Raveena - Honey

Raveena Aurora
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Directed by: Raveena & Weird Life Films
Director of Photography: Jackson James
Producer: Laura Gordon
Screenplay & Casting: Raveena Aurora
Editor: Ryan Ohm
Set Design & Styling: Laura Gordon
Makeup Artist & Hair: Mollie Gloss
Makeup provided by: Milk Makeup
Assistant MUA: Vivian Wang
Wardrobe Design: Reena Aurora, Orseund Iris & Free People
Colorist: Ryan Ohm
Cast (in order of appearance):
Simran Randawha
Vish Singh
Priya Dadlani
Jordan Carter
Nali Henry
Dylan Camp
Lee Armoogam
Harshvardhan Shah
Hao Chun Chang
Song written by: Raveena Aurora
Song produced by: Everett Orr
Filmed at Dune Studios in Tribeca, NYC
Shot on Kodak Film in 35MM
Film processing at Cinelab in MA

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Special thanks to Adam Reyna, Dune Studios, Emily Elizabeth Thomas, Mike Monachos, Reena Aurora, Emily Gaynor, Milk Makeup, Free People, Orseund Iris, On-Est, and Everett Orr!




2-May, 2018

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Sheri 2 soat oldin
Lets mix your milk with my honey☺
araceli cheng
araceli cheng 8 soat oldin
i got chills
Rick The Raccøøn
This is very relaxing
gayathri 2 kun oldin
this video makes me feels like i’m entering a forest essentials store oml ✨
Julie Miller
Julie Miller 3 kun oldin
Dude this woman’s voice is like milk and honey 😍
Janeth pinggam
Janeth pinggam 4 kun oldin
MR.CHARLES 2789 6 kun oldin
I feel so weird for loving this as a guy but fuck it I LOVE THIS
R&B SOURCE 7 kun oldin
So beautiful, So lovely...🇯🇵
Emma Jayne Goins
Emma Jayne Goins 9 kun oldin
i'm speechless, so breathtakingly beautiful
Hyerin Kim
Hyerin Kim 10 kun oldin
you can fuck to all of Raveena's songs
Mutha Ninti
Mutha Ninti 13 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-GpRyvQYkJpQ.html If you like this song you may also like my song called Ancestral Light Waves! 💗🌚 Check it out!
Ana Rosero
Ana Rosero 13 kun oldin
gorgeous, this is art!
bella 15 kun oldin
This song and video is what my dreams are made of...
Mikaykay Elizabeth
Mikaykay Elizabeth 19 kun oldin
It looks so warm in this video.
Jazmine Placencia
Jazmine Placencia 19 kun oldin
I love this song.Can we meet one day I am a fan 😁😁😁
Pangea Soul
Pangea Soul 22 kun oldin
This song makes me want to: - Sage my house - light incense - exfoliate my skin - get a massage - wear a flowy dress - get a septum piercing - collect crystals - learn astrology - align my chakras - eat a plant-based diet - play in a field of daisies - have sex Thanks Raveena
Yemariam G
Yemariam G 22 kun oldin
oh fuck
Kaylah Taylor
Kaylah Taylor 24 kun oldin
put the speed on .75, omggggggggg
Sia Ahmed
Sia Ahmed 27 kun oldin
Propos terous
Propos terous 29 kun oldin
I love it!
TheMissingPrincess Productions
Thank you UZvid for suggesting this to me!
Jim Impas
Jim Impas Oy oldin
What camera do they use to film these old timey looking video? And the way light relfects on every surface is just wow
Elymus Jenkins
After God created you, he smoked a cigarette!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
Nobody x7
Nobody x7 Oy oldin
Best high song. 😌
penelope leigh
we need raveena and kali uchis and daniel caeser to collab
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Oy oldin
Thos song is nice but am I the only thaf finds the honey a little discomforting. I just can't get pasy the sticky feeling of all thay honey on you.
matsu !
matsu ! Oy oldin
this is so beautiful
MsDeeDee Graham
Just one song and I'm hooked. I rang that damn bell... 😍
rhea Oy oldin
this is the representation we needed
Ernesto Tito
Ernesto Tito Oy oldin
sooo smooth
ananya sharma
ananya sharma Oy oldin
C'mon guys get this to 1 mil
CrossyRohit Oy oldin
Mazel Ganguly
Mazel Ganguly Oy oldin
Really sexy song. The video is weird af.
