanner
Taylor Tanner 5 kun oldin
bobs pls
Martwan Gunter
Martwan Gunter 6 kun oldin
This the one right here 💯
Steffan Zachiyah
Steffan Zachiyah 6 kun oldin
Belly Eyelash
Belly Eyelash 7 kun oldin
Ima impregnate a girl to this song
Debonair District
Debonair District 7 kun oldin
This song literally feels good.
Aash 8 kun oldin
Raveena and Daniel Caesar should do a collab
kismetk18 12 kun oldin
WOW! This type of Indian artist is new to me sadly! Amazing,
chandler herron
chandler herron 14 kun oldin
Dirty Dabs
Dirty Dabs 14 kun oldin
Nice groovy song
Humberto Hernandez
Humberto Hernandez 15 kun oldin
arreglos magnificos y la voz es estupenda....
John Poon
John Poon 15 kun oldin
My new shit
sharpielol 16 kun oldin
yes yes yes 🙌🏾❤️💛
Dhyana 16 kun oldin
She effortlessly made the 80s and early 90s Bollywood melodies and styling (that westerners love to make fun of) super cool again.
Uma Maddison
Uma Maddison 16 kun oldin
so proud to be half indian
just a man
just a man 17 kun oldin
This song is really good! Much love ❤️❤️❤️
Jaysa Neyelle
Jaysa Neyelle 18 kun oldin
this song makes my skinny, pimply clumsy self feel too sexy
Leo Leo
Leo Leo 18 kun oldin
RVMJ 18 kun oldin
Nature's Fist lor
Nature's Fist lor 19 kun oldin
🖤🖤😣🌙resting my soul with this song
Genyukie verse
Genyukie verse 19 kun oldin
your voice is same as lana del rey omg i love it
Zali Alana
Zali Alana 21 kun oldin
smoothest vocals ever holy fu##### does anyone know of any tunes similar? i need more of these vibes in my life 🔥🔥🔥🔥 so glad i found this
Jas Virk
Jas Virk 21 kun oldin
I am an Indian woman like Raveena, and I can not stress how proud her footprint is making me. The reason being is because I did not always feel excepted in the part of the world I live in especially working in a very so-called professional field. I see her shine so bright! no darkness can undermine or blow out her flame that she is continuously willing to burn!! KEEP THIS UP RAVEENA I am extremely proud!! Much love and a shout out to people whom felt out of place like me at times, things will get better. They always do :)
Holy City Mitchell
Holy City Mitchell 22 kun oldin
My daughter just turned me on to her and I fell in love with her as soon as the song started playing, I love music like this!
Elvee Sure
Elvee Sure 24 kun oldin
Erykah Hindu...nah jk this shit fire!!!!
Prisha Mehta
Prisha Mehta 24 kun oldin
this so amazing. in love with this vidddd
Kate Wood
Kate Wood 24 kun oldin
This queen with The Other Queen Bíllíè Eilish ON A COLAB PLEASE
Kate Wood
Kate Wood 24 kun oldin
The aesthetic vibes coming from this!!!
Salman Alkhaledi
Salman Alkhaledi 24 kun oldin
yaaaaaaas, them baby making songs.
michael nettles
michael nettles 24 kun oldin
Sabrina Claudio vibes lovely
Mahogany Ashford
Mahogany Ashford 25 kun oldin
Reminds me of Rupi Kaur’s book of poems called “Milk and Honey” Vibesss. I love this song and the video is outstanding. 💕
Peaches And Cream
Peaches And Cream 25 kun oldin
She’s gonna grow watch she needs a lot of attention
Dave Michael
Dave Michael 26 kun oldin
Karen B
Karen B 27 kun oldin
Beautiful song and video! Adding to my playlist!!
seoyerim 28 kun oldin
i fell in love
Lorenzo Herbert
Lorenzo Herbert 28 kun oldin
That man in the turban 😍😍😍😍
Correonna Galloway
Correonna Galloway 29 kun oldin
My anthem! This songs makes me happy about being a soft woman🚺❤
Ndapanda Sakaria
I love you
Dave Veen
Dave Veen Oy oldin
" "
Surina Braich
Surina Braich Oy oldin
Yas yas yaaaaaasss! This is everything guuuurrrl! Putting Indians on the map 😍😍😍
Gerald Gorham
Gerald Gorham Oy oldin
I'm crying.
S Ogbeifun
S Ogbeifun Oy oldin
Come through representation ✨
Kendra Norman
Kendra Norman Oy oldin
customer care
customer care Oy oldin
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Angelica Rosa
Angelica Rosa Oy oldin
I'm so happy I found this because I'm in love
Ralanda King
Ralanda King Oy oldin
Weird life films... you damn right about that lol
khayla Oy oldin
this is MAGICAL😭😍
Queen With the crown
This my first time hearing her music
김원경 Oy oldin
You like a fairy💛
WTF?!?!?!?! This is soooo good!
Dzaki Zaidan
Dzaki Zaidan Oy oldin
Thanks god, finally today i found you
Madiha W
Madiha W Oy oldin
Yes girl yes!
Shirley Chin
Shirley Chin Oy oldin
Simply beautiful 🌸🌸🌸
whutzat Oy oldin
Nobody else icked-out by this video? I felt like I needed to dive into the shower ASAP!
Tiffani Strickland
Haters thumbed this down
G. Finley
G. Finley Oy oldin
OMG! So refreshing to hear such a lovely voice RAVEENA is a amazing vocalist!!!!!
KhalilLee Oy oldin
Sophie Oy oldin
I swear this could be an ad for Glossier
Adwoa a
Adwoa a Oy oldin
Soo vintage, i love it. Her voice is sweet like honey.
SunKissNicole Oy oldin
Very strange music video however her voice reminds me of Corrine Bailey Rae
Luna C
Luna C Oy oldin
this song makes me feel sticky
ShepTheSage Oy oldin
VenusVoice Oy oldin
The visual, my loves. And then she pulled out the floral milk bath. Killing me to be alive here.
Lun Simte
Lun Simte Oy oldin
Ryan Perez
Ryan Perez Oy oldin
Just putting it on the record that I love her EP and this is just icing on the cake
DIGGS Oy oldin
indian girls wining
David Walton
David Walton Oy oldin
Nice video and such a soft soothing voice!
Marc Hu Minor
Marc Hu Minor Oy oldin
I love this, she got a new
Aïna Fh
Aïna Fh Oy oldin
*reads rupi kaur at the same time*
HolyMotherNamjoon .J
The intro got me
Mélissa Amiar
Mélissa Amiar 2 oy oldin
Wonderful and also blissful 💖💖💖
Ashley Lewis
Ashley Lewis 2 oy oldin
Issa Vibe... Now I want honeyall on my body like that...
Prime Judicator
Prime Judicator 2 oy oldin
Ok, where can I buy this CD? Take my money. Take it all. Just please keep making GREAT music.
special lechelle
special lechelle 2 oy oldin
Allison Miles
Allison Miles 2 oy oldin
Making this vid musta done wonders for their skin!
candiigurl27 2 oy oldin
Such an amazing song. These visuals are everything, ABSOLUTE LOVE!
Feanor Fingolfin
Feanor Fingolfin 2 oy oldin
I am a single Father of 3 dauhgters who are my World,my Daughter who I call Foofoo (Andrea) wrote you and told you that she loved your Daily Affirmations on Tumblr...to say that I Appreciate you writing her back a handwritten letter with such positive words is a Complete understatement,life has not been easy for my girls yet they find such beauty in it and its shimes through them so even at my low points they lift me up and give me the Strength to continue to fight for them each day..Idk if youll get the chance to read this but I also want other people to know that you took the time,you cared,and in a world where we celebrate and make some not so nice and unworthy people famous its so refreshing to know that once in awhile we get things Right and follow Good People..you now have Two fans for life,and for what its worth Friends as well...Thank you so much:) A Father:)
GLXYS 2 oy oldin
Aesthetic af 😍💕💎🌻
borlosco 2 oy oldin
chorando e nao pelos dutos lacrimais
T theCabagePatchDoll
I've been searching for this song and I finally found it!❤
Siaye H
Siaye H 2 oy oldin
Im actually shocked that she is Indian/ Other and sounds like this. Interesting
Fatz 2 oy oldin
Detroit B
Detroit B 2 oy oldin
Indian Ariana Grande 😭😍
Secretelover12 2 oy oldin
This was one add I didn't skip. Calidad!!!
Exitof99 2 oy oldin
This song came on as an ad, and while I avoid ads like the plague, this sucked me in. Watched the entire thing as an ad enjoying every second. Well done.
YooGukk 2 oy oldin
*this is so aesthetic*
El Cid Li
El Cid Li 2 oy oldin
So smooth, so chill. Like i'm in the paradise! Greeting from Taiwan.
Ionieex 2 oy oldin
The majestic toaster
This came up as an add and i have no regrets
Mathias Haze
Mathias Haze 2 oy oldin
this is amazing i neeeeed to wife her
ZeRo RaIn
ZeRo RaIn 2 oy oldin
I'M FINNA TUNA SUB *LOL like if you figured it out.*
TheGregoryHD 2 oy oldin
Girl you got what it takes, Great song great video!
Elga Van
Elga Van 2 oy oldin
I came from Yelp
papa pupu
papa pupu 2 oy oldin
Jalyn L
Jalyn L 2 oy oldin
Listening to this while reading Rupi Kaur's book "Milk and Honey" ... perfect 💛🌻💛🌻💛