PebblesLeak82 Oy oldin
I love the song....could do without the visuals
Bem Salles
Bem Salles Oy oldin
BEST song i have listened in long time, so much talent that inspires anyone that watches
passion fruit
passion fruit Oy oldin
Naruto Uchiha
Naruto Uchiha Oy oldin
This song makes me want to bathe in honey
elena plmr
elena plmr Oy oldin
Keep creating 🍇✨🕉🔮
Anna M
Anna M Oy oldin
Everything about this is perfect
F H Oy oldin
0.75 really the wave!!!
🌻I D O N T L I K E M E🌻
Was the honey a bitch to take off😂
iam B
iam B Oy oldin
Ashni kanthode
Beautiful Indian girls represent!🙌❤❤
m. usama
m. usama 2 oy oldin
Raveena : milk and honey x 257 Her Fans : Omg how did she take me back to the 70s her voice omg wow i died.
P-Dog 2 oy oldin
Trash Trash
Trash Trash 2 oy oldin
Not vegan
J 2 oy oldin
I need more music from you PLEASE!! ❤
詩人 2 oy oldin
Perfect this sound♡
Lío 2 oy oldin
I’m in love with this song. 💛🍯😍💕
iGabby 2 oy oldin
Grant it she’s Indian but I got major Oshun vibes from this🍯🌻maybe Lakshmi but this was beautiful
iGabby Oy oldin
BMO Ummm okay...they are similar just not in the culture aspect.
BMO Oy oldin
iGabby I did “peep” it. I just didn’t see the resemblances between the two deity’s. Being that there is so much of her own being heritage shown guess I didn’t pay attention to the honey and the sunflowers...lol
iGabby Oy oldin
BMO I only said that because Oshun loves honey, sunflowers, yellow, gold etc. which were in the video so I related it to her. But I don’t think you peeped when I also put Lakshmi (if you didn’t is the Hindu deity of beauty, love and wealth just like Oshun).
BMO Oy oldin
iGabby oshun what? The bindi? The henna or the nath? Everything in these visuals represents her south Asian Indian culture.
leah Ellefsen
leah Ellefsen 2 oy oldin
I think I just tripped and accidentally fell into heaven
Satia Baby
Satia Baby 2 oy oldin
Her voice! This video! I just can't get enough.
Jeremy Tibbs
Jeremy Tibbs 2 oy oldin
I am pretty sure I have an arranged marriage with her that she doesn't know about yet.
T.G.C Johnny Stone
T.G.C Johnny Stone
ronda d
ronda d 2 oy oldin
Such a strange video LOL. But i very much enjoy this song! So good!
Aydet Mendoza
Aydet Mendoza 2 oy oldin
I wonder how much honey was used to make this video
Young Som Beatz
Young Som Beatz 2 oy oldin
asia s
asia s 2 oy oldin
hollyken3 2 oy oldin
I am mesmerized
Leon Forbin
Leon Forbin 2 oy oldin
Kim Teodosiu
Kim Teodosiu 2 oy oldin
My broken soul is healed with honey 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Chris Eze
Chris Eze 2 oy oldin
I sensed her Energy and its pure,natural and beautiful
Shaylah_Alien Boi
Raveena and Tyler the Creator should collab, I think they will sound👌🏾✨BEAUTIFUL
Nyaliba Musa
Nyaliba Musa 2 oy oldin
She reminds me of Corinne Bailey Rae for some reason. I love it!
sukza Hey
sukza Hey 2 oy oldin
yah... i think so erotic... nice song
Beautiful n Loc'd
Am i the only one that finds her incredibly SEXY..lol
jayjayhere fre
jayjayhere fre 2 oy oldin
2:08 lol hes bad ass
MrSotaPhonk 2 oy oldin
Raveena I wanna have yo BABY!!!
A Thomas
A Thomas 2 oy oldin
So soothing..
Bruno Alencar
Bruno Alencar 2 oy oldin
On repeat
ItsTorrie 2 oy oldin
e a i n
e a i n 2 oy oldin
I feel moisturised
Najihah Raof
Najihah Raof 2 oy oldin
this song makes me float
katherine Beltran
UZvid took some time to recommend this to me
gloria lalor
gloria lalor 3 oy oldin
I fell in love almost immediately
NAHJA CHALICE 3 oy oldin
Sooo she singing about sex??? 😃
Cloise Abordo
Cloise Abordo 3 oy oldin
This song puts me in a floating state. ugh.
A y u s h
A y u s h 3 oy oldin
Lmao, I get Lana Del rey vibes.
BMO Oy oldin
A y u s h will do ! So I can educate your bad taste in music comparisons lol.
A y u s h
A y u s h Oy oldin
+BMO Yeah Good day, Mr. Phd in music. Let me know when you are opening your music school, I'll enroll.
BMO Oy oldin
A y u s h thank you for admitting your illiteracy have a good day lol.
A y u s h
A y u s h Oy oldin
+BMO My illiteracy in music tells me this music sounds cheap Kevin Parker/Jon Hopkins production with high pitched lana's/every other indie female voice. I appreciate the experimental use of synths in the background to not sound generic, but the dry reverbs on her voice makes her voice very generic. Also she has tried to combine aesthetics of 70s/80s bollywood w/ today's vaporwave which I found pretty unique in the music video. But nothing else Tbh.
A y u s h
A y u s h Oy oldin
+BMO "Educate yourself on Music", - some random person on internet behind anonymity who is offended by someone's opinion.
Nyashadzashe Hapanyengwi
I'm a poet. Lately I've been abstaining from crafting any pieces, I hate my work, but you make me feel like doing nothing but writing and breathing. Thank you.
Alvin Battle
Alvin Battle 3 oy oldin
This song cures any and every ailment known to mankind.....Its so silky smooth and your voice just makes it sound like floating around in HEAVEN. Please make more music like this. I'm calling it now the next Queen of R&B Soul RAVEENA
Omari tee
Omari tee 3 oy oldin
Love this
Kaylan Ross
Kaylan Ross 3 oy oldin
A vibe❤️
Mohini 3 oy oldin
Sahad jaisa song hai 💗
Vanilla Cookie
Vanilla Cookie 3 oy oldin
Mikey 3 oy oldin
Could actually masturbate to this song w no problems
KTBEverlasting 3 oy oldin
Raveena is Queen.
SCARDAPIMP G 3 oy oldin
she talking about vaginas tho right???
Miguel Bass88
Miguel Bass88 3 oy oldin
Sick bassline. So gooooood!! Smooth
Um Ang
Um Ang 3 oy oldin
she's Aphrodite
Lara Winfield
Lara Winfield 3 oy oldin
beautiful video
EezyPeezy 3 oy oldin
this song is love therapy. beautiful vibes. love you raveena
NorthwayX 3 oy oldin
anyone know other songs with this vibe?
Shaunde Perez
Shaunde Perez 3 oy oldin
Look up artists like The Internet, Ravyn Lenae, Moonchild, Joyce Wrice, Daniel Caesar, etc.
Kgoao Mametja
Kgoao Mametja 3 oy oldin
talented and beautiful? Is anybody else here just struggling to breathe? Because wow
Elena Chan
Elena Chan 3 oy oldin
Joie A
Joie A 3 oy oldin
Girl you sang that song! Beautiful voice
Tashreeq Davids
Tashreeq Davids 3 oy oldin
Oh my! welcome to my music library x
Tashreeq Davids
Tashreeq Davids 3 oy oldin
Follow me on my Soundcloud page tasche - a real nice guy x
Bee Lian
Bee Lian 3 oy oldin
This song makes people feel charming and sexy
Billy Larkin
Billy Larkin 3 oy oldin
Snatched me bald and slayed me like a dog
Callista Musheluka
Yes yes yes!!!!
